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Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

The Only Shopify Dropshipping Guide You Will Ever Need (FOR BEGINNERS)

so if you're anything like me, you probably clicked on this video because you're looking for a brand new way to build sustainable, passive income online from the comfort of your own home, without any fancy degree, prior experience, special talents, handouts or einstein level iq. and whether that's the case or whether you're just interested in learning about new ways that people of any age are working from home in front of their computer to make crazy amounts of money online, i got you. so look. dropshipping has taken off over the past couple years, and i get it. with all the new gurus swirling around online and social media and friends and family toking about it, it can be difficult to get your hands on the right information. it can all seem so overwhelming and ultimately, the easiest thing for you to do is to convince yourself that the business model is too competitive, saturated or dead and not give it the fair shot that it deserves. and that is exactly why i created this video right here: to break down an easy, step-by-step guide into this brand new business model and take your first few steps into the online world of creating a business that is passive, sustainable and can generate you income for years to come from the comfort of your own home and look, i get it. why should you listen to me over some other 21 year old kid making videos in front of his laptop at home? my answer to that is: over the past three years, i've generated over seven million dollars in online sales with e-commerce, created a life of financial freedom and generational wealth for myself through the skills that i've built up, all starting with drop shipping, and my goal is to provide you with real no information with the utmost transparency, without trying to shove a paid video course right down your throat. so i just want to say thank you so much for clicking on this video and congratulations for taking your first few steps into the crazy world of making money online. but, most importantly, grab a pen and paper as you watch this video, because at the end of this video, it'll be time for you to take some serious action and i want you to be prepared. so strap in, clear out a little workspace for yourself and go ahead and smash that like button so i can help impact more people with this real no guide to getting started with drop shipping in 2022.. and just before we jump into the value of this video, i do want to announce the weekly giveaway. remember. all you have to do is go ahead and smash that like button, comment something insightful down below and make sure you subscribe to the channel. the winner will be announced for a custom built drop shipping store built by me and my team, and outright ecom in my next week's video. let's get straight into this, all right. so first things first, load up your computer, go over to google and type in shopifycom or hit the link in my description. if you guys want an extended free trial, click on shopify and click start free trial. go ahead and type in your email and create a password- i recommend creating a brand new gmail account, as it is easier to keep all your business stuff in one place instead of cluttering it in with your personal emails- and create your store name- and, honestly, this part doesn't really matter, because you can always go back and change the name and purchase a new domain name later. so for now, i'm just going to call this nathan's first store- not actually my first store, but that's what we're calling it. shopify is going to go ahead and ask you a few questions, whether you're just starting out or if you're already selling. what you can do is just go ahead and skip this entire part, as it's not super necessary in the beginning and you don't really need to answer those questions. however, you do need to put in your country and then hit enter my store. so if you made it to this part, you actually made it farther than 99 of people who say they're gonna start an online business. you now have your own dashboard and storefront with shopify, so the home page here is basically gonna prompt you to complete a bunch of steps in order to get your store up and running. next thing, we have an orders tab over here which is gonna track and manage all the orders that are gonna be coming through later. the next one: we have products, where you're gonna be managing the different products and inventory that you have. the customer tab, where you're gonna control everything that's customer related in one single place. analytiks, where you're going to see the daily view. you know how much you're making- your average order value, conversion rates- all that important stuff. a marketing channel: we're going to keep track of all the different ways your marketing on your store. discount codes, if you want to make unique discount codes for certain people to shop. and lastly but most importantly, the online store sales channel itself, where you're gonna be creating the website, choosing the theme, adding blog posts, if that's what you want, creating other pages like a contact us and a track your order page, making the navigation menus and the footer menus different preferences about your store. and just before we jump into actually building a store, i do want to run you through just the most important things that you should fix up on your settings. so the first thing, over here in store details, you want to change the currency to usd. i mean, 90 of my customers, i would say, come from the united states and if you're on the same boat, i would recommend having your currency set to usd [Music] and just go ahead and click save. besides that, you can start to fill out your billing information so they can bill you eventually. when you get off of the free trial, you can start to set up staff accounts. if you're working on this business with somebody else, you can start to set up your bank account so that they can actually pay you when you make orders. and beyond that, there's not a whole lot that we need to do in the very beginning in the settings. so now it's time to find our first product so that we can actually start making some sales down here, you'll notike this section called apps. you just want to come over here and click add apps. it'll take you straight to the shopify app store if you click the link at the bottom, and this is where you want to be: to go ahead and get an app that allows you to import a product in one click. now, oberlo was a big app that allowed you to do this before. i'm not even too sure it's still on the shopify app store. no, it's not. in fact, it's been completely removed, and this is the best way for beginners to get started was to use oberlo and one click add a product from aliexpress to their store. but with oberlo gone, we need an alternative, and deezers is actually partnered with overload to kind of pick up and take over where oberlo left off. but good news for you is that deezers is actually a whole lot more complete and allows you to automate so many more tasks that oberlo just didn't have the functionalities for. the first thing you want to do is go ahead and click on this app and then just click add app and it's going to give you again a 14 day free trial, so you don't have to spend any money out of your pocket. go ahead and click install app, and then it's going to prompt you to a page where you need to create an account for yourself. now don't get scared away by the 499 per month enterprise plan, as all we need right now is the basic free plan and just go ahead and click get started. the next thing is that we need to go ahead and link deezers to aliexpress. so if you just click this logo right here, it's going to take us right through to aliexpress and ideally, you want to already have an account set up. if you don't, it's super quick and easy to make an account on aliexpress. just click authorize and then you're going to get this little support bot and obviously what we want to do at this point is start importing products and figuring out which products we want to sell on our store. it's going to take you through a really quick guide, but i don't real.

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping For 1 Week (REALISTIC RESULTS)

I have tried Shopify, dropshipping using literally only tiktok and IG reels, and in this video I'm going to show you exactly what I did. I'll show you the products, the videos that went viral, the actual store, but then it also showed you the mistakes I made along the way and how you can fix them. and then, lastly, obviously, I'll show you the profit and the revenue. and just so you know the results in this video- like they're actually super realistik, bro. so if you follow what I actually did here, like step by step, and you do it for a different product, like bro, I can personally guarantee you you'll get the same exact results. okay, like, maybe not the same exact results, but like results that are similar, maybe even better because, again, like it's, it's super realistik. but obviously it's only gonna happen if you're not super duper lazy, right? but anyway, let's start. so a few days ago, I made this goal that I wanted to hit a certain number of profit per month using only Drop Shipping. so what I did was I wrote down this goal and like- obviously present tense, because that's what everyone says- and after writing down the goal, I did what every other person would normally do, so I just went on my phone and started scrolling on tiktok. but then, all of a sudden, while I was scrolling, this video showed up on my feed and I was just thinking I'm like this is probably God's way of showing me like a product to use, because I literally just wrote down a goal that I have to do. so God was like: maybe you just write down something to go like actually implements it. so the video is for this product and at first I'm like, damn, this video has like 50 million views, so the person who's running this- they're probably making a lot of money. and the product was the password corrector. and in my head I was thinking I'm like, okay, usually past your character is they do very good. whatever platform you use- whether it's Facebook, Instagram, tiktok- it always does good. so I'm like, okay, this is probably like literally Godzilla telling me: go try this product. so I went to an AliExpress. I wanted to search up the product to see what the cost was and apparently it only costed 20. it sounds like, okay, that's not bad, because with tiktok organic, if I price it at forty dollars, I'm making 20 profit and 50 margin is usually good for sick tok organic. because, like you're not spending any money on ads, I'm like, okay, that's pretty good. and I also saw the competitor that was getting the 50 million views. at the beginning they priced it at forty dollars too. so I'm like, okay, this is very good. and then I went on Amazon and then searched up the products and I was like damn, they're pricing it at 40 too, as some listings they price it higher than the actual competitor that I found on tiktok. so I'm like what the heck? and in my head I was like maybe this is because it's a new product product, so like the prices are a bit off. but anyway, I found a listing that can deliver it to Canada with like Prime shipping. so I ordered it. but what's funny is the listing literally had zero reviews. so I'm like what the heck? but I got the product in three days and like right now it was time to make content with it. so I told my dad to help me because I thought if tiktok people- they see someone who's like a bit in the older demographic and they're using this product, they would trust it a bit more and it's like a bit different on tiktok. so my dad, I convinced him and he was finally convinced. so I told him to make this video right here that I think I have it on the screen, but he told me not to show his whole body, so his whole body is just blurred. but then after I posted the video, apparently I was wrong, like I didn't get that many views. I'm like, okay, I gotta try something new now. so I made a video with my brother, Annette, using the product, and I made a video with myself in it using the products. but also, while I was posting these videos on tiktok, I was also posting them on IG reels because I'm like, why not? like it might actually perform better on IG reels. and the crazy thing is that it actually did perform better on IG reels. so what actually annoyed me is that the videos that I had my brother in there, they were doing a lot better than the videos with me in it. whatever, as long as something is working. so 200. so I made this video here with my brother in it and it got 5 million views, which is like not that bad. and then I made another video that got 1.5 million views, which is not that bad. and I also posted all the videos from tiktok on IG reels. but most of them on IG reels were getting like hundreds and thousands of views about tiktok. they weren't getting that many of you, it's only like two got the million view counts. so I think this is why, when you're doing tiktok organic, also do IG reels, because you don't know which one's gonna do better. and what's funny, though, too, bro, is that most of my sales actually came from IG. so it's like if I didn't actually try IG, I would have thought this product was like a complete failure. now, as for the website, I had to make a website that was optimized for conversions, right, but I had to make it fast. I didn't want to do this thing slow, I just wanted to do it fast and and get it over with. so I took pictures of the product on my own and then I added them on the website. so I didn't actually use the AliExpress pictures, I only used one of them, but the website was super, duper, simple, right. so I always say like, like, actually, bro, don't overthink the whole website, because just do it, and then the videos should be doing all these selling. now, the other thing I tried to do as well is I tried to post literally every single day, like I tried to not miss a date, and I also notiked when I was posting at 9am the videos were doing better than if I posted it, like at night. I don't know why and I'm thinking it's because, like, when you're posting at 9am in the morning, you're allowing the videos to get more time to actually perform. so I think I think that's the reason. I don't know why, but anyway, when I saw one video format working which was like this video here that got the five million views, I'm like: let me keep doing this over and over again and I think because of that, most of the videos I made like were actually doing that that bad. but here are some of the mistakes that I made. so I previously toked about how you have to be making sales videos and viral videos. now the issue is I didn't know this at the time when I was doing the store, so I did not make a single sales video. all the videos were just viral videos, which is why I feel like I didn't actually squeeze as much money that I could have squeezed from this product because, like, you're looking at this viral video here and it's like it's not really doing any selling, if anything. like it's selling my brother more than the product and you you can see the proof in this. like, if you go in the comments you can see everyone is like: bro, your brother looks like Jesus and you're promoting Jesus getting crucified on your product and the whole time I'm like: wait, I didn't mean to make my brother look like Jesus and I didn't mean to make the product look like a crust. it just so happens to be that way. so that whole thing just made the whole video go viral and then, also, including, like, the Android take clip at the end, it made the video go even more viral, which is so funny because, like, that wasn't even my intention. so anyway, that made the whole thing go viral. but as for the sales, this is how much I made in Revenue. so the profit on this was like literally 50, because I priced the product at forty dollars and I was getting it at twenty dollars, so I was basically making twenty dollar profit. so in reality I made 200 profit, uh, with this whole product, but considering I got the product for, I think, forty dollars on Amazon, so tiknically I made 160 dollar profit on this whole thing, which is not that bad because, like now I can pay for my monthly, uh gym subscription, Lifetime Fitness. but also one more thing: if you're actually gonna start making money like I,

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I Tried Dropshipping With $0 For 30 days

have you ever wondered if it's possible to become a millionaire with Drop Shipping, for a million dollars, millions of dollars from Drop Shipping? well, I know for a fact it's possible, because I went from a high school dropout to making over 1.5 million dollars in a year. by the time I was age 21.. and to show you that it's still possible today, I created a brand new Drop Shipping Store using zero dollars and I'm sharing the entire process transparently now. we just officially ended our first full month in business and we had a lot of ups and we had a lot of downs and, honestly, this reminded me of how hard it is to get your first business off the ground. so while a lot of people are going to be watching this video and impressed with the sales that I've gotten, just realize that this isn't an overnight success. this has been the last five years of me dedicating myself to this craft and I don't want this video to come across showing off. I know there's a lot of gurus out there who try to highlight how easy Drop Shipping is, and we both know these guys are not Drop Shipping, so just know that I'm gonna always keep 100 with you guys. now, any good Drop Shipping Store starts with a good product. I don't care how good your website is or how good your ads are, so I couldn't just find any product. to be successful in this challenge, I needed to find a product that matched the criteria of a winning product. usually when I am picking a product to sell, there's a few things that I look at. obviously, profit margin- if we don't have a good profit margin, then there's no way we're gonna ever be successful. and another piece of criteria that I think is important is that the product actually makes people's lives easier. so to locate this problem-solving product, I ended up going on tiktok and looked up hashtag. tiktok made me buy it and, honestly, I had to browse sometime to find something decent. but I knew we had found a winner when I found a tik tok post with literally hundreds of people asking where they could find the product and the video only had about a thousand likes at this point. now, honestly, this was kind of suspicious- a post with only about a thousand likes to have this many comments of people wanting to know where to buy the product- and I thought this was a great opportunity. hundreds of people were looking to buy this product and they didn't have someone to fulfill that demand. so I built a website on Shopify and I started my journey trying to get this brand sales using zero dollars Capital. now, I only really had one opportunity to become successful with this store, since our budget was zero dollars in order for us to create a profitable business. it meant attracting customers to our website without spending any money. now, this meant that the standard avenues for advertising, like Facebook ads, were completely out of the question, but what was possible was for us to create tiktok and Instagram real content completely organically and try to get the post viral so customers can see our product. so for the last 30 days, I spent a ton of time creating content and it actually went pretty well. so I want to go over the results and how much money we're able to make. so this challenge started on August 16th. this was our first day in business and I ended up posting up only one single tik tok on this day and, yes, I did not get any sales. this was definitely a stressful day for me. I was creating a brand new business from scratch again and, honestly, day two felt pretty similar. we made zero dollars in sales and I spent hours of our time and we weren't able to even manage to get one single sale, so I was feeling pretty disappointed around this time. but day three, things started to pick up. day three, on August 18th, I managed to get our very first sale, and this was when I realized that we were on to something. so I got super stoked and excited about creating this brand. so I ended up doubling down. on the 19th, I created two pieces of content, but unfortunately we were only able to get one sale for 56 dollars. and then the day after that, on the 20th, we were only able to get one sale again, even though I was posting more content now. up into this point, we had gotten zero sales from tiktok. our tiktoks were doing terrible, but our Instagram reels were actually getting to push out, so this was a good sign. we're getting a few thousand views on our Instagram reels, but for some reason we weren't able to crack into tiktok yet. now, day six was a super exciting day. we managed to get three sails for a total of 270 dollars, and this made me feel like we could really take this brand to whatever height we wanted to grow it to, and this brought me down a path of switching our content up. I started to focus on More Story based content, and this started to work really well. we were able to wrap the first week up at a total of 785.93, which personally I thought was a really good start to this challenge. I was feeling super excited and optimistik that this store could grow to a store that does six figures a month. so I really wanted to double down to get the best results we could in this Challenge, and that's also when I set a goal of trying to to make one thousand dollars in a single day throughout this Challenge, and this brought us into week two. on day one of week two, we ended up doing 159 dollars, and day two ended up being another Super solid day. we did 299 dollars in sales this day, which got me feeling really good. we were able to hit some consistent results at this point, and at this point we had generated over one thousand dollars in sales. and the best part about this is, since we weren't spending money on ads, almost 75 percent of the revenue was profit. day three of week two, we had a pretty similar day, and then, day four of week two, I started ramping up the content. I realized that our posts were doing well, but maybe we needed more volume. so on day four of week two, we managed to hit our best day yet at 364 dollars, which was a really good sign. we're almost 40 percent to our 1K a day goal. and then, day five, we managed to smash that record at 399 overall. during week two, we managed to get over two thousand dollars in sales, which meant for this two-week period we had done over two thousand and seven hundred dollars, and I already created a video covering up to this point. if all this sounds familiar. but what I'm about to get into is week three and week four, which ended up being a total twist, and I think it's gonna be something really exciting for everyone. going into week three, I was definitely nervous because we hadn't hit the goal that we set out for this challenge yet and while we were getting results, I wanted to show people that this business is really possible and that we can hit some big numbers. so I was seriously stressed to continue to create the best content that I could, and it ended up being a pretty stressful week. but here's how it ended up. going as far as sales, on day three of week one- such a disappointing day- we managed to get zero sales, but honestly, it felt like it was about time we stopped getting great holds. it seemed like everything was going pretty easy in the beginning of this challenge, so the fact that we weren't facing turbulence just meant that we weren't pushing hard enough. so the fact that I didn't get any sales today, I kind of just dismissed it and decided I'm just gonna keep pushing on. now, on day two of week three, we actually did end up getting a sale, but unfortunately we also did have a refund. so that's why we only made 14.99 on this day, which is just pretty natural. sometimes customers will end up ordering something and they'll want their money back, so we just gave them their money back. we're not going to worry about that and we're just gonna hold. day three is more successful. unfortunately, it wasn't and we managed to do zero dollars in sales yet again. so for this three day period, we had literally only made about 14.99 and I was feeling really bummed out at this point. I thought that maybe the store was over, maybe the product wasn't workin.

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How Shopify Dropshipping Works

There's a trendy e-commerce fad. behind those obscure, eye-catching products that fill our feeds on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube: It's called dropshipping. It's definitely an industry that is growing. You're seeing companies going public now just based on this premise of dropshipping. The model relies on targeted ads designed to stop consumers from scrolling long enough to make an impulse purchase, usually from a Shopify store set up solely for that product. Many of those same younger consumers. they are also looking for creative ways to make money, And this really is the rise of the young merchant. It's like salesmen. Salesmen are like the old school version of marketing. If you're a good salesman, you can sell anything to anybody At age 21,. Ka mil Sattar's dropshipping sales topped 1.7 million dollars in 2020.. You basically only buy the product when you get the payment, And then you get the product from a supplier in the US or China. Then they send the product directly to the consumer and you never see it or never touch it. Some sellers say dropshipping is a get-rich-quick scheme to make easy millions without ever leaving your couch. Others call it a serious business that takes major hustle to pull off properly. There are more nefarious actors in this industry, and there are legitimate ones. We toked to some big name dropshippers about how they made millions with viral products and asked e-commerce experts how copycats and cutting corners could tarnish the industry for everyone. Dropshipping in its simplest form is when the seller acts as a middleman without ever touching the merchandise. Nick Peroni does dropshipping full-time, sourcing sites like AliExpress for low-cost products available directly from suppliers, usually in China. If you have a supplier you can trust, you can do the quality control with the supplier. They can send me pictures of it- 3D video of it, so that I can see exactly how it looks. After a customer places an order on Peroni's Shopify store, he purchases the product from the supplier and has it shipped directly to the customer, which can take some time. If you find products that are unique enough, then people are generally willing to wait. Take this laptop sleeve that I ordered on June 30th last year. It shipped directly from China and took two months to get to California Products, where it takes 30 days, 60 days, even 90 days to even get to you. Now that is what I call poor dropshipping. Where people really tend to get annoyed with dropshipping is if they waited for two weeks and then they get their product and it sucks anyway. I ordered these boots on October 28th last year and they arrived December 7th. I never got a shipping or a tracking notification And when they did finally get here, they came in this ripped bag from China Post and they were stuffed loosely inside. They smelled pretty awful and they were the wrong size. I thought about returning them, but returns with dropshipped items from overseas can be pretty complicated. I looked for a customer service number on the store where I bought these and I couldn't find one, and I opted not to return them because I would have had to pay for my own return. p ostage- False advertising is definitely a big problem in the dropshipping world. The product is aligned with you, aligned with your interests, and you want to buy it. So you buy it And it does not match up at all to the product you're getting. Dropshipping is also what's responsible. if you order something from Amazon but it arrives in a box from Walmart or any other major retailer, The customer is confused. they're like: I ordered something from Amazon t. his is not my product. I got so many messages like: why did you send me this? Bradley Sutton provides software for Amazon sellers and he test ed out dropshipping in the 2020 holiday season. He sold things like RC cars on his Amazon page, dropshipped from cheaper listings on Walmart and elsewhere. Part of Amazon's dropshipping policy is that you do not deliver with packaging. t hat is from another retailer, But my account didn't get shut down. I grossed over $500,000 dollars, but I've kind of stopped that test because it's just not a sustainable model for me. Amazon has a long-standing policy against dropshipping from other retailers, And a spokesperson told CNBC: "If a seller violates our policy, we will no longer allow them to directly fulfill customer orders". So you have Shopify, you have BigC ommerce, you have WooCommerce, you have Amazon, you have eBay And if you get banned on one platform, you can move up to the next one. The dropshipping that fills social media feeds isn't happening on Amazon. It thrives on Shopify. They made this one-stop shop for you to set up a store. It's just super easy for you to start selling online And a lot of these dropshippers know it. On Shopify's Help Center, there's an entire section devoted to tips and strategies for dropshi? pping. The main advantage of dropshipping is that you don't have to worry about storing, packaging or shipping your products. In an analysis of more than 120,000 Shopify stores, online consumer protection company Fakespot found more than 25,000 that engaged in some form of fraudulent activity, like counterfeits, privacy leaks and buying fake reviews. Of those, almost 72 percent showed evidence of dropshipping tactiks being used in their business. Fakespot has a Chrome plugin that alerts shoppers if a seller on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy or Sephora can't be trusted. It recently added capabilities to detect untrustworthy stores on Shopify, too. Fakespot says most of the fraudulent stores appear to be China-based merchants posing as US small businesses. You want to support the local mom and pop store, but these s? ellers are not from the United States. They're from around the world and they're just utilizing this to make a buck. Still, Shopify is home to the online stores of major brands like Heinz, Staples, Jenny Craig and Gymshark, With more sellers than ever before signing up for a Shopify storefront in Q3 last year. Shopify shares more than doubled in 2020, and its market cap recently surpassed 150 billion. Thirty five percent of young Americans started a side hustle during the pandemic. Most of them are doing it on Shopify, which is why you saw more signups in Q3 than ever before, But the way they're doing it is totally different. They're using avenues like TikTok. In a survey of more than 10,000 consumers, Shopify found that 54 percent of shoppers age 18 to 35 discover brands on social media and 28 percent made a purchase there. These young consumers are going to be the shopkeepers of 2021, and the way they buy is going to be the way they're going to sell. We're going for impulse buys with people that are not necessarily intending to buy something when they log onto Facebook or Instagram. Marketing is probably 60 percent of the game. Sattar sells 80 to 90 percent of his products through Facebook ads and the rest largely through ads on YouTube. T ikTok ads can now play directly within Shopify stores, following a TikTok-Shopify partnership announced in October. We have a video editor on our team, And so when we have a product, we can put together a 30 to 40 second video that tells a story of what the product does, why it's valuable. Choosing the right product takes a lot of legwork. I always say to people: you're going to test around about five to ten products until you find something that actually does something. This pineapple slicer and these dog grooming gloves are examples of products that flopped for Sattar. It's all about finding things that people haven't tried before. We have softwares that we use where they do AI tiknology and they tell us what are the best products at the moment what's trending? Sattar's breakthrough product was this iPhone privacy screen protector. Soon after another one of his items did a million dollars of sales in one quarter. Many dropshippers find pr.

Shopify Dropshipping | Dropshipping 2023 | Dropshipping Products

wouldn't it be amazing to find a store that's already selling tons of original products and, as well as that, being able to go and beat them on price and shipping? well, guys, I'm going to show you exactly how you can do all of that in this video. jumping across to bigspycom, which is linked Down Below in the description, this is the number one free ad spy tool. it allows me to spy on other competitors ads, to then go and find the products they're selling and then go and find them at a better, cheaper price, with short shipping times. this is an unbelievable tool, guys. so if you come across, you're gonna get hit with this page. now you can register and have a free account, but I do recommend, if you're serious about Drop Shipping, getting hold of a premium version. so what we're going to do when we use this tool, guys, we make sure we have selected Ecom up here, and then we're going to click on search now, and then it's going to bring me across to this page. now, down below, we can see all of the ads that are currently showing here, but what we want to do is use this section up here to filter some of these results in order to find some incredible hot products that are low competition and not already selling really well. so here you can select the different platforms where things are being advertised. I'm just going to leave the site type blank and I'm going to start first of all with a Facebook ad. I'm going to click on United States and then I'm just going to leave that blank. I'm going to click on the language and select English and then I'm going to click on the marketing objective and ensure it's on to shopping. this means any AD that's showing for shopping in English in the United States is going to show to me. then we're going to select 30 Days. Seven Days doesn't really give me enough data. 90 days probably a bit saturated. find 30 days to be a good level to search at. now we can sort by the number of Impressions and the impression is what has been showed to someone. so every time you see the ad that counts as one impression. but the impression is what you basically pay for. so if that impression has been shown to tons and tons of different people, then you know that that product is being well interacted with and people are definitely making money because it's expensive to get tons of Impressions. now all of these products at the top are, I think, Black Rifle coffee or something like that- not necessarily an ideal one to be selling and also try and avoid selling is like clothes, guys, because the return levels can be very high on them. that said, guys, you could potentially use this for uh, print on demand business, but we're not looking at that right now because that's kind of saturated. we want to find some different things. if we scroll down through this page, then you can see lots of different products. I've, then, found this partikular product here, which is interesting, guys. you can see. this has 16.2 million impressions. that's expensive. this is obviously a product that's selling: 17 000 comments, 920 000 likes, tons of shares. this product, guys, has had 16.2 million impressions, 119 000 likes, tons of different shares. it's clearly a product worth looking at. so what we can see is this potential video ad. we can either make our own. it would be very simple, you can see. it's just a touch lab and it could therefore be suitable for lots of different people. now what you're going to do is click on shop now, and that brings me across this webpage. not a partikularly interesting or good looking landing page at all, guys. very easy to create something like this. this really really simple, really basic, but it's already selling at tons and tons because of the amount of Impressions. so what we can do is we can basically get this product and we can then go and try and sell it by building a way better landing page, which you could do for free on Shopify, I guarantee it, just by following a few tutorials on YouTube. so what we're going to do is we're going to screenshot this product, we're going to take the URL and then I'm going to show you later on where we can Source these products from. now, if we go to the top guys, we can see that we can go and search for lots of different platforms. obviously, this is using Facebook, but maybe we could try looking at like admoba, which is a Google platform, and then we can keep the filters, maybe the same, or maybe we can come down instead of sorting by comments. we could look, we could sort our number of shares and coming down through guys, the finger pops out to me. is this partikular massage chair, and why this is popping out to me? we can see 3.1 million impressions. uh, this again has had a lot of people looking into it, and what I do know about these massage chairs is that they are quite offensive, and the good thing about that is you can sell just a few, because the difference in the money you pay against the money you can charge is huge. you only need a few conversions, right? so instead of having to sell like 100 items where you're making ten dollars on each item to make a thousand bucks, you can make a thousand dollars on just one sale. obviously, you're not likely to see as many sales as you would by selling cheaper items, but a lot of people aren't really targeting stuff like this for Drop Shipping, which makes it exciting. you can find these products from China, guaranteed. now, jumping across the page, guys, we can see this is currently selling for ten thousand dollars. I know that you can go and find these in China for maybe a couple of thousand dollars, maybe even less. uh, so that's potentially something we can do and what we can see down here, guys, uh, pretty kind of simple, straightforward web page, nothing partikularly dramatik. uh, perhaps it's relying on like a name- Etc, but you could create your own web page. then you could focus on something: massage chairs, uh, Etc. guys, we're going to take this URL, take a screenshot and then we're gonna go back for one last time to find another product. so for the final search, guys, we're gonna go for Instagram. we're gonna stik with the other ones guys- like in English, from the United States, and that's because the United States is probably the easiest place to sell to one. it has a lot of people with money to spend and also, for some reason, people want to spend their money there. okay, so it's easy to get sales and get an idea of how the Market's gonna react to a partikular product. now what we're going to do, guys, is search on tiktok. now, what we all notike about searching on tiktok and searching none of these platforms really is the type of products that you can sell. for me, for example, Google is probably the best place if you're going to sell like non kind of exciting items, things like massage chairs and stuff, things that people are actually going and looking for. this is a great way for you to sell those partikular items. but something that's going to kind of like jump out, go viral and people are going to get excited about would be something you found on tiktok. and the exciting thing about using tiktok is actually you can go viral without much effort and not having to spend tons of money on ads. so clicking on this product- this is a fantastik example. you can see 67 million impressions and that might not have actually been very expensive, guys, because this partikular product has gone viral. and what you can see about what it is, it's kind of like this thing that flies, kind of like a little. you press a button and it's like spinning around inside. it's really really cool. and this video itself is grabbing my attention because I don't know what it is. I don't know how it works. I want to know what it is. I'm a grown-up but I still kind of think that this might be quite fun to play around with. and there's also it would be great for kids. it's great because it's Christmas time and potentially you could sell this item to anyone. so this is really really cool. you can see that this is something that excites me more than perhaps what we toked about already. but you might be thinking: where on Earth can I get a pro?

I tried shopify Dropshipping for 72 Hours

in three days, I'm gonna have a pump little soul and see if it's possible to turn 250 dollars into a profitable online business in only 72 hours. and the challenge starts now. we're gonna need a product. so I needed a product and, after surgery, for only three hours, using my criteria, I was able to find a product that I was going to go ahead and actually use. and this was the criteria that I went ahead and actually used to find that product and make sure that the product kind of fit into this criteria, since Apple designs to actually carry on running the store after this video. and this is the product that I went ahead and used. and X spy was literally the platform that I went ahead and used to actually go ahead and find this product quicker than I normally would, because I know products like some of the things that take the longest to find but actually pretty much has everything when it comes to drop shipping- very important spy 2, a winning products tool, and much more. but these tools were able to let me find product as quick as human as possible and this was good because it's a 72 hour challenge and we were running out of time. then, as usual, we went on to shopifycom, plugged in and started working on the sites. we went and we downloaded the app code yeses, so we'll be able to actually import the products from AliExpress, stream to our website and have an almost automatik fulfillment process with our supplier. we then spent the next couple of hours building a website that was somewhat cool and decent and would actually go ahead and actually get a sale. and then I started realizing that if you're going to get this product done in only 72 hours, we did not have time to actually order the parts from Amazon and shoot our own content, and what we actually needed to do was you were going to have to take other ads with other tiktok accounts and use them to actually go ahead and market on tiktok ads. and after going on some competitive tiktok accounts, we were able to download a decent amount of creatives that we went ahead and used as our own to actually promote a product on tiktok. and we needed to do this because, I mean, we only had 68 hours to complete the challenge and without that it would have basically been impossible. I literally did not have time. so after setting up, I'll take some ads. as usual, things were different this time. our ads were not getting approved, and at first I didn't actually know why they weren't getting approved and I was just basically trying to find a reason and an answer why. and after thinking about this for a while, I figured it out. these weren't the old days of tiktok, where you could just take other accounts, creatives, and use them as your own. these times were different and we need to actually come up with our own creative, because tiktok can updated their policies or something, because now there are some copyright problems with our ads. so I sat there for four hours and literally created and edited four different creatives using a bunch of other tiktoks, plugging them all together in different ways to actually come out with a decent product. and after doing all of this and having like four creatives that we're gonna go ahead and use and test our product with, still our ads were not getting approved by tik tok, and I didn't know what the problem was, and I knew that the person couldn't have been the creatives, because these creators are almost 100 different to the ones that I'd use them to get there. so I thought my account had probably just been flagged by the algorithm, and so I obviously needed to put this problem. so I went on to tiktok and I went and toked to The tiktok support team to try and get to the bottom of the situation and they left me on red, and I mean that's always annoying. and since we were running out of time, I mean at this point we only had I was left from The Challenge. I didn't really know what to do, and I mean at this point I wasn't left with a ton of options. I mean I didn't really have a way of marketing this product. I mean I could have gone to the Facebook ads, but let's be honest, that would not have worked. my ads would have definitely been not approved. and that's when I realized something: x-buy. along with having a product spy tool, winning products and an ad library and being today's sponsor, xbuy also has an influence of marketplace that allows you to come connect with the biggest influences on Instagram and use these high quality influences to actually go ahead and get sales for your online business. and so that's what we're gonna do today and let's see if it works. I sat on xbi and I checked out the cheapest influences that money could buy, because, I mean, we did not have that much of a budget and we needed to make sure we could get the most out of this little budget that we actually had. so I got these influencers numbers- what can I say? then I went on to Amazon, bought the part that we were actually promoting and sent it to the influencers house so they could shoot content with that product themselves. because it was Amazon, the product was able to arrive relatively quickly and the influence was able to shoot and have the content up on day two, which is cutting it close. but I mean, hey, I literally spent my entire marketing Budget on this influencer, having one story View and one actual reel for them to post. so after using this influencer, we actually did not make that much money. they were able to drive actually a decent amount of visitors to the store, where you're only able to move away 129 dollars in Revenue, which is, I mean, that's okay. I think the bigger reason why we didn't do well in this challenge is because the influence I was using was literally like one of the cheapest ones. I think if we went for a much more expensive influencer, we would have definitely made a lot more money. but if you want to see how I went ahead and made 100 000 Shopify Drop Shipping, then check this video out. but that's it. don't forget to like, subscribe and peace.