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Relieve Back Pain: Ads for Relief

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss a case study of a chiropractor who was promoting spinal decompression services for back pain, neck pain, and herniated discs. We will analyze the results of their advertising campaign from September 2021 to August 2022, and see how their lead generation improved over time.


- September 2021: 27 leads (1 website lead), expensive cost per lead

- October 2021: 20 leads (all Facebook leads), focus on Facebook leads

- November 2021: 27 leads, improved cost

- December 2021: 32 Facebook leads, lower cost per result, 5 website leads

- January 2022: 34 Facebook leads, 5 website leads

- February 2022: 36 Facebook leads

- March 2022: 48 leads, consistent cost per lead

- April 2022: 44 leads

- May 2022: 33 leads, cost starting to increase

- June 2022: 49 leads, cost back to $45 per lead

- July 2022: 47 Facebook leads, 24 website leads, total 71 leads, cost per result $18.29

- August 2022 (as of 11th): 27 leads, cost per lead $28


- Total leads from campaign: 373 (Facebook leads) + 74 (second campaign) + 11 (website leads) = 458

- Cost per lead on average: $51 (Facebook leads) + $22 (second campaign) = $73

- The campaign was successful due to proper funnel setup, email automation, and SMS notification

- The cost per lead for this business is high, but with proper setup, it can be converted into clients

- Contact the author for campaign management services

This case study shows how a chiropractor's advertising campaign improved over time with proper setup and automation. Despite the high cost per lead, the campaign was successful in generating leads and converting them into clients. Contact the author for campaign management services to scale your business.

Using an Inversion Table for Back Pain Relief

Using an Inversion Table to Relieve Back Pain

- Inversion tables can help relieve back pain by relieving pressure in the spine.

- However, there are precautions to consider before using one.

- The FitSpine LX9 inversion table from Teeter is a good option for those looking for a safe and comfortable way to use an inversion table.

Benefits of Inversion Tables:

- Research shows that inversion tables can help relieve back pain.

- Inversion tables are an affordable way to get traction, which is helpful for many back issues.

- The FitSpine LX9 inversion table has a smooth and comfortable movement, easy angle tether, and a secure ankle lock system.

- Inversion tables should be used consistently to see long-term benefits.


- Those with high blood pressure, glaucoma, fractures, spinal surgeries, or circulation issues should consult with a doctor before using an inversion table.

- Inversion tables may not be right for everyone, and it is important to start slowly and with caution.

- The FitSpine LX9 inversion table from Teeter is a good option for those looking for a safe and comfortable way to use an inversion table.

- It is important to consult with a doctor and use inversion tables consistently for long-term benefits.

Tim Robinson's Channel Surfing | I Think You Should Leave | Netflix Is A Joke

Have you ever been a victim of unfair treatment by a business or corporation? Perhaps you bought a house with a termite infestation that wasn't disclosed to you, and then had to deal with unprofessional termite exterminators. Or maybe you suffer from chronic back pain and are looking for a solution. Whatever your situation, there may be a solution out there for you.

Laser Spine Specialists:

- Offers minimally invasive spine surgery for chronic back pain

- Testimonials from satisfied patients

- Free MRI review

- Can help patients get back to their daily activities, such as gardening, lifting their children, and even fighting their wife's new husband (jokingly)

- Ad contains colloquialisms and interjections for emphasis

Robbie Star at Superstar Tracks Records:

- A scam artist who tricks people into thinking they can become stars

- Ron, a victim of his scam, confronts him about his terrible music

- Ad contains idioms and transitional phrases for a more conversational tone

The Night Scrooge Saved Christmas:

- A parody of A Christmas Carol featuring Scrooge and a future where humans are enslaved by the Bone Brigade

- Scrooge must use his Christmas cheer to defeat the Bone Brigade and save humanity

- Ad contains dramatic language and interjections for emphasis

Whether you're dealing with chronic pain or trying to make it in the music industry, it's important to be aware of scams and unprofessional behavior. However, there may be solutions out there for you if you know where to look. So don't give up hope, and keep searching for the right solution for you.

How to Get Out of Bed with Lower Back Pain (Less Pain & Faster Healing)

In this article, we will learn two techniques to get in and out of bed if you are suffering from lower back pain. These techniques are easy to follow and will help you recover from your back pain faster.

Technique 1: Getting in and out of bed using the regular technique

- Make space to roll towards by lifting your bottom slightly away from the side you're going towards

- Roll without twisting through your spine by bringing your arm across your body top

- Push through your top arm in your elbow at the same time as you lower your move over the side of the bed

- Wait a few seconds for your blood pressure to level out before moving into standing

- To get back into bed, sit down, take your bottom back, bring your arms down to the side and roll back

Technique 2: Getting in and out of bed with severe back pain

- Sit on a high and firm surface

- Bring your arms water onto the bed and move down like a pendulum

- Lie down from that position and draw off the cushion

- To get back into standing, walk your hands back up

Using these techniques will help you get in and out of bed if you are suffering from lower back pain. Remember to avoid staying in bed for too long and try to go about your regular activities if you can. If you have severe back pain, it's best to use Technique 2 on a high and firm surface. Use a cushion instead of a pillow to help stabilize your back. Let us know how these techniques work for you in the comments below.

Low Back Pain

Hello, I am Dr. Dave Lynn from rehab across the street. Today, I will be discussing the basics of low back pain and its common causes. Low back pain affects 85-90% of people at some point in their lives and is the second most common reason for people to visit their family doctors. Chronic low back pain is a significant problem, and it costs over $60 billion annually to treat in the US. In this article, I will focus on acute and chronic back pain, its anatomy, and some common causes.

Anatomy of the Low Back:

The low back is the most common area for back pain because it is the only part of the spine that moves. There are five bones that make up the low back, and there are nerves that come out from the holes in these bones. These nerves are called neural foramen, and we want to make sure that there is enough space for them to come out. The discs, which act as shock absorbers, are between the two vertebral bodies and need to be intact. The disc has a jelly-like material inside and is covered by collagen, making it a shock absorber. The gelatinous material should be contained within the disc to ensure its proper functioning.

Causes of Back Pain:


Back Pain Ad Case Study 10X Digital Marketing

Dr. Brandtgreen from 10X Digital Marketing recently launched a successful marketing funnel campaign for back pain. The campaign generated 16 leads at a cost of $170, which is significantly cheaper than the average cost per click for back pain marketing. The campaign is still in its early stages, but the results are promising.

Key Points:

- Back pain marketing is competitive and expensive.

- Dr. Brandtgreen's campaign generated 16 leads for $170, which is cheaper than the average cost per click.

- The campaign is for a free consultation for back pain.

- The campaign is still in its early stages, but the results are promising.

- Dr. Brandtgreen can help other industries with their marketing campaigns as well.

Dr. Brandtgreen's successful back pain marketing campaign is a promising example of how businesses can generate leads and reach potential customers without breaking the bank. If you're interested in running a similar campaign or need help with your marketing efforts, contact Dr. Brandtgreen at 10X Digital Marketing.

5 Minutes Of Satisfying Cracking And Stretching BackBones│Back Pain Relief,ASMR

Are you looking for a way to relieve back pain and tension? Look no further! This article will introduce you to a video that offers three different levels of back cracking sounds to satisfy your needs.


- The video offers three different levels of back cracking sounds: level one, level two, and level three.

- Each level offers a different intensity of cracking sounds, with level three being the most intense.

- The video also includes music to enhance the overall experience.

- Viewers rave about the satisfying feeling they get from listening to the back cracking sounds, with many saying it relieves their pain and tension.

- The video is a great option for those who want a natural and non-invasive way to relieve their back pain.

If you suffer from back pain or tension, try listening to the back cracking sounds in this video. With three different levels to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect level to satisfy your needs. So sit back, relax, and let the cracking sounds do their magic!

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