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remove ads from kindle fire

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Change These 17 Amazon Fire Tablet Settings NOW 2022

In this video, Simply Smart's Justin will show you all the settings that you should change after setting up your Amazon Fire Tablet.

1. Cleaning Up Your Home Screen:

- Remove unwanted applications and organize them in a folder.

- Uninstall unnecessary applications.

- Rearrange icons.

2. Managing Notifications:

- Turn off unnecessary notifications.

- Collapse notifications for a cleaner look.

3. Amazon App Settings:

- Turn off recommendations and continue/recommended row for a cleaner home screen.

- Turn on content filtering for special offers.

4. Battery and Display Settings:

- Change wallpaper to a preferred option.

- Adjust display settings.

5. Sound Settings:

- Adjust volumes and notification sounds.

- Turn on touch sounds.

6. Security and Privacy Settings:

- Turn off app usage data collection.

- Manage advertising ID settings.

By following these 17 settings changes, you can optimize your Amazon Fire Tablet for a cleaner and more personalized experience.

Easily Turn Your Fire Tablet Into A Real Android Tablet! HD10 HD7 HD8

How to Turn Your Amazon Fire HD Tablet into a Real Android Tablet

Are you tired of the lock screen ads and limited features on your Amazon Fire HD tablet? With the recent release of the all new Amazon Fire HD 10 and HD 10 plus, it's time to turn your tablet into a real Android tablet. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to install Google Play, disable lock screen ads, install a custom launcher, and disable some of the built-in Amazon apps.

Before we get started, it's important to note that you'll need to use a desktop or laptop for this process. We'll be using an application called the Fire Toolbox, which is easy to use and compatible with tablets released from 2014 to 2021.

1. Enable Developer Options

The first step is to enable developer options on your Fire tablet. Go to Settings > Device Options > About Fire Tablet > tap on the serial number eight times. This will enable developer options. Then, go back and turn on USB debugging.

2. Download and Install Fire Toolbox

Download the Fire Toolbox from the XDA post in the description. Read through the post and download the version compatible with your tablet. Extract the file and open the Fire Toolbox folder. Launch the application and follow the prompts to set it up.

3. Install Google Play

Connect your tablet to your PC using a USB Type-C cable. Allow USB debugging on your computer and launch the Fire Toolbox. Choose Google Services and execute the tool. This will download and install Google Play directly onto your tablet.

4. Install a Custom Launcher

Next, choose Custom Launcher and select the launcher you want to use. We recommend Nova Launcher. Enable widgets if desired and disable the Fire launcher altogether.

5. Disable Lock Screen Ads

Choose Lock Screen Management and disable the lock screen ads. You can also change the lock screen wallpaper or disable the lock screen altogether.

6. Disable Amazon Apps

If desired, choose Manage Amazon Apps and disable some of the Amazon apps you don't use. We recommend using the standard debloat option.

7. Enjoy Your Real Android Tablet

Once the process is complete, you'll have a custom launcher, Google Play, disabled lock screen ads, and disabled Amazon apps. Customize your tablet with the apps you want and enjoy a real Android tablet experience.

In conclusion, with the Fire Toolbox and these simple steps, you can turn your Amazon Fire HD tablet into a real Android tablet. Say goodbye to lock screen ads and limited features and hello to a fully customizable tablet experience.

2022 How to get rid of lock screen ads on your kindle fire hd tablet (no computer)

How to Get Rid of Ads on Your Amazon Fire HD Tablet Lock Screen

Are you tired of seeing annoying ads on your Amazon Fire HD tablet lock screen? Don't want to pay $15 to Amazon to get rid of them? Well, here's a free solution for you.


1. Download the app Automate from the Google Play Store (or use your Silk browser to go to www.apkpure.com and search for Automate).

2. Turn on Unknown Sources in your device settings to allow installation of the app.

3. Install and open the Automate app.

4. Go to settings and enable Run on system startup.

5. Go to the Community section and search for Amazon lock screen ads remover v 4.5.

6. Download the middle option (which does not require a laptop).

7. Press Start and enter your birthdate when prompted.

8. Check your lock screen to see if the ads have been removed.


- If this method doesn't work, try other lock screen ad removers in the community section (some may require a laptop).

- You may need to stop other flows in the Automate app to ensure this method works properly.

With just a few simple steps, you can get rid of annoying ads on your Amazon Fire HD tablet lock screen without having to pay Amazon. Enjoy a more streamlined and ad-free experience on your device.

How to: Remove lock screen ads on Fire tablet in 5 minutes! (7th generation)

In this tutorial, True from Tailor Tik demonstrates how to remove ads from an Amazon Fire Tablet using a simple command. Here are the steps he covers:

- True explains that Amazon Fire Tablets come with ads on the lock screen, but he will show how to remove them.


1. Go to settings, device options, and scroll down to serial number.

2. Tap on the serial number seven or eight times to enable developer options.

3. Enable ADB debugging.

4. Connect the tablet to a computer via USB and download the necessary file from a Google Docs link.

5. Open device manager to ensure the tablet is recognized.

6. Hold shift and right-click to open a command window.

7. Type adb shell and enter the command from the downloaded file.

8. Reboot the tablet.

- After following these steps, the tablet should no longer display ads on the lock screen.

- True reminds viewers to subscribe to his channel and check out his other videos.

Turning Amazon Fire Tablet into Android Tablet(Removing Amazon Lockscreen Ads)

In this video, the presenter shows how to change an Amazon Fire tablet using a PC. The tutorial includes removing lock screen ads, installing the Google Play store, and managing Amazon apps.


1. Enable developer options on the tablet by going to Settings > Device Options.

2. Enable ADB debugging.

3. Connect the tablet to the PC using a cable.

4. Download the Fire Toolbox and open it on the PC.

5. Run the adb shell to execute shell commands.

6. Use the lock screen management tool to remove lock screen ads.

7. Install the Google Play store using the Google Services tool.

8. Manage Amazon apps by removing unwanted ones.

9. Change the tablet's launcher and layout.

By following these steps, the user can transform their Amazon Fire tablet into an Android tablet with no Amazon ads and access to the Google Play store. The Fire Toolbox offers many useful tools for managing the tablet's settings and features.

How to take lock screen ads off of a kindle tablet (2021) updated

Hey guys, it's Devin Loreanna here and today we're going to be talking about how to get rid of the annoying ads on your Amazon Fire Tablet. I know it can be frustrating to constantly see those pop-ups, but don't worry, I've got you covered. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you step-by-step how to get rid of those pesky ads once and for all.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Go to your settings.

2. Click on Help.

3. Select Phone and Email.

4. Choose Something Else.

5. Click on Email.

6. Type in a message requesting to remove the lock screen ads.

7. Wait for Amazon to send a confirmation email.

8. Follow the instructions provided to remove the pop-up ads on your home screen.


- Make sure to be polite and clear in your message to Amazon.

- The instructions provided by Amazon may vary based on your device model.

- This method only works for devices that have Special Offers or Ads versions.

There you have it, folks! A simple and easy way to get rid of those ads on your Amazon Fire Tablet. No more annoying pop-ups on your lock screen or home screen. I hope this tutorial helped you out. If you found it useful, don't forget to drop a like and subscribe for more helpful tech tips. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next one!

How I removed Special offers on Kindle Device for Free (2021)

Hey everyone, it's Chrishops here and today I'm going to be doing a test review on how to get special offers removed from my Kindle. The issue with special offers is that they are ads on your Kindle, and they cost $20 to remove. However, there is supposedly a way to remove them for free through Amazon customer service. I've tried this in the past with no success, but I'll be showing you guys the process and let's see if it works this time.


1. Make sure your Amazon account is synced with your Kindle.

2. Go to Customer Service on Amazon.

3. Click Need More Help and then Contact Us.

4. Talk to the customer service employee about removing special offers.

5. Wait for them to text back and assist you.

6. If it works, restart your Kindle and check if the special offers are removed.

After trying this process for the fourth time, I was able to get my special offers removed for free thanks to a helpful and friendly Amazon customer service representative. While this may not work for everyone, it's definitely worth a try to see if you can save $20 and get rid of those pesky ads on your Kindle.

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