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Reply To Dickghostmoon...

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Reply To Dickghostmoon...

Reply To Dickghostmoon...

I with a bsd know hey this is a video
response to dick ghost moon me Chum I
got on my red hat I didn't got no white
swimmers cat like you all do but I
wanted to pay my respects oh I put on my
rib cap I can't do the accent as good as
you I dig that accent broham anyway this
is a video response it goes moon and the
video shout out he didn't me I do
appreciate it bro ham and I will try to
address your questions first of all am I
going to give away the money hey the
answer to that is wait and freakin see
see I exercised restraint there because
I know you're a PG channel and if I
didn't have respect I would have said in
wait and see but I didn't do that how to
respect for you you know it's been
respect I wouldn't do that to you broham
anyway freakin a wait and see but you
know it brings up an interesting point
because I've said it a million times and
I'll say it one more freakin time ah see
that brain even drunk it kicked in
anyway my point is I'm gonna say it one
more freakin time if you're on my
channel and you subscribe just to get
free [ __ ] and get money I don't want you
I don't even watch on my channel because
you know it's not good
anyway I got a whole tirade on that I
got to make a whole video just on that
subject but this isn't the place i'm
going for dick ghost moon and i'm gonna
answer his questions we meant more juice
Oh burping and drinking at the same time
that's class you gotta appreciate that
people oh that was a good one anyway
what the Freak else was I gonna say oh
yeah yeah okay going on to the next
point you tok about my little cubes of
heart as being a cheap ass [ __ ]
something one I forget what you said I
gotta take issue with that bro hey
listen ah that is fine freakin art and
just because you guys don't appreciate
fine freakin art doesn't mean you got to
put it down those farts in the cube is
not it's not [ __ ] it's farts in a cube
get it right it's not dumb [ __ ] that's
actually high art brother and you know
you don't put it down just because you
don't understand it that's valuable [ __ ]
that's probably the most valuable [ __ ] i
ever give away is the fine art art fine
farts and a cube pieces of farts in the
cube I can't even think I got so much
juicing but anyway don't put down my art
and you know hey watch what happened i'm
gonna do a whole video just on my pieces
of art and you're gonna be near words on
my pieces of art cuz what the you know
when did you pee let the freak are you
when did you become a freaking art
critik what do you know about fine art
I'm gonna fine art dealer for 20 years
I've been of artists for 20 years you
know give me your experience I'm willing
to hear it
anyway did ghost moon listen I hope I
answered your questions I don't know
what was the other question I don't even
know if there were any other questions
I'm a little out there right now so you
know you get what you get I don't know
if I'm making sense or not it doesn't
matter to me but you know anyway dick
ghost moon I got respect for you brother
cuz you didn't try and ambush me like
that other jackhole Jake's ghost
whatever the hell his name is I mean
he's going out for sensationalism dick
goes moon you got class you came at me
like a man and I can reciprocate like a
man now we can hash it out and we will
so there's your initial video response
you got more comments more questions
volley it back brother I'm not ducking
anything you know I'm giving out prizes
go to my website I mean go to my channel
I don't have a website go to my channel
and look at the video titled poster
Thank You videos here and you'll see all
the [ __ ] that I've already given out
while not all of it because not
everybody even posts the thank you video
but you'll see some of the [ __ ] I've
already given out and i estimate maybe
i've already given out maybe four
thousand dollars worth of [ __ ] and I got
another looking around I probably got
another eight thousand dollars with the
[ __ ] sittin around here ready to give
away people please somebody win the home
theater system for crying out loud it's
driving me crazy
go check out my video about when the
home theater system and do it for crying
out loud it's not really difficult I
want to give that thing away anyway
that's the plug for me I'm done did go
spoon you rock brother I am waiting your
reply I hope some of this make sense to
some of you I don't know anyway I'm out
here I got the spins

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