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report facebook ads

Published on: December 28 2022 by pipiads

Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2022 IMPORTANT UPDATE)

your Facebook advertising strategy isn't,working as well as you want right now,because things have changed and what,used to work even a few months ago is,dramatikally different than the,strategies and tactiks that we're seeing,succeed on the platform right now for,example the problem child better known,as Facebook lead ads was once a terrible,choice for businesses that only ever,seemed capable of delivering low quality,leads all wrapped up in a clunky and,awkward dashboard but now thanks to a,few recent changes and some secrets that,I'll be sharing with you later in the,video Facebook lead ads are amazing and,they're quickly becoming one of my top,picks for generating leads and making,sales for pretty much any kind of,business out there so I'll break down,how to set them up right and what a,profitable ad campaign looks like in,just a minute and I'll share with you a,little secret that I use to take,campaigns from a three percent response,rate to over a 68 response rate next,another thing that's changed is campaign,structures and many of the default,settings inside your Facebook ads,manager account most people don't know,about these changes so they're just,leaving things on the default settings,but this this is a mistake in fact some,of these settings are so bad that you'd,be better off just tearing your money,apart and lighting it on fire and then,flushing it down the toilet extreme,maybe overly dramatik possibly but,accurate sadly yes my friend so I'll,show you how to set your campaigns up,for Success making sure that you get the,absolute most Bang from your advertising,buck and that you're not losing or,wasting money on ineffective or useless,settings and then lastly I'm going to,give you an Insider look into how I set,up and structure and launch a brand new,campaign complete with what I'm looking,at when I'm testing new objectives and,the metrics that I assigned to each to,make sure that it's going to end up,profitable so let me start by first,making one of the most controversial,statements I've ever made before which,is that generating leads at least how,most people are doing it is one of the,least effective marketing strategies,available today yeah I know but let me,explain generating leads in the way that,it's traditionally done is one of the,most overhyped marketing promises of all,time sitting right there beside the,objective of trying to get more likes,and more comments and more shares on,your stuff and if you've ever run a,marketing or advertising campaign or,hired someone to run one for you and,they've come back with a bucket full of,likes but no actual sales then you know,what this feels like and it doesn't feel,good this is because doing things like,generating likes and comments and shares,doesn't usually lead to business growth,and sales and revenue I'd like to say it,never leads to sales but I kind of,hedged there a little bit well the same,concept applies to just going out there,and generating leads this is because,anyone can get leads thousands of them,millions even all you really gotta do is,make some kind of crazy irresistible,offer like give away a free iPad or a,free car but the problem with these,leads is that they're unlikely to ever,convert into an actual customer in the,future that is unless your business,model is entirely based around giving,away free iPads or free cars in which,case you and I need to have a little,heart-to-heart chat about the future of,your business because I'm worried for,you the secret then to generating the,kind of leads that you actually want the,kind that are going to turn into,customers and eventually buy something,really comes down to two things first,you need to focus on acquiring quality,leads which is a combination of how,relevant they are to your business how,motivated they are to solve the problem,or take action and how capable they are,of actually buying or paying for it and,next you need a conversion mechanism or,in other words a marketing funnel or a,sales funnel and a way to essentially,turn those leads into customers now,after over 10 years of owning multiple,different marketing agencies and having,spent over 70 million dollars on,Advertising through the agencies while,the number one software that I use for,this is called high level so I'll make,sure to link up where you can get an,extended free trial in the descriptions,below this video and if you're already,using high level well good for you you,can still use the link in the,descriptions below to get a few hundred,bucks off and upgrade coupon just click,on the Blue Link instead of the yellow,button now this video is not sponsored,but that's not going to stop me from,professing my love for the software as,aside from having all of the usual,features you would expect like a CRM an,email and SMS and a calendar and,scheduling and all kinds of different,customization stations and funnel,options the real power and the secret,feature that I use and how I'm able to,take response rates from three percent,over 68 comes down to the use of,automations and what I like to do here,is to immediately follow up with a new,lead ideally using SMS and using one of,the following two types of questions the,first type of question is something,specific and relevant and directly,related to the lead into the offer that,they just signed up for and this next,part is important making sure that I'm,asking something other than a simple yes,or no question in other words if I was,generating health or Fitness leads I,would send an SMS that asks something,like how many days a week do you want to,work out or how many pounds do you want,to lose in the next 30 days or do you,prefer in-person or online training,sessions and if I was offering Real,Estate Services I would ask how many,bedrooms are you looking for or when are,you looking to move or is location or,house size more important the reason I,phrase the questions like this is,because I want to initiate the,conversation nation and get them toking,about themselves and their goals and,their dreams and their desired outcomes,as quickly as possible if after some,testing though I'm not getting the,responses that I originally hoped for,I'll go with plan B which is to ask this,question is this first name obviously,replacing first name with their actual,name which you would have collected when,you first generated the lead now the,typical response you're gonna get back,here is probably going to be either yes,or who is this both of which opened the,door for you to quickly remind them why,they signed up for more information and,then ask your next question okay so,that's where Facebook lead ads and high,levels shine but whether you're running,lead ads or call ads or conversion ads,or traffic ads or whatever there are,still some important things you need to,know about and tweak inside your,Facebook ads manager so let's go over,those now first off we gotta tok about,Advantage campaign budget which is the,new name and new version of CBO which,stood for campaign budget optimization,even though the concept and the,operating principles behind ACB is,nothing new there's still a lot of,confusion about it like what it is and,when to use it and when not to use it so,let's clear that up now as a quick,refresher as we've just covered ACB,stands for Advantage campaign budget and,this new name was designed to,essentially replace the name of CBO,which stood for campaign budget,optimization yeah I can see how this,gets confusing anyway fortunately it,really is kind of just what it sounds,like which is essentially setting the,budget for your campaign at that,campaign level and then allowing,Facebook to decide where to allocate it,through the rest of the campaign and,you'll find the little toggle switch to,turn this option on or off at the very,top level of your entire campaign the,campaign level now I leave this off,especially when I'm testing a new,campaign but I'll go over more of that,in just a minute the next gotcha that,you need to be aware of

Hướng dẫn sử dụng Template Report Facebook Ads

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màu rấ


How to Analyze Facebook Ad Results the Right Way!

So you set up your first Facebook Ads campaign and spent your first few dollars,,but your results are not yet outstanding?,What do you do?,Well now it's all about optimization.,Take the data that you have gathered, analyze it, and,then improve your campaign.,Sounds simple, but there's actually a lot to it.,That's why our Facebook Ads expert Cedric is here to help us understand how we can,do analysis in Facebook's Ads interface.,Now we've got lots to cover, so Cedric, take it away.,Thanks Julian.,Hey, my name is Cedric and in this video, I'll show you how to analyze,your Facebook Ads data the right way.,So what we will actually do together is I'll show you how to create a custom view.,And we'll add all sorts of metrics to that view and what,I call your important numbers.,Once we have that set up, we'll actually be analyzing a real,campaign that was running last year.,So we'll be analyzing that together and we'll be looking at real data.,And really my goal is by the end of this video, you'll be able to apply,the concept that you've learned in this video for any types of campaigns,,doesn't matter of the objective.,So now let me share my screen.,So I am now in ads manager, and this is a campaign slash strategy,that we will be reviewing together.,So it ran from September 2nd to September 18th, 2020, and this was,a lead generation campaign and it was optimizing for Facebook leads,and it was for a virtual event.,So this is a campaign that we will be analyzing.,But before we start toking about our important numbers and what sort of,numbers and metrics I would add to our view here for this example, I just want,to say that those important numbers,are going to change depending on your campaign objectives.,So if you're doing a brand awareness campaign, you're going to be looking,and you're going to want to add certain metrics to your view that are,different than a traffic campaign, because your objective is different.,And same thing with the conversion campaigns.,If you're doing a conversion campaign, let's say for an e-commerce store,where you're trying to send traffic to the website so that they can convert.,You're definitely going to be looking at metrics like the purchase,value or the return on ad spend.,But for lead generation campaign, we're diff we're looking at different metrics.,Yes.,We're going to be looking at metrics that are really similar, especially in,the upper funnel, like the click-through rate or the impressions, but some metrics,lower down the funnel, are going to be a little bit different because here we're,probably optimizing for the lowest cost per lead, especially if it's an event.,So I just wanted to mention that before we go and start adding those metrics.,So now to add are important numbers or metrics to review we're going to,click right here on columns, and we're going to want to click on customized,columns, but if you see above here.,Those are all I guess, templates that are already made for you, which,will add certain metrics to review.,Now we're not going to explore all of these in this video, but,if ever you want to see some of the pre-made I guess, templates,,this is where you could find them.,We're going to click on customize columns to create our own view.,Now, what you see on the left are all the metrics that you can,potentially add to your view.,On the right.,Those are all the metrics that you currently have in your view and you,can always just remove them or order them just by clicking it and dragging.,And the X button is obviously to remove them.,If you don't see a metric that you'd like to add to your view, there's also,an option to create a custom metric.,So you can just click that and then create your own metric, which is pretty cool.,But I won't be covering that in this video.,Now, what we're going to do is we're actually going to start with some metrics,that are a little bit higher in funnel.,And then I'll tok about some other metrics that are probably middle,funnel and then lower funnel.,So the first one that I want to add to my view is actually the click through rate.,And the click-through rate.,I won't actually add the CTRL.,You can add that to your view, but the one that I really like to see is the,CTR, but the link click-through rate, the reason for that is because if I add this,one, well, if someone clicks a comment or someone clicks a picture or any sort,of clicks, that's what we're going to.,That's what Facebook would count as a click.,And I only want to see the CTR for the people that are,actually clicking on the link.,So I'm going to be choosing this one here.,CTR link click through rate.,The next thing I want to add to my view is a CPM.,So CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions.,And the reason I want to add this to my view is especially if one ad or ad,set, isn't really getting conversions or results, I'll be able to see how much,I'm paying for a thousand impression.,And since I've been doing this for a long time, I know how much or about,how much I should pay for a thousand impressions for a certain industry.,So that's why I always like to add CPM to my view, now, another,one that I'll add is a CPC a little bit like the click through rate,I don't like to add the CPC all.,You can definitely add it to your view, but what I personally prefer,looking at is a CPC, but the cost per link click for the same reason,,I choose a CTR for link clicks.,The other metric I want to add to the view is the frequency.,So the frequency, I'll tok a little bit more about this one later, but this,is actually what tells you the average number of times each person saw your ad.,And the reason I want to add the frequency is because usually I,find that when the frequency hits a specific ratio, It also increase my,cost per result, which I don't want.,So that's why I always like to keep a close eye on the frequency.,Now that our custom column is there.,We can actually start analyzing the campaign.,Now, I just want to mention that I'm actually not the person that created,this campaign or manage this campaign.,So I'm just simply reviewing the data with you guys.,So let's start on the campaign level.,So I will obviously, going to take a look at the results.,When I'm looking and analyzing my data on the campaign level, it's,more of a high-level overview of how my campaign is performing.,Right.,Cause I can't really make too many modifications on the campaign level.,That's all done on the ad set and on the ads level, but I'll take a look,at the results and see, oh, perfect.,Were we got 430 results, uh, here's my reach.,Here's how many impressions I've got and my cost per result.,So again, before launching the campaign, I should have a good idea of what,am I willing to pay for that lead.,Some industry are going actually going to be willing to pay, let's say 20,or 30 or $40 for the lead, but for some other industry, especially if,it's like, let's say a free event.,Well, you definitely don't want to be spending 20 or $30 for the lead.,You're going to want to probably pay something way lower than that.,Because again, it's something free.,You're not earning something for every time you get a lead.,So this is why you got to know these numbers before you start,advertising, but then I'll keep scrolling and keep taking a look.,And again, it's really just a high level view of how it's,currently performing after that.,What I'll do is I'll go on the ad set.,So in these ad sets right now, we have three different ad sets.,If I go all the way to the left, I just want to mention that these,ad sets actually all use the same audiences in case you're,wondering what is the PP or no PP.,It actually stands for people.,So they are describing if some of the ads have actual image of people or not.,So we're going to get and see that once we get to the ad section.,But I just want to mention that to you.,So the first thing I'll look as the result, right.,Seeing.,Okay.,Well, which of these campaigns are generating more results.,So obviously this one right here,


How to Easily Analyze Facebook Ad Results With 3 Custom Reports

Are you tired of clicking around in Ads Manager,trying to filter, sort,,and essentially find all of the data that you need?,These three reports will save you a boatload of time,measuring your Facebook ad results.,Now, you might be asking yourself,,so Bondio, what do I do now that my ads are running?,Girlfriend, I'm glad that you asked that,because what we do is we track the heck out of your results.,In this video,,you'll learn how to create three custom reports,inside of Ads Manager.,The first is the ROI Snapshot Report,for measuring your sales results.,The second is the Lead Progress Report,for measuring your lead costs.,And the third is the Engagement Report,for measuring how engaging your Facebook ads are.,And be sure to stik around to the end,where I'll show you how to share these reports,with your team members, bosses, or clients.,The RIO Snapshot Report is an advertiser's best friend.,And you would use this report,when you're running conversion objective campaigns.,This means you are trying to generate sales,using the purchase conversion objective,or you're generating leads,using the lead conversion objective.,A simple thing to note,is that you do have to have your Facebook Pixel installed,and tracking correctly.,But don't worry, we've got you covered with a video for that,teaching you exactly how to setup your Facebook Pixel,if you don't have that already.,Be sure to check that out in the description below.,To create the ROI Snapshot Report,,we're gonna dive in to Ads Manager.,On the right-hand side here,,we're gonna click the columns,,performance drop down button here.,Scroll down to the bottom and click customize columns.,You'll see a popup appear here.,On the right-hand side,,18 columns are automatikally selected for you.,Since we're creating these custom reports,,we're gonna delete some of these metrics,and add brand new ones to create the ROI Snapshot Report.,Click the X and remove the following.,Errors, Delivery, Ad Set Name, Bid Strategy,,Budget, the Last Significant Edit, the Reach,,Impressions, Quality Ranking, Engagement Rate Ranking,,Conversion Rate Ranking,,Ends, and Schedule.,It's almost like we just deleted all of them,,but we should have five left,as we move onto adding new ones.,In the search bar, begin typing check-out,and put a check mark next to,total and cost.,One thing to note,,is if there's any pre-checked selections,on the right-hand side here,,like mobile app checkouts initiated,or website checkouts initiated,,let's go ahead and deselect those,for everything that they appear for.,Once checkout is done, we'll go back to the search bar,and begin typing in purchase.,This time we'll click purchase ROAS, ROA under total.,Then, under purchases,,we'll click value and cost per purchase.,Quickly deselect all of the check boxes,so that we're left with 10 columns selected,on the right-hand side.,I like to organize this report in a way,where I can understand how deep people are,in our sales process.,Starting with the initiate checkout,and moving to the purchase conversion.,Those successful transactions.,To organize it in that manner,,we simply move around these columns that we just selected.,So, starting at the bottom we would move our purchase ROAS,all the way down,and then our purchase conversion value,would be the second to last.,We'll add in our cost per purchase after that,and then the number of website purchases.,After that, we're gonna end,with our cost per checkouts initiated,and then checkout initiated.,Then, to save this report,,come on down to the bottom left-hand corner,to click save as preset.,And from there, we'll call this one the ROI Snapshot.,And then just click apply,to go back to the regular Ads Manager screen.,All right, so the ROI Snapshot Report is really great,for getting a quick at a glance view,of how profitable your ads are.,And this next report,,the Lead Progress Report is going to build on that.,To create the Lead Progress Report,,where we'll understand our cost per lead,and what those leads are doing in our sales funnel,,all we gotta do is hop into the same place,that we were before.,This columns and click customize columns.,Once that popup appears,,all we're gonna do is add some new elements.,This time we're not deleting any.,Same as last time, we'll head up to the search bar,and type in link.,Select link clicks as well as CPC,,Cost per Link Click.,Go ahead and also add in the CTR,,the Link-Click-Through Rate.,Next up, you'll type in registrations or leads,,depending on which standard event you're using,with your Facebook Pixel to track your conversions.,Under either registrations completed or lead,,you'll click total as well as the cost.,Like last time I wanna arrange these columns,in a very partikular view,,starting with leads entering into our sales process,going towards that checkout process,and ultimately a sale.,So, let's rearrange them again,,this time from the top.,After amount spent, we're gonna come down to the bottom,and pull up link clicks.,That'll be the next one.,After link clicks,,we wanna understand the cost per link click,,how much it cost us to acquire that link.,Click through our Facebook advertising.,Then, our Click-Through-Rate of those links.,So our links are all grouped together as one.,After, we'll do our leads or our complete registration.,So, let's pull those up to the top under our Link Clicks.,And be sure if these check marks are showing,,to deselect them as you pull it up.,Last thing that we need to do,is pull that cost per registration,up underneath of the registrations completed,and then confirm that the order,is then Checkouts Initiated,,Cost per Checkout Initiated,,the total number of Website Purchases,,our Purchase Conversion Value,,and then our Return on Ad Spend.,And to save it, click Save as preset,,and we'll call this one Lead Progress.,When I'm looking my Lead Progress Report,,I'm breaking it down into a few different sections.,In this top example here,we've spent almost $30,000 to generate 1259 link clicks.,Now, the Cost per Click that you can see in the next column,is simply the total ad spend,divided by the number of link clicks.,After that, you'll see the Click-Through-Rate,for your links here.,I love looking at this metric,because it tells it what percentage of people,who are seeing our ads are actually clicking through.,So, that helps me understand,if we're targeting the right audience.,The higher the click-through-rate,,the more compatible your ad is,with the audience that you're targeting.,After looking at our link clicks,,we're gonna come on over here and look at our leads.,This is the total number of leads,that you've generated from these ads.,And of course, this number is going to be much smaller,than the traffic that you've generated,,because the number of people opting in,or subscribing to your email list,is going to be a fraction,of the total amount of traffic,that you've sent there in the first place.,I also love knowing how much I'm spending,to acquire a new lead in my business,,so that I can compare that to the value,,the total amount of revenue,that a new lead brings to the business as well.,After that, we're gonna move deeper into the sales process,and look at the number of checkouts initiated.,Again, this is going to be a smaller number,than your total leads because people are moving deeper,into that sales process.,I also love knowing our cost per initiate checkout,so that we can understand our metrics,at each and every stage of the funnel,to know exactly how much it costs,to get somebody on that checkout page.,And lastly, we'll move to look,at the number of websites purchases,as well as how much it costs us,to acquire that customer for our business.,That's the cost per purchase.,The next up is the purchase conversation value.,So, all of those purchases when totaled,at the end of the day,,equal this amount of revenue.,And moving on to the last column,,the holy grail of your Facebook ads metrics,,you're ROAS, which shows you,for every dollar t

How To Report FB Ads Results To SMMA Clients

hey everyone and welcome to a brand new,youtube video now some of you might,already be wondering why i have these,silly decorations in the background well,essentially i'm hosting a little bit of,a new year's eve bash tonight,and uh yeah the boys came over last,night and decided it was a good idea to,uh,to get a bunch of decorations so they,built some stars and they got all this,stuff and put it everywhere in the,apartment so uh,so that's the explanation for that now,in today's video we're going to be,looking,at by the way this is actually new,year's eve i'm pretty surprised i'm,recording youtube video right now okay,nevertheless uh in this youtube video uh,we're gonna go over,uh the top three ways of uh reporting,your results to your clients okay now,this is,without a doubt uh within the top five,most asked questions i get,um how do i report you know results to,my clients do i do it through,an email through a zoom meeting do i,make you know a powerpoint or a keynote,presentation,how do i actually you know what is the,most convenient way for me to report,the results and the data that we've,generated with our facebook campaigns,to my clients and so in this video i'm,gonna give you the,my top three methods i've been using all,of these three methods uh,throughout you know running my agency,through the past you know two and a half,years,and so we're gonna start with the,easiest one which is the method i,started one,with then we're gonna do the second,easiest which is what i transitioned,over to,and then we're going to do the most,convenient uh method which is what we've,just started doing here stage data so so,yeah there's going to be you know you're,going to hear about all levels from,beginner level to expert level,uh the most least convenient to the most,convenient than in the most smart,solution so,without any further ado let's jump,straight into my computer and we'll have,a look at the top three ways of,reporting results,to your social media marketing agency,clients,all right guys you should now be looking,at my screen now first thing you'll,notike is that this,is in danish once again and that's how,it is with a lot of these videos where,i'm highlighting like an old,presentation i've done for an old client,because my first couple of clients were,local clients here in denmark,and so that's why whenever i have to,pull up like an old example it's going,to be a danish example in most of these,cases okay,so uh so yeah we have a you know,presentation i did for copenhagen bath,which was one of my first clients,um and so i literally just make made a,keynote uh presentation of the results,we had generated from the first,of january 2019 to the 28th of january,2019,and so yeah back then you know i don't,want to say that i didn't know what i,was doing because i was actually,delivering quite good results to,copenhagen bath,but i just i wasn't as goal-oriented and,and as precise in my in in in setting,goals and reporting my goals as i am,today and as we are at station so today,so,yeah as you can see you know the four,main objectives that we highlighted in,this presentation were,reach link clicks page likes and,potential leads now,you know the the the only one of these,parameters the only one of these stats,that is actually relevant you know,in a presentation i would do today would,be potential leads right if you're,generating leads for a client,they're going to want to know how many,leads you've generated for them but page,likes,who cares link clicks who cares and,reach,who the f cares you know that's the most,irrelevant stat you can actually bring,up,of course not if you're doing a brand,awareness campaign but let's be honest,you're not going to be doing that very,often so,yeah these were these were my four uh,stats that was highlighting now,obviously,we could have easily changed these stats,out okay,keep in mind sure this was an e-commerce,client but we had some different goals,uh in mind also because their web shop,was um so so had such an advanced,structure that setting up the pixel,to track their conversions properly at,least back then,seemed completely impossible to me so i,simply couldn't set up the pixel in a,way that would track,you know add to carts initiate checkouts,and purchases uh very,very precisely so we had to kind of uh,figure out a way to to generate results,without,you know being that specific oriented,towards e-commerce only so we're like,you know running these ads which you'll,see here for example instagram story ad,for one of their sinks,and so this would actually take them to,a page where they could get in contact,with uh,with copenhagen bath because a lot of,their products are very expensive and so,you know a lot of people aren't gonna,enter a web shop and then you know first,day they see that bathtub that cost like,five six thousand dollars it's not like,you're just going to add a six thousand,dollar uh,bathtub to card initially check out the,purchase immediately on the spot,it does happen and it's definitely,possible but back then it seemed rather,unrealistik so we wanted to do these,lead generation ads where we took people,to a page,on which they could actually you know,get in contact with the business so yeah,that's why we had potential leads okay,now this was method,number one and yeah then the rest of the,presentation i just pulled up some,random stats from uh you know,from the from the facebook data analysis,dashboard and then i then i showed them,what we're going to do what we're going,to be doing for uh the next you know the,upcoming four months okay so we're going,to,start doing retargeting then look like,audiences and then we're going to scale,and maintain okay so i just presented,them our future strategy,um also because you know of course this,would help me keep them as a client for,a longer time if i said,look we have a four-month strategy in,place for you um so you don't want to,give us up yet okay we're gonna do,something new every single month okay,and then yeah in this slide i showed,them you know the ads and the,engagements,and then i showed them the new that i,want to launch this instagram story out,which we hadn't been doing initially,initially so just presented to them i,made this quick,mock-up of an instagram story ad and,said uh this is how it's gonna look okay,and so so yeah that was method number,one that was just a basic,keynote presentation now for method,number one and keynote or powerpoint,presentations i really recommend that,you accompany this by meeting okay so,you're gonna need to present this in a,meeting okay it's not like you're just,gonna send this keynote presentation to,them,as a pdf in an email okay it's gonna be,very unpersonal so,with this method and actually also the,second method you're going to need to,accompany it by,either an in-person meeting which is,what i did or sue meeting okay,so that's method number one moving on to,method number two i actually don't need,to show you anything,method number two is simply when you're,running ads on behalf of a client,obviously it's going to be through their,business manager you guys should know by,now that obviously,you need to be running ads on behalf of,your client through their business,manager okay so you become an admin so,this means that,your clients can always enter the ads,manager and look at all the campaigns,you run okay they're all,they're always going to have access to,that now if it's the tik savvy client,that you have,it's going to be quite easy for them to,just go in and get an overlook of all,the campaigns and all the stats okay,but if you're working with a more,old-fashioned company,with older business owners who have no,idea how this works,they're not going to be going into the,dashboard the facebook ads dashboard,looking at all the stats okay um so so,so this can work with certain clients,that are more tik savvy you can,literally just you know tell them you,can always go and look at the dashboard,and see what we're doing from day to da

How To ANALYZE Facebook Ad Results The RIGHT Way!

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video,i'm going to show you how to analyze,your facebook ad results i'm going to,show you which metrics you need to track,you need to keep an eye on,and what data you should base your,adjustments and the optimization of your,campaigns around to help you get,better performance now before i get into,that just want to very quickly ask you,to smash a like on this video click that,like button,and of course subscribe to my youtube,channel if you are new,and you haven't done so already that,would be very much appreciated,okay so facebook ads analysis how do you,analyze your results how do you improve,performance,let's uh let's get into it so i'm in an,example facebook ad,account right now and what i'm going to,do is i'm going to quickly create an,example facebook ad campaign,and i'm going to bring up the various,metrics and data points that you need to,pay attention to,when you should pay attention to them,when you should make uh adjustments and,decisions based on what you see,and cover all that sort of stuff now i,want to quickly say that um,you know facebook ad campaign analysis,is not that,difficult it's not as difficult as most,people make it out to be facebook ads,manager looks very overwhelming looks,very,complicated and it can be but if you,know what to focus on and know what you,can ignore,it becomes a lot more straightforward so,hopefully that's what i'm going to do,for you guys,in this video so i'm just going to call,this example ad campaign,i'm going to change the campaign,objective to conversions now the,campaign objective you select,is going to dictate which metrics you,should track the data that's displayed,and all that sort of stuff,um and,that's why i want to go with conversions,because then you're going to see the,data that is far more representative,of what it is that we're going to be,going through okay,so there's our example conversions,campaign,i'm going to minimize this i'm going to,keep looking at the campaign level so,now of course facebook's default,is things like results etc etc,so the first metric and the single most,important metric that you need to keep,an eye on partikularly when you're,running a conversions campaign,is your cost per result your cost per,conversion,if you're generating leads what is your,cost per lead if you're trying to,generate purchases,what is your cost per purchase and,one the first thing i will say about,that metric is that it's so,important that if that is a good number,for you,let's say your business can afford to,pay fifty dollars a lead and you're,currently generating leads for,twenty dollars twenty two dollars none,of the other metrics,none of the other points that you can,analyze,need to take place you don't need to,what bother with any of that,if your core metric your cost per result,uh your cost per conversion i shouldn't,say cost per result because if you've,got a different campaign objective your,cost per result could be something else,if your cost per conversion,is nicely profitable for your business,you know if you can,if you can afford to pay up to 15 times,the cost per purchase and you're,generating purchase for six dollars,that's fantastik and and if that's the,case,base all your decisions around cost per,result,so when you're assessing different,targeting options which one produces,the best cost per conversion when you're,assessing different ads which one,produces,the best cost per conversion pause the,underperformers go with the best,performing ones and just base everything,around cosplay conversion just ignore,all the rest of it you don't need to,worry about that,at least not initially okay i'll explain,that a bit more about that in a second,why that,little caveat comes into place it's when,you're not really generating,conversions or you're well above your,acceptable cost per conversion either,generating leads purchases app installs,whatever happens to be,that's when you need to really focus,on these other metrics and these other,data points and make adjustments,accordingly,okay so i'm going to get into that in in,a second,so that's the first one cost by,conversion the second one and this is,why i caveated the you don't need to,worry about anything else,is frequency so i'm just going to,quickly go ahead and change,the columns to delivery and you'll see,this number in here,frequency frequency refers to,the number of times on average that a,person within your target audience,has seen an ad at this stage within the,campaign you'll also see that you can,look at frequency at the ad set level,you can also look at frequency at the ad,level,let's jump back to campaign why is this,important this is probably one of the,only other metrics you need to track,if your campaign's performing well if,your campaign is delivering a great cost,per conversion,this is probably one of the only things,you need to keep an eye on,otherwise as i said just base all your,optimization decisions around cost per,conversion,but of course it sort of makes sense,that once your frequency gets above a,certain number,campaign performance is going to drop,you know if everyone in your target,audience has already seen your ad a,couple of times,well they're not gonna be bothered,they're gonna take a look at it they're,just sort of gonna,mentally ignore it because they're gonna,go i've seen that carry on scrolling,move on something else,okay so frequency is an important number,what do we tend to see we tend to see,that with cold audiences so with people,that have not interacted with your,business before,when your frequency reaches a 2 maybe,even a 2.5 in that sort of range that's,when we start to see results drop,off now there are a bunch of things you,can do to combat frequency like creating,new ads,targeting new audiences and i'll include,a link in the video description below to,another video,that toks all about how to combat add,frequency and,high frequency numbers and how you can,do what you can do to combat ad fatigue,and really get over those issues so,there are solutions but keep an eye on,frequency,if it's with cold audiences you start to,get see like it's a 2.4 or something,like that think okay,i'm now going to need to make some,changes otherwise base everything around,your cost per conversion as i've,mentioned with warm audiences so people,on your email list people have visited,your website stuff like that,you can usually get away with much,higher frequency numbers,what that is for you really depends on,your business and actually how warm,that audience is so for example someone,in my facebook group,very much follows the content that i,produce on average,i can probably get away with frequency,numbers above 10. other businesses might,struggle with,warm audience frequency numbers above a,six i've seen some campaigns can have,warm audience frequency numbers go above,20 and the still campaign still does,very well,so what i recommend with your warm,audiences is just keep a real,close eye on what that frequency is,in relation to your results so when you,start to see your results drop off from,your warm audience and they usually drop,off quite quickly when they do it,then go aha my frequency is an eight,my results in my warm audience are,really starting to tear off,i've got ad fatigue i've got a frequency,issue i need to do something about it,okay so that's one of the most important,metrics to track,is is frequency okay let's go back into,i don't want to go breakdown no let's,get back into performance which is the,default,the next thing i'm going to tok about,and this again now we're getting into,the realms if your campaign is not,delivering,and this is the stuff you want to track,because otherwise as we've already,toked about you want to be basing on,cost per conversion exclusively but,let's say your cost per conversion is,way too high,you're thinking right well i need to get,into this now i need to analyze the,various elements and work out what's,going wrong,so what i want yo