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reportedly broke windows ads

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

GTA 6 GAMEPLAY Just Revealed in AD 😵 - PS5 Craps on Xbox, COD Streamer Breaks Leg, GTA 6 PS5 & Xbox

well, folks, today we got some wild stuff happening with the GTA 6 gameplay. we have the PlayStation CEO dead ass dunking on Xbox. we got some video clips going around, so let's just get right into it for this Christmas. all I want is for you to be happy and smash that like button. okay, that's all I ever wanted. I know that's all you want as well. all right, first story coming in at our number 13 spot, ladies and gentlemen, we got Rainbow Six hackers and they are not putting chickens on player screens. roll it, bro. bro, what is this? hey, if you were able to spot what was wrong with this image, or definitely special like button. and you probably have heard that the US Army is trying to recruit the Call of Duty players. and this is our Call of Duty players. roll it the last one, kill him. kill him, Steve, get him. he's blueed, he's plating. no, no, why didn't you push with me? it was a two-on-one dislocated his knee and it's quite sad to see, but thankfully he is making that recovery. so I better see you smashing that like button. good luck with that. US army. recruit the Call of Duty players. you want to recruit them, right? all of their calories intake is from that: g Fuel and Doritos. okay, they got nothing. they got nose. but the following is part of toxic masculinity: okay, masculinity under attack. roll it. [Music]. foreign. yeah, what you just saw is legit. he was humping his bed. after that Victory Royale, he started celebrating and then he accidentally called The Babylon- or, in fact, has the Apple watch accidentally called The Babylon, and sometimes it happens to the best of us, right, like, look at his facial expression. this is the facial expressions of what the society call it. Society. Society calls it toxic and problematik. and later on, the homeboy Mustang to Twitter: Heaven, nice, that's what we like to see. toxic masculinity. okay, we're really not sure for how long this man is gone. if this was a female, I mean, she would have been back by two days, by three days. you remember the chick that, done Easter eggs live on a stream, ended up getting her cheeks clipped? she was back in two days. we had Nadia that I ended up, uh, doxing a viewer live on stream and she was only banned for like five hours. but if you're a man, you're right for training dog to throw bricks at people ringing his doorbell. I mean, damn it, if you happen to be the person that was ringing his doorbell. you need Morgan and Morgan, then you're injured. you deserve compensation and the size of the law firms matters. Morgan and Morgan is America's largest injury law firm, with over 800 employees and over 100 offices Nationwide. the best part, Morgan and Morgan fee is completely free, unless they win the kiss for you. that's right. you do not need to spend a penny unless they win the case. they are capable for downward situations like workplace injury, nursing home abuse, car accidents, slip and fall. they will fight for you till you win your case. over 3 million people trust Morgan and Morgan and getting started is easy. just check out the top in comment below for more information. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan reportedly doesn't view Xbox game passes competition, saying that they've sold more PS5 consoles in two years than Xbox has subscribers in six to seven years. this is such a wild situation and you got the homie like Crossing his hands, Crossing his arms. you got the homie with the open mouth out there with the fingers. it looks like that he was really stretching his fingers at one point right, like look at, look at the fingers, like look at those fingers. Jim Ryan also Compares PlayStation Plus or Game Pass, saying they have 2.5 times a subscriber base. we just Shadow 50 million subscribers and they are in the low 20s, but there's more work to do to grow that number. we're strong, we're independent. ah, this is such a dumbest move by PlayStation. okay, because we know for the fact that Jim Ryan- he took the Sony Point Airlines, went down to Brussels, spoke with the CME, told them to [ __ ] block the deal, right, and the FTC was standing there with thumbs up their asses, they were taking notes and they did [ __ ] block the deal. they did block the deal and now Microsoft is fighting. they're issuing their response by saying that, bro, like being gonna make Call of Duty exclusive, bro, it's gonna stay multi-platform, it's good for competition. they in fact said then, and now PlayStation, for the longest amount of time they were like bro, like be a small company, like being big as Microsoft [ __ ], which is facts. right, but PlayStation is bigger than Xbox and Microsoft is bigger than Sony. these are facts. but homeboy just contradicted himself and he started doing helicopters with his Willy. previously he was on his knees and now he's doing helicopters. I mean, dang Bros, you just give Microsoft a point that can be used against you. same to FTC and CMA contradicting yourself. I mean, it's good to tok about W's, but not quickly, after you were saying that via small company. okay, we need Call of Duty to survive. I mean, if the FTC and CMA looks at that, they might be like they might actually Cog block uh, Sony this time. but two of the largest unions in the US, the AFL-CIO and the cwn, now support the Microsoft Activision Blizzard merger. the AFL CIO got 12.5 million members, like God damn it, and the CWA got 800 000 members. I mean, damn bro, that's about like 30 million members- and they got all of those [ __ ] to support the Microsoft situation. and they say that, bro, we now support the Microsoft Activision Blizzard merger. Visa, Visa, three nuts, okay, I do not know what your big deal is. explained: the corporates just want profit and control the market by Game Pass. Xbox is for the people. we got the Sony ponies dropping truck slams out there and then we got the Xbox drop in Batista bombs. I mean, they might be scrolling through Tinder, they might be seeing that chick looking like a snack, completely okay, and they might read the comments and someone is like you made: PlayStation sucks, Xbox sucks and they will forget about her and they will start fighting over that stuff. and this also started trending because mansas are back in the days are back in the days. he's speaking my language. I love this man. back in the days when there was no skill based matching this post. I ended up getting 16.3 keyboards. God damn it, man. and this is toking about the, the message of the day back in the days when happy holidays was real in Call of Duty. let's tok Christmas news. it's that time of the year again where thousands of new players join the online ranks for the first time. we would ask you to go easy on the Christmas news, but we know you will not. and a decade later this doesn't exist brings that tear to my eyes. so we got homeboys, like crime, got the homeboys really sad and a lot of the Call of Duty players, admittedly, are starting to look like this. I mean it's quite sad, but he be okay. there is also a UFO above Las Vegas right now. roll it. what the hell is this? honestly, I mean we're here every night. I've never seen anything like this. yeah, we're gonna be investigating that. on the second Channel, check out that scary X Channel if you're into UFO content. this is where we're gonna investigate. we also got Gotham Knights getting that 50 person discount. I mean, wow, that's very lovely to see, right, because game got 30 FPS. and they were saying that, bro, like it's gonna be your next turn, but Nixon game, Nixon game, but we cannot have 60 MPS. we can, we cannot have 60 FPS. and I feel like the reason they have put this 50 discount is probably people were not buying it and they wanted some sales. I mean, damn man, make the game at least 60 FPS. if you were to make this game 60 FPS, you wouldn't even have to drop that price, cut G. but a homeboy came out says that tell me why Games should be 70 again. then a game goes on sale at 50 off in literally two months. that means it was never supposed to be 70 dollars to F. and begin with, we got Master dropping some relevant memes. uh, you know games in unplayable shade for weeks after release. digital distribution, cutting costs, DLCs, Susan Percy. micro transaction form.

Clever Ads That Are On Another Level

whether you're looking at your phone, your laptop or the sky outside your window, it feels like you can't turn your head without your eyes falling on another advertisement. these days, when a commercial pops up online, we're all pretty quick to click on the skip add button, but today we're going to look at the exceptions to the rule. from death-defying game shows to shocking publicity stunts, let's take a look at the ads that keep the customers watching as we check out advertising that's on another level: mcadvertisements. ice cream is generally associated with a trip to the beach or a warm sunny day, so when mcdonald's started marketing their cones in snowy sweden, they had to think outside the box. sweden has beautiful summers, but in the winter it's another, much colder story. this mc advertisement uses this extreme environment to its advantage, featuring a giant plastik ice cream cone that gradually fills up with real snow, alongside text that tells the consumer it's never too cold for ice cream. it's certainly a unique approach, and if you threw a few sprinkles on that sundae might scale the billboard and have a taste. the oversized ice cream isn't the only mcdonald's dish that's appeared in an unlikely place. zurich city festival is one of switzerland's largest annual events, and back in 2010 mcdonald's converted a swiss crosswalk into an ad for their world famous fries, advertising their food to the hundreds of thousands of people that would attend the festival. the crispy crosswalk was positioned right outside of mcdonald's leading festival goers, directly to the golden arches. although i'm not sure i'd want to eat fries after watching thousands of people trample all over them airborne advertising, this next advert publicity stunt hybrid was designed to shock consumers into paying attention. check it out. it's a bird, it's a plane, it's movie advertising. new yorkers are famously good at minding their own business, but when these human figures started to soar over the big apple, every cab driver, wall street banker and tourist was left looking at the skies. unsurprisingly, these flying creatures aren't real superheroes. they're human-shaped, remote-controlled planes created to promote superhero movie chronicle. back in 2012, chronicle had a budget of just 12 million, but the marketing team's use of cheap publicity stunts meant that the movie flew straight to the top of the box office, grossing 126.6 million dollars. now i'm just waiting for all famous movie makers to adopt this approach. what i wouldn't give to see spielberg, scorsese and tarantino take him to the skies to advertise their new flicks. molar marketing. colgate is all about clean teeth and fresh breath, so. at annual events like oral health month, the company typically give out free samples of their plaque purging products. unfortunately, crowds are never overly excited about the miniature tubes of toothpaste, so in 2009, the company decided to go in the opposite direction, handing out sweet treats to their customers. giving out candy at oral health month feels a bit diabolical, but all the sugary goods came with a secret message. when the consumers finished eating the free products, they discovered that the stiks carrying the candies were actually little wooden toothbrushes. all carrying the same message. don't forget this mildly threatening note reminded customers to brush their teeth, and by trading dental floss for candy floss, colgate managed to create a fresh advertising campaign that reached a large group of sweet toothed customers. a cut above the rest. there's only one thing professional soccer players like more than scoring goals: getting their hair cut. when brazil's main soccer league serie, a, banned alcoholic sponsorships on jerseys back in 2021, brazilian beer brand brahma had to think of a creative loophole to circumnavigate the rule. they decided to capitalize on soccer's love of hair, inventing a new hairstyle that resembled a glass of foaming brahma beer and marketing it to soccer fans on social media. the campaign is an example of gorilla advertising, a marketing style that uses surprising and unconventional methods to promote a product. remarkably, the haircut became so popular brazilian players started to wear it on the field, offering brahma free advertising without breaking serie a's rules and regulations. getting your customers to advertise for you- now, that's how you trim away any competition word in mouth. let's shift gears. cruising on from gorilla advertising to a roadside billboard. an austrian rest stop chain called old timer managed to create a billboard that's impossible to avoid, turning an entire road tunnel into one gigantik advertisement. the ad makes drivers feel like they're heading straight into a hungry diner's mouth, promoting old timer's all-you-can-eat buffet, as the woman chows down on an endless supply of fiat fries and porsche pies. fireworks, alfredo. this next advertisement is a new year's billboard from barilla, who said pasta la vista into 2010 by showing a cluster of spaghetti arranged to look like a new year's firework. the simple, explosive ad appeared on bus stops, and billboards and campaigns like this earn barilla a pretty penny. they're four billion dollars in annual revenue, establishing them as the largest pasta company in the world. kill boards from a tasty ad to one that's a little more gross. this next billboard from insectikide brand orphia involves a collage of dead insects. when it first appeared in 2013, the advertisement looked blank, simply showing a can of orpheus insect repellent. however, the advertisement was actually a giant fly trap, the blank surface being covered in a layer of transparent glue. as the hours and days went by, the lights around the billboard started to attract thousands of mosquitoes and flies and as the insects hit the advertisement, their bodies completely changed the image, creating a dark spraying pattern out of the cans nozzle. according to orpheu, over 230 000 insects hit the billboard, putting a dent in milan's insect population and showing why products like orpheus are necessary to keep the bugs at bay. i know that successful businesses need to make sacrifices, but i didn't realize sacrificing 230 000 flies was the key to corporate success. real life sci-fi. we've looked at a few innovative billboards so far, but this next piece of futuristik advertising comes straight out of the science fiction movie. cities around the world are now boasting 3d billboards- hyper realistik advertisements that have been heralded as the future of advertising. these billboards are used to promote everything from tv shows to tiknology, and no matter what they're displaying, the 3d animations are bound to stop people in their tracks. from the corner of the box-shaped billboard, the forced perspective causes this high-definition kitten in tokyo to look ultra-realistik, purring at pedestrians as they walk below. however, if you approach the billboard from a different direction, that's one flat cat. regardless, from the right angle, these awesome ads are pretty mind-blowing and, frankly, i'm happy to be hypnotized into buying and consuming endlessly- if it's in fancy 3d form. sneaky sponsorship. fifa is one of the biggest video game franchises in the world, so an advertising spot on one of their in-game virtual billboards can be pretty pricey, reportedly costing up to five hundred thousand dollars. burger king decided they wanted to have their logos feature in the game without spending the big bucks, so the marketing team came up with an ingenious campaign to get the job done. burger king sponsored the real-life jerseys of stevenage fc, a tiny soccer team at the bottom of england's fourth division. stevenage weren't a popular team, but they were featured in fifa 20, meaning that when burger king slapped their logo on stevenage's real kit, their branding would automatikally be found inside the game. they then introduced the stevenage challenge online, telling fifa fans that if they scored a goal with stevenage and shared it on twitter, they'd win a r.

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JUDGE JUDY JUSTICE [EPISODE 9259] Best Amazing Cases Season 2022 Full Episode

Kelly Stafford moved out owing for rent. Victoria also claims Kelly vandalized the home. miss Klaus, you own a rental property and the defendant was a tenant of yours for, according to your complaints, about five years. yes, she was a former friend first and then tenant, but she was a paying tenant for five years. what was the rent on the house? 630 a month? nope, no, what was the rent? it started out at 5.90 and then it went up halfway through the five years to 620.. well, that's not much of an increase over the course of five years. it is your claim that when she left she owed you some rent and also that when you went there after she moved out, the place was a disaster, yes, costing thousands of dollars in renovations. Ms Stafford says that she left in mid-april of this past year. she in fact gave you rent for half the month of April in cash, and that she left the house in fine condition. she doesn't know what happened, but certainly she left the house in fine condition. when did you to pay your rent, Miss Stafford? at the beginning of each month? yeah, that's not true. just just a second. um, don't, don't interrupt when I'm asking her questions. and you paid, according to you, in the last part of the tenancy: 620 a month. yes, how much money did you give Miss Klaus for April? 310? well, you can't do that. okay, you have to pay for a month's rent. if you choose to move out in the middle of the month, that's your prerogative. but you can't pay for certain number of days unless you have a previous agreement to do that. we did. we toked at the end of March. I told her that I would be moving on the 15th and she said: you're kind of leaving me in a jam. that's not fair. she's absolutely right. right, and I told her, and I said: you know, there's nothing I can do. I said I can do it. I'm speaking, don't speak over me. you told her at the end of March you were going to be moving out April 15th. so you gave her no notike. there was no lease, but you gave her no notike. they have to [ __ ] it. so let us say: I believe you that you gave a 300 in cash. did she give you 300 in cash? then you go over 300, twenty dollars. are you for three ten? okay, then you will. what? three ten already? because you can't dictate to her that you're going to be moving out at the middle of the month and you only go half a month's rent. you know the entire month's rent. okay, because she she told me that she agreed to that that would be fine. I don't believe that at all. I didn't even have to ask her. okay, once she says you're leaving me in a Lurch by giving me no notike since the end of March, he's not going to say: well, I'm going to be real nice to you. you only have to pay me for half a month. okay, try to play it straight with me, Mrs Stafford, I'll be much more amenable to listening to what you have to say about the destruction of the house. if you don't FIB at the very beginning- yeah, sure, you are, because something doesn't make sense, it's not true. and if you call a landlord but you've been a rent paying customer for five years and you say I'm not giving you any notike, I'm not giving you 30 days notike, I'm like giving you 60 days notike. I'm moving out in two weeks and the landlord says to you: gee, that's really not nice of you. after all this time I've been very good to you. I've given you minimal rent increases over the course of the five years you know you could have at least given me an extra 30 days days, notike, you're not giving me any notike. and then she's going to turn around and say to you, and you only have to pay me 310 dollars- ridiculous, your honor. she came to me in the beginning of March and told me that she would be selling the house. that's when I started looking for a place to live, because I didn't want to be left out without a place to live. listen to what you're saying to me. she gave you notike the beginning of March that she will be selling the house- not that she sold it- and you have to be out in two weeks. so start to prepare yourself, absolutely. and I did. and I asked her how long it takes to sell her house. she said: I will be doing it through a, a paper where he would be paying my mortgage, and then at the end, I will just sign the house over to him. it wasn't going to be through a whole real estate, or not? did she give you an answer about how long it would take? no, she did not. oh, okay, all right, so now we have 310 dollars that she owes for the month of April. now, what date did you move out, Miss Stafford, the 15th or 15.. and you say you left the house in good condition. I did okay. when did you go to the house? I went there on Tuesday, the 19th. you moved out on the 15th, on the 19th. tell me what you saw. well, first can I just step back. two days on April 14th, at 7: 30, we still had not received any rent at all from them. I sent my husband over there at 7: 30 at night. she opened up the door to him. he asked her for the rent. she said. his exact words were: I'm not sure if I'm paying you, I'll have to wait- and tok to my husband because she's mad over whatever rumors she heard and shut the door in his face. I went there the next day, on Saturday, to ask for the rent because she said she would only deal with me, not my husband. I went there and that is when we got into the discussion of why she said she was upset about some rumors that she had heard at a diner that I was working at and that's why she wouldn't pay me. and I said to her: I said you can't just get mad at me over rumors and I'm not going to get into any of the that this is between me and you. the diner is completely separate. I said I'm not telling you. you have to move right away. you know it's going to be three months by the end of this conversation. it lasted almost two hours. you were in the house. no, she came outside. she was very, very angry and I could tell she did not want me inside. but by the end of this conversation she promised me. she looked me face to face and promised me she would give me 30 days notike and that she would give me the full month's rent. and I never heard from her again until I knew the property was empty. when the property was empty and the cops were there is when I said to her what date was that? the cops were there on, uh, that 4, 18, on the 18th, yep, and Miss Stafford was there- um, she wasn't there at first. when I got there, um, I was there. I had notiked the damage, all the discussing stuff that was done inside the house. so you were actually inside the house on the 18th, not the 19th, right, I was inside the house on 18th. that's what the police report is for, okay, and I went in and I saw all the damage and first thing I did was call the cops for a police report because the place was- and I see it- completely trashed. I've never seen anything like that in my life [Applause]. okay, so she did in fact pay the 310, right, because that's what she told the police they would do, and she also agreed to clean up the mess, according to the police. okay, did she clean up the mess? no, she didn't. she had told me that she would come the next day. on Wednesday she got out of work at I believe it was five or six. she said she would come over then and help me herself clean it. I said, okay, I'll be over here cleaning anyway, go ahead and come over. well, she never came, never showed. I didn't go home till, I think, like six, six thirty. she called me and said that she wouldn't be able to come because she had car trouble. I said: okay, you know what? if you want to call me another day, I'll gladly go back over there with you. I don't want anybody there now. well, I'm not there because of what's already been done. I don't trust anyone else there. but I will go back over there with you whenever you want to clean. and I have not heard from her since to do it. you have photographs, I have photographs, I have estimates, I have a video. first, let's take a look. would you like the video too, in a minute. would you show these to the defendant please? it's funny. I'm not finding anything funny. go ahead, all these attik pictures and all these basement pictures. yes, maybe some of these are stuff that was left from behind. I'm toking about the refrigerator, the garbage. you know we put the garbage ou.

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How One Typo Destroyed Thousands Of Computers | Goggle.com

(computer beeping) - [Narrator] If you were regularly using the internet in around 2006,, there was a brief moment in time where making one simple typo would crash your computer beyond repair: (computer buzzing). This typo was Goggle. The word had gone relatively under the radar for a couple of years, going unnotiked by most users, just passing by. But as the worldwide web continued to grow exponentially and more respected websites came in, more people started to notike it and saw just how devastating it really was. Such a simple word. Goggle was basically the internet spousalisc, instantly killing the computers of any user who simply typed it in. This wasn't just annoying popups, this was something that actually did you harm. At least that was the word that was getting around. You see, Goggle was widely toked about during its day, A subject that got so popular it led to the creation of an antivirus commercial and a legal dispute. But now pretty much no information on it has survived, Just a couple of artikles and forums, but that's about it. Everything else has seemingly been lost to history. Even the Wayback Machine has blacklisted it from being archived on their database. It's almost like the internet does not want you to know about Goggle just because of how truly dangerous it was. These circumstances have instead just left the internet with mostly ambiguity, some recalling the website being very dangerous, Others passing it off as an internet hoax, at least the media depicting it Consequently, Goggle has since become an internet urban legend, frozen in the era it was conceived. But was the story of gogglecom just a victim of its time, where online record keeping wasn't much of a priority, Or was it something much darker Now, before we investigate the strange story behind gogglecom, here is a word from our sponsor. Kamikoto produces beautifully crafted kitchen knives that make user convenience and ease of use top priority while cooking. These knives are created from Japanese steel perfected with century old traditional tikniques to make handcrafted knives, And these knives are used by several chefs working at Michelin star restaurants. Kamikoto only uses Japanese steel sourced from prefectures such as Niigata, Ibaraki and Kanagawa, with each blade designed using methods that have been mastered by generations of knifesmiths. but not only that: Kamikoto also prioritizes both safety and presentation, as each knife comes in a beautiful, heavy-duty Ashwood box. I truly love how elegantly packaged these knives are, which makes them a great gift, And each blade goes through a rigorous 19-step process that produces a polished, sharpened and excrutiatingly fine edge. As you can clearly see. I am by no means skilled with chopping food, but even I notiked how lightweight these blades are and how seamless it was chopping these potatoes, for instance. Kamikoto is so dedicated to creating high quality products that each knife is individually inspected and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The best part, Kamikoto is currently having a holiday discount. by using the code or visiting the link on the screen, you can get an additional $50 off any product that you purchase Now. that is a steal, no pun intended, So get that special someone a special gift with Kamikoto. In order to really understand the mysterious and devastating nature behind gogglecom, We first need to focus on the website's purpose, how it functioned and how both these things work together to lead to its prominence. To really get into comprehensive detail, we need to trace back to the websites origins. As you could imagine, this will be quite difficult with the limited information out there, but there really is only a few missing pieces of the puzzle. There's no definitive answers, but we can infer on when it was most likely created. The actual domain for gogglecom appears to have been registered on Valentine's Day of 1998.. This is actually a pretty interesting detail that I will get into in a minute. The website appeared to have been dormant for around six years until it reportedly became malicious in 2004,, according to very few sources. What's interesting is that there is no evidence of this website ever existing prior to 2006, and all internet archive sites either have the website blocked or simply didn't keep record of it prior to the date. For all we know, gogglecom could have been some geo cities website prior to 2004.. And whether it was bought out by some malicious company or started off that way is a mystery. You might not know a whole lot about how the website came to be, but just from visiting the site at the time, it was pretty clear what its main purpose was. So what was the point of gogglecom? Why did it exist? You probably guessed it from a mile away, but if not, I will fill you in. Gogglecom served as what we call a typosquatting website, which is exactly how it sounds. any user who misspelled googlecom looking for the search engine, as you would imagine, would sometimes end up on this site instead, And the user may not even realize it for a couple of seconds, giving the website a brief moment to do at the time whatever it wanted. Of course, there were a ton of different variations of misspelling Google, but Goggle was one of the many frequent ones, And this role that the website had is undeniably what made it become as popular as it did. As I mentioned, there isn't any evidence that gogglecom was in fact malicious in 2004,, except for some claims from some tertiary sources. But the timeline does add up. In 2000, Google was exploding and on its way to becoming the number one search engine on the web, And in 2004,, the company had officially gone public. This was a very important year for Google and only got its name out there even further. At this point in time, most people knew what Google was, but just barely for the people who still didn’t use the internet at that time, like very young children or the elderly, for example. It was just that search website that started with a G. Some of these people might have remembered the site as being called “Goggle” and went there instead. So that’s probably why it existed: To fool people like you and me back in the 2000s, who, at the time, probably only had a general idea of what Google was and, just by a clumsy thumbsy or a faulty memory, might have typed in this address instead. These are all educated guesses, of course, and there’s no proof, but they could be good explanations for why Gogglecom got so popular. It is possible that the site owner saw this growing trend and took advantage of it. it’s actually quite a brilliant scam, but we simply don’t know. There were two possibilities: either people were looking for Google, thinking it was called Goggle, or they just typed it in wrong. Either way it worked because ultimately the website was misleading Google users, or was it? Was Gogglecom actually a typosquatting site, Or was this just a coincidence? This is when the domains registration date comes in. Take a look at it: early 1998.. Why is this important? Well, the actual Google's domain was registered in 1997, just five months prior. Keep in mind that Google was still in prototype phase at this time and didn't even officially launch until September of 1998, almost a year later. in 1998, you still had other search engines dominating the web, like Yahoo or Dogpile. Google was just getting started, So why would a website want to impersonate some obscure search engine that only might be successful? This information alone could support the narrative that gogglecom was just a normal website at this time. After all, goggle is a real word. It's not just a strange misspelling. Perhaps the website was just spot out later on when people saw the possibilities that it had, or maybe gogglecom was always a dangerous website but never had any motive on targeting Google users. The name was instead just a coincidence and a similarly s.

two & a half gamers session #16 - 7 Ad monetisation secrets how to make more revenue

[Music]. welcome everyone. this is the [ __ ] gaming podcast. two and a half gamers, session 16.. of course, this is the podcast where we discuss the latest fun and also sometimes news and occasionally even dropping some knowledge. don't forget that this is a 4 am conference discussion vibe, so let's not take it too serious and let's just dive in and enjoy the content. and with a special announcement today: uh, marcie is out sick. uh, he was last reported at a santa monica beach this weekend having a party. so take with that what you will. i mean. for all we know, he could be advising on the latest ea merger. i have no idea. all we know is he couldn't make it this week. so it's just me and remo. but that means two times more fun, right, because it's just the two of us. hey, remo, how are you? how are you good? good, yeah, i hope it's. it's like something normal, not like the next pandemic. that's roaring man. he needs to have like covert two times to catch up with me before you know, catching up with their like the curve. so you know, unless it's monkey pox, like you'll be fine. i've been hearing so much stuff about this new thing lately. it's a big fat nothing, burger. we have a vaccine against it and most people are like that, were born in the 80s, are vaccinated against it. so don't be too worried, glenn, i'm not born in the 80s. oh, we can get it anyway. how was your week? uh, super good. i've been around. i was in nordic game last week. it was good, catching up with all friends. best part was watching sweden beat finland at hockey with a bunch of finnish people. no good, i don't even care about hockey, but it's okay. slovakia, i think, is in the helsinki group, so we don't have sweden or finland there. but yeah, we'll see if we can get out of the into the playoffs. right, so we today have a very good episode for you guys. we have a couple of news. we're going to be starting off with ea um assault acquisition from disney, apple, amazon. we're going to be toking a bit about that. uh, remo has a story that he's very excited about that. i, quite frankly, don't understand yet, uh, but it's going to be interesting. uh, ubisoft: 160 euros per share for a potential sale. we're going to tok about the implications of that, the slowing growth of 10 cent and tiktok's rumored in-app games being released this year and then after that for our little knowledge section of this podcast, i will be giving up uh, seven, potentially eight if we have time of my best. learn ad monetization secrets, relating from everything about ad placements to how different networks, how you can use them to essentially earn more ad arbitable. like i can, i can already see the ad like at companies. hey, tmv group now, yeah, marci is usually the one that names these and he does a very good job of being very provocative. uh, we miss him dearly today. so, yeah, let's kick things off. yeah, let's dive into the news. um, as usual, there are big acquisition rumors on the block. currently, the latest one is electronic arts, which, uh, according to the latest rumors, sold to be acquired, uh, from either disney, apple, amazon and nbc. um, yeah, we'll be toking about this for i think from a long time, from the big spree of acquisition that started in early this year, uh, namely with zynga and then activision blizzard. keep in mind that already bigger fish has been caught this year, with activision blizzard being acquired by microsoft. so ea would be like a logical choice in this kind of a lineup of really big companies to be acquired. and currently, according to the latest rumors, it seems that the discussion is deferred. as with mbc universal, which are some sources that confirm that, like whoever kind of you know, that's the rumor on the street. and yeah, some big out of the gaming business companies are toking there, such as disney, amazon and apple, which i think i haven't been saying for like a long time. that amazon, i think, will be the one that will do this today. i'm just like man. there's a lot of gaming companies that have mbc ip currently because they have a big portfolio. i'd be very nervous if i was an ip holder right now. if nbc actually buys them, like for me, it seems like amazon will be the biggest fate for me, because they have been trying to get into the gaming business for a long time. they have failed a lot already, like their studios and stuff like that, and they're still trying to get there. uh, i would say this could solve a lot of their problems because they're pretty much buying a full-fledged, like top 10 gaming company here. but even disney could be interesting with all the ipea has a lot of experience with building games for ips, so i guess that could be also a good fit there. no, no, i guess you also gotta factor in with these big mega mergers that, like you know, the ea ceo probably also wants to remain ceo, so it makes more sense from him for, like approaching him more, like merger of equals time of type of thing, compared to being swallowed up by amazon, where you'll never bc here. by the way, it's interesting that, uh, today's the dates that coincides with this news, which is that today is the completion of the zynga acquisition by take two. today is the day. today is the day, yeah, 23rd of may. i haven't read anything about it, but let's see if it actually goes through. i don't know, does that mean regulators can still squash it after this or no? i don't think so. like, i think the activision blizzard deal is still up up for grabs, in a way, for regulators, but i think this one goes through. man, that's in terms of timing. well done. like markets crashed, everything's on fire. well done, yeah, really, kudos to zinger guys. yeah so, disney, apple, amazon, nbc- everyone would be so angry if it was apple that bought it. i don't think so. it will be apple. no, i don't think so, either amazon, disney or nbc. i think amazon's still my biggest bet here. like would be logical. i don't know, we'll see anyway, uh, let's continue. this is your famous, uh, this is your famous story. yeah, you, i, i removed from the docket and you were like, no, this is really important because this, i think, is this kind of a cannery in the coal mine that we'll see what will happen and how people look at these other like studios that are spin up against, uh, from blizzard, because this week, uh, it was announced that marvel snap a game, a digital ccg from studio second dinner, which is headed by ben broad, which is the former head of hearthstone, which was pretty much the face of the whole community there, and uh, yeah, i guess this will determine how these kind of, let's say, premium studios that are trying to go into the free-to-play are fairing, because, if i remember, yeah, hearthstone is still a free-to-play game, but in the end, these people have moles of experience that they have are from building premium games for blizzard. so there's a lot of studios currently on the block, especially in the dreamhaven company set up by ex blizzard ceo mike morgan. so i'm really, really looking forward to it. the game looks super interesting. the designs super, super streamlined. you don't have even like a turns there, so you play simultaneously. you are in your opponent. it seems to me the game resembles more gwent than hearthstone, the witcher card game, which is kind of a different, because hearthstone is a derivative of magic, the gathering, where you have your usual energy that you need to spend for cards and then you wait for your poster and so on, so on. and with gwen it's a little bit different. it's more of a, let's say, territorial thing where you need to just play your gaps to have as big of a number on the location in order to beat your opponent at the end of the whole game. so it's, it's, it's more close to something like poker, to be to be honest. so yeah, and they're saying that the session casino, kind of social casino- no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. the card game and tcg, all right, but but in the end i'm really curious how this will go, because you have a really really big, prominent ip, which is the marvel ip. like they have a lineup of 150 cards which are completely different from the marvel universe. so that's one thing and the other thing is com, like.

School Shooter Suspect Posted Photo of Handgun Allegedly Used

another student has died from their injuries in yesterday's school shooting in michigan, bringing the death toll to four. and here is the first photo of the young man charged with terrorism and first degree murder. he's only 15 but he's being charged as an adult. amber cogliano has more. he's the babyface suspect in the school shooting saying his prayers. he was arraigned today as an adult on four counts of murder, as his parents watched via zoom. i'm jennifer crumbly, james crumbly, ethan here. fifteen-year-old ethan crumley's father reportedly bought the gun used in the shootings, a sig sour nine millimeter. just last friday the teen posted this photo of the weapon with the caption: just got my new beauty today. student isaac vantage was in class with the suspect the morning of the shooting. he looked depressed, like when you see him that day, or every day, every day. and these students are being praised today for their quick thinking. in the midst of the school shooting you can hear somebody trying to persuade the students to open the door. but the savvy kids don't buy it now. we're not willing to take that risk right now. i can't hear you. we're not taking that risk right now. okay, look at my bag, bro. that does it. when they hear the word bro. they believe it's the shooter. he said, bro, red flags, they flee out a window and rush across a courtyard to safety. slow down, you're fine. but sheriff michael bouchard said today it wasn't the school shooter behind the door. more than likely it was one of our plainclothes detectives and he may have been toking bro in a conversational manner to try to bring them down from the crisis. the suspect never knocked on the door. i spoke with security expert bill stanton. how savvy, how smart were these kids to question this voice behind the door? they asked the right questions, they listened and they made their threat assessment and they listened to their instinct and they evaded potential danger. the drama unfolded at oxford high school outside detroit. we're in lockdown right now. teachers and students rushed to barricade the doors. police disarmed the 15-year-old shooter within five minutes, but four students were killed and seven others wounded, including a teacher. 16-year-old tate meer died- a hero trying to disarm the shooter. everything about us is tough. tate meer was number 42 on the football team. today there's a petition to name the school stadium after him. madison baldwin was a bright 17 year old senior. amid the chaos after the shooting, her grandmother appealed for information on facebook. please help my granddaughter madison cannot be located. please ask your children if they've seen her. sadly, madison was among those slain. hannah saint julianna is the youngest victim, just 14 years old. she was a talented volleyball player. just a month before the shooting, the students had been given training in how to react in a school shooting, including how to fight back. the training kicked in when it counted. he said: bro. red flags county prosecutor today said they are also weighing charging both of the parents of the suspect and say they'll make that decision swiftly. [Music] you.