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Requirements to be Part of the DsGenie Partnership Program

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

Requirements to be Part of the DsGenie Partnership Program

Requirements to be Part of the DsGenie Partnership Program

what's up guys mark from D&E here and I
need to make this video because we had a
couple on that mix-up
but anyway so though we told you who
guys who were seeing this may know or
may not know we have a partnership
program where he has unique uploads that
will employees of the acini upload
things to sell in specific accounts we
split the profit we also split the cost
of the shiney
and on a weekly basis so the FDIC only
costs 150 bucks a month that is 75
divided to 3750 a week we take that out
of the profits and then split the
profits okay so in order to be part of
this program immediately remember dear
SHINee and we you will get a specific
account manager to your account so each
person has one person listing orally my
goals for these guys are to list at
least 20 items a day so with a minimum
well a pierre minimum with ten items a
day but the goal is to hit at least 28
days so you're looking at 100 items a
week alright because that's Monday to
Friday now in order to be part of this
program I need you guys to order using
the assini
let me explain what I mean when you get
let's say you get theism ebay you come
in to the assini
and get new orders hit Search
what da Cheney will do it will go into
your eBay account and see if you sold
anything new so that's what it's doing
right now let's see if anything sold
since last time you check they should so
nothing has sold six but this is one the
accounts that we're doing sales for so
when you were to the orders page you
would see so yesterday in this account
we had one two three four items sold
okay I see 18 threes in 19 once you see
the items that sell and you're ordering
you hit edit
I have videos on using the action to
fulfill orders so I'm just showing you
and explain why we need it this gives
you all the data of the guy that
purchased from you and then when you
order the item you put in how much you
spent here 150 and that's it right you
add in whatever information you need you
don't add in the prophets got the action
you calculate the profit but you will
have to come in and switch from new
order to order product order the reason
why we do this is fun number of reasons
one we need to calculate the profits
with India SHINee and - we need to see
on our side any items that are not
profitable without us having to
communicate with you guys and asking
them to any problems so in order
to be part of this program you need to
order using the DST software if you are
part of the program and you're not
ordained using dds in your software you
either need to start or then I we we
could get rid of you and find someone
else to join the program
okay that way we can make decisions
quickly that way we can check profits on
a daily basis if there any negative
items we could delete them or we could
raise the price or whatever the case is
and we could all make more money
hopefully you guys understand there are
other videos on Odin using the
fullfilling items you DHCD look on the
channel if you have any questions
comment on video if you have any
questions love you guys charge you will
make that money please subscribe if
you're looking at this and you're not a
subscriber and look in the description
for any free stuff later

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