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Restore Deleted Products on Shopify

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Edwin Anthony from Resolutions Design discusses the importance of using the app Rewind for Shopify stores. He highlights the problem that arises when hiring developers to work on an already functioning website and the potential damage it can cause. He emphasizes the importance of using Rewind to back up all aspects of the website, including products, collections, pages, and themes.

Main Points:

- Rewind is a crucial app for Shopify stores to back up their website.

- It helps to prevent any damage that could be caused by developers working on the site.

- It backs up everything, including products, collections, pages, and themes.

- The app uses an external server to copy all the data, making it easily restorable.

- It can recover old product images, lost collections, and deleted pages.

- It is particularly useful for smart collections, which eliminate human error and save time.

- The app works as a time machine, allowing users to go back to a point when the website was functioning correctly.

- It is essential to install Rewind early on, preferably before going live, to avoid losing historical data.

- The cost of the app depends on the number of orders processed in a day, but it is well worth the investment.

- Using Rewind can save businesses thousands of dollars by preventing mistakes and lost data.

In conclusion, Rewind is an essential app for Shopify store owners to ensure the safety of their website. It helps prevent potential damage caused by developers and provides a time machine feature to go back to a functioning website. The cost of the app is well worth the investment, as it can save businesses thousands of dollars in lost data and mistakes. It is crucial to install Rewind early on in the process, preferably before going live, to avoid losing historical data.

Restore Deleted Products Video

In this article, we will be discussing the process of installing the Restore Deleted Products plugin in Love Commerce 4.1. Before we begin with the installation process, let's understand the features of this plugin and how it can help the admin to restore deleted products.

Features of Restore Deleted Products plugin:

- Helps admin to restore deleted products

- Provides a list of deleted products

- Allows restoring any products from the list

- Helps in case of accidental deletion

Installation Process:

1. Extract the download folder.

2. Copy the Restore Deleted Products folder.

3. Paste it into the Presentation/Nowak/Wave/Plugins folder.

4. Click on Reload List of Plugins in the plugins folder.

5. Install the Restore Deleted Products plugin.

6. Go to the admin panel and click on the Display Name Related Products menu link.

7. Find the plugin installed and click on it to restore deleted products.

Steps to restore deleted products:

1. Go to the catalog and select the products to be deleted.

2. Click on the delete button to delete the products.

3. Reload the page to see the deleted products.

4. Click on the Restore button to restore a single item or select multiple products and click on Restore Selected.

5. Click on Yes to confirm the restore process.

The Restore Deleted Products plugin is a useful tool for admins to restore accidentally deleted products. The installation process is simple and easy to follow. With the help of this plugin, admins can restore any deleted products from the list provided. If you have any questions or require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for watching our video.

Shopify API | Lesson #2: Retrieve, Update, Delete Product's Image With Postman In Shopify

In this tutorial, we will explore how to use the API in Shopify to create, retrieve, and delete product images using Postman. Shopify provides its users with API-related features, making it easier for them to customize their product images. In this topic, we will discuss three different ways to customize product photos in the Shopify system.

Steps to Use API to Create and Delete Product Images with Postman in Shopify:

1. Get all product images:

- Go to the products feature and select the product for which you want to retrieve the image.

- Note down the product ID from the URL link.

- In Postman, create a new request, select Basic auth, and enter your store's private API key and password.

- Select GET as the applicable HTTP method and add the API endpoint URL.

- Use the product ID that you noted down earlier and click send.

- The product's information will be shown in the body section.

2. Update a new product's image:

- Create a new request in Postman, select POST as the applicable HTTP method, and select JSON in the body section.

- Copy the link product URL and paste it into the source code.

- Add the API endpoint URL and click send.

- The product will be updated with the new image.

3. Delete a product's image:

- Create a new request in Postman, select DELETE as the applicable HTTP method, and add the API endpoint URL.

- Note down the image ID from stage one.

- Click send, and the product's image will be deleted in Shopify dashboard.

Using API in Shopify with Postman is a quick and easy way to create, retrieve, and delete product images. By following the above steps, users can easily customize their product images and enhance the user experience. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. Don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel, Beehexa, for more tutorials on connecting applications and automating processes.

Use This To Recover Lost Sales On Your Shopify Store in 2020

- 2020 goals for e-commerce

- Importance of not losing sales

Methods to recover lost sales:

1. Lost sale definition and how to acquire potential buyers

- Interact with potential buyers

- Offer discount codes

2. Retargeting ads

- Cornerstone of internet marketing

- Highly convertible

3. Email marketing

- Customizable

- Use abandoned cart emails

- Offer discount codes or coupons

4. Social proof

- Importance of reviews

- Use Lux app to import reviews from Aliexpress

- Display reviews on product page

- 2020 becoming more expensive for dropshippers

- Work smarter, not harder

- Ecomhunt as a tool to find winning products.

How to Backup Shopify Products in 2022? | AdNabu Vault App

Salil, co-founder of AdNabu and creator of Vault, the backup app for Shopify, explains how to backup products in Shopify.

Why is Backup Important?

- Shopify has good backup for their software but not for customer and product data.

- It is important to have a backup of data and store changes over time.

- Most product edits happen on stores and can cause unintended changes.

Manual vs. Automatic Backups:

- Manual backups don't cost anything but are not reliable.

- Automatic backups cost money but track every change and have cloud storage.

- Automatic backups are always there and don't require remembering to backup.

How to Backup Products:

- Use an automatic app like Vault or do it manually.

- In Vault, click on Export and select All Products.

- The CSV file will be sent to your email for download.

Restoring Changes:

- Use Vault to quickly see what has changed and restore a previous version.

- Vault tracks every change and allows you to restore to a specific version.

- Having a backup of your data and store changes is important.

- Manual backups are unreliable and automatic backups are reliable but cost money.

- Vault is an automatic backup app that tracks every change and allows you to restore to a specific version.

How to BACKUP your Shopify store? Rewind Backups - Honest Shopify App Review by EcomExperts.io

In this article, we will be reviewing the Shopify app, Rewind. We will explore its features, benefits, and overall value for e-commerce store owners.

Features of Rewind:

- Creates daily automatic backups of your store

- Protects your most important asset

- Like having fire insurance on your building

- Highly rated with a 4.9 reading out of more than 600 reviews

- Recommended by other Shopify entrepreneurs

- Can help avoid costly mistakes and errors

Using Rewind:

- Install the app and choose the right plan with support from agents if needed

- Wait for the automatic backup process to complete

- If necessary, use the rewind feature to restore previous versions of your store

- Can be a lifesaver for emergency situations, such as during a big marketing campaign

Benefits of Rewind:

- Protects your e-commerce store from costly mistakes and errors

- Provides peace of mind and a second chance to fix issues

- Saves time and money by avoiding the need to manually restore previous versions of your store

- Highly recommended by other Shopify entrepreneurs and users

Overall, Rewind is an essential app for any e-commerce store owner who values the protection of their most important asset. With its automatic backup and rewind features, Rewind can help avoid costly mistakes, save time and money, and provide peace of mind during emergency situations. Highly recommended by other Shopify entrepreneurs and users, Rewind is definitely worth considering for anyone looking to protect their e-commerce store.

Shopify Node App Delete Products

In this video, the presenter demonstrates how to add a delete option to a table in a simple and easy manner.


1. Create a global variable user shop to identify the shop in use.

2. Use handlebars to pull the variable from the backend.

3. Assign an ID to the delete link and call the JavaScript function delete product on click, passing the ID and user shop as parameters.

4. Retrieve the ID and user shop parameters in the function, and make an AJAX call to the backend to delete the product.

5. Build the delete URL and use the delete option to delete the product.

6. Shopify will return a 200 status code if the deletion is successful.

By following these simple steps, you can easily add a delete option to your table. It is important to use the correct URL and options to ensure the function works properly.

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