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Results from My 2nd Month Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

Results from My 2nd Month Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace

Results from My 2nd Month Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace

so this is the second full month that
i've been drop shipping
on facebook marketplace and keep in mind
i've been doing it for about two and a
half months but the first month
specifically was really only like a week
and a week or
a week to two weeks maybe and i was kind
of testing things wasn't taking it too
seriously and i was just kind of
stiking my metaphorical feet in the
water to see if it was viable and it was
promising as some people had said right
and then obviously i saw that so i tried
to start to scale it in month two which
was last month okay
and in the month uh you know previously
i had tried to scale it i took it pretty
seriously but i was suspended for
probably about two weeks of that month
on facebook with the whole like suspend
gate thing that was going on where
everybody just started getting suspended
and shut down for no reason and so i've
been up for
the entirety of this month no
suspensions keep in mind that the
entirety of
uh this past weekend which is the
holiday weekend for memorial day
i wasn't really doing anything with it i
was just taking orders i wasn't
i wasn't doing anything that i usually
do to kind of promote new sales and
stuff like that
and if you need to know like some tips
that that i recommend that will help you
know kind of
spur new sales along you can check out
the last video that i actually dropped
on this channel which was i believe 11
to help you sell more on facebook
marketplace right so i pretty much took
like the last week
almost off just went away uh it was like
i went away it's like a
a river in uh upstate new york so it was
pretty cool was right on the border of
never been there before it was very very
cool with uh my my fiance and some
uh and so the majority of this month i
took it seriously and tried to scale it
so i'm going to give you the profit
report of what i actually took home
right like the take-home money this
the revenue that i got obviously what i
spent to get that and then the average
margin and all the good stuff right so
i'm gonna show all that to you here in a
second um we're gonna jump into it but
after that i'm gonna tok about my goals
for next month um and some key insights
that i feel
allow me to kind of hit those numbers
and where i see this business kind of
capping out at if there is a cap
and what you can do to obviously achieve
these numbers as well all right so
no fluff let's just jump into it pull my
calculator out here
and the numbers for this past month
um are the total earned was twenty
five hundred seventy five dollars and
seventy nine cents the total i had to
spend to get there
was fourteen thousand nine hundred
ninety six dollars and thirty four cents
which comes out to
a profit margin of 5 579
and 45 cents for an average margin of 37
per sale right so i think that those
numbers are pretty good um
now keep in mind that this is a more
hands-on business in my opinion
i did outsource i did hire some things
which we're going to tok about here in
a second
but it is a little bit more time
consuming than something like an
products business or something like
amazon fba where you can actually ship
your stuff into amazon and they do all
that stuff for you now
the benefit of drop shipping like we're
toking about here is that you can
facilitate those sales
but because a lot of times you're doing
a lot of orders per day
it is time consuming and if you're
listing still on your own
it's going to take a lot of your time
and it can be stressful um you know at
least in my experience
even though it's pretty easy to do even
though you're not you know handling any
products yourself or anything like that
it can be kind of stressful here and
there to constantly constantly see
orders rolling in
constantly be looking at your metrics
constantly listing and finding new
products because
if you do it like over and over and over
and over and over again every day
you kind of fear that like if you get
behind it and you start to scale it a
little bit if you get behind for a day
as i've seen this past week
it took me like a day or two to actually
catch up when i was on vacation
um as i've seen this past week or so
like if you let it kind of you know
snowball for a day or two you're gonna
be really really really backed up okay
so it is a little bit hands-on and those
numbers did take a lot more effort than
like my information's products business
or like anything that i ship into amazon
but i think that's pretty good mo profit
margin a for me but also for a beginner
as well um and you know i really
realistikally see myself scaling this
i don't know if you know well i think i
can probably double it um
i'm going to set the goal for 10 which
is a little bit under double originally
i had set the goal
this past month uh for may for i believe
six thousand which i didn't actually hit
but if i had taken it seriously for the
past like
four to five days because i was away i
was uh for memorial day
i probably would have hit six thousand
uh but i did not
so i i right under 6 000 at about 56 or
5.6 k um and you know realistikally i'm
gonna set the goal for
june at about ten thousand i think that
i can get there especially with what i'm
right now okay now i had 515 sales
in the month of may i'm already probably
close to like uh
a little bit under 100 by the end of the
day i'd probably assume that i'm under
and i don't think it's that far off
because i'm just under a thousand
already and it's 10 30 a.m
on uh june 3rd so i'm almost at a
thousand already
it's only three days into the month and
it's not even 10 30 yet in the morning
i don't think 10 000 is that far off
especially with what i'm doing now right
so uh i'm gonna tell you what i feel
like allow me to get there here in a
second but let's actually take the
average profit margin
or the average uh profit per sale here
for you guys so
55 79 45 divided by
515 sales is an average of
almost eleven dollars profit per sale
right so that kind of is a good
uh parameter for you barometer i don't
know i feel like i'm slow from like all
the drinking from this past weekend so
stik with me
um it's 11 profit roughly per sale
that's a good barometer for you to set
like to see like
if your margins are a little bit high if
they're a little bit low right if all
your profit margins that you're
accepting for per order are like three
dollars well
you need to kind of increase that right
you're never going gonna hit you know
realistikally multiple thousands of
dollars relatively easily
it's gonna be a headache to get there if
your margins are too low right and keep
in mind like some of my margins
uh so my profit margins on sales are
like a hundred bucks some of my profit
margins per sales are like as low as
three dollars or five dollars
but it realistikally depends on how much
you're spending in to get that
and i'm trying to move more away from
like the five dollar profit margin sales
it seems like once you start scaling
like you get like 10 to 20 to sometimes
like 30 or 40 orders a day
and it's just tedious and annoying for
five dollar profit when you can just
i would rather honestly not do that sale
and just have a couple of bigger sales
with like some 10
profit margin sales sprinkled in there
rather than
constantly go after like 55 sales
because it's a headache to a
process them all and do all the shipping
and stuff like that and then it's a
headache to get all the tracking numbers
and implement them as well
although you can obviously outsource
that which is what i believe
allowed me to get there okay so that's
all the numbers for you
uh just to recap 37 margins uh on
average for all my sales
and about 5.6 k in the month of may
profit margin right that's my take-home
profit obviously i haven't cat like
that's not cash collected yet because
facebook still owes me some of that
and keep in mind this is just facebook
marketplace drop shipping
this is not you know mercari this is not
uh amazon this is not poshmark this is
like that it's just facebook marketplace
dropshipping okay
and so realistikally what i feel like
allowed me to get there
the quickest um is hiring right i hired
somebody to list for me which is a
complete game changer it took a lot of
my time
to actually list because i was listing
like at least 50 items a day sometimes
up to 100
and it took so much time i never had any
time to really do that but even when i
spent the time like i just felt like i
was constantly like
spinning my wheels like a hamster right
so i outsourced that very very cheap i
think i outsourced it for like
50 cents a listing it's super cheap and
i plan on creating a video very very
soon on
you know how i recommend that you
outsource or hire and how i've gone
about doing it and how you can find
great people to do this with
um for relatively cheap so you can
obviously scale your business okay
now the next thing that i plan on hiring
specifically for facebook marketplace
drop shipping
is the order fulfillment okay and so
what i'm doing right now is i'm testing
different people to see
you know a pool of listers that can list
for me maybe about four to five and then
the best one of those listers
is going to you know be the per the
first person that i kind of try
to do my order fulfillment now the
reason i've waited a little bit and i
plan to obviously
you know qualify some people a little
bit more is because when you're doing
listing it's very it's real relatively
easy to kind of have them list for you
anybody can do that
now when you're doing order fulfillment
a you're giving them like your credit
card information which is a lot of trust
right but if you're doing credit cards
obviously you can always file like a
chargeback or
it does like that's not that big of a
deal but more importantly in my opinion
is it's your metrics right so if they
mess an
order up or especially with like amazon
although i know specifically right now
we're toking about facebook marketplace
if they mess a couple of orders up that
could be your account you're suspended
right so it's a lot more trust and you
really need to
you know qualify these people for order
fulfillment a little bit more than you
do obviously with listing so that's the
only reason i haven't pulled the trigger
on that yet
but that is the next thing that i plan
on doing realistikally
maybe not this month but potentially the
month after june
although i could pull the trigger later
on in the month of june um
i'm not i i want to do it obviously
because it takes a lot of time off my
hands as it will take a lot of time off
but i really want to make sure that i
trust that person
and that they're very very good at what
they're doing before i kind of hand over
the reins
to that okay but realistikally if i do
that it's going to be like a hands-off
business earning me like probably 10k
profit a month and i'm not really doing
anything to do that right right now all
i'm doing
is i'm hiring people to list i'm telling
them pretty much what i want them to
and then i'm processing orders which can
be anywhere from like 10 orders a day
all the way up to like 30 orders a day
keep in mind that's just an estimate
some some days i get like five orders
some days i probably get like 40 orders
but realistikally it's probably about
like 10 to 20
maybe a little bit more than that okay
so that's pretty much just like
spitballing off the top of my head
how i did in in may almost at june how i
did in may which is my second full month
drop shipping on facebook marketplace uh
realistikally i like i said before i
plan on scaling this to hopefully
10k profit this month although the key
issue there
is a you need to hire to realistikally
get there or
you're just going to burn yourself out i
promise you that if not right now
eventually i promise you that um and b
you need to spend a decent amount of
money to get there right so
if i can assume roughly the same margins
i'm gonna have to spend
probably 30 thousand dollars in the
month of june to hit about 10k
profit okay so for those of you that
don't have a lot of cash flow or for
those of you that don't have you know
credit that you can obviously leverage
via credit cards or anything like that
that can be an issue and you want to
scale a little bit slower okay
now i i have credit cards but i'm not
like crazy about
charging my credit cards up because in
the past i was in debt about twenty
thousand dollars so
i'm realistikally being like very very
careful about how i go about doing that
i could just put it all on credit cards
and then pay it off with you know things
like that
uh and all the cash that comes back to
me but i'm not i'm not like
super excited with that so for about i'd
say half of it i'm using cash
and then about another half of it i'm
using credit cards like cash back credit
with amazon if it's an amazon purchase
cash back credit cards with walmart if
it's a walmart purchase because you get
five percent on both of those
and then i have a two percent cash back
card on all purchases online
that i use for all my other suppliers
which is probably the main things that i
uh sourced from okay so that's pretty
much all that that you know
i've that kind of entails in my business
in the past month or two um you know i
scaled it originally i forget how much
it was but it was like two or three
hundred bucks it might have been like
500 bucks
month two i think it was like two or
thousand dollars profit i want to say it
was like 2.5 maybe
i'll drop the video of last month's
profit which was my first full month
actually doing it but keep in mind i was
suspended for about two
weeks in there from from you know
facebook marketplace suspensions
but i'll drop that video for the first
month down in the description
at the bottom but realistikally right
now i don't see any reason why i can't
hit ten thousand dollars profit
and why you can't either here in the
month of june if you obviously emulate
these okay
and the next thing that i plan on doing
obviously outside of facebook
marketplace is really scaling up the
amazon side of things with the amazon
drop shipping which is
really really promising i think i i
turned it off a little bit because
there's a lot to manage and i hadn't
you know i have like an information
product side of my business as well
and then obviously i do the facebook
marketplace drop shipping and then i do
a little bit of online arbitrage still
with like books and wholesale and stuff
that with amazon fba and then obviously
with the amazon drop shipping it's just
a lot to manage right now and that's why
i'm focused on like hiring and kind of
building systems that i can kind of turn
those things a little bit hands off and
it doesn't take like
all of my focus to kind of maintain
those okay so i only made about a
thousand dollars i think in the month of
uh amazon drop shipping but that wasn't
because there was an opportunity there
it was just because i didn't have the
time to kind of scale it and focus on it
but one of the things i actually have
like the sheet of things i'm going to
record here in a second
one of the things that i plan on scaling
in the month of june is the amazon side
of things
as well and i don't see any reason of
why i can't get to 5 000
profit drop shipping in the month of
june uh
you know with just amazon so i really
hope that that helps key lesson here is
keep listing um you know obviously you
want to list in demand things but also
just list
in volume because you're going to learn
a lot by doing that and the easiest way
to do that
is to hire so i'm sure i forgot some key
points i'm still
like dragging a little bit mentally from
all the drinking for the holiday weekend
hope you guys enjoy this video give it a
thumbs up if you appreciate the value in
and i'll see in the next one

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