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Return to the Goodwill Outlet. 1st Haul Post Hurricane Irma

Published on: December 11 2022 by RockstarFlipper

After Hurricane Irma hit, many people were left with damaged homes and belongings. The Goodwill Outlet is a place where people can find affordable items to replace what they lost. This article will discuss the return to the Goodwill Outlet for a first haul after Hurricane Irma.

Heading 1: The Goodwill Outlet Experience

- The Goodwill Outlet is a great place to find affordable items

- The items are sorted into bins and customers must dig through to find what they need

- The prices are based on the weight of the items

Heading 2: Post-Hurricane Irma Haul

- The Goodwill Outlet was crowded with people looking to replace their lost items

- The bins were full of clothing, shoes, and household items

- The prices were higher than usual due to the demand

Heading 3: Finding Gems

- Despite the chaos, some customers were able to find hidden gems

- One customer found a vintage record player for a fraction of the cost of a new one

- Another customer found a set of dishes that matched their existing set

Heading 4: Conclusion

- The Goodwill Outlet is a great resource for those looking to replace items after a natural disaster

- It can be overwhelming to dig through the bins, but it is worth the effort to find affordable treasures

- Despite the higher prices due to demand, customers can still find great deals at the Goodwill Outlet.

Return to the Goodwill Outlet. 1st Haul Post Hurricane Irma

- The author shares their experience of their first trip back to the bins after a while.

- The author talks about how the Goodwill is donating a lot of their material down to storm victims, resulting in a slower day.

- The author shares their haul for the day, which includes some unexpected finds.


- A Robert Graham shirt which the author may end up keeping.

- Two bras from the Salvation Army - a Victoria's Secret purple bra with gemstones and a Torrid bra in size 40 Triple D.

- A brand new Atlanta Braves outfit for little girls.

- A jacket from a brand called Me Jane.

- Boys Adidas track pants.

- Talbots pants for women.

- An Abercrombie sleeveless sweater knit shirt.

- A plaid shirt by LA Hearts.

- A Caribbean Joe dress.

- A basic Victoria's Secret tank top.

- A plain striped Hollister shirt.

- Women's Nike workout top.

- A Disney planes little boys jacket.

- A Columbia kids jacket.

- A Disney frozen nightgown.

- An MMA and UFC shirt.

- A Cincinnati Bengals t-shirt.

- An Ann Taylor shirt with unique buttons.

- A basic Kuba Vera shirt.

- An Ann Taylor Loft sheer lace shirt.

- A Banana Republic basic striped shirt.

- A brand called Stelae's stretch dress.

- An authentic Tampa Bay Rays Evan Longoria Jersey.

- The author emphasizes the importance of making the best of slower days by picking up inventory.

- The author encourages others to get their items listed and to keep working towards their goals.

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