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Rev Up Your E-commerce Game with King Comm Dropshipping

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Are you looking for a way to test your products and store without spending any money on Facebook or Instagram? Look no further! In this article, we will show you how to do just that using Facebook pages and groups.


- Find a Facebook group or page in your niche with at least 50,000 likes or followers.

- Post a message asking for help or advice related to a product you want to sell, without directly selling it.

- Include a link to your store in the post.

- If your product description, reviews, and price point are good, people will click through to your store and potentially make a purchase.

- Repeat the process with different groups or pages to reach a wider audience.


- For a home decor niche, find a page with millions of likes and post a unique product such as a DIY wall art or a decorative item that catches people's attention.

- For a fishing niche, find a group with engaged members and post a helpful tool or accessory that fishermen would find useful.

- For a TV show or movie fan page, post a collectible or unique item related to the show or movie that fans would love to own.

By utilizing Facebook pages and groups, you can test your products and store without spending any money on ads. However, make sure to have a good product description, reviews, and price point to increase the likelihood of making sales. Don't forget to repeat the process with different groups and pages to reach a wider audience. Happy selling!

FREE Shopify Dropshipping Course | COMPLETE A Z BLUEPRINT 2022

Hey guys, it's Camille Sarnon, also known as the Ecom King. Today, I'm excited to offer you a brand new Shopify dropshipping free course for 2022. My team and I will be showing you how to build and advertise a successful branded Shopify dropshipping store from scratch. This is a complete step-by-step, no BS course that is the only video you need to watch in 2022 if you want to start a successful Shopify dropshipping business.

In this course, we will teach you how to find winning products, build a premium website with a page builder, set up apps to automate processes, create video ads and UGC content, and run successful advertising campaigns on Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and influencer marketing. We have 10 battle-tested experts in different industries teaching you, making this the best free course on the internet right now.

But I want to make a big disclaimer here. This is a long-term business, not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a real business that has changed thousands of lives, including my own, and all the other experts that I will be teaching with. You will need an upfront amount of $2,000 to start this business in 2022, and you will need to spend money on marketing to acquire customers. But with the right strategy, this business can generate six to seven figures of income.

The first module of this course is product research. We will teach you what makes a winning product in

FASTEST WAY to Scale to $5000 a Day | Shopify Dropshipping

The article is a tutorial on how to scale to over 5,000 a day using the author's own ad manager. The author emphasizes the importance of duplication as a scaling strategy and shows live examples of how to do it.

Tips for Organizing and Scaling Ads:

- The author selects ad sets that are performing well and duplicates them when they reach two purchases at a profitable row as.

- To keep things organized, the author uses the filter function and selects ad sets with the same budget to scale them all at once.

- When scaling to higher budgets, the author duplicates ad sets three times to increase the chance of finding successful ad sets. The next day, the author turns off ad sets that don't get a sale within the desired cost per purchase.

Winning Product:

The author reveals the winning product of the video, an ultrasonic pest repellent with about 8,000 orders. The author provides ad copy and a thumbnail that could be used to promote the product.

The author emphasizes that the purpose of the article and the author's channel is to provide course-worthy content and to build a community of people pursuing a better version of themselves. The author invites viewers to subscribe and leave suggestions for future videos.

REVEALING A $509k+ Product - [Case Study] - Dropshipping

In this video, Chris, also known as King, shows how a product made over 500,000 dollars and gives viewers a winning product similar to it that they can replicate.

Benefits of Joining the Facebook Group:

- Access to a community of over 20,000 viewers

- A place to connect with others dedicated to making things work

How the Product Made Money:

- Chrome extension Similar Web used to track visitors to the store

- Assuming 1 million visitors and a 3% conversion rate, 30,000 orders were made at $16.97 each, resulting in $509,100.

Breaking Down the Store:

- Quantity breaks used to increase average order value

- Checkout badge not recommended due to poor branding

- Bolded text used in product description for easy reading

- Use of GIFs to illustrate product use

- Five customer reviews, written by the store

Breaking Down the Ad:

- Less than 30 seconds long

- Quick, snappy cuts

- Controversial headline to intrigue viewers

- Highlighting of benefits in ad copy

- High-quality images on website

- Relatable pain points for customers

- Eye-catching GIFs on landing page

- Customer reviews written by the store

Winning Product:

- Similar to the original product

- Saves time and makes travel more convenient

- High-quality images available for marketing

- Over 3,000 orders and 2,000 reviews at 4.6 stars

By following the marketing strategies used by the original product, viewers can replicate its success with a similar winning product. Join the Facebook group for access to a community of dedicated viewers and watch Chris scale a new store to over $120,000 in the first six days.

I Tried The ECOM KING's Dropshipping Course and this happened

For the past three months, I have been trying to find a winning product for my dropshipping business. I have built over 10 different websites in various niches and got a few sales here and there, but was never able to make a profit. Despite watching many YouTube tutorials and implementing different strategies, nothing seemed to work.

Then, I came across the Ecom Kings nine-hour dropshipping course. This course is the only video you need to watch in 2022 if you want to start a successful Shopify dropshipping business. It is better than any paid course that gurus are selling for thousands of dollars.

To find my product, I followed the strategies from the free course, which involved looking on TikTok for TikTok made me buy it Amazon finds, using the TikTok creative center, and using paid platforms like Big Stuff to speed up the process. After eight hours of research, I found my product: the 720-degree forces.

I followed the Ecom Kings course as closely as I could to build my website, adding quantity breaks, lifestyle images, two modes, a money-back guarantee, FAQs, and reviews. I also customized the pictures from AliExpress to make my store look as branded as possible. It took me about four days to complete my website.

I then ran ads on TikTok using three videos and five different ad sets at $20 a day until I spent a total of $100 in one day. After four days, I only made one sale, and my conversion rate was about two percent. I let the ads run, but the cost per click was above $1, so I cut the ad sets. I realized that TikTok was the wrong audience for my product and tried a new product, the high-frequency therapy wand, targeting only women in their 30s and above interested in skincare. My cost per click was above $1, and I only got six clicks, so I don't know what to do next.

In conclusion, finding a winning product for your dropshipping business is challenging. You need to do extensive research and follow a course like the Ecom Kings to build a successful website. However, even with a great website, finding the right audience and marketing strategy can be tricky, and it may take several attempts before you find a product that sells.

What actually happened to Chris Waller or King Comm

- Grant Walton and Jared, two friends of Chris, speak out about the misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding Chris's death.

- They introduce George, Chris's uncle, who will explain the situation and provide the official autopsy report.

Bullet points:

- Chris had a toxicity buildup of hydrocodone in his body, not an overdose.

- He had broken his foot and struggled with pain for a long time.

- George and his wife raised Chris and got him a music certificate.

- Chris was taking cocaine, which contributed to the toxicity buildup.

- They want to thank everyone for their support and love for Chris.


- Jared shares his personal experience with Chris and emphasizes how he was a great person who wanted to learn how to love and become a better person.

- He acknowledges that Chris's impact on the world will continue through his videos and the people he helped.

- Grant expresses his gratitude for the support and love shown by Chris's friends, fans, and family.

- He mentions that Ghost, Chris's dog, is doing well and has a good home with George and his wife.

- Both Jared and Grant urge everyone to remember Chris and use him as motivation to do the things he would want us to do.

- The truth about Chris's death has been revealed, and his friends and family are grateful for the support they have received.

- They will always remember Chris and use him as inspiration to live their best lives.

The Future Of Dropshipping With King Comm (RIP KING COMM)

Main points:

- Chris has seen up to 50% profit margins in his e-commerce ventures, with an average of 25-30%.

- He primarily uses Facebook as his main source of traffic, followed by Instagram. He also suggests trying YouTube ads for dropshipping products in passionate niches.

- Chris emphasizes the importance of emotional marketing and branding, and recommends finding niches that have pre-existing love and passion attached to them.

- He has transitioned from a focus on dropshipping to working on longer-term brands, and plans to shift his YouTube content towards mindset, psychology, and motivation.

- Chris believes that personal branding is important for those who want to make an impact on the world and foster deep relationships, but acknowledges that it may not be for everyone.

- He also discusses his experiences with influencer marketing, recommending a personal touch and creating an experience for influencers rather than just paying for a shout-out. He measures success not just in direct ROI, but also in building awareness and custom audiences for retargeting.

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