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Rev Up Your Ride with Automotive Newspaper Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Baker Cadillac GMC Buick Newspaper Ad Breakdown

- Chad introduces Baker Cadillac GMC Buick dealership in South Carolina

- Discusses how newspaper ads are still effective in the Charleston market

Main Points:

- Showcases current newspaper ads and breaks down the savings and fine print details

- 14 thousand dollars off MSRP on 2012 GMC trucks with rocky ridge package additions

- Lease deals for 2013 Sierra, Terrain, Acadia, and Yukon

- Bad credit financing options available with certain criteria and money down


1. Current Newspaper Ads Breakdown

- Showcasing the newspaper ads currently available at Baker Cadillac GMC Buick

2. 14 Thousand Dollars off MSRP on 2012 GMC Trucks

- Details about the savings available on 2012 GMC trucks with rocky ridge package additions

3. Lease Deals for 2013 Sierra, Terrain, Acadia, and Yukon

- Breakdown of lease deals for popular models with fine print details

4. Bad Credit Financing Options Available

- Explanation of financing sources available for customers with bad credit and certain criteria and money down requirements

Bullet Points/Numbered List:

- 14 thousand dollars off MSRP on 2012 GMC trucks with rocky ridge package additions

- Lease deals for 2013 Sierra, Terrain, Acadia, and Yukon

- Bad credit financing options available with certain criteria and money down

- Fine print details for lease deals and financing options

- Closing fees added to vehicles at most dealerships

- Importance of paying attention to fine print in newspaper ads for informed buying decisions

- Chad reiterates the savings and financing options available at Baker Cadillac GMC Buick

- Encourages customers to pay attention to fine print details for informed buying decisions

- Promotes Baker Cadillac GMC Buick as a source for all automotive needs in the Charleston area.

BEST AD FOR CAR DEALERSHIPS on Facebook (run this now)

In this video, Sam from Shapeshift Group discusses the best ways for car dealerships to market their inventory on Facebook. He advises against running generic ads that showcase only one vehicle at a time or text-only ads that don't match the social media platform. Instead, he recommends using dynamic inventory ads that connect directly to a dealership's inventory feed and allow customers to browse through multiple vehicles at once.

Sam outlines three key advantages to using automotive inventory ads:

1. Marketing the most important thing: By showcasing a dealership's inventory, dealers can entice customers to engage with their dealership and find the right vehicle.

2. Creating a seamless customer experience: Since social media users are often scrolling through their feeds without setting aside dedicated time to look for vehicles, dealerships should make it easy for customers to browse inventory right from the news feed.

3. Driving high-value, low-funnel actions: By showcasing VIN-specific details and allowing customers to click directly to vehicle detail pages, dealerships can drive higher-value actions that are more likely to lead to a sale.

Overall, Sam argues that automotive inventory ads offer a more effective and efficient way for car dealerships to market their inventory on Facebook.

These Car Ads Changed Advertising! | WheelHouse

Car Advertising: A History from Modest Newspaper Ads to Digital Teasers

Car advertisements have been around since the first automobile rolled off the assembly line. From basic black and white prints to extravagant illustrations, car ads have evolved over time. This article explores the history of car advertising and how it has changed from its early days to the present.

Early Days:

In the early days of car advertising, the main goal was to convince people to get behind the wheel of this newfangled horseless contraption without fear of premature death. The ads emphasized the automobile as the ultimate in luxury and convenience. The very first car advertisement was done by the Winton motor company in 1898 with a headline that simply stated “Dispense with a horse.”

Ford’s Model T:

Henry Ford revolutionized the nature of American society by introducing the Model T in 1908. Ford believed that not just the rich, but all Americans wanted their own automobile. His Model T ad said things like “A car for the multitudes” and “High price quality in a low price car” because the Ford motor company mastered mass production to a tee. Ford was able to keep the price down at just $850, about $20,000 today, and that was the biggest selling point – the price.

The 1920s and 30s:

By the 1920s, car ads reflected the optimism and freewheeling sign of the times. As a result of this carefree decade, consumers hungered for more than just a sturdy and affordable car. They wanted style, speed, and luxury to boot. The concept of being in control of your own destiny was a prevalent theme. This continued throughout World War II when men were fighting on the battlefield and women filled the labor force. The ad guys were fully on board with selling to the ladies, but sometimes a heavy dose of chauvinism was thrown in with the pitch.

The 1950s:

During the postwar years, tons of suburbs popped up in America creating a driving force behind a major car boom. People commuting back and forth from work in the cities needed a car, and it was nirvana for advertisers. 1950s car advertising was all about showing off a car's features and its great designs. By this time, American car brands had hit their stride, and consumers were familiar with the models, so advertisers relied on that familiarity to cut to the chase. Traditional media like radio, magazines, and newspapers were still important in the early part of the 50s, but television was quickly becoming the cornerstone of many advertisers' national media plans.

Volkswagen’s Think Small Campaign:

In 1960, everything changed when Volkswagen's Think Small campaign hit like a bolt of lightning. Volkswagen's approach was creative, subtle, and self-deprecating. Think Small and Lemon campaigns, and others that followed, didn't talk down to consumers and appealed to their intelligence. Volkswagen's honest and simple campaign fit right in with the changing times of the 60s where youth culture was becoming a force, and a rebellion against mass consumerism was taking shape. Advertisers were soon following Volkswagen's lead, trashing overhyped sales pitches for more playful campaigns that stressed individuality rather than conformity.

The 1980s:

In the 1980s, what you drove was seen as a status symbol. If you were driving a Lamborghini or a Porsche, then you had made it. As a result of the climate, consumers were seeing more higher class and foreign car ads. The downside was that car ads in the 80s had become pretty cookie-cutter in their presentation.

The Digital Age:

Social media has exploded in recent years, and being savvy about the various digital platforms is a must-have skill for advertisers to have in their toolbox. Social media marketing has become the pillar of the advertising industry, and the car business is the leading charger. Pretty much every brand has an online presence, and it's become a huge tool for generating hype for a new car. Teaser campaigns have become a popular way to get people stoked for their upcoming release.

Car advertising has come a long way since the early days of modest newspaper ads. From the extravagant illustrations of the 1920s to the self-deprecating campaigns of the 60s, car ads have evolved over time. In the digital age, social media has become the pillar of the advertising industry, and the car business is the leading charger. The future of car advertising is full of potential, and who knows where it will go from here.

Top 5 Auto Advertising Lies

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Being Misled When Buying a Car

Buying a car can be a stressful experience, especially when it comes to understanding the fine print of car advertisements. In this article, we will discuss the top five ways to avoid being misled when buying a car.

1. Leasing:

- Understand the mileage per year and how it affects the monthly payment.

- Know the total taxes and fees associated with the lease.

- Be aware of the cash down or cap cost reduction on the lease.

2. Drive Off Fees:

- Don't put down a large amount of money upfront.

- Redesign your lease to avoid large cash payments.

3. Advertised Prices:

- Be cautious of ads that show the most expensive model for the price of a base model.

- Remember that prices may not include taxes or drive off fees.

4. Ad Cars:

- Be aware that ad cars are often limited in number and may not be available for purchase.

- Expect to see a more expensive car when you get to the dealership.

5. Incentives:

- Don't be misled by incentives that you may not qualify for.

- Make sure to check if you meet the criteria for any advertised incentives.

When buying a car, it's important to read the fine print and understand the details of any advertised deals. By following these top five ways to avoid being misled, you can make an informed decision and avoid any surprises during the car buying process.

1950s Studebaker Automobile Commericals Ad Car

Craftsmanship with a Flair: The Big News Studebaker

Music lovers and car enthusiasts rejoice! Studebaker has a big new concept in automobiles that is sure to turn heads and satisfy the need for luxury at an affordable price. From the standout car in the low price field to the most exciting new cars of the year, Studebaker brings you the best in craftsmanship with a flair.


- The big new Studebaker President V8 is a car to dream about, with its look of sculptured steel and luxury you can afford.

- The interior boasts matching two-tone colors in washable vinyl fabrics and an exclusive flight-style instrument panel.

- Roominess means true comfort from any view you see, with the smart sweep of its lines bigger, longer, and wider for a bold, important look perfectly suited to modern tastes.

- The Golden Hawk, star of Studebaker's fabulous new sports car series, is a pacesetter for style and performance, combining sports car styling and performance with family size big car convenience.

- Studebaker also offers three magnificent new Presidents, three big new Commanders, three handsome new Champions, three big roomy station wagons, and four sensational new Studebaker Hawks.


- Studebaker is proud to be the safest car in America, with features like suspension systems built for comfort and safety, good and tight steering, and more brake lining per pound than the competition for safe, sure stops.

- Studebaker also offers excellent visibility all around for added safety on the road.


- Studebaker dealers talk terms and prices that make it easy to buy, and with the best deal on the best new car in town, the Big News Studebaker is proving to be the most popular Studebaker ever built.

- ABC always buys certified, so don't forget to see the Big New Choice in the low price field at your Studebaker dealer.

Craftsmanship with a Flair: The Big News Studebaker is the perfect choice for music lovers and car enthusiasts alike, with luxury you can afford, safety features you can count on, and deals you can't pass up. Don't wait – head to your Studebaker dealer today and see for yourself why Studebaker is the standout car in the low price field.

If Car Commercials Were Honest - Honest Ads (BMW Ford Toyota Chevrolet Parody)

- Roger reminds viewers that they will eventually need to buy a car.

- He is a legally mandated middleman who resells cars for almost no profit.

- He admits he may try to screw customers over, but they can always go to another dealer.


- Cars cannot be bought online for a set price, customers must negotiate with dealers.

- Dealers spend every minute getting better at negotiating, so customers should be prepared.

- Dealerships make money from selling broken cars and their service department.

- Customers will drive on busy, crumbling roads after learning to drive from someone almost qualified to teach high school gym.

- Buying a muscle car won't fix anyone's penis.

- Roger urges viewers to come to his dealership and make a purchase.

- He thanks viewers for watching and asks for any ideas to be put in the comments.

- The video is acted by someone playing the character of Roger.

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads - Step By Step Training

Hey everyone, welcome to today's video training! My name is Alex Litvinchak, CEO of Dealer Pro Academy. In today's video, I want to introduce you to Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads, also known as AIA. This training will give you an overview of why AIA is one of the most powerful tools in the market for digital advertising.

Here's what we'll cover in today's video:

1. What is Automotive Inventory Ads and how it works

2. The evolution of AIA and how it started

3. Why AIA is one of the most powerful in-market systems Facebook has ever built

4. How to take full advantage of AIA and crash it with these ads

What is Automotive Inventory Ads? AIA is a type of ad concept that optimizes for people who are in the market for a vehicle. It takes relevant signals from Facebook and shows your

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