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Revamp Your Dropship Store with Shopify Theme

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- Choosing a suitable Shopify theme for dropshipping can be difficult and time-consuming

- Today we will discuss the top 5 Shopify themes for dropshipping in 2022

Number 5: Debutify

- One of the best and most used Shopify themes

- Easy to install and use without coding skills

- Generates sales from website traffic

- Mobile responsive and has a low load time

- Comes with free features like a currency converter and product sliders

Number 4: Motion

- Simple and modern theme with a minimal design

- Personalizable and recommended for clothing and accessories, health and beauty, and home and garden businesses

- Provides cart and checkout options, merchandising, and product discovery

- Includes marketing and conversion options like blogs and customizable contact forms

- Completely customizable and fast

Number 3: Turbo

- Premium theme preferred by Shopify Plus merchants

- Great for dropshipping businesses

- Features fast speed, high impact visuals, and customizability

- Offers features like smart page reloading and predictive search

- Great for increasing sales and website reach

Number 2: Booster

- Easy to use presets for dropshipping businesses dealing with fashion, kitchens, pets, jewelry, bicycles, home, coffee, etc.

- 1-click installation and user-friendly interface

- Great marketing features like Lookbook and geo-personalization

- Hyper-fast loading time and clean design

- Inbuilt conversions and geo-personalized content for increased conversions

Number 1: The Dropship Theme

- Specifically built for dropshipping stores and websites

- Fastest conversion theme with a loading time of 992ms

- Focuses on data-driven features to generate sales

- Basic features like modular home page and full customization

- Latest version includes modern themes and scarcity elements

- Each of these Shopify themes has unique features and benefits for dropshipping businesses

- It's important to choose a theme that fits your business needs and goals

- Check out the description for more information on these themes and don't forget to like, comment, and share!

What's The Best Highest Converting Shopify Theme? (Shopify Dropshipping & More) 2022

In this video, the speaker talks about the best high-converting Shopify themes. He explains that there is no single best theme for everyone and that it depends on individual store needs. The speaker also reviews popular themes that claim to be high-converting and provides recommendations for good themes.

Themes that claim to be high-converting:

The speaker reviews popular themes like Beautify, Booster, and Optimize that claim to be high-converting. After reviewing hundreds of stores, the speaker concludes that these themes are not as high-converting as they claim to be. They have many useless features like fake scarcity, fake urgency with countdown timers, and shaking at the carts that do not work in 2021.


Debutify is a popular theme that many people use because of the recommendation of drop shipping guru channels. However, the speaker points out that Debutify makes you pay for simple features like showing delivery time on product pages, FAQ tabs, or color swatches. The starter plan costs $19 a month, which is a rip-off. The speaker does not recommend Debutify as it does not provide great results for many users.

Customization and optimization:

The speaker emphasizes that the theme does not matter as much as customization and optimization. He recommends using the simple free Debut theme that comes with Shopify, which is not optimized by default but can be optimized with a lot of work. The speaker uses a custom-built theme that has been optimized page by page to convert customers as best as possible. The average conversion rate for this theme is between 4 to 9 percent.

Recommended themes:

The speaker recommends Turbo, Out of the Sandbox, Prestige, Motion, and District themes. He explains that these themes are made by great developers, are fast, light on code, and can easily be optimized for conversion rates.

The speaker concludes that there is no single best high-converting Shopify theme. It all depends on individual store needs and how well the theme is customized and optimized. The speaker encourages people to watch his videos and use tools like Lucky Orange or Hotjar to better understand customer behavior and improve their store and theme.

5 Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping 2023 (HUGE UPDATE!)

In this article, we will be discussing the top five themes that you should be using in your Shopify Drop Shipping Store to increase your sales in 2023. Having the right female layout for your store is crucial. Let me show you why.

1. The Sense Theme:

- This theme is free and is available on the Shopify theme store.

- A clean and brandable store is essential for success in Shopify Drop Shipping.

- Having clean collection pages can increase your average order value.

- The product page is easy to navigate and has a clean layout.

2. The Debutify Theme:

- Debutify is a paid theme but has a free option to try.

- It has a professional look and is perfect for mobile websites.

- The bounce rate on Debutify stores is much lower because of its professional look.

- It has an option to automatically change the price for different countries.

- Customer support is great for Debutify.

3. The Refresh Theme:

- Refresh is super clean and brandable.

- It is perfect for health and beauty products.

- It has a bold and eye-catching design.

- It has many layouts and sections that you can edit.

4. The Solo Drop Theme:

- The Solo Drop theme is perfect for one product stores.

- It has ink cart discounts and is optimized for one product stores.

- It is a paid theme but worth the investment.

5. The Page Fly App:

- Page Fly is an app that allows you to custom make landing pages.

- It is available in the Shopify App Store.

- It is perfect for advanced users and those with a product they believe in.

- It is not a free option and requires editing your own images.

Using the right theme for your Shopify Drop Shipping store is crucial for success. The top five themes we discussed in this article are the Sense Theme, Debutify Theme, Refresh Theme, Solo Drop Theme, and Page Fly App. Each one has its pros and cons, so choose the one that fits your store's needs the most. Don't be afraid to invest in a paid theme or app if you believe it will help increase your sales.

I Turned a FREE Shopify Theme into a General Dropshipping Store!

In today's video, we are turning Shopify's free theme refresh into a general dropshipping store. One big reason why general stores lose conversions is because customers coming from social media platforms such as TikTok can't find the product that they saw in a video. This redesign aims to take out the overwhelm and drive conversions by focusing on organizing and highlighting the products that customers are looking for.

- Turning Shopify's free theme refresh into a general dropshipping store

- Issue with general stores losing conversions due to disorganization

- Redesign aims to organize and highlight products for better customer experience

Setting up the Products:

- Use lists to add products through the import app

- Organize products into categories

- Create a viral category to showcase trending products

- Rename product titles, edit descriptions, and variants for better appeal

Customizing the Theme:

- Adjust colors, checkout colors, and font to match logo

- Customize the homepage by removing unnecessary sections and using featured collections

- Edit the collection page and products page for better appeal

- Organizing and highlighting products is crucial for a successful general store

- Redesigning the Shopify theme refresh can improve customer experience and drive conversions

10 Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping (2022)

If you are looking to create an online store, Shopify is a great platform to consider. With its user-friendly interface and customizable themes, you can easily create a professional-looking online store in no time. However, with so many themes available in the Shopify Theme Store, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your business. In this article, we will be looking at some of the top-rated Shopify themes in the Shopify Theme Store and their features.

Top Shopify Themes:

1. Minimal

- Cost: $80

- Features: Minimalist design, responsive, customizable homepage, product pages, and navigation

- Suitable for: Businesses with a focus on simplicity and elegance

2. Debutify

- Cost: Free (with paid add-ons)

- Features: Conversion-optimized design, product page builder, custom checkout, upsell and cross-sell options

- Suitable for: Businesses looking to boost their sales and conversion rates

3. Cart Maximizers

- Cost: $50

- Features: Mobile-friendly design, customizable homepage, product pages, and checkout, built-in upsell and cross-sell options

- Suitable for: Businesses with a focus on mobile commerce and increasing average order value

4. Starter Debutify

- Cost: $10

- Features: A simplified version of Debutify, customizable homepage, product pages, and checkout, built-in social proof and trust badges

- Suitable for: Businesses on a budget looking for a conversion-optimized theme

5. Trustpilot

- Cost: $95

- Features: Trusted reviews integration, customizable homepage, product pages, and checkout, built-in trust badges and seals

- Suitable for: Businesses looking to build trust and credibility with their customers

6. Handy

- Cost: $180

- Features: User-friendly design, customizable homepage, product pages, and navigation, built-in product filtering and sorting options

- Suitable for: Businesses with a large inventory and a focus on ease of navigation for their customers

7. Ella

- Cost: $89

- Features: Multi-purpose design, customizable homepage, product pages, and navigation, built-in product labels and badges

- Suitable for: Businesses looking for a versatile theme that can adapt to different industries and product types

8. Wokiee

- Cost: $99

- Features: Mega-menu integration, Instagram feed integration, customizable homepage, product pages, and checkout

- Suitable for: Businesses with a focus on visual appeal and social media marketing

9. Turbo

- Cost: $350

- Features: Speed-optimized design, customizable homepage, product pages, and checkout, built-in advanced filtering and search options

- Suitable for: Businesses with a large inventory and a focus on speed and performance

Choosing the right Shopify theme can make a big difference in the success of your online store. Whether you are looking for a minimalist design, conversion-optimized features, or social media integration, there is a theme in the Shopify Theme Store that can meet your needs. Consider the features and pricing of each theme before making a decision, and don't be afraid to experiment with different themes until you find the perfect fit for your business.

Turning Shopify Sense Theme into a One Product Theme for Dropshippers

I. Installation and Set Up

- Install Sense from Shopify dashboard

- Walkthrough of settings and cheat sheet provided

- Customization of colors, checkout, and typography

II. Homepage Sections

- Adding main product photo and buy now button

- Removing featured collection block and adding multi-column block for product features

- Adding review section with star rating image and erasing button

- Adding video section with cover image and erasing heading

- Adding featured product section with rich text banner

- Removing collage section and collection list

- Adding collapsible content for frequently asked questions or store information

- Adding contact form section

- Adding social media icons to footer

- Removing menu from header and uploading logo

The Best Shopify Themes for Your Online Store in 2022

In today's video, the speaker discusses Shopify's latest release of five new free themes and 65 updated paid themes that work with online store 2.0 features. The speaker showcases some of the incredible Shopify themes available and discusses which ones are right for different businesses.

- Shopify has rolled out new themes for its online store 2.0 features

- Speaker showcases some of the best Shopify themes available

- Discusses which themes are right for different types of businesses

What is a Theme?

- Themes define what your online store will look like

- They also define the functionality of your store

- Shopify offers both free and premium themes

Advantages of Shopify Themes:

- Shopify themes come with built-in features

- Themes are easy to edit without touching any code

- Shopify themes are fast and responsive

- Themes are highly accessible by design

- Shopify offers excellent support for their themes

Choosing the Right Shopify Theme:

- Different themes are better suited for different types of businesses

- Free themes are great for businesses just starting out

- Premium themes offer more control and customization options

Themes for Apparel Businesses:

- Dawn, Symmetry, and Focal are great themes for apparel businesses

Themes for Food and Beverage Businesses:

- Crave, Fresh, Foodie, and Taste are great themes for food and beverage businesses

Themes for Health and Beauty Businesses:

- Sense, Venue, and Blockshop are great themes for health and beauty businesses

- Shopify offers a wide variety of themes to choose from

- Choosing the

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