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Revamp Your Online Store with HubBox Shopify Integration

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hub Box is a unique solution to the problem of misdeliveries, which has become a common issue in the online shopping industry. It is a universal box that collects parcels from any delivery company and dispatches them to local collection points, making it convenient for online shoppers to collect their orders.

Features of Hub Box:

- Partnering with independent shops to provide online shoppers with local and convenient parcel clicking collect points.

- The shopper can use Hub Box with any online retailer, big or small.

- The parcel is dispatched to the chosen local collection point.

- The parcel can arrive from any delivery company.

- Easy-to-use collect point app for signing for the parcel.

- Check the label for the customer's name and Hub Box ID.

- Add parcel and type in the six or seven-digit Hub Box ID.

- On rare occasions, click Add by photo and take a picture of the label.

- Ask the customer for their collection code and enter the number they give you.

- If the code is authorized, you'll see the screen.

- If the customer does not have their collection code, ask to see some ID.

- Hub Box takes care of all payments online, so you never have to worry about handling any cash from the customer.

- Paying 50p for every parcel you collect plus £2 per month for each subscriber that signs up your shop.

- Signing up customers in-store via the app is free.

- Advertising all your products and services on their website.

Hub Box is an excellent way to drive lots of new customers into your shop and make some extra money. With its easy-to-use app and payment system, it is a great solution for online shoppers and independent shops alike. So why not become a Hub Box collect point today and enjoy the benefits of this innovative service?

Watch how Access Hospitality’s technology is making a real difference to the Hubbox team

Ground of Hotbox is a restaurant chain that started in St. Ives in 2003. They specialize in casual dining and great hospitality. They have expanded rapidly and plan to have 21 sites by 2021. When they needed new systems, they turned to Access EPOS for help.

System Improvements:

- Before Access EPOS, the restaurant relied on manual processes.

- Access EPOS provided real-time data through Access Doc Link.

- Access Stock Link gave precise numbers for ordering and inventory.

- Access EPOS helped increase gross profit by 5%.

- Access Procure helped with better buying and stock management.

- Access Workspace will bring everything together into one login for easier management.

Ground of Hotbox has seen significant improvements in their systems and profits since working with Access EPOS. The support from Access EPOS has been exceptional, and they are excited about the future with Access Workspace.

How to set up local pickup || Shopify Help Center

Offering local pickup is a great way to make it easier for customers to get their online orders. In this article, we will go over how to set up local pickup in your Shopify admin.

Steps to set up local pickup:

1. Check eligibility requirements

2. Confirm location names and addresses

3. Check fulfillment settings

4. Check inventory levels

5. Disable other pickup apps

6. Give staff access to Shopify admin or POS

7. Activate local pickup in Shopify admin

8. Set up pickup option for each location

9. Choose expected pickup times

10. Add pickup instructions for customers

11. Save and make adjustments as needed

Setting up local pickup in your Shopify store is easy and can greatly improve the customer experience. By following these simple steps, you can offer a convenient pickup option for your customers. For more information, visit help.shopify.com.

HubBox Brings Grocery Shopping Online

Hotbox Grocery: An Online Solution for Busy Households

- Interview with Mr. Andre Leung, Managing Director of Hotbox Grocery

- Hotbox Grocery is an online grocery store catering to the needs of busy households

- Provides convenience and saves time for customers

How it Works:

- Customers log onto the website and choose from a selection of groceries

- Offers pre-made grocery lists or customers can create their own

- Checkout with credit card information and groceries are delivered in two days

Geographic Coverage:

- Hotbox Grocery caters to Trinidad and Tobago

- Covers all metro areas and city centers

Quality Control:

- Sources products from local suppliers

- Products are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse

- Packaging is carefully done to ensure products are not damaged during delivery


- Positive feedback from customers

- Busy individuals and Generation Y are the target market

- Mobile optimization and app available for easy ordering


- Prices are comparable to traditional brick and mortar stores

- Prices may drop as more people buy from Hotbox Grocery

Future Plans:

- Hope to continue providing convenience and time-saving solutions for customers

- Goal is to have majority of the population using Hotbox Grocery

- Hotbox Grocery is a solution for busy households looking to save time

- Provides convenience, quality products, and comparable pricing

- Future plans include expanding and continuing to provide excellent service.


- In this video, the speaker apologizes for the lack of content on their channel and explains that they will be discussing a specific place called Hub Box.

- The speaker also mentions that they will talk more about themselves in future videos.

Hub Box:

- Hub Box is a holiday spot in Penzance that offers vegan and non-vegan food options.

- The speaker recommends the pulled pork hotdog and mentions that they have photos to show the prices and menu.

- The speaker thanks their subscribers for sticking with them and promises to discuss more personal topics in the future.

Exeter’s new Hubbox restaurant - here’s a sneak peek ahead of their opening tonight

Abbey Bray and Matt, the manager of Hub Box in Exeter City Centre, are at the opening of their new location on Catherine Street. Matt gives a quick tour of the restaurant and talks about the new menu.


- Hub Box has moved from their previous location on Sidwell Street.

- The new location has a larger premises with two floors and an outdoor terrace.

- The menu includes dirty burgers, fries, and vegetables cooked over charcoal on a new ox grille.

- Hub Box also offers cocktails, beers, and milkshakes.

- The restaurant opens at 8:30 am for breakfast and closes between 9 and 10 pm on weekdays, with later hours on weekends.

- Hub Box prides itself on cooking everything from scratch and accommodating dietary restrictions, such as dairy-free options.

- The new location is wheelchair accessible.

Overall, Hub Box's new location on Catherine Street offers a larger space and expanded menu for customers to enjoy. With a commitment to quality ingredients and scratch cooking, Hub Box stands out among other burger restaurants in Exeter.

Clover Shopify Integration for Multi Location POS Inventory Sync

- In this demonstration, we will learn how to sync multiple locations for Clover retail outlets to multiple location shop buy stores in Clover.


1. Click on your locations to access the dashboard.

2. Locate the locations listed - Portland, Seattle, New York, and the main warehouse.

3. Go to Shopify and locate the main warehouse, Portland, New York, and Seattle locations.

4. Click on 'Start a free trial' to begin syncing.

5. Log in to your account and create actions for operations such as product and inventory sync.

6. Create products from one location only and update inventory levels.

7. Configure the actions by setting a time stamp and identifying location IDs.

8. Create a task to schedule actions every five minutes or by the hour.

9. Check Shopify to see if products and inventory levels have been updated.

- ESync makes it easy to connect multiple stores within minutes and streamline operations for your retail business.

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