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Revamp Your Shopify Emails with Stylish Templates

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey everyone, it's Jamie from Shopify Masterclass and today we're going to discuss how to edit email templates in Shopify. These are automatic email notifications that are sent out based on pre-existing conditions such as order confirmation emails. Let's dive into it!

Steps to Edit Email Templates in Shopify:

1. Navigate to your Shopify admin and click on settings at the bottom left.

2. Scroll down to notifications where all email template notifications are organized.

3. Click on the overall customization setting to add your logo and change the accent color of your email templates.

4. To edit individual templates, click on each notification and edit the language, HTML, and styling based on different conditions.

5. Use Liquid variables to personalize your emails and make them stand out.

6. Don't forget to save your changes and revert to the default if needed.

7. Consider using Orderly Emails, a free app that allows you to easily edit email notifications to match your brand.

Additional Tips:

- Consider hiring a freelancer on Fiverr to create custom email templates for your business.

- Use ProfitCalc, a one-click profit calculator available on the Shopify app store, to understand how your business is performing in real-time.

Editing email templates in Shopify is easy and customizable with a few simple steps. Personalize your emails using Liquid variables and consider using Orderly Emails or hiring a freelancer to create custom templates. Don't forget to use ProfitCalc to keep track of your business's performance. Thanks for watching, and let us know if you have any questions!

How to Customize Shopify Email Notifications | Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

Shopify Emails: Why They Suck and How to Customize Them

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that offers basic email templates for customers. However, these templates are limited in customization options and lack personality. In this article, we will discuss why customized emails are important and how to create them using a hack that doesn't require coding.

Why Customized Emails Matter:

1. The only time you interact with your customer is through email.

2. Customized emails help guide customers and show them you value their business.

3. Shopify's email templates are basic, robotic, and confusing to edit.

4. Customized emails with personality and brand voice create a better customer experience.

The Hack: Clavio

1. Go to Clavio's email templates and create a template.

2. Use their drag and drop features to customize your email.

3. Export the code and paste it into Shopify's email template editor.

4. Preview and edit your email to remove Clavio branding and add personal touches.

5. Use Clavio for other email templates in your customer's journey.

What to Include in Customized Emails:

1. Order confirmation: include basic information, social links, and a call to join your community.

2. Shipping confirmation: include expected delivery dates and updates from shipping providers.

3. Delivery confirmation: offer assistance for damaged or unsatisfactory products and invite customers to join your community.

Customized emails are an important aspect of creating a better customer experience. By using Clavio's drag and drop features, you can create emails that are on-brand and personalized without any coding knowledge. Remember to include basic information, social links, and an invitation to join your community. With customized emails, you can turn one-time customers into lifelong fans.

How To Customize 'Order Confirmation' Email On Shopify

Are you a Shopify store owner looking to customize your order confirmation email and other notifications? Look no further, because in this article, we will guide you through the process step by step.


1. Go to your Shopify store account and click on settings.

2. Click on notifications to see all the types of email and SMS notifications that you can manipulate.

3. Choose the order confirmation email and change the verbiage or copy of that particular email to suit your brand.

4. Scroll down to find other text within the email that you can manipulate to make it sound better.

5. Consider changing the subject line to make it more creative and attractive to your customers.

6. Click on the save button before moving on to anything else.

7. Use the customize button to see a preview of the email and make additional changes.

8. Add your logo, change the width of the logo, and change the accent color to make it more cohesive with your brand.

9. Go through all the email templates and customize them to fit your brand.

Customizing your Shopify store's order confirmation email and other notifications is an essential step in making your brand stand out and building customer loyalty. By following these simple steps, you can easily manipulate the email and SMS notifications to make them more creative and attractive to your customers. Don't forget to hit the save button and explore all the email templates to customize them to fit your brand.

How to Design An Effective Email Template With Klaviyo and Canva For Your Shopify Store

In this video, Shaun from Email Experts shares a master template for designing effective emails using Klaviyo and Canva. He explains that this design is used by many big brands, and it can be customized for various purposes. Shaun walks through the process of building an email using this template and provides tips for creating engaging content.

Main Points:

- The basic email design consists of a hero image, text, and a call-to-action button.

- Many big brands, including Nike, Apple, and Disney, use this design for their email campaigns.

- It's important to keep the top of the email simple and focused on a single purpose, as too much information can reduce click-through rates.

- The hero image can be customized using Canva, and the email can be built using Klaviyo.

- Shaun walks through the process of designing the hero image in Canva, adding it to the email in Klaviyo, and customizing the text and call-to-action button.

- The final email design includes a header nav, hero image, text block, call-to-action button, and footer.

- This design can be used for various purposes, such as product launches, sales, promotions, and content education.

Shaun's master email template provides a simple and effective design that can be customized for various purposes. By keeping the top of the email focused on a single purpose, brands can increase click-through rates and engage customers. Using Klaviyo and Canva, anyone can create amazing emails in just 10 minutes.

Customize Shopify’s default email templates using Klaviyo | Screencast Tutorial

Beef Brody from Tactical Baby Gear asked if it's possible to send all regular Shopify emails through Klaviyo and turn off Shopify's default emails. The answer is yes, but it adds complexity. However, Klaviyo has a feature where you can generate copy and paste templates for Shopify notification emails.

Steps to Customize Shopify Notification Emails Using Klaviyo:

1. Search for Shopify templates in Klaviyo

2. Create a new template using the classic editor

3. Add an image and adjust the styles to match your brand

4. Save the block and set the font and links

5. Export the HTML code and paste it into Shopify's notification settings

6. Preview and send a test email to ensure consistency

Benefits of Using Klaviyo for Shopify Notification Emails:

- Achieve brand consistency

- More customization options

- Templates match newsletters and flows

Customizing Shopify notification emails using Klaviyo is a straightforward process that can improve brand consistency and provide more customization options. By generating copy and paste templates, you can ensure consistency across all email communications. Have fun playing with the features, but don't make yourself too crazy!

Customize Your Email Notifications: How to Customize Your Shopify Email Notifications

In this article, Jamie from Shopify Masterclass discusses the importance of customizing your Shopify email notifications to match your brand. These emails, including shipping confirmations, order confirmations, and refund confirmations, are the most opened by customers and provide a crucial opportunity to engage with them.

To customize your Shopify email notifications, you can go to your Shopify dashboard, click on settings, then notifications. From there, you can see a list of emails that can be customized. Basic customization options include editing the text and changing colors, but if you want more advanced customization, Jamie recommends using an email template builder like Orderly Emails.

Orderly Emails is available in the Shopify app store and offers pre-built themes that can be customized to match your brand. You can use the magic designer to import your logo, font size, and colors from your website. You can also customize the layout of your emails by adding new sections, images, and recommended products.

Once you finish customizing your email template, you can purchase it and copy and paste the liquid template into your Shopify email notification section. Customizing your Shopify email notifications is a paid option, but Jamie believes it is well worth the cost as it can help nurture your customer relationship and increase sales.

In conclusion, customizing your Shopify email notifications is crucial to match your brand and engage with customers. Using an email template builder like Orderly Emails can make the process easier and provide more advanced customization options. These emails are the most opened by customers, so it's essential to make sure they represent your brand and show your customers that you care about their relationship with your store.

Customize your Shopify Email Notifications

In this video tutorial, Alma Kin from Curious Themes Web Development Studio in Nashville, Tennessee shows how to customize order notifications in Shopify. She recommends using an app called Klaviyo, which offers free templates that connect directly with Shopify. Alma shows how to create a custom email template in Klaviyo and how to export the code to Shopify. She also demonstrates how to customize the template in Shopify and includes tips for adding branding, images, and text. Alma explains how to use curly brackets to include auto-populated data in the email and how to save blocks to reuse in future templates. She also shows how to stylize social media icons, split the shipping and billing addresses side by side, and add a horizontal rule. Alma concludes by showing how to add custom code to Shopify templates and previews the customized email templates in Shopify.

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