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Revolutionize Your Business with Ganesh Iyer's Shopify

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

- Greetings and background information on the speaker's experience in the IT and automotive industries.

- Brief overview of the company he represents, Neo.

Neo's Products:

- Formula E racing car program.

- EP9 supercar, the world's fastest electric vehicle.

- Neo Eve, a concept vehicle demonstrating the future of autonomous driving.

- ES8 and ES6, two consumer vehicles available in China.

- Neo's growth from a startup to a global public company in just four years.

Disrupting the Automotive Industry:

- The evolution of the computer, mobile, and software industries, and how they have gone through major disruptions.

- The current state of the automotive industry and how it is time for disruption.

- The difficulty traditional automakers face in transitioning to the autonomous vehicle paradigm.

- How Neo's approach to building autonomous vehicles is centered around autonomy as the core innovation, with the vehicle built around it to create the best user experience.

- The future of the automotive industry is centered around the user experience.

- Autonomous vehicles will become our digital companions, providing productive, peaceful,

Fashion Innovation For The Consumer Using Technologies | @FASHINNOVATION Global Talks | @Stylumia

jump in on this question?

Sandra: I think it's important to also consider the consumer perspective in terms of sustainability. Consumers are becoming more aware and conscious of the impact of their purchases on the environment, and they're starting to demand more sustainable options. So, I think it's not just about changing business models, but also changing consumer behavior and educating them on the importance of sustainability.

Emily: I agree with Sandra. It's not just about what businesses are doing, but also about how consumers are thinking and acting. And I think businesses have a responsibility to educate and inform their customers about sustainability and the impact of their purchases.


What stops you winning more new business as a B2B

GDPR has been a topic of discussion for businesses since its implementation. The impact of GDPR on businesses and their ability to generate new business has been a concern for many.

Key issues with GDPR:

- It has hamstrung a number of businesses

- It has scuppered their efforts in generating new business

- One of the key factors is being able to communicate with people who want to hear from you

- Spamming waste is completely unnecessary

- Companies need to be laser focused and targeted in being able to communicate with their prospects

Identifying target markets:

- The key is to identify the segmentation

- Listen and identify male, female, young, old, position in the companies, etc.

- Go down the APM route to identify people at the right level at the right time

- Match up the people within your company that can go and speak to them

Understanding the data:

- The key thing is about understanding the data that you're using

- Correlate that data to the prospective customers that you can sell to

Benefits of GDPR:

- Understanding GDPR and data has helped businesses focus on what they were doing or not doing

- Businesses need to understand the data that they have and use it to their advantage

Businesses need to be more careful in terms of what they do and don't do when it comes to GDPR. It's important to identify target markets and understand the data that you have to be able to communicate with prospects effectively. Understanding GDPR and data can ultimately expand businesses' access and exposure to new audiences.

AcousticSelling - Winning in the New Age of B2B Sales Technology - Theme 2 - Recap

- Kevin Asher, president and founder of Acoustics Selling, is facilitating a panel on winning in the new age of B2B sales technology.

- The panel is discussing how sales have responded to the latest challenges in the buyer-seller interaction, including changes in buyer expectations and market dynamics.

Theme 1: Changes in Buyer-Seller Interaction

- Buyers now expect sellers to provide meaningful value beyond what they can read themselves.

- The old definition of a relationship based on personal connection has shifted to focus on business value and camaraderie.

- Adaptability and perseverance are key for sales reps to succeed in the changing market.

Theme 2: Seeing the Big Picture

- Sales reps need to have industry mastery and be committed to success.

- The use of technology to provide customer-focused, meaningful engagements is crucial.

- Reps need to understand how their approach to solutions and services can help buyers achieve their goals faster, cheaper, or easier than other options.

What Business Leaders and Sales Can Do Today

- Use technology to effectively and efficiently share information and keep everyone aligned.

- Encourage reps to see the big picture and understand their role in the company's success.

- Tap into different motivations on sales teams to move forward together.

Next Theme: Coaching

- The panel will discuss how to continue improving sales in the new age of B2B sales technology through coaching.

- Sales have changed, and it's important for reps to adapt and persevere to succeed.

- Personal connections are still important, but buyers now expect meaningful business value.

- Technology and a focus on the big picture can help sales teams succeed in the changing market.

3 Major Keys To Winning New Clients For Your B2B Cybersecurity Business [2020]

The cyber security space is similar to the early days of SEO, where people knew they needed it but couldn't see the full benefit. Simplifying the message and empathizing with customers are crucial in B2B sales.

1. Simplify the message:

- Use similes and metaphors to break down abstract concepts

- Avoid technical jargon and focus on the benefits of your product/service

2. Train and invest in your sales team:

- Sales reps should empathize with customers and know their problems

- Technical concepts should be explained from the prospect's point of view

- Dynamic writing style is key for cold email and script writing

3. Be proactive:

- Don't rely solely on word of mouth or inbound marketing

- Always be prospecting and looking for problems to solve

- Adopt a consultant mindset instead of a sales professional mindset

By simplifying the message, training the sales team, and being proactive, B2B companies can succeed in the cyber security space and beyond. It's all about understanding the customer's needs and solving their problems.

B2B Product Marketing 2.0 By Olivier Thierry : Product Leadership Webinar Series

Good evening and welcome to another session of the Executive Webinar Series. This initiative is part of our knowledge-sharing efforts, where we bring in senior executives, leaders, and subject matter experts from around the globe to share their experiences and insights on various topics. For those new to our organization, we are the Institute for Product Leadership, specializing in executive education on product leadership, product marketing, data science, and more. We have had the pleasure of working with many companies and universities, and our flagship program is the Executive MBA (EMB). We also offer online skill bootcamps and a five-month certification product management program called ICBM.

Tonight's topic is on how technology is exploding the role and impact of B2B product marketers. The world we live in has seen tremendous change, especially since the rise of the internet and digital world. We need to find new ways to cut through the noise and find in-the-moment buyers with relevant, relatable content. In this context, we will focus on the go-to-market and sales enablement segments of the adaptive productizing process framework.

Buyers have changed, and so must our marketing strategies. We are evolving from traditional lead-based marketing to account-based marketing, where we personalize content

AcousticSelling - Winning in the New Age of B2B Sales Technology - Theme 4 - Recap

In the world of B2B sales, technology has become an integral part of the sales process. In this article, we will discuss the role of technology in creating a modernized sales team.

Key Point #1:

Technology has made prospecting easier and more productive. Tools like discover org and sales navigator are rising to prominence among sales teams.

Key Point #2:

While technology has many benefits, it can also lead to distraction and tool burnout among sales reps. Sales managers must find the right balance of tools to keep their team efficient and focused.

Key Point #3:

Performance management and employee retention are crucial conversations in sales. Technology allows sales teams to measure performance and identify the behaviors that lead to positive sales outcomes.

Key Point #4:

New opportunities are the easiest aspect of sales to automate, but technology is touching all parts of the sales cycle, from STRs to customer success and renewal.

Key Point #5:

Specialized knowledge is required for larger transactions and committee-based buying. Purpose-built sales tools like black or basecamp can help coordinate sales teams and keep everyone on the same page.

Technology has revolutionized B2B sales, but it's important for sales managers to find the right balance of tools to keep their team efficient and focused. The benefits of technology in sales are numerous, but it requires a strategic approach to fully realize its potential.

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