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ring ads

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

Ring Ads Live Stream Jan 14th, 2021

hello, welcome to january 14th uh ring ads live stream. welcome to uh, january 14, 2021. i should say we are in the new year and we're halfway through the month of the new year, just like that. just like that. so, um, not sure what's going on with facebook's uh live streaming, but we are streaming in multiple places, um, so there's redundancy, if you will, uh, including the recordings uh that are always updated, and i've automated a lot of those processes as well so that they're inside the ring ad software. so if, at any time, you have any difficulty accessing a live stream, including this one or maybe past ones- i'm notiking some issues, at least on my end- could be because facebook's down um could be a number of different things or reasons as to why that's happened or happening, but there are redundancies in place, like i said, where you can access those uh inside the ring ad software, so all the replays you'll be able to access and it looks like we're still able to live stream. so i don't think our ability to live stream has been compromised. i'm going into the group now, into the group we're in right now, just to confirm that. make sure. if you want to, if you want to comment, let me know that you can hear me, okay, uh, and see me. okay, that would be helpful, uh, as well, just so that i know that everybody can hear me and see me. let's see where's the live stream at. let me hit a refresh button here. let's see what we got. okay, not seeing a live stream? that's interesting. so maybe there is an issue interesting, uh, we should be streaming at least on, uh, our page as well. let me check that. so we're streaming on the ring ads page. we're also streaming on youtube. so let's see if those come up here. let's see, let's see, let's see. doesn't look to be. nope, it's not coming up on the on the facebook page. okay, let's check. um, i think we're also streaming this partikular thing, uh, this partikular stream in the ring ads mentorship. let's check there. it's not there either. okay, and last check, we're going to look at, uh, youtube. so let's go to youtube real quick. oh, let me spell it right first. there we go, and i might have to switch accounts. yep, real quick. so i don't think anybody's actually going to be able to hear me, except for those that have tuned in on youtube. interesting, i might have to fix that here in just a second, let's go to channel. let's take a look at our channel, see if it shows up there. yep, shows up, okay, so that's interesting. um, live now does show there. click on that. yep, all right, cool, so that is, uh, that is active. so what i'm going to do is i'm going to grab the youtube live stream link and i'm going to come into the facebook group, where some of you are probably still waiting, because it's five minutes in looks like facebook is having issues with your live streams, not streaming and for showing. good news is: uh, you can find live stream. this is for you guys. right now, you can find the live stream here on youtube as well. there, we go, all right. so i'll paste that link in and, uh, that way, you guys have access to the live stream through youtube, because i know some of you are wanting to come in here and ask some questions. totally understand, i want you to be able to do that. uh, and we have backups. even if, uh, if that went down, we still have backups. so, no issues, just, uh, interesting that everything just started not showing up all of a sudden, very weird. but, uh, we've got backups on backups. that's the whole, uh, whole reason here. all right, um, man, what i'm going to do is i'm going to- let's see. all right, so that's posted. we should have people showing up there, let me. uh, there's the live stream. let's see if i can get the comment section going. oh yeah, comments should show up in um. well, there's some kind of an internal error with those. yeah, some kind of an internal error with um, with facebook, so crazy. but uh, on twitter as well is working just fine. youtube is working just fine. i see we've got some people tuning in to into ring ads- now that's cool, uh. or, excuse me, into the youtube channel- now that's cool. happy to have you. let me know if you have any questions, um, if you need help with anything. one of the one of the lessons that should teach you guys, by the way, is is- and i was toking to the mentorship about this earlier because somebody had brought it to my attention over there as well- some of the live streams are showing over in the mentorship. uh, as they saw, 55 of them are showing out of uh 63, so that's not terrible. not sure why 55 or what's going on there, but seems like everything inside of the um, inside of the main group here and also in uh in the mentorship. a portion anyway of live streams is just not showing, says content not available. so it could be facebook servers, facebook's having issues, who knows? all i know is that they're not showing. but there are systems and processes in place and so i'd like to uh to cover that topic while i have you guys here, because it's uh, and feel free to, as you're tuning in to, if you have questions, ask away. okay, i'm going to paste, in matter of fact, the zoom link. let's see where's it at there it is. i'm going to paste in the zoom link. so if you have questions you want to ask live, you can still come into the zoom. we're still doing that, notike, that hasn't changed a bit, um, but i just posted that into the comment section so you should be able to see that um and uh and come in live and ask your questions. or if you want to ask in the comments section, i'll still be able to see that. thanks to restrain. so, yeah, there's some, there's some, some serious lessons here to learn, and several of them. so let's let's cover them. um and this. this will translate directly to how you're able to run and run well, your agency. okay, and i'll, i'll make the connections for you and everything, so that way we're all on the same page. but i definitely want to cover this because i feel like it's super important. so there are you're going to have problems- come up and uh, without trying to sound like, uh, rumsfeld or something you're gonna have, um, or was it? was it wrong? yeah, i think it was wrongful that said this: known unknowns and unknown unknowns- things that we don't know. instead of saying it like that, there are two main categories really of um, of things that uh, that will come up in your, in your experience, and as long as you focus on these two, then then you'll be solid. which, um, let's see. uh, i'll, i'll just read you the comment section from what i posted in the mentorship so that way you get the value from that as well. someone was asking about the videos not showing. are they migrated somewhere? and says: content not available. and another member says: which i love members helping out members, right, that's great, i see a lot of that in the mentorship as well- and uh. another member said, yep, they're in the back office under the training video section of the software, under the mentorship label, and all that. and then i wrote back: uh, that's weird, looks like i'm having difficulty accessing all the live streams, dating back to number 55.. that member is also correct. at the live stream, all streams have been backed up and are uploaded over in the ring ad software for redundancy and ease of access, and those processes are 99 automated. and then i write: uh, this let this be a lesson in the works for you, because whatever's causing this problem, it doesn't keep us from being able to deliver to you and if you use that lesson for when you're building your systems and processes out for your clients and agency. that said, i'm hoping just a temporary glitch or something because sessions were available not too long ago, okay, so i explained that someone writes back or the original member asked that question about the sessions not being able, uh, being available, right, this second insider facebook. um, thanks for the swift response. yes, i've realized that one key aspect of this business is being able to antikipate problems and solve them ahead of time, like you have with this one and and there's some other stuff. but that's the main thing is that you've been able to antikipate problems and solve the.


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[Music]. [Music]. my favorite time of year is almost here again, a time I love to share with family and friends. foreign, [Music], ers, [Music]. but this year, on Christmas, I'll be wearing [Music]. together, we will find the perfect Christmas tree- foreign comes, decorated beautifully, [Music]. then we'll walk in the wetter, Moonlight cuddle, close by a frozen stream, and the hand you'll be you'll be holding. we'll be wearing your ring [Music], just a little golden band that you placed upon my hand as a reminder of [Music], Road That Never Ends. there'll be one more chair around the table this year, [Music]. you'll be next to me when we bow our heads in prayer and as we count our many blessings, [Music]. I will whisper one more thing and thank God this Christmas that I'm wearing your wings. oh, I'll thank God this Christmas that I'm wearing.

ADRG/Weekly: Ads Games, Battlefield 2042 In-game Voice Chat, Elden Ring Patch, Dayz Patch and 2...

foreign [Music] podcast, your One-Stop shop for gaming news. our sponsor for this episode is Anchor. if you haven't heard about anchor by Spotify is the easiest way to make a podcast with everything you need all in one place. let me explain. anchor has a tool that allows you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer. when hosting on anchor, you can distribute your podcast on listening platforms like Spotify, Apple podcast and more. it's everything you need to make a podcast in one place and, best of all, anchor is totally free. download anchor app or go to anchorfm to get started. Microsoft is considering including ads in free-to-play games. according to a Business Insider report, the gaming studio of Microsoft has the potential to add ads to free games. the report states that Microsoft is trying to provide a new Revenue stream to developers creating free games for gaming platforms. according to the latest sources of details on the proposed plan, in-game advertising will not interfere with gameplay and may appear on structures such as in-game signs and product placements. sources also informed business insiders that Microsoft does not intend to take a cut of the advertising Revenue, but instead allows game developers and advertisers to share profits. the proposed move opens up a whole new source of revenue for developers, especially for smaller Studios that don't generate the level of revenue generated by large games like fortnite and Apex Legends. at the time of writing, it's unclear if Microsoft has already presented plans to advertisers, but sources say it's possible that ads will appear on the Microsoft platform as early as the third quarter of this year. moving on to Battlefield, the in-game voice chat is being added. this week, in EA's official patch notes for Battlefield 2042's major update 4.0, the publisher confirmed a new feature that players have been waiting for since the game launched in November. there's a slight downside, though. Battlefield 2042's VoIP only works when you're forming a party or Squad, so you can't automatikally communicate with your entire team. prior to this patch, voice chat with your team was only possible through a third-party app such as Discord, or through your console's built-in party system. luckily, the 4.0 update fixes that. while the addition of in-game voice chat is certainly the main title of the new update, there are a few other things included. however, it is not clear whether players will be interested to give the game another chance, since its recent players count fell below 1 000 on Steam. Eldon ring, on the other hand, is getting patch 1.04, which Buffs colossal swords and more. Elden ring patch 1.04 has arrived, buffing colossal swords and Magic. earlier this week, the new update for Eldon ring has buffed colossal swords and Magic attacks. the weapon attack speed and two-handed attack damage from colossal swords has been increased, while the recovery time after using the weapon has actually been reduced. another major change of note is actually an NPC Quest. this new update actually expands the quest line of Patches by adding in brand new events. furthermore, some magic attacks have seen significant Buffs. the likes of Crystal barrage grave of Hyma, shatter Earth, runny's Dark Moon and ranala's full moon have all seen their casting speed increased and their recovery time decreased. you can check out the full list of patch notes for the new Elden ring update over on the official Bandai Namco website. this is one of the biggest balance updates since the game launched earlier this year in February. speaking of hard games, DayZ patch adds new weapons, tweaks, controls and kickstarts of all purpose night event. the zombie franchise was once thought to be all but forgotten about, but the overall success of Dying Light 2 is seemingly keeping it alive. according to a recent post on The Dayz website, patch 1.17 has started rolling out for all platforms and features a number of changes. Firearms have been expanded and now include the CRF 550 Savannah, which is a powerful bolt action rifle, a .308 Longhorn pistol and ap19 millimeter. however, one of the more interesting thing about this update is it begins the vaval purgis night event, which runs between now and May 9th. it's based off a real Christian celebration that's designed to ward off witches and often features bonfires. with the event, the update brings the return of burning Stakes, a cauldron, a witch hat and other witch-based accouterments. patch 1.17 also comes with the ability to change the sensitivity of the controls, which includes moving, steering and aiming. there's also the implementation of an alternative control scheme, which allows players to adjust controls, but without affecting the existing scheme in any significant way. this could be changed further depending on user feedback. it is worth mentioning that Daisy is running a 40 sale on Steam as of posting this blog. the sale will end April 28th, so hurry up, grab your copy now. lastly, epic games: two free games for until April 28th are Amnesia rebirth and River Bond. so make sure you claim your copy. that will be it for this week's episode. hope to see you next week. [Music].

Ring Fit Adventure Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

[Nintendo Switch Snap]. [Rock rhythm starts]. [female narrator]. Embark on an adventure that'll keep you moving: Ring Fit Adventure. This is the Ring-Con accessory and the Leg Strap accessory. Insert a Joy-Con controller into each accessory and secure the Leg Strap around your left thigh. Hold the Ring-Con firmly in both hands and you're good to go. You'll use the Ring-Con by pressing, pulling and moving it all around. These will be your trusty tools throughout the adventure. Ring Fit Adventure is a fun experience, no matter your fitness level. You can change the exercise intensity to suit your ability. The adventure begins when a wicked bodybuilding dragon named Dragaux throws the world into chaos. The world needs your help, and there's a lot of it to save. To move forward, simply jog in place. You can go slowly or quickly. just keep moving at your own pace. Press in on the Ring-Con to create a blast of air in the game. If you aim it downwards, you can jump over obstacles. You can do knee-lifts to climb up stairs and you'll also paddle board up rivers, flap through the sky or roll ahead on surprising contraptions. Along the way, curious enemies will challenge you to Fit Battles. You and the enemy will take turns attacking. When it's your turn, you'll use exercise-based attacks called Fit Skills. There are over 40 different Fit Skills to earn Across four categories: red skills target your arms. yellow skills focus on your core. blue skills will work your legs and green skills are for Yoga moves. If you match the color of your Fit Skill with that of the enemy, your attacks will do extra damage. When it's the enemy's turn to attack, you'll focus on defense. Press the Ring-Con against your abs to create a shield. The harder you press, the lower the damage will be. Whether you're attacking or defending, you control the in-game actions with your body movement. Taking your time and putting in the effort is the key to victory. Defeating enemies and completing courses will earn you experience and help you level up your in-game character. This will improve your stats and may unlock new Fit Skills. You can also earn skill points during your adventure and use them to obtain even more Fit Skills. Strengthen your character to take on more powerful enemies. Items like coins and ingredients will be hidden throughout each course. Those ingredients can be mixed and matched to make in-game smoothies. Each recipe will have a different effect during battle, like restoring health or boosting your abilities. Each new area will have its own town with people to meet and things to do. You can redeem in-game currency for new outfits at shops. Listen to villagers' requests and try to fulfill them on missions. If you finish them, you can earn rewards such as items and in-game currency. This adventure will be quite a journey. If you play an average of thirty minutes per day, it may span several months. Making progress in your adventure every day could become a fun way to enjoy regular exercise. Need a break? Then try Quick Play, which offers up short bursts of exercise whether you're alone or taking turns in a group. Simple Mode is designed to train specific areas of the body. Here you'll try to do the specified move as many times as possible within 20 seconds. It may look easy, but that last five seconds is going to be a real challenge. Next, a mode where you'll aim for the high score: Minigames: Run, Climb, Fly through the air, Bust any and every crate or squeeze in some pottery. There are lots of games to choose from and lots of different ways to move your body. Each one is a great way to get a fun full-body exercise. You can also take on more traditional exercises in Sets. Basically, you'll choose sets of exercises themed around certain muscle groups like shoulders or lower body. There's also Custom, which lets you create your own workouts by choosing from various exercises included in the game. These modes are best in short bursts, so you can pass the Ring-Con around and take turns to compete with friends and family or try to beat your own high scores. There are many ways to play. If you connect to the internet, you can even compare scores with friends and other players from around the world. You can adjust the exercise intensity to suit your skill level so every player can enjoy the experience, no matter where they are in their fitness journey. While performing any physical activity, the player can watch on-screen guidance demonstrating proper form. At the end of each exercise, you can track your performance with some estimated stats like calories burned and pulse rate. This will help you make sure you're hitting your goals. Worried you'll make too much noise, Try Silent Mode. This mode will swap jogging in place with lighter knee bends. This way, you can keep your legs active without heavy impacts. Exercise at any time. with Multitask Mode, You can use the Ring-Con accessory to train off-screen. The game will track each press of the Ring-Con. The extra effort will earn you bonus experience to aid in your adventure. once reconnected with the game, [light-hearted game music], [coin sounds and game effects]: Fitness for everyone and adventures that keep you moving: Ring Fit Adventure. Ring Fit Adventure includes the Ring-Con Leg Strap and game. A Nintendo Switch system with detachable Joy-Con controllers is required to play this game.