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Rio Grande Weekly Deals: Save Big!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

The article talks about the benefits of shopping at Río Grande Latin Market while enjoying music and having a good time. The market offers a wide variety of products at affordable prices and a unique shopping experience.

Benefits of Shopping at Río Grande Latin Market:

- Find everything you need in one place

- Affordable prices

- Quality products

- A unique shopping experience

- Music to enjoy while shopping

- Good vibes and positive atmosphere

- Great deals and discounts

- Fresh produce and meats

- Friendly and helpful staff

Some of the products available at Río Grande Latin Market:

- Tablita marinada at 299 cents per pound

- Fresh papaya at 59 cents per pound

- Amarillo lot at 4 for $1

- Modelo Especial beer at 24 packs for $24.99

- Chicken legs at 29 cents per pound

- Roma tomatoes at 2 pounds for 99 cents

- Agua Zarca at 28 packs for 3 for $9.99

- Queso fresco at almost $1.99

Shopping at Río Grande Latin Market is an enjoyable and convenient experience that provides customers with a variety of affordable products and a unique atmosphere. The market is a great place to find everything you need in one place while enjoying music and good vibes. Visit Río Grande Latin Market and discover all the good things they have to offer.

The Texas Bucket List - Ruben's Grocery in McAllen

- Ruben's grocery store in McAllen, Texas offers a unique shopping experience with an assortment of off-the-wall items.

The Story of Ruben's:

- Ruben's father opened the store in 1973 as a neighborhood market.

- Ruben left to pursue a career in the computer business, but returned to help manage the store and eventually took over.

- Ruben promised to work for three weeks out of the month and spend the last week traveling, bringing back unique and unusual foods.

- Ruben's store now offers a variety of imported products from Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and more.

- Ruben's father still works at the store every day at the age of 78.

The Selection at Ruben's:

- Ruben's offers a variety of unusual and gourmet items, from Italian cherries to Peruvian chocolates to frozen yucca.

- Ruben's is known for having the largest collection of Yerba Mate outside of Argentina.

- Ruben's philosophy is to offer products that are unusual and gourmet to Texans, but are regular staples in other countries.

The Experience at Ruben's:

- Ruben's infectious passion for food and service creates a welcoming and fun atmosphere for customers.

- Customers can expect to find not only unique items but also a staff that truly loves what they do.

- Ruben's has been described as the Disneyland of grocery stores and is a must-visit for anyone with an eccentric grocery list.

- Ruben's grocery store in McAllen, Texas is a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that offers a variety of unique and unusual items from all over the world.

- Ruben's infectious passion for food and service creates a welcoming and fun atmosphere for customers, making it a must-visit for anyone in the area.

Reflecting on the Legacy of the Rio Grande Sun (Full Episode) | 5.6.22

The Rio Grande Sun: A Legacy and Future in Flux

- The Rio Grande Sun has been a fixture in Espanola and Rio Arriba County for over 65 years

- However, the recent sale of the paper to a group with political affiliations has raised concerns about bias and the future of the paper

- This comes at a time of massive disruption in the media industry as a whole

History of The Rio Grande Sun:

- Started by two couples who moved to New Mexico specifically to start a community newspaper

- The Trap family eventually took over, with Bob Trap serving as a journalism legend and president of the New Mexico Press Association

- The paper has been known for its fearless journalism and coverage of public health issues, including the area's high drug overdose rates

- The recent sale to an ownership group with political affiliations has raised questions about the paper's future

Challenges Facing Small Community News Organizations:

- The labor market

How Architectural Sales Reps Want to Work with Building Products Manufacturers

Unboxing the Building Products Ecosystem: Architectural Sales Reps Want to Work with Building Product Manufacturers

Welcome to the show! In today's episode, we have Erica Thompson, architectural sales at Rio Grande Company, who will provide insights on how architectural sales reps want to work with building product manufacturers. I am your host, Will Smith, and this year is all about unboxing. We are unboxing ManoByte's website relaunch, which provides clarity and specific solutions to building material manufacturers.

Key Points:

- Our solutions include revenue performance management, client management, CRM implementation, sales enablement, and partner relationship management.

- We work with a fantastic team at ManoByte and encourage you to check out our newly redesigned website.

- Erica Thompson has a background in finance and played soccer in college. She transitioned to architectural sales and advises sales reps to stop comparing themselves to competitors and focus on their strengths and customers.

- Category leaders are making it easier for customers to find solutions and plan for disruptions in the supply chain.

- Manufacturers can increase loyalty by researching their market and finding non-saturated distributors that align with their niche.

Overall, the building products ecosystem is constantly evolving, and it is important to adapt and provide solutions that meet the needs of customers and address disruptions in the supply chain. By focusing on our strengths and customers, we can increase loyalty and drive success in the industry.

Tapinha | Câmeras Escondidas (06/08/17)

The article talks about a musical performance where the audience applauds and praises the artists. The music is played in a solid chapel, and there is a tapizhoyla pi apap that adds to the ambiance. However, there are some funny moments, including a misunderstanding where someone denies being responsible for something that happened.

Key Points:

- The musical performance receives a lot of applause and praise from the audience.

- The chapel where the music is played has solid tapias, which adds to the overall experience.

- There is a tapizhoyla pi apap that enhances the ambiance of the musical performance.

- There is a moment of confusion where someone denies being responsible for something that happened, which elicits laughter from the audience.

Overall, the musical performance was a success, with the audience enjoying and appreciating the music. The solid chapel and tapizhoyla pi apap contributed to the overall ambiance, making the experience even more memorable. The moment of confusion also added some humor to the event, which made it more enjoyable for the audience.

Why Latino Voters’ Political Shifts Could Decide 2022’s Key Races | WSJ

In the United States, there is a significant shift among Latino voters that is shaking up the two major political parties and could have a pivotal role in the 2022 midterm elections. The Latino voter demographic is one of the largest and fastest-growing parts of the electorate, and they swung towards the Republican party in the 2020 election. To better understand this shift, the Wall Street Journal created a map that brought together electoral, demographic, and economic data at the neighborhood level.

Three key areas to watch as the midterms approach are Texas, Pennsylvania, and South Florida. In Texas, predominantly Latino census tracks along the southern border shifted to the right, with a big shift towards Donald Trump due to a change in the issue mix from immigration to the economy and COVID. This area is politically significant because it could be responsible for the balance of power in the house, and both candidates running for governor started their campaigns along the Rio Grande Valley. In Pennsylvania, census tracks around the city of Reading shifted to the right due to a focus on the economy under Trump and disillusionment with both political parties. Pennsylvania has an important race for the Senate and a governor's race, and having a Democratic governor would ensure that Democrats have a say in the rules around voting.

In South Florida, census tracks with a large presence of Latino voters from countries like Cuba and Venezuela shifted to the right due to the Republican criticism that Democrats are going to turn the United States into a socialist country. This shift is one reason why Donald Trump won the state of Florida in 2020 and why Republicans picked up two house seats in south Florida that had been held by Democrats. Florida has both a governor's race and a Senate race this year, and the two house districts that flip to the Republican party are unlikely to be won back by Democrats.

If this shift among Latino voters is durable, it marks a big change for the two political parties. The Democratic party's pillar of the Latino voter demographic is getting shaky, and the Republican party can become the party of America's future by building across different races as a party of America's working class. The issues that are most salient are still an open question, and it remains to be seen which issues will determine voters' choice of candidates.

What retirement crisis?

Retirement Crisis in Idaho and Across the Nation

Financial expert Dave Petso warns of a retirement crisis in Idaho and the nation.

Most people hardly have any retirement and will have to work until they die.

Saving more is not a simple solution.

ESOP Millionaires at Winco:

James Layer, a meat cutter, will retire a millionaire in his mid-50s.

Blaine Maxwell, former Winco manager, retired at 53.

Brenda Bell, corporate office employee, could retire in her 50s.

All are part-owners of Winco through the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

ESOP unlike 401k, company puts Winco stock in employees' portfolios.

As Winco has grown from 17 to 98 stores, stock has grown by an average of 20% annually.

ESOP has helped foot at least $1 million in 400 frontline employees' retirement accounts.

What We Can Learn from Winco Millionaires:

Save for retirement now and get serious about it.

ESOP success is rare but possible with dedication.

People have the money to save for retirement if they take it seriously.

Put away credit cards, quit overspending, and start saving for retirement.

Retirement is a bill you have to pay, and people should take it seriously.

Retirement crisis is a reality, and people need to step up.

ESOP millionaires at Winco prove that saving for retirement is possible.

Dedication, hard work, and smart investing can lead to a comfortable retirement.

Don't blow off retirement, start saving now and secure your future.

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