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rise ai shopify

Published on: February 22 2023 by pipiads

Integrating Rise AI to your Shopify POS Store Credit Gift Card solutions can help boost customer engagement and loyalty. In this article, we will provide an in-depth review of how Rise integrates with your Shopify POS and how your customers can benefit from your gift card and loyalty program both in-store and online.

Gift Cards with Shopify POS:

- To redeem gift cards in-store, customers can choose the gift card option as the payment method during checkout

- They can manually enter the gift card code or scan the QR code attached to the gift card email

- The QR code can be added to gift card emails in the Rise dashboard email builder tab

- Digital gift cards can also be sold in the POS by inserting the customer's email during checkout

- Physical gift cards can be created using Rise

Loyalty and Rewards Program with Shopify POS:

- The Rise app box must be set up in the POS home grid to allow customers to redeem store credit during checkout

- The app section within the POS will show how much store credit the customer has in your store

- The store credit can be applied as a discount code and cannot be combined with other discount codes or applied to tax

- To remove these limitations, customers can insert their loyalty card code at checkout in the gift card section

- Customers will automatically collect store credit when purchasing through the POS according to the workflows set up

- Customer information must be inserted before checking out to ensure the customer will be rewarded

- Customers who register with their phone number and not email will not receive notifications about store credit, but they can still redeem rewards through the POS

- The create account get reward workflow only works for customers registered to the online store

Integrating Rise AI with your Shopify POS can help enhance your customer engagement and loyalty programs. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us through our chat or email, and check out our other videos to learn more about Rise's features.

Rise.ai product demo | Store Credit & Gift Card solutions for your online brand

In this video, we provide an in-depth review of the Ryze dashboard to help you set up your app. Here's what you need to know:

- Overview of the Ryze dashboard

- Importance of setting up your store credit metrics

Home Tab:

- Overview of your store credit metrics and setup progress

- Metrics section shows store credit issued to customers, including rewards, manually issued store credit, and refunds

- Gift card sales section shows value of all gift cards sold

- Total revenue from Rai section shows upsell received from all purchases done with store credit

- Stepper tool for easy access to links and progress tracking

- Personalized recommendations to maximize value from Ryze

Customers Tab:

- Manage customers' store credit

- View customers' loyalty card code, credit balance, and member status

- Create new loyalty card or adjust balance

- Detailed view of customer's store credit logger and metrics

- Create referral link and adjust balance

Store Credit Tab:

- Overview of all store credit issued to customers

- Source of store credit, such as gift cards, loyalty cards, and bulk campaigns

- Option to auto fulfill or fulfill manually

- Detailed view of gift card with option to resend or disable balance

- Create bulk gift card campaigns

Loyalty and Rewards Tab:

- Create automatic workflows to reward customers with store credit

- Decision tree with trigger and conditions

- Actions include issuing store credit, adding tags, and issuing limited store credit

- Fixed reward, percentage of reward, for every reward options

- Expiration date and customizable message

Gift Card Tab:

- Setup gift card product with image, title, description, variants, and discounted option

Refunds and Returns Tab:

- Issue refunds with store credit

- Choose products, restocking, internal note, shipping and tax, refund amount, and customer notification

Active Reengagement Tab:

- Proactive campaigns based on customer profile

- Example of reminders workflow

Loyalty Assets Customization Tab:

- Customize loyalty widget on website and store credit button on account page

Gift Card Assets Customization Tab:

- Customize send us a gift pop up, Apple Wallet link, check balance page, greeting card, and claim page

Email Builder Tab:

- Customize branded and beautiful emails without code or technical knowledge

- Ryze dashboard offers comprehensive tools for managing store credit and rewarding customers

- Easy to use and customizable for branding and personalization

Launch a Rewards Program w/ Rise.ai | Store Credit & Gift Card solutions for your online brand

Hi everyone, I'm Sam from Rise, your one-stop-shop for all your customer engagement activities. Rise provides a robust loyalty solution, helping you easily increase repeat purchase rate and lifetime spent by motivating your customers with rewards.

Engaging Customers with Your Rewards Program:

- Enable Rewards Widget on website

- Widget is the first channel for customers to interact with loyalty program

- Customers can learn about all promotions running in your store and find their loyalty balance

- Rise integrates seamlessly with your native Shopify accounts

- The widget presents the outstanding store credit balance, loyalty card code, and referral link for customers

- Customers can insert any gift cards they have and merge them with their loyalty card code to make it easier for them to redeem their credit

- Customers can redeem store credit by inserting their loyalty code in the gift card box at checkout or using the quick apply button

- Advertise your store's promotions on your home page

- A branded and customized email with their reward will be sent to them once a customer is rewarded with store credit

Setting Up Rewards in the Back End:

- Go to the loyalty and rewards tab on Rise dashboard

- Choose from a variety of different loyalty flows according to your brand's needs and goals

- Use the workflow created specifically for increasing store's AOV

- Use the first purchase reward to reward your customers for their first purchase

- Use the create account get reward workflow to reward customers who create an account on your store

- Use the referral program to make customers into brand ambassadors

- Use the VIP loyalty program to reward customers based on lifetime spent

- Customize loyalty assets presented on your site on the Rise dashboard

Rise provides a comprehensive loyalty solution for your business, allowing you to easily engage your customers with your rewards program and increase customer loyalty. With a variety of loyalty flows to choose from and the ability to customize loyalty assets, Rise makes it easy for you to set up and manage your rewards program. Check out our other videos to learn more about Rise's features.

Rise Gift Cards & Loyalty App Review! Loyalty Program, Referrals, Store Credit & Rewards For Shopify

Possible Shopify Loyalty Hacks: A Review of RiseAI

- Loyalty programs are crucial for businesses to retain customers

- E-commerce also utilizes loyalty programs

- RiseAI is an app that offers a loyalty program for Shopify stores

- This article will review RiseAI's features and pricing


- Gift cards: Send branded gift cards to clients

- Loyalty card system: Classic loyalty program

- Returns/refunds: Smooth return process to match customer expectations

- Referral rewards: Reward referrers and referred persons

- Employee recognition: Reward employees with store credit

- Marketing campaigns: Use branded cash to re-engage old customers

- AI and data analysis: Targeted marketing campaigns using transactional data


- Install RiseAI from Shopify app store

- Build loyalty program in three minutes with guided questions

- Choose how to acquire new customers

- Recommend workflows based on average order value and repeat customer rate

- Refund customers with store credit

- Launch or save as draft

- Dashboard: Home, managed service, customization, and integration

- Loyalty cards: Automated store credit rewards for loyal customers

- Gift cards: Branded and personalized digital gift cards

- Refunds/returns: Store credit system for returns and refunds

- Referral rewards: Incentivizes customers to recommend store

- Employee recognition: Reward employees with store credit

- Marketing campaigns: Use branded cash to re-engage old customers

- AI and data analysis: Targeted marketing campaigns using transactional data

Demo store:

- Widget visible and organized on desktop and mobile devices


- Swell, Smile, Groveware, LoyaltyLion


- Basic: Free, up to 100 orders/month

- Growth: $19.99/month, up to 1000 orders/month

- Pro: $59.99/month, up to 10,000 orders/month

- Enterprise: Custom pricing for larger stores

- RiseAI offers a comprehensive loyalty program for Shopify stores

- Features include gift cards, loyalty cards, refunds/returns, referrals, employee recognition, marketing campaigns, and AI/data analysis

- Pricing is reasonable for small to large stores

- Recommended for businesses looking to increase customer retention and profitability.

Gift Cards & Loyalty Program By Rise.ai Shopify Tutorial

Hey, my name is Marcus and in this video, I'm going to show you how to use gift cards and loyalty programs with Rice AI. It's a great tool for increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Steps to Use Rice AI:

1. Choose a plan and get started on the dashboard.

2. Choose the industry and products you're selling.

3. Set your profit margin.

4. Name your program.

5. Enable gift card products and sending methods.

6. Set up referral rewards.

7. Set up workflows to increase sales.

8. Increase customer connections by encouraging them to open an account.

9. Retain customers using store credit refunds.

10. Use the manage feature to issue store credit and create gift cards in bulk.

11. Choose from various loyalty and reward options.

12. Customize your rewards page and email builder.

Using Rice AI is a simple and effective way to increase sales and customer loyalty. With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, you can tailor your program to fit your business needs. So why not give it a try and see how it can benefit your business? If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments. Have a great day!

Launch your Gift Card program w/ Rise.ai | Store Credit & Gift Card solutions for your online brand

Hi everyone, I'm Sam from Rise, your one-stop-shop for all your customer engagement activities. In this video, we will discuss how your customers will experience the gift cards you build through Rise and show you how to easily set it all up on your end.

What is the gifting experience like for your customers?

- The gift card product page with the send as a gift button

- Completely customizable send as a gift pop-up

- Personal note addition and photo selection

- Schedule gift card for special occasions

- Print gift card or send via social media

- Beautifully designed and branded email to the recipient

- Personalized greeting card page with personal note and picture

- Easily copy the gift card code and redeem

- Add gift card to Apple Wallet for easy access

- Check balance page to see the remaining balance

How to set up gift cards on your website?

- Go to the gift card page on the Ryze dashboard

- Upload gift card photo and add different variants

- Create discounted gift cards and change gift card description

- Customize gift card assets in the pop-up section

- Customize the send as a gift pop-up

- Customize the appearance of the Apple Wallet

- Customize the check balance page

- Customize the greeting card and claim page

- Preview your progress

- Manage gift cards in the store credit tab

- Use several sales channels to promote and sell gift cards

We work hard to make the gift card experience special and effortless for you and your customers. If you have any questions, we are always available to chat or email, and we have an extensive knowledge base where you can find more information. Check out our other videos to learn more about Rise's features.

Store Credit and Gift Cards on Every Shopify Plan - Rise.ai Demo

Welcome to your Raisa dashboard where you can manage and control different services. In this article, we will guide you through the different sections of the dashboard and explain how to use them effectively.

Customers Tab:

- You can easily control and manage your customer data in this tab.

- The system automatically migrates all customer data and displays it in a table.

- You can quickly search for customers based on their name, email, or card code.

- You can also filter them based on customer tags.

Workflow Tab:

- This is the heart of our service where you can design automatic workflows.

- Workflows work like a decision tree with triggers and conditions.

- Actions can include fixed or dynamic credit for specific products or customer tags.

- You can create proactive reengagement campaigns to actively affect customer purchase behavior.

Rewards Program:

- You can inform your customers of a new rewards program with different tiers of fixed rewards for different card prices.

- This is a great workflow to increase your AOV (average order value).

Bulk Gift Card Section:

- You can bulk create gift cards either manually or by uploading a CSV file.

- This is a great tool for migrations or distributing credit to new subscriptions.

- You can print out a CSV list of codes for different uses such as physical gift cards or placing a gift card in each order.

Gift Card Section:

- You can see all gift cards issued by the store, including C to C, purchased, or manually issued cards.

- You can adjust the balance, reset the card to the original email, or disable it.

- You can set up your gift card with branding, an expiration date, and modify the check bounced page.

Apple Wallet Section:

- You can completely customize the look and feel of how your credit will look like in Apple wallet.

Customization Section:

- You can completely brand the app and make it your own.

- You can change the look and feel by adding different branded images to the greeting card gallery.

- You can include a URL to your logo to make sure it shows up on every email sent out.

- You can change the language and read the claim page or customer email notification section.

Raisa dashboard provides an easy and efficient way to manage and control different services. By using the different sections effectively, you can design automatic workflows, inform your customers of a new rewards program, and completely customize your gift card program.

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