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rite aid weekly ads

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads


hey everybody so today I'm going to be,doing the Rite Aid ad preview for you,guys it's gonna be from January 22nd,2017 through the 28th of 2017 so yeah,let's just go ahead and get started so,on the front page I see a promotion,they're offering a $15.00 rite aid Visa,gift card when you spend $30 on any of,the products showed right here so anyway,let's just go ahead and tok about the,deals so the first thing I'm seeing is,the tide it's gonna be five thirty four,and there's a $2.00 off loaded card,coupon making it three thirty four,that's a pretty good deal another deal,that I'm looking at right now is the,Gillette not this one right here the,disposable ones in the back they are,gonna be two dollars off but there are,some coupons on coupons com at least,there were there were four dollar off,printable coupons so that could make for,a really good deal on the Gillette and,Venus razors if they're a part of the,promotion so yeah there is that that's,something that caught my eye basically,immediately so let's go ahead and keep,going okay crest is on sale I'll crest,an oral-b Fixodent sculpt and oral care,products they're gonna be buy one get,one 50% off it says that we're getting,some coupons okay here's a really good,deal on Diet Pepsi Pepsi product 7up,whatever you want to call it I said Diet,Pepsi because I actually drink Diet,Pepsi so that is something that I would,personally buy but they are gonna be,three for 1099 and then this in AD,coupon is gonna make it three for 9.99,that's a really good deal if you have,any,Catalina's or points that you would use,towards them - that could make for you,know an awesome deal so there is that we,have a deal on evidence Hershey kiss,receives and of they are gonna be two,four five I believe we have a dollar off,a two coupon coupons calm let's see what,else okay so the Immodium is gonna be on,sale buy to get three dollars back in,points,it says mix and match so it could be,different items it doesn't have any,prices listed either but there is that,these in tik duo fusion it in these,they attack 150 are gonna be $8.99 there,is a five dollar or lower dakar coupon,making it 399 let's see what else we've,got here,but chip I would get free on the,vitamins,okay the Nivea lip balm that's a really,good deal they are gonna be two four,five there's a $3 on to manufacturer,coupon with card so I'm assuming it's,gonna be on Friday its website if not,checking your Sunday paper because,sometimes it shows that but yeah it is a,little cutoff right there so I can't,really see completely but they're gonna,be two for two after the coupon making,them a dollar each which is a really,good deal the Cetaphil is gonna be,earned 500 plenty points when you buy,two that's a pretty good deal if you can,find a cheap product and you have,coupons for them a veto is gonna be buy,one get one 50% off and when you buy $20,worth you're gonna get five dollars back,in points pair that with anybody facture,coupons that you have that could make,for a really good deal okay you certain,aquaphor are gonna be buy one get one,50% off spend $20 and cap back 500,points see there are some aquaphor,coupons on coupons calm today this is,the 18th what I'm filming this but yeah,they might not be there if you're,looking at this like the day before the,ad actually comes out so definitely it,print off those coupons as soon as you,can if you still see them on your,coupons code or if you haven't used them,we have a deal on L'Oreal skincare it's,gonna be by to earn five dollars back in,points and there are some various,coupons right here okay so here's a,really good deal on Nivea a hand and,body lotion or in shower lotion they are,gonna be two for ten and then there is a,six hour off to coupon with card so it,makes it two for four or two dollars,each that is a really good deal there's,a deal on vite and clearer sell they are,gonna be earned seven dollars back in,points when you spend 15 if you have any,coupons that could make for a really,good deal dry idea and the right guard,products they're gonna be 2 for 8 but,there's a buy one get one free coupon,which would make them like 2 for 4,that's a pretty good deal let's see,revlon hair color just the color silk of,the like the original boxes they're,gonna be two four six and we have a,dollar off coupon making them 2 4 5 or,250 each okay apparently we're inviting,some all day coupons we're getting a,four dollar off coupon in the Sunday,paper so definitely check out for those,they may be regional though,you never know Neutrogena is offering a,buy one get one 50% off sale and when,you spend $15 you're gonna get $3 back,in points so you have any coupons I,could make for an okay deal oh I just,saw this right here okay so they're,showing us the deal right here um I,almost scrolled past it but it's by,heading one a revelant my cosmetik get,one free and it's a coupon that we're,gonna gain the Sunday paper so that,could make for a really good deal and,also they are gonna be on sale six on,you know in each with card here's just,some deals on Valentine's Day candy I,won't really tok too much about that,but if you want to pause the video feel,free to I just personally don't like,toking about the holiday deals,here are some deals on some gift cards,uh yeah I'll just go ahead and leave it,here for a second so you guys can look,at them the ones that I personally would,be interested in are like the Old Navy,the GameStop and the Applebee's ones,this isn't as good of a return though as,the other ones just because it's only,eight dollars back in points for 50,whereas these are five dollars for 25 so,it's a little bit better of a return the,stay free carefree and play tights are,gonna be buy one get one 50% off and,when you buy two you're gonna earn two,dollars in points pair them with any,manufacturer coupons that you have okay,so we have some blink eye products right,here they are gonna be $7.99 with card,it says that we are getting a I think,that says three dollars I can barely see,three dollar off coupon and you're gonna,get two dollars back in points as well,okay so let's straighten is gonna be on,sale for 99 each and when you buy two,you're gonna earn three dollars back in,points pay that with any manufacturer,coupons that you can have it that could,make for a pretty good deal Armand,Hammer toothbrushes and toothpaste are,gonna be buy one get one free and when,you spend nine dollars you're going to,earn three dollars back in points okay,here are some deals on some chick,products they are showing us that these,disposable razors are gonna be $5.99,each and we have some three dollar off,load to Cart coupons but there are some,printable coupons on coupons con right,now so it would make them three dollars,that's a pretty good deal I don't know,if they are a part of this whole deal,I'm assuming they're not because they're,up here but definitely check your store,signage but anyway so right here when,you spend $25 on any of the products,from below you're gonna earn $10 back in,points definitely pair that with anybody,fax your coupons that you have and that,could make for a really good deal,there's some deals on stationery and,I've seen on tv products let's see what,else we've got here the Pursell is it'll,be 399 and we're getting $1 off coupon,with card making it to 99 that's a,pretty good deal okay so here are just,some other deals the category brand,candies are gonna be spend $12 get $3,back in points and then they have some,different deals like these are three,four two two four seven and two for,three pairs other than you manufacture,coupons that can make for a decent deal,we have a deal right here on dentine and,Trident and stride single pack gum,they're to be three for three and when,you buy three you're gonna get a dollar,back in points pair that with any,manufacturer coupons that you have that,could make for a really good deal okay,here's a good deal when tik tacs as well,they are two for two when you buy two,you're gonna earn a dollar back in,pl


hey everybody so today I'm going to be,doing the ride a tad preview it's going,to be for january fifteenth 2017 through,the 21st of 2017 so yeah let's just go,ahead and get started okay so we have,the starting point steel happening again,this week it's been 50 get back twenty,dollars in savings or in plenty points,so that's a pretty good deal okay so,they have cover girl is going to buy one,get one fifty percent off on all,cosmetiks and it says excludes clearance,that is going to be a part of starting,points okay so they have a deal on cover,girl is to buy one get one fifty percent,off and that's on all their cosmetiks,other than their clearance and that is,going to be a part of starting points,nature made is me buy one get one free,and it's also a part of starting points,we have another deal right here on,Kellogg's brand products or the kashi,golean bars they are going to be buy one,get one free also apart of starting,points the Tampax or the old ways or my,own gun fifty percent off also apart of,starting points Scott brand plate of,paper or paper towel are going to be 699,also a part of starting points as well,as the Kleenex multi-pack okay we have a,deal right here on tide or gain is to be,1194 for the 100-ounce and they are also,a part of starting point so we have Mike,and Ike and Raisinets in orbit gum they,are going to be a dollar each and they,are also a part of starting points this,is a really good deal on coffee folders,is really expensive usually but they are,buy one get one free and they are also a,part of starting points so there is that,here's just some deals are some health,care items nothing too exciting okay so,here's a really good deal on,pepto-bismol I don't know the price of,it the shell price but if it's not on,sale you can totally you know get your,gold discount with it but here's a two,dollar off right a coupon there's a 50,cent off coupon I think on PG everyday,calm and then it's also a part of,starting points so you guys can do the,math but that's a pretty good deal in,itself we really don't get that good of,deals on type of biz mall and it does,something your family uses definitely go,ahead and do that deal okay they're just,showing up here that's like a deal,actually if you transfer your,prescriptions to rite-aid you get fifty,dollars back in points,are the possibility of getting fifty,dollars back in points so that's a,really good deal okay we got some other,deals on some 7 and hygiene products you,guys can pause the video if you want,okay we got some more deals on health,products I really don't tok too much,about those just because I don't,personally buy them but you know if you,guys want to pause the video at any,point feel free to I'm just kind of,showing you guys the ad for you let's,see what else we got here the den tik,hello toothpaste tanker or Red Cross to,take oral care products are we buy one,get one free and they are also part of,starting points okay we have a deal on,the Gillette they like the specialty,razors or the cartridge refills they are,going to be two dollars off with regular,retail so basically two dollars off that,that might be a better deal if you have,a gold discount a colgate's the multi,packs or the big version of the,mouthwash there can be 599 each also a,part of starting points some that great,of a deal we have a Colgate toothbrush,right here it's me 699 with this coupon,it makes 399 and we're also getting a,coupon and this Sunday's paper so that,is a pretty good deal okay so we have,secret and Gillette brand antiperspirant,and they really vile and get one fifty,percent off and they are also a part of,starting points this ad is like really,kind of weird like the way that the,lighting is so I'm really sorry if you,guys can't see certain things but I'm,looking right here they are a buy one,get one fifty percent off and they're,also part of selling points it's a,really good deal secret is my personal,favorite deodorants all probably end up,doing that deal speed stik or lady,speed stik is in me a dollar,ninety-nine each and then we are getting,a 50 cent off coupon making it a dollar,49 okay so lore'l Physicians Formula day,logic Sally Hansen wet and wild and all,my face products face and I products are,going to be buy one get one fifty,percent off and they are also going to,be a part of starting points the one,that really stuck stiks out to me is,the physicians formula products and if,you have any coupons or Pelias or,anything like that definitely use that,to your advantage,like me for a really good deal so yeah,there is that Jurgens in here all are,going to be bio and go fifty percent off,also a part of starting points st. Ives,ponds and Noxzema or buy one get one,fifty percent off also a part of,starting points ol a brand body wash or,bar soap isn't before 99 we're getting a,dollar off coupon and it's also part of,starting points so that makes it a,really good deal the soft soap Irish,Spring or speed stik deodorant it looks,like it is gearless feasted geared,uterus I variable B 3 99 th and we're,getting some coupons I don't know if,that doesn't tell you the value but it's,just coupon in most Sunday paper so,there is that and then we have the if,there is a coupon and you can use it on,the bar stool by wood because it is a,part of starting points they are 499,each and it does say that we are getting,some coupons so that could make for a,really good deal you got to be Battiste,or mane and tail products we buy them,get one free gardening here cares move,499 each and it's looks like it's for,the bigger size bottles they are also,part of certain points garnier nutrisse,is when we 699 apart starting points and,then they l'oreal excellence hair care,is and we 799 also cars during points we,have some good deals on food i'll be it,looks like a bunch of big win products,going to buy on your own fifty percent,off mix or match wow that is really cut,off right there nature's valley or the,craisins are going to be 2 99 I believe,it's 299 check your store sign inch,because they did cut it off right here,but it's also going to be part starting,points okay they have campbell's,condensed soup they're going to be 242,also a part of certain points the,digiorno brand pieces are 24 10 also a,part of selling points and nutella into,my masira or the Quaker Oatmeal is going,to be 2 47 also a part of starting,points,haribo gummy bears or the wall Chisholm,be two for two they have weight watchers,again this week okay so weight watchers,candy is only 2 for 3 also apart of,starting points okay here's some,valentine's day deals and i'm really not,going to tok about them too much just,because i don't only tok about the,season old stuff so if you guys want to,pause it and take a look feel free to,can we have Tom olive and reduce it they,are going to be many nine cents each and,then it looks like some tissue paper,like the generic store brand itself only,99 cents from part of turning points but,we have some coupons for the word news,that coming in this week so I'm I would,definitely use those for that we have,different arm and hammer products right,here they're going to buy one get one,free also a part of storing points the,purina beneful dog chow or the friskies,grillers blend cat food is going to be 5,99 th and they are also part of starting,points they win paper towel or 12 people,are going to buy one get one free also,part of starting points they have glad,trash bags they're going to be 799 each,also part of starting points the lysol,brand cleaners are going to be 2 45 and,they are also part of starting points so,much is the part of turning points here,are some skincare deals and then we have,hamburgers I'm looking at that deal they,are 24 16 apparently we're getting a two,dollar off coupon and then they are,going to also be a part of starting,points that's not really that good of a,deal but if you want to if you want to,get them go for it Snickers candy is me,69 cents each also fire starting points,ttle NT or bed injuries ar

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hey everybody so today I'm going to be,showing you guys the ride a tad preview,for September 25th 2016 through October,first of 2016 so let's just go ahead and,get right into it okay so the first,thing that we're seeing on the very,first page is when you spend thirty,dollars on any of the items shown in,this little bubble I guess you're going,to get ten dollars back in plenty points,and it says limit of one per card so if,you have multiple cards definitely do,this deal multiple times but it is a,limit of one per card so it could be a,really good deal there's a couple,different deals that I'm looking at,right now that I'm you know kind of,excited about the Pantene is on its,usual 3 4 12 sale and then when you buy,3 there's a five dollar off coupon,coming in so I'd be like you paying 347,that could get you to your total really,quickly if that's something that you,need the tide is on feel their 594 and,then when you buy one there's a tu dolor,off coupon coming in in this week's,inserts so you see there's a lot of,different deals that you could do a,cover girl is another really good deal,especially if you're able to print off,more of those three dollar off of one,coupon so they are by when getting fifty,percent off than the entire line and,then you could use that coupon and make,for a really good deal it just depends,on your coupons that you have and what,you really need so all that looks like,it could be a pretty good deal okay so,theraflu is on sale this week it is 699,and we have a dollar off printable,coupon right now so what you could do is,you could buy one your out of pocket,after the coupon will be 5 99 and then,you're going to earn a dollar back in,plenty points so BIC you're paying for,99 that's not a really good deal but if,it's something that you need then,definitely you know get that deal okay,let's see what else they've got here so,allegra is in be on sale for 1299 and,nasacort is gonna be on sale for 1299,it's the 60 count spray for the nasacort,and then the allegra is like 15 count or,the 24 count for children's so if you,have the allergy rewards that could be a,really good deal too if you have any,coupons too I believe we got coupons for,allegra a few weeks ago so this is,actually got a double dip deal I guess,you could call it so,they're 1299 I don't know the coupon,value so I can't give you a proper,breakdown so definitely you know use,your coupon you'll earn the two dollars,back in points and then you're going to,earn whatever total towards your allergy,rewards as well so that could be for a,really good deal if you have all the,right coupons and if you already you,know sign up for allergy rewards okay,let's see what else there is so they,haven't tried me free we're supposed to,get a ten dollar off really all it says,it's in Sunday papers ya see that is a,really messed up bad I can barely read,that what it says in most Sunday papers,we're supposed to get a try me free,coupon so they're on sale for 999 and,then we're going to get that coupon so,you know it's pretty simple pick the,product up buy it use the coupon you'll,get it for completely free they're,showing us that we're getting ten,dollars off of the MLP products like the,petty perfect for your feet and for your,nails so that is a pretty good deal if,you need that and I have both of them,they work really good so yeah there's,that,okay so here's a really good deal on,crest toothpaste I don't see that many,good deals on toothpaste at rite aid to,be honest I don't like paying anything,for toothpaste personally I believe,we're getting like 75 cent off coupons,i'm i'm not sure don't quote me on that,you can look at my Procter & Gamble,insert preview video that was a few,videos back but they are going to be 246,for the toothpaste and it's the ones,listed right here so these guys and,you're going to get four dollars back in,points when you buy two I don't I can,barely read that I think this is a limit,of two offers per card but definitely,check your ad when you go on to your,store that morning but that could make,for a really good deal especially if you,have the right coupons so there is that,let's see what else we've got when you,buy any two of the listerine products,you're going to get five dollars back in,points if you have any coupons to pair,with out that could make for a really,good deal,let's see what else we've got here the,axe dry spray or the deodorants are,going to be for 49 with card it looks,like there is a manufacturer coupon,making it to 99 so there is that ok so,all right here we have all the all my,cosmetiks they are buy one get one fifty,percent off or I'm sorry all may is buy,one get one seventy-five percent off and,then lore'l is by own guilt and fifty,percent off there's a good deal on,rimmel products when they're going to be,buy one get one fifty percent off as,well and when you buy fifteen dollars,worth you're going to get five dollars,back in points so that could make for a,really good deal if you need any of that,so the physicians formula is on sale,this coming week it's going to be earned,seven dollars and plenty points when you,spend fifteen dollars or more there is a,limit of two offers per card ok so then,there's a few other deals on beauty,products i'm not going to go through all,of them just because honestly i can,barely read them but if you see,something that you like feel free to,pause the video and look at it and i,will put the link to this preview in the,description box so it is really hard to,read though to be honest trust me is on,sale 248 and i believe we're getting a,five dollar off coupon making them to 43,and that's just for like the regular,shampoo and conditioner the more like,professional high-end one so they came,out with recently they're two for 10 and,then with that coupon they're going to,be 245 so there's that if you need to,buy any of those that is a pretty good,deal okay so they're offering us the,suave products they're going to be two,four six and then there's apparently a,coupon coming and this week's inserts,and it makes them to 44 and then you're,going to earn two dollars back in plenty,points so that is a pretty good deal ok,here's another deal on the lysol,products um for brees i would probably,skip on the swiffer might be a really,good deal if you can find them it looks,like the 12 count wet cloth refills only,399 and i believe we're getting two,dollar off coupons which makes the skill,actually really good so they're 399 um,and you need to spend,fifteen dollars or more to get the five,dollars back in plenty points what I,would personally do is I would buy four,of them so it would bring your total to,sixteen dollars i believe I'm used for,the two dollar off coupons it would make,your total then oh my gosh I'm going,blank it make it eight dollars and then,you get the pie tellers back in points I,didn't you're paying three dollars out,of pocket that is a pretty good deal,they're showing us the personal products,so gonna be 399 with card and then,there's a dollar off coupon coming in,this week's inserts I actually have two,dollar off coupons that i found on some,bottles at walmart so i'm going to get,those for a dollar ninety-nine I've,never tried purcell but i am excited to,give them a try so here's another deal,on the dawn and the puffs and downy,basically ninety-nine cents with card,there's a better deal at walgreens on,those if that's something that you need,specifically sorry here i'm looking at a,pretty good deal on Lorna Doone the,cheezits and the nutella i'm sure it's,on these little all of these little,Nabisco packs so they're two for three,with card and then you're going to get a,dollar back in points it's got your,painting two for two that's a pretty,good deal in my opinion okay so we have,a couple deals on candy if you find any,freshness coupons definitely use those,to your advantage okay so they have,pepsi products on sale there are 3 for,13 in my opinion that's not a really,good deal they had a buy two get one,free dea



hey everybody so today i'm going to be,doing the rite aid ad preview for you,guys and it's going to be,from september 18th 2016 through,september 24th of 2016.,so let's just go ahead and get started,okay so already i'm seeing a few good,deals um this is the last week for the,rake and the points deal so how that,works,if you haven't done any of the deals so,far um,it's spend fifty dollars before coupons,and you will earn twenty dollars back in,points,so that is a really good deal um what i,mentioned earlier or just a minute ago,is the frosted flakes and the pop-tarts,okay so there are dollar 97 on sale this,week,and they are part of raking the points,it's going to be the pop tarts and then,the kellogg's cereal,i know there are some printable coupons,for kellogg's cereal on coupons.com,um but if you want some coupons for,pop-tarts just go to kellogg's family,rewards and make an account and they do,have some printable coupons on there as,well,so if your family enjoys pop-tarts or,kellogg's cereal you know just search up,on one of those two websites to see,the coupons that are available or if you,have some clipped coupons from an insert,feel free to use those as well but that,is a pretty good deal on cereal,um there's a deal on at walgreens as,well but this is a better deal,just because you get that 40 return from,breaking the points,okay there's a deal on charmin and,bounty they're going to be 6.94,um with card and then there's a dollar,off coupon so it makes it 594 which is,a pretty good deal and they're also part,of breaking the points,so the snickers twix and kitkats and it,looks like,any mars brand candy um,they're gonna be two for two so check,your store to see if there's any,freshness peelies on any of those,and that could make for a pretty good,deal okay so we have,palmolive slavic and purex those are,going to be 1.99 on sale you compare,that with any coupons that you have,i'm pretty sure there's a savings star,offer for the purex so you can pair that,with the rake and the points and it,would make for a pretty good deal,okay they're showing us an in-ad coupon,for,soft soap and um irish spring and then,gear,deodorant they're gonna be 3.99 but with,this in ad coupon they're gonna be a,dollar ninety nine,i hope you guys can't hear that my,neighbor's doing some yard work next,door,okay so they have maxwell house instant,coffee and then,captain crunch um cereal they're gonna,be 2.99 each and they are part of,breaking the points we have that,uh two dollar off of three box coupon,for the crunch,and then we have i think a 25 cent off,coupon for the maxwell house,so you can do those deals i personally,wouldn't i would get the small boxes of,captain crunch,um everybody already knows that deal um,that's a much better deal but if you,like the,crunch berries then here's another deal,that you could do with that coupon,all right here they're showing us some,halloween,products and a lot of it is raking the,points and,it's on sale as well so if you want to,do some halloween shopping,now is the time just because you will,earn um a 40,return from breaking the points on any,of these guys that have the little,symbol,this right here is a pretty good deal,honestly uh,it's 11.99 they are for the big candy,bars,but it is a 18 count so,if you have a party going on or if,you're just really really generous and,you want to buy like four of those,you could get really close to your total,for breaking the points and then you,gotta factor in that you're getting a 40,return so it would be like you're paying,48 or a little bit less than that,um borrow rounding up to 48 dollars and,then you would get a 40,return on that total um that's if you,want to get the,big candy bars or if you just want them,for yourself that is a pretty good deal,in my opinion my sister probably will,end up buying some of those,okay they're showing us the deal right,here um when you spend or when you buy,four,of any of these products right here,you're gonna get four dollars back in,plenty points,i don't know if there are any coupons,right now but they're still a pretty,good deal,if you like tuggaboos or their baby care,um and that's a rite aid brand uh so,they're two for five for,the um maxi pads and the tampons,and then they have uh baby or skincare,products,cotton swabs and other um baby wipes and,other baby products like that,they're going to be two for five and,then the tug of booze are two,for ten so when you buy any four you're,going to get four dollars back in points,that is a pretty good deal on that,not too good of deals on diapers this,week,here is an enfamil coupon it's a five,dollar off,rite aid coupon on two so if you have,any checks or if you have,um any coupons you can pair that with,that deal to get some,pretty cheap baby formula,okay here's a two dollar off coupon on,listerine,i can barely read it but i think it says,1.5 liter,that is a pretty good coupon i know,there's a dollar off coupon as well on,healthyessentials.com,so you can pair that with that deal to,get some pretty cheap,mouthwash i'm not sure the shelf price,on that though,so there's that,so the dial on the tone um body wash and,hand soap are gonna be on sale for 1.99,it's also part of breaking the points,you compare that with any coupons that,you have there's clean and clear that is,also on sale it's two for ten,and then that is also a part of breaking,the points i know some of the um,products at my store have freshness,peelies on them,um and i just discovered from uh,from one of my subscribers i believe her,name is sarah,um i'm not sure but thank you so much,for pointing this out to me you can,actually use freshness peely coupons,with,manufacturing coupons i didn't know that,i don't know if you guys didn't know,that but i personally didn't know that,so um i might get a few clean and clear,products because there are coupons for a,dollar off on healthyessentials.com,so that is a pretty good deal and then,rogaine is five dollars off with card,it's a part of breaking the points and,then we have the l'oreal,facial moisturizers they're on sale for,13.99 it's also part of breaking the,points we did get a two dollar off,coupon a few weeks ago that i believe is,still,active and not expired okay so here's a,pretty good deal on mitchum,um they have a lot of rite aid coupons,this week it looks like we have a two,dollar off coupon,um a rite aid coupon for mitchum uh dry,sprays,and deodorants and you can pair that,with any manufacturer coupons that you,have that is a pretty good deal,and then the other deal i was looking at,is the soft soap hand soap,the speed stik deodorant and the,smaller tubes of colgate they are 1.99,or,99 cents with the rite aid coupon so,those are both pretty good deals and you,can use any manufacturer coupons that,you have as well,to get them for an even better deal and,then mitchum is a part of breaking the,points i don't know if i mentioned that,or not,okay so we have some covergirl um,products on sale it looks like eye lip,and nail,they're gonna be buy one get one 50 off,and it is also part of raking the points,if you still have some of those,covergirl um printable coupons from,coupons.com,feel free to use those i don't think,they expire yet but that could make for,a really good deal,uh it looks like revlon let me scroll,down for you guys it looks like revlon,is also part of the deal and it is also,buy one getting fifty percent off,the garnier line is um buy one get one,fifty percent off it's also part of,breaking the points,finally i see a nexus deal okay so i,have a bunch of coupons from nexus,uh they're four dollar off of one,product coupons i've been waiting for so,long because i don't have a cvs,and cgs there's so many good deals on,nexus,um but here's a really good deal um i,have a couple four dollar off coupons,like i said i found them at walmart,uh but they are buy one get one 50 off,and then it's also a part of raking the,points so that is a really good deal,and i will definitely be buying some,nexus pro

Riteaid Weekly Ad Preview August 18-24

hello everybody I was just like to walk,on my new subscribers and today I wanted,to make a quick video just to give you a,preview of the rite-aid add it is August,eighteenth through the 24th and I'm just,going to go ahead and just show you what,these this ad consist of for this week,and this week it looks like um there are,one hundred and forty seven dollars,worth of up reward and lore'l products,are buy one get one half off and the,organic shampoos and got to be products,or buy one get one free and then pepsi,and mountain dew is on sale for for ten,dollars back to school time stok up and,save ok your some deals right here the,movie epic is on sale the dvds on sale,for 1699 and then you have mr. coffee,toasters and brita pitcher faucet,systems a three pack for 1499,and,all right let's play mentos gum on cell,244 and you get a one dollar up reward,when you purchase 2 and eminem's are on,sale 246 and you get a one dollar up,reward when you buy to godiva chocolates,on sale 246 and you get a two dollar up,reward when you purchase 2 next all,russell stover sugar-free candies on,sale to for three dollars and you get a,one dollar up reward when you purchase,to next it looks like single-serve,candies are on sale they got Kit Kat,Reese's butterfingers Snickers her shoes,on sale 342 dollars next there's a black,forest to robo trolley warheads airheads,cherry nibs ribs and sour punch they're,on sale two for two and they hear some,more Mars candies that on sale for 99,and that's the 17.5 through 19.75 ounces,and then trident or bits dentine and tik,tacs on sale for 99 sing then we have,blow pops Twizzlers Jolly Ranchers,airheads on sale for 199 and then we,have the assorted fun size snack size,candies darcel 246,and two-liter pop speeds on sale for 99,cent all right on the next page get two,dollars and up rewards when you buy ten,dollars of these products so they have,the bumblebee like tuna Kraft macaroni,and cheese rice a roni Domino light,brown sugar flavor flavor ice and those,are the frozen ones hot fries sunflower,seeds son unas snack packs jell-o,pudding hot and spicy noodles sardines,and bumble bee tuna so they're on sale,time for ten and when you buy ten,dollars words you get a two dollar up,reward next we have energy drinks on,sale for dollar sixty-nine that a rock,star monsters and starbucks Frappuccino,then folgers and Maxwell are on sale for,499,and then 7 up there on cell 3 12 packs,for 1098 and you get a three dollar up,reward and here are some frozen food,items eating ice cream tgif mozzarella,stiks tyson any'tizers Red Baron single,serve pizza they're on sale 247 and you,get a one dollar up reward next we have,Captain Crunch and Quaker Oatmeal chewy,dips and eggo waffles and aunt jemima,syrup on sale for 299 oh no this is my,favorite part right here in shampoos and,conditioners and hair dyes and of course,makeup yes on sale looks like we have,the PERT soiree and sammy Aqua Net on,sale for 199 tresemme is on sale 247 and,you get a two dollar up reward when you,purchase two items the Garnier free,trees is on sale for 499 infusium 23 is,on sale for 3 99 john frieda is on sale,precision foam hair color and it's 12 99,and you get a three dollar up reward,lore'l catch some coupons on the bottom,of the page for two dollars off and,here's another one for two dollars off,and remember these coupons can be used,with manufacturers coupons okay okay a,lot of coupons going on this week okay,make today beautiful all right Revlon is,on sale buy one get one fifty percent,off and when you buy thirty dollars were,if you get a five dollar up reward,uptown style is on sale forty percent,off and that's the NYC New York color,cosmetiks cover girls on sale buy one,get one fifty percent off then we have,scrunchy and con air accessories you'll,get a four dollar up reward where you,spend eight dollars on these items,artificial nails are on sale get back,six dollars when you spend fifteen,dollars on these items and it looks like,they're having the I extravaganza now,everybody probably remembers when they,have the network strive against a few,months ago so now the promotion is going,to be the I extravaganza and you get ten,dollar up rewards when you buy thirty,dollars of any eye makeup or artificial,eyelashes fragrances are on sale this,week buy one get the second one half off,and then Maybelline has a sale on,sensational lip products smoky liner,master do a liner and master precision,liner and that's another foot slant if,you keep on looks like skin care is on,sale,you,Preston slope is on sale buy one get one,fifty percent off and you get a three,dollar up reward and you'll be able to,find coupons off of these items and the,August PG saver,okay next page vitamins & diet I'm just,going to go ahead and scroll cross that,you can see all the deals for this,league and don't forget to get your flu,shot at right in today and you get 25,wellness points when you get your flu,shot,and for this video I'm not going to do,any matchups I'm just basically giving,you guys a preview of the ad,and if i moving too fast as far as the,camera just let me know and the next,time when i make my video i'll try to,slow it down just a little bit this is,my first time doing an ad preview,Wow okay that looks like a very good,deal five for six dollars on AJ I'm Ajax,dishwashing liquid glad aerosol stop,bathroom tissue Kleenex and Niagara,spray starch so essentially even without,any coupons if you buy five of these,you'll be paying four dollars basically,with the two-dollar up rewards so this,could be a really good deal with the,right coupon,helping you stay well and take care of,your family so we have fiber therapy,acid reducer dairy relief and laxatives,and they're on sale for 999 we use your,wellness card of course and then here's,some vital vitamins are on sale the,pharma sure they're on sale buy one get,one free and you have your vitamin d / 3,and your vitamin b12 on sale and then,here goes some more laxatives on sale,and then the Rite Aid nutritional,supplements they're on sale buy one get,one half off,alright in the last page fifty percent,off regular retail summer Curren and it,looks like it's chairs garden decor,tools and watering grills pulls holders,and more okay,fiber one and special k cereals on sale,246 and you get a ones out of there up,reward when you purchase two and also,the Sun sweet prune juice is on sale,they have a 19 inch TV and a portable,DVD player oh sorry that's actually a,netbook on sale for eighty eight dollars,then we have more school supplies on,sale buy one get one fifty percent off,and that would be big papermate and,sharpie I they are house and fall decor,out and it looks like that's going to be,on sale fifty percent off harvest décor,candles and domestiks holgate is on sale,for 499 and you get a two dollar up,reward limit of two up rewards /,households and then more candy on sale,24 to 26 packs neck size candy Gillette,is on sale for 699 and then you have,your manufacturer's coupon and most,Sunday papers um so does looks like a,really good deal so 3 99 then the up,reward makes it mm-hmm just are willing,to do 199,Doritos ruffles Nabisco cookies are on,sale for 297 and you get a one dollar of,reward making them a dollar ninety seven,each powerade is on sale for,seventy-nine cents footcare products are,on sale buy one get one fifty percent,off and get a three dollar up reward and,contact lens care is on sale the,solution clear care outside free,replenish and youth aqua five solutions,you know what I'm gonna leave those,other words alone but you can see it I,got a tongue side there,alright so this is my conclusion of my,first video that I'm doing as far as an,ad and stay tuned for the walgreens,preview thank you,you

My CVS w a SPLASH 💦 of Rite Aid Coupon Shopping Haul For Sale Ads Ending December 17, 2022 💰Maker!

hello everyone in today's video I'm,sharing with you,my CVS with a touch of writing,coupon shopping haul I did happen to get,out to my local CVS stores as well as my,local Rite Aid stores this week for some,coupon shopping and rebate,um hauls and I didn't do as great as,I've been doing for the past prior weeks,but I do want to share with you what I,ended up taking advantage of which Maybe,by chance you will have a possibility of,taking advantage of something maybe for,next week,um for CBS first off I did have a lot of,extra bucks to go ahead and roll and one,of the big things that I got really,upset about was one of the cashiers at,CVS,had an option choose either like a five,dollar extra Buck to redeem that was,loaded to my card or a 15 extra Buck,they clicked on the 15 extra buck and I,took a loss of 9.56 an extra bucks as a,result of them selecting my 15 extra,Buck to use as opposed to the five,dollar one and there's nothing I could,do about it,and I didn't want to cause like a big,problem so so I was out for that amount,of extra bucks but I'll tell you about,the advantages of what I bought and how,I ended up making it all a money maker,in the long run so they had the,toothbrushes on sale select ones when,you bought two you earned back five,dollars in extra bucks there was also a,six dollar off for low Jacquard digital,CVS coupon for all of your accounts that,you could have utilized this week there,was a two dollar off one toothbrush,coupon available but in the same,perspective that one didn't end up,coming off so I went ahead and I picked,up uh four of these toothbrushes,um basically I went ahead and I got,these ones for 4.69 each,so it was buy two earn back five dollars,in extra bucks and then the six off,three load card came off now also I had,a three dollar off 18 or more of Oral B,products or Crest I think was included,so that came off too so that gave me,nine dollars in coupons that apply to,the transaction as well as I earned back,five and five ten dollars all together,so essentially before any kind of,coupons were Incorporated my total Was,Eighteen dollars and seventy six cents,and I had nine dollars in low to card,digital CVS coupons so that was my out,of pocket price and then I went ahead,and I got back ten dollars an extra,bucks for that which I can roll for next,transaction so all together that was a,24 Cent Money Maker perfect fantastik,next since I had been buying all those,Revlon products over the past month,I got per um CVS account a free December,Beauty Club item so I picked this one it,was like 419 regular price and there's,the UPC barcode number but you could,just pick this up with your December,Beauty uh bucks clubs free EB coupon and,it ends up being totally free you never,know there may be in any I bought a,rebate that you can take advantage of I,also um had my rebate reset for the CVS,Health vitamins vitamin C this is the,UPC barcode for this ends up costing,4.19 out of pocket but when you submit,so I bought it it picks up for two,rebates and you end up getting back a,total of five dollars per bottle so that,is literally an 81 Cent per bottle Money,Maker but you have to have like two,accounts meaning one per account they're,only going to allow one Redemption it's,not like a limited five or anything it's,a limit of one so say you pick this up,for 419 you have those two rebates it um,gives you three dollars back and two,dollars back five dollars in total so 81,Cent money maker and two rebates,accounts towards those bonuses and,things,there in CVS also had a pool deal on,this nareva sleep and I'll show you the,UPC barcode it was on sale at my store,regular priced 16.49 10 off this week,making it 6.49 I was able to submit to,Ibotta for five dollars back and five,dollars back through the coupons.com app,making that a,3.51 money maker so keep in mind,I made 24 cents for like the,toothbrushes the 351 twice,then I went ahead and I got the 81 cents,the 81 cents per that then I also went,ahead and I went to Rite Aid and I had a,big fluke you know not not a good,transaction so I was up 8.88 through,this big transaction through CBS in,multiple transactions and using multiple,cards but then when I went to Rite Aid,it was,um basically they're only Beauty sets,were on sale this week 9.99 regular,price 40 off so King towns to 5.99 out,of pocket,and there was a five dollar limit one I,bought a rebate available for it so it,ended up being in the long run after the,rebate just 99 cents,then I had a gain bonus cash challenge,to finish like a monthly one and I only,needed to spend like ten dollars but,this was on sale this week I was,surprised for 10.99 and there was a two,dollar digital load to car coupon for,Rite Aid dropping down the out of pocket,price for me to 8.99 but the over 10,counted towards my monthly bonus cash,challenge so just by me buying this for,8.99 plus tax I'm gonna get back I think,it's like 9.47,was my bonus cash challenge amount which,is really weird,so that one ends up being like basically,a 48 Cent Money Maker but the Olay cost,me 99 cents,so as far as those products I had these,Zicam product,um in my transaction and a 5 up 25,coupon that I utilized which would have,made like everything all free but I,found out that the Zicam rebate for,Checker 51 was zeroed out limits were,claimed I also found out that the Ibotta,rebate was only a dollar and they no,longer had the bonus cash given to each,purchase,so I ended up going ahead and returning,it because it was going to be like an,out-of-pocket expense so anyways it,ended up being that I got like basically,like 250 off because I returned that,item instead of five off 25 so,essentially that made like the gain free,and the Olay free for me and as I said,an 8.88 Money Maker for the CBS items,that I ended up picking up now because,my week was so complicated I just want,to let you know so you're not you know,upset or distressed or anything but the,sales that are taking place for CBS and,for Rite Aid are all like it's stok,bearing meaning if they don't have this,stok or the inventory at the stores,you're not going to get the seals you're,not going to get the deal so just keep,that in mind I went shopping at the,stores this week later in the week on,Saturday that's like the worst possible,time you can wait to take advantage of,some things but I got lucky for some,things I found some things but a lot of,the stores that I went to did not have,anything like for example I went to,three different Rite Aids and I only saw,one that had this Olay so it was a,really hot deal and I'm sure all,couponers knew about it so that's why,they got it early but as far as like the,gain even that finding it at the store,was hard and if you're looking for,colder flu products I know someone on,YouTube I saw one of their videos they,had mentioned like cold and flu products,are like low in inventory they're low at,my stores local and a far away so you're,aware so if you're looking for those,products or to stok up now's not the,time to do it because they're very,limited as far as inventory but if you,see something maybe you want to pick it,up as it just in case don't go ahead and,buy it unless you actually need it,because looks like everyone's hurting,for those products but other than that I,hope you enjoy this video please be sure,to like And subscribe for more great,videos and other than that I hope you,have a great wonderful day stay safe and,thanks so much for watching bye