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robinhood reddit ads

Published on: August 6 2023 by pipiads

Robin Hood made its debut in a five-second Super Bowl ad last night. The ad, inspired by Wall Street Bets, focused on the power of rallying around something people care about. The New York Times media reporter, Ed Lee, believes that Reddit won this round with its clever and well-done ad. It's ironic that viewers needed a DVR to see the ad, considering the blame on technology for ad skipping. CBS's agreement to sell a five-second ad spot was surprising, and it may lead to similar ad strategies in the future. The Super Bowl ad pods featured more house ads this year, possibly due to unsold ad spots. The cost of a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl has reached a record high of five million or more. The Super Bowl audience has been gradually declining, but official statistics have yet to be released. The Robinhood commercial failed to address the recent controversy surrounding the company, which may have been a missed opportunity for PR. The ad introduced everyday people to Robinhood's services but ignored the ongoing debate about who can be considered an investor. Paramount Plus and Disney Plus also aired effective ads during the Super Bowl, introducing viewers to new streaming services. The Paramount Plus ad created a narrative and piqued interest, while the Disney Plus bundled service ad targeted streaming enthusiasts. These streaming service ads competed for viewers' attention and may have caused confusion for those unfamiliar with the services. Overall, the Super Bowl featured a variety of ads with different strategies, sparking interest and entertaining viewers.

How Redditors Exposed The Stock Market | The Problem With Jon Stewart | Apple TV+

Tonight, we're diving into the world of the stock market, a topic that has captivated millions of Americans. From the ritzy country clubs to the not-so-ritzy ones, everyone is talking about stocks. But how did this obsession begin? It all started with a simple idea - let people invest their money in companies they believe in. However, it wasn't as easy as just handing over your money. You needed a broker, someone more knowledgeable than you. And so, the stock market became an elitist game, with hefty commissions and brokers vouched for on television by the elite. But then, the e-brokers arrived, democratizing the market and making it accessible to all. With zero commissions and fractional shares, even cozy sweatered lesbians could join the stock market frenzy. But as more people flooded in, inequality grew. The system was rigged, with Robinhood as the ultimate middleman. They took your order and sold it to Citadel, who then matched it with other orders or slipped it into the dark pools of the stock market. And while Robinhood claimed to be democratizing finance, they were actually raking in millions from Citadel. It's a game of pennies, with middlemen skimming off the top and leaving the retail investors with crumbs. It's a system that Bernie Madoff himself came up with, and it's time for it to be exposed. We need to ban payment for order flow and put an end to this rigged game. It's time for real change in the stock market.

GameStop Stock, Reddit, and Robinhood explained at a high level

Hey everyone, Mr. Sugano here! In today's video, I'm explaining the GameStop situation quickly and at a high level. Let's get started!

- GameStop has been a hot topic in the news lately, but not because they sell video games.

- The company has been struggling for years, with its stock on the decline.

- However, towards the end of January, the stock started rising to unprecedented levels.

Short Selling:

- To understand what's going on, you need to know about short selling.

- Short selling is when you borrow a stock and sell it, hoping to buy it back at a lower price.

- It's risky because if the stock price goes up, you have to buy it back at a higher price.

Example of Short Selling:

- Imagine I borrow a video game worth $40 from my friend Tim.

- I immediately sell the game for $40, but I have to buy it back later.

- If the price drops to $10, I make a profit of $30.

- But if the price goes up to $60, I lose $20.

Wall Street Bets:

- Wall Street Bets is a Reddit community that decided to raise the price of GameStop stock.

- They wanted to stick it to hedge funds that were shorting the stock.

- This movement, fueled by people like Elon Musk, drove up the stock price significantly.

Impact on Investors:

- Many average investors bought GameStop stock and made a profit.

- Major investment firms, like Melvin Capital, lost billions due to their short positions.

- This created a David versus Goliath situation, with everyday investors coming out on top.

Robinhood Controversy:

- Robinhood and other platforms blocked people from buying GameStop stock.

- This was seen as an attempt to control the stock price.

- It angered many people and even led to a class-action lawsuit and US Congress investigation.

Current Situation:

- GameStop and other stocks are still volatile.

- The winners here are GameStop, the early investors, and the Wall Street Bets community.

- It's unclear what will happen next, but we're in a unique spot in the market.

- GameStop's stock situation has brought attention to short selling and the power of online communities.

- This is not financial advice, but it's important to understand the dynamics at play.

- Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

- If you liked this video, leave a like and subscribe for more gaming and tech news and reviews. Take care!

Getting Started / Get Ready for 2022 with Reddit EMEA

Well, good morning everyone! We are so excited to be here today to talk about Reddit and getting ready for the new year with Reddit in mind. Mary and I will be your hosts for today, and we can't wait to walk you through what we've prepared.

Just to quickly introduce ourselves, I'm Mary Diamond, a client partner on Reddit's ad partnerships team. I've been at Reddit for almost three years and recently moved to the UK to help build out our efforts in the EMEA region. And I'm Sash, an account manager here at Reddit. I've been here for just over two months, and I have a background in digital marketing from my time at Facebook and Amazon.

So, let's dive into the content for today. By the end of this webinar, we hope you'll have a better understanding of what Reddit is, who our audience is, and an overview of our ad suite. We'll also discuss new year's trends on Reddit and best practices for your Q&A campaign. And of course, we'll have a Q&A section at the end, so feel free to type in your questions in the chat or Q&A section as we go along.

So, let's start with an introduction to Reddit. Reddit has been around for 16 years and is a community of communities. We have over 430 million monthly active visitors and over 130,000 active communities on the platform. Whatever your interests are, there's a community for you on Reddit, whether it's makeup, fashion, gaming, or technology. One thing that sets Reddit apart from other social platforms is that users follow communities rather than individual users.

Now, let's take a look at what Reddit looks like. This is a screenshot of our app, and the home feed shows top posts from the communities you follow. You can see the community name and the username of the post. Another unique feature of Reddit is the voting system, where upvotes indicate agreement or relevance, and downvotes indicate disagreement or irrelevance. This community-focused approach to content moderation is what makes Reddit special.

Moving on to our audience and demographics, our UK audience skews younger, with millennials and Gen Z being the primary users. However, we have representation across all age ranges. Our gender breakdown is close to 50-50, and we're proud to say that more females have been joining the platform, especially in beauty, fashion, food, and relationship communities. In terms of daily user growth, we're seeing a 48% year-over-year growth in the UK. The average household income of a redditor is higher than the internet average. Most users access Reddit on their mobile devices, but we also have a healthy desktop traffic.

Now, let's talk about why users come to Reddit. According to a survey we conducted, the number one reason is to be informed. Reddit is known for trusted product and brand recommendations. When users sign up for Reddit, they use pseudonyms, allowing for more authentic and vulnerable conversations. Another advantage of Reddit is that there are no influencers on the platform. Users rely on genuine experiences shared by others when making purchasing decisions.

So, how can brands tap into this unique aspect of Reddit? We conducted research with Frodo Analytics and found that Reddit plays a significant role in the path to purchase. Redditors spend four times longer researching products, are nine times faster in making purchase decisions, spend 15% more, and are 12% more likely to advocate for the product in the future. These statistics show the power of Reddit's user base and their engagement with brands.

Now, let's discuss our ad products. Our advertisements are called promoted posts and appear in the feed just like regular posts. We recently introduced conversation placements, which allow for more interactive ad experiences. We offer a variety of formats to choose from, including image, video, and text-based ads.

In conclusion, Reddit is a unique platform with a passionate and engaged user base. Our audience is diverse and actively seeks out information and recommendations. Brands can tap into this by leveraging our ad products and engaging with the community. We hope you've gained a better understanding of Reddit and its potential for your marketing efforts. Thank you for joining us today, and we look forward to answering your questions.

Morning Star 🌟 News - Reddit and Robinhood Super Bowl Ads, GameStop and Dogecoin (2021.02.08)

Reddit's Super Bowl Ad: A Blink-and-You-Miss-It Moment

- Reddit made a brief appearance in the Super Bowl ad lineup this year.

- The ad lasted only five seconds but has generated a lot of buzz.

- Let's dive into the details of this intriguing ad and its impact.

Super Bowl Ad Details:

- The ad flashed on the screen for less than five seconds.

- It mentioned how underdogs can overcome anything.

- Despite its brevity, the ad has sparked conversations.

Contrasting Production and Cost:

- The production of the ad was minimal due to its short duration.

- However, the ad space alone cost millions of dollars.

- It's interesting to see such a short ad making waves despite its simplicity.

Beyond Wall Street Bets:

- While Wall Street Bets is a significant Reddit community, the ad showcases that Reddit is more than just that.

- The ad highlights the diverse content and communities present on Reddit.

- This aspect of the ad adds to its appeal and uniqueness.

Robin Hood's Awkward Ad:

- Robin Hood, a trading platform, also had an ad during the Super Bowl.

- The ad claimed to be for the people, but it faced controversy for restricting stock trades.

- Robin Hood's actions may have contributed to the Wall Street Bets situation.

Mixed Feelings about the Super Bowl:

- The Super Bowl itself is not of much interest to the author, who is not into professional sports.

- Tom Brady's team won, but the author doesn't have a favorable opinion of him.

- However, the author acknowledges Brady's skill and success.

Uncertainty Surrounding GameStop:

- GameStop's stock price is up 13% in pre-market trading.

- The possibility of a short squeeze happening is uncertain.

- The author believes the attention on the Wall Street Bets movement may have diminished but acknowledges its impact.

The Power of Social Media:

- The Wall Street Bets movement has highlighted the influence of social media and platforms like Reddit.

- Average individuals now have a platform to voice their opinions and influence markets.

- This newfound power is a positive outcome of the whole situation.

The Rise of Dogecoin:

- Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency, is gaining significant promotion.

- The author questions the potential of Dogecoin compared to Bitcoin.

- The author is skeptical about its future beyond being a meme and a means of making money.

- Reddit's five-second Super Bowl ad has created a significant buzz.

- The ad showcases the diversity of Reddit beyond Wall Street Bets.

- The controversy surrounding Robin Hood's ad adds to the conversation.

- GameStop's future remains uncertain, but the Wall Street Bets movement has made a lasting impact.

- The rise of Dogecoin raises questions about its potential and longevity.

- Social media's influence has become more apparent through this entire situation.

- Only time will tell what the future holds for these developments.

What Is a Meme Stock—and Should You Buy Them? How it Feels to Trade Reddit's Favorite Plays.

Man, these guys are nosy! Alright, everyone, cover your eyes. This is just between me and Robin Hood right now. Before 2021, if you were looking to invest in a company, you might have looked at recent financial statements to evaluate the soundness of the business. From there, you might have reviewed recent comments from management and analysts to get a sense of the business's projected sales and profit growth. And after all that, you'd be left with a decision: am I willing to pay X amount today for a stock that could be worth Y amount later?

That approach was flipped on its head in January 2021 by some investors when social media buzz about certain stocks suddenly seemed to carry more weight than the company's underlying fundamentals. Enter the world of meme stock trading. I'm Carlton English, a reporter at Barron's. In our last episode, I registered for my own Robin Hood account. Now I'm ready to get started. But first, how should we decide which meme stock to buy?

Some of the earliest meme stocks were heavily shorted names with a nostalgia factor. I mean, who still has a BlackBerry? When was the last time you set foot in a GameStop? And how many times were you able to see a movie in an AMC theater during lockdown? And yet, all of these companies saw their stock prices surge in January as though they were experiencing record sales, thanks to stock traders touting their names on social media platforms such as Reddit.

Individual investors saw an opportunity in the fact that there were high levels of short interest in these names. That is, the big investors betting that the company's stock price would go down. GameStop, for example, had more than a hundred percent of its shares sold short. A phenomenon that even baffled Wall Street industry experts. If the meme stock traders could get the price to rise, short sellers would be forced to buy back the stock to cover their bets, leading to even more gains.

From there, the frenzy grew with more and more traders believing there was money to be made and wanting in. Of course, there's a difference between the money that lives on paper and the money in your bank account. And when traders were ready to cash in their gains, the meme stocks saw sharp drops in their shares, meaning the last traders in were left holding the bag.

Now, normally for investing, we would recommend that investors do their homework. See how a stock fits into your overall portfolio. Try to get a sense of the company's forward-looking earnings. But in this case, we're also trying to see some of the meme mania. So what we wanted to do was just kind of wing it a bit and see what stocks were trending on sites like Wall Street Bets.

Earlier today, SmileDirectClub, the maker of aligners for teeth straightening, was one of their trending stocks. It went public in late 2019 when some of the other major IPOs like Peloton happened, and then also WeWork didn't happen. It was part of that group. It was volatile for that reason, and they also have competition with Align Technologies, the maker of Invisalign. So this one has been one that investors just like to play to see if it will eventually get its footing. Maybe I'm not getting in super early. The stock is already up 15% down a little bit after hours, but I still want to get in on this one. So I am going to buy five shares.

There's one other stock that I wanted to buy. It's called Cleveland-Cliffs. It's an older mining company that struggled a bit in 2016 when a lot of commodities were selling off. But we do see infrastructure spending coming, so there is some hype around it now. Today, it's sold off a little bit, down 3.3%, but we'll see. Maybe I am buying on the dip. We're just going to buy five shares.

Alright, now this is interesting. I'm now making my second stock purchase on Robin Hood and being prompted to update my profile about my investing goals before I'm allowed to do more trading. Approximate net worth, approximate yearly income. Oh right, wow, they are asking the personal questions. How long do you plan to invest your money? This is a very important question for any investor. It's what do you want to do with it? Are you looking to save money for a house? Well then, you may be less than four years, and that will determine investment choices you make. Four to seven years, maybe saving for your kid's college. Seven or more years, again, that could be saving for kids' college or retirement.

How much investment experience do you have? As a financial reporter, I'm going to be a little high on myself and call myself an expert. Liquidity needs, how important is it for me to be able to get that money out of my account right away? I'll be honest, it's pretty important to me at this stage of my life. Even though I don't need the money right away, as a comfort level, it's pretty important that I'd be able to get it when I need it.

Let's try to buy some stock now. Done. Alright, so I now have $116.65 of buying power available. That's enough for me for day one, I think.

Next time, we'll check in on how our picks are doing and take a deeper dive into how becoming a meme stock can affect a company's bottom line. See you then!

Guh: The Legend of ControlTheNarrative, a peak WSB hero I r/wallstreetbets

Hey, what's up guys? It's Mikeymillions here and today we're gonna be covering something extra special this Halloween. We all had a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness Control the Narrative gut his way into the Wall Street bets Hall of Heroes. We all watched this young man's soul leave his body, but he left us with many unanswered questions. Who is this brave man? How did he get so much leverage? And what can we learn from this?

Well, what can I say for Control the Narrative that he can't say for himself? Our hero's humble origin is likely a story you've heard before. An edgy teenager joins Reddit to discuss capitalism versus socialism, as though he's ever worked a day in his life. He sought to control the narrative by asking inane questions such as, if you agree that you have a boss, then why do you support voting? How can we bring more democracy, socialism, and distribution to the bedroom? How can I invest in companies that don't employ women? And he mocks the working poor by recommending that they simply quit their jobs to become independent contractors.

You might get the impression that Control the Narrative is a simple common Redditor with no purpose or direction in his life, and I think you'd be right. But at least he didn't have a compulsive gambling addiction. That is, until he found us. Things took a turn for the worst when Control the Narrative decided that margin trading was literally free money. And what many of you likely don't know is that Control the Narrative's first tryst with Robin Hood gold wasn't his last.

In the weeks prior to his epic moment, he actually borrowed a ton of money from Robin Hood in order to trade FDS on Microsoft earnings, leading to the loss of over thirty thousand dollars. Goodbye, he said, and thanks for the reality check. Now, the average person might shy away from options at this point after such an experience. But Control the Narrative is not the average person. Did he learn from this experience? No. Somehow, Control the Narrative dug his way out of his margin call and, literally three days later, was back to borrowing money from Robin Hood to buy FDS. But this time, he did it while exploiting a loophole with Robin Hood gold to maximize his leverage.

And he apparently continued exploiting it until he was sufficiently leveraged for his personal risk tolerance, a ratio of approximately 25 to one. And thus, a legend was born. But what was this loophole and how did Control the Narrative exploit it? Let's take a look. The loophole was simple but very efficient. Control the Narrative leveraged Robin Hood gold, Robin Hood's stock platform, and Robin Hood's options platform to create a loop that artificially increased his buying power to sky-high levels.

He began by approaching Robin Hood gold to reapply for access to margin. They asked, Arniethe guy who just lost 30,000? Yes, he said, Yes, I am. But I'd like to reiax smargin, please. Robin Hood said, Well, in order to access margin, you have to have at least two thousand dollars to deposit. Well, fortunately for you guys, I have two thousand dollars right here in my pocket. And with that simple exchange, our hero got access to Robin Hood gold, which allowed him to two-to-one leverage on his balances.

His two thousand dollar deposit now allowed him to borrow up to another two thousand dollars from Robin Hood, bringing his total buying power to four thousand dollars. With four grand burning a hole in his pocket, Control the Narrative now had enough money to buy a hundred shares of AMD and still have some money left over. He opened up Robin Hood's stock trading platform and purchased 100 shares of AMD. That'll be three thousand two hundred dollars, please, the man handed over the loot, much of it borrowed, and got himself a hundred shares of AMD.

And what can you do with a hundred shares of stock? You can sell covered calls. Our leveraged friend went on over to the options exchange with his 100 shares and sought to sell covered calls. Selling covered calls, Robin Hood said, That's a wise strategy. And what strike would you like to hear? Applied to dollars, that's quite low. Are you sure you understand the obligation to sell at your strike? I know what I'm doing. And well, if you're sure, I assume you have some sort of plan in order. Let me simply refer here to the options chain, sir. It appears as though the premium for such a strike is three thousand two hundred and eighty-eight dollars. We can give that to you in cash now. Would you like to proceed, sir? Do you want to sell this covered call? Let's do it, our hero replied.

And with that, he turned over his 100 shares of AMD to sell one covered call at the 2 strike. In exchange for doing so, he was awarded the premium of three thousand two hundred and eighty-eight dollars. On a more serious platform, the chain would have ended right here. The brokerage would have realized that Control the Narrative's new cash balance was simply its own money laundered through its own options platform to appear as though it were the client's money. But this is Robin Hood we're talking about.

So when Control the Narrative sold that deep in-the-money call option and put the premium into his cash pile, Robin Hood was none the wiser. And this next step actually took place automatically. Robin Hood saw about four thousand dollars in cash in our man's account. And since he had Robin Hood gold, it leveraged him two to one and doubled that buying power to over eight thousand dollars.

With that much buying power, he went back to the stock platform and bought two hundred shares of AMD for about six thousand four hundred dollars. All of it with his artificially inflated margin. Two hundred shares was enough to sell two covered calls at the 2 strike that together awarded approximately six thousand five hundred and seventy-six dollars in premium. Once again, this borrowed money appeared to be Control the Narrative's after he laundered it through Robin Hood's options platforms and added the premium to his cash pile.

As you might predict, Robin Hood had no idea its money was getting laundered and simply saw over eight thousand dollars in cash in our boy's account. Robin Hood gold once again leveraged him two to one and doubled his buying power to above sixteen thousand dollars. Enough for five hundred shares of AMD. Control the Narrative pony up sixteen grand of laundered money, bought five hundred shares of AMD, went back to the options chain, and sold five more covered calls. I think you can see where this goes next.

Control the Narrative repeated this brilliant ritual several more times, and through each iteration, he doubled his buying power through Robin Hood Gold's two-to-one leverage. Our hero did not stop until he was sufficiently leveraged for his personal risk tolerance. For him, that meant reaching twenty-five to one leverage and carrying fifty thousand dollars of buying power. On his last lap around the loop, Control the Narrative skipped buying shares and went straight back to the options platform with over fifty thousand dollars in borrowed funds.

Back to sell more covered calls? Nope. I'm here to buy a few Apple puts. Let me guess, five percent out of the money expiring in two weeks. Actually, I'll take half of them at seven percent out of the money, and I want them all expiring on Friday. This Friday, so two days from now. Yep, he knew they call those Dee's, and we're locking in the trade. It was in that moment that Control the Narrative committed himself to bankruptcy. Apple's earnings report pleased the market, and our hero's puts bit the dust.

So where do we go from here? First, we need to take the crown from Irony Men and Qhorin Eight. Control the Narrative is clearly peak Wall Street bets. And now that the Robin Hood free money glitch is common knowledge, Wall Street bets is just itching to explode. Will we buy a million dollars on margin? Will we buy an entire company by performing a hostile takeover with laundered Robin Hood funds? We shall see.

The attention Wall Street bets got from the Gov IDEO hitting Reddit's homepage and the 800 thousand views it got on YouTube and Bloomberg have brought a lot of fresh vulnerable users to our favorite subreddit. But no matter where we go as a community from here, let's make one promise to each other that will never ever change. Thanks for watching this video, everyone. I hope you enjoyed it. We do a bunch of other things on this channel too, so if you'd like to check out my 3k challenge run through Wall Street bets' hottest trades or learn some new strategies, you're sure to subscribe so you can keep up with the action. Catch you all later, and thanks for watching!

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