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Published on: August 7 2023 by pipiads

These results are life-changing. Stay tuned, let's talk about it! What's up, my people? Josh and Job here, nice to see your shining faces. I'm back again with a brand new installment. In today's video, I've got for you the one-year minoxidil update. So, if that caught your eye, do your boy a favor and obliterate the like button. It's absolutely free and it helps me out a lot. Subscribe for more content like this and let's dive right into it.

Now, before we get started, full disclosure: I'm not a hair doctor, I'm not a scalp specialist. This is just one humble and modest chap's opinion. This is my experience with minoxidil for taking it for a year now. If you haven't already seen all the updates, I highly recommend that you go check them out. I have updates from starting out to three months to six months. I believe I skipped a nine-month update, but this is the 12-month update.

To give you guys a little bit of context and to catch you up to speed, in case you don't want to watch the other updates, I've been taking minoxidil for 12 months now, a little over 12 months. I've also started taking finasteride. I started doing that probably almost five months ago now. The results you're going to see are with minoxidil, but they also have finasteride included, which has propelled my hair growth and my journey that I'm taking on. Just full disclosure, I thought you guys should know.

To give you guys a little bit more context, I started taking minoxidil about 12 months ago because I started noticing some thinning around the temples and on the crown area. Now, for some reference, I am 27 years old and I do have MPB, aka male pattern baldness, that runs in the family. My father was bald pretty much, well started losing his hair in his mid-20s. As far as I'm concerned, he didn't do anything about it, so he just kind of let it go. So, I decided that I wanted to take action, and so I did my research and found out that minoxidil and finasteride, and a couple of other products, are sort of like the entry into the world of hair growth. So, that's pretty much the background and the context.

Now, as far as what minoxidil I've been taking, I've actually been using this Kirkland foam topical minoxidil. It's a no-nonsense foam, so it's super easy to use. They do recommend that you use it twice a day. However, I have been using the double dosage, or rather the daily dosage, but once a day. I do it in the morning as soon as I come out of the shower. As a matter of fact, I just stepped out of the shower, I comb my hair, I use the minoxidil, and we're good to go.

The other thing that I use in conjunction with it is this hair scalp massager that I picked up from Amazon. I think it's like five or ten dollars, and what this has allowed me to do is to get that minoxidil actually on the scalp and promote circulation, which will inherently promote better hair growth. Alongside with that, I'm also taking finasteride. I'm taking one milligram tablets daily. These are from a subscription service I signed up with. The service is called him. This video is not sponsored, but if you're watching this video, Him, you know what to do. Go check them out. I believe there are other services like Keeps as well that offer that.

Last but not least, I am taking or using this shampoo called It by Him. Now, this one has saw palmetto in it, which is known to help target DHT, at least that's what the model says. I use this probably about three times a week. Typically, I do a lot of workouts. I do indoor cycling and high-intensity interval training. Once I work up a nice sweat, I'll come back, shower, use that shampoo, and I'm good to go. On the days where I just do my light cardio, let's say I go to the park and do a walk, what I'll do and what I started doing now, before I wasn't using any shampoo, but now I've started using this conditioner. It's by Kevin Murphy, it's the Stimulate conditioner, because you get those nice little tingles on your scalp. So, I just started doing that a couple of days ago, and I guess I'll have to update you and see how that goes.

So, with all that out of the way, with all the products covered and the context and all that, let's check out the results. Let's check out the temples, the crown, see how that's looking, and then we'll hop into the bathroom and take it from there.

So, when I first started, the temples were thinning out. I wouldn't say they were receding necessarily, but they were kind of thinning out. The crown back here was starting to have something as well. Based on the pictures that I've seen that Barbara has taken and based on these updates, I couldn't be happier with the results, honestly. And I'm so glad that I hopped on finasteride because it truly has helped and attacked the root of the problem. And that's what happened when I first started. I wasn't as educated with it, and so as a result, I started only taking minoxidil. But looking back, if I could change anything, I definitely would have started on finasteride even before I would have started on minoxidil. Just my opinion and my experience, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Now, let's hop into the bathroom, check out that lighting, and then we'll talk about some of the side effects as well.

Alright, we are now in my bathroom, which is the lighting that I think most people are going to see me in. Let's go check out the temples. [Music] Get a good look at that and then let's check out the crown area. [Music] Right there. [Music]

As you can see, it is definitely fuller, and I'm pretty excited to have seen these results thus far. You're probably wondering by this point, have I seen any side effects? Well, I am happy to say that I've been very fortunate to not have seen any major side effects, except for the common and usual initial shedding phase that you go through when you start with minoxidil or with finasteride. But even then, it wasn't really noticeably visible, which I'm very happy about. I've heard some horror stories where people have gone through intense shedding phases, but worry not, as it's only a temporary short-term thing that happens when you initially start taking minoxidil. The weaker hair follicles tend to fall out to allow for room for the stronger hair follicles to grow back. So, don't be alarmed if you do see a shedding phase.

Now, I've heard of other side effects that other people have encountered, but like I said, I've been very fortunate to have not really seen any. I also think it's a mental thing, right? If you go into it thinking, Oh, I'm gonna have side effects, you best believe you're gonna have side effects. But I went in there thinking, You know what? I'm not gonna have any side effects, and sure enough, that's what happened. And you know what the best thing about it is? If you do, you can always hop off of it. Granted, you're gonna lose your gains, but those side effects should subside. So, my recommendation to you is to go see a specialist when it comes to taking finasteride and minoxidil. You could actually hire this online service that I did at Hims or Keeps, or you do an online consultation with a doctor, or you can go see your local dermatologist and they'd be able to better assist you and let you know if you're a good candidate for both minoxidil, finasteride, or any of the other products that they may offer.

That pretty much concludes my experience taking minoxidil for a year. Am I happy? Yes. Am I glad I took it? Absolutely. Do I wish I had taken it sooner? Potentially, yes. Maybe six to 12 months sooner, maybe I would have even seen better results. But I'm glad that I hopped on that wagon sooner rather than later.

With all that being said, if you enjoyed this video and took away any sort of valuable nugget, make sure that you obliterate and destroy the like button. Also, let me know in the comment section down below what your thoughts were on these results. I'm also curious to know if you're currently taking or thinking about taking it, or if you may have any questions that I could answer. I'd also love to do a follow-up Q&A video. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and on TikTok. And as always, stay unapologetic.

I Cut Thousands Of 1.5 Millimetre Holes In My Head Every Week To Prevent Hair Loss

In this article, I'm going to quickly discuss the benefits of micro needling for hair growth. Micro needling involves intentionally creating small holes in the scalp to stimulate the growth factors that may be lacking in individuals with energetic alopecia. It is a non-hormonal and safe treatment option with minimal side effects.

Clinical data suggests that using micro needling in conjunction with minoxidil results in a significantly better response compared to using minoxidil alone. The micro needling group showed more promising results, possibly because the micro holes created in the scalp allow for better absorption of minoxidil. However, it is important to skip minoxidil application on the same day to prevent it from going systemic and causing side effects such as heart palpitations.

Micro needling is a relatively non-invasive procedure, with the holes typically being 1.5 millimeters in size. While it may be painful, it is manageable and does not require numbing cream. Using a derma pen or a similar device can make the process faster and more efficient compared to manual methods like a derma roller.

It is important to note that derma rollers should be avoided as they can cause tearing in the scalp, potentially hindering hair growth. The derma pen, on the other hand, creates straight and non-torn channels, making it a better option for micro needling.

Investing in a high-quality micro needling device, such as the Terminator, is recommended. While it may be more expensive, it provides good value for the benefits it offers. Micro needling, whether used with minoxidil or not, is a valuable addition to a hair loss prevention routine.

In conclusion, micro needling is a safe and effective treatment option for hair growth. When used in conjunction with minoxidil, it can significantly enhance the results. Investing in a quality micro needling device is worth considering for those looking to combat hair loss.

Minoxidil Shampoo! Watch before you BUY!

Hey, this is Matt and welcome back to the channel! Today, I'm going to be discussing minoxidil shampoo and whether it's worth using. We'll be comparing the efficacy of a normal shampoo versus a shampoo enriched with one percent minoxidil. We'll also look at the pros and cons of using this shampoo long-term and compare it to topical minoxidil five percent. Lastly, I'll share my summary or conclusion with you. If you prefer reading, you can check out my article on my website without any ads. Now, let's get started!

- Minoxidil shampoo is a shampoo enriched with minoxidil, typically one or two percent.

- The effectiveness of using shampoo as a delivery method for minoxidil is questioned.

- We need to understand how long minoxidil takes to deliver its benefits to the scalp.

Pros and Cons:

- Pros of using minoxidil shampoo: potential convenience, easy to incorporate into a haircare routine.

- Cons of using minoxidil shampoo: questionable effectiveness due to short contact time, potential for low concentration of minoxidil.

Comparison with Topical Minoxidil:

- Topical minoxidil is FDA approved for treating hair loss, while minoxidil shampoo is not.

- Topical minoxidil can be applied daily and has higher concentrations (two or five percent) compared to minoxidil shampoo.

- The use of topical minoxidil is recommended by doctors and dermatologists for better absorption and effectiveness.

Study Findings:

- A placebo-controlled trial compared a usual shampoo to a shampoo with one percent minoxidil.

- The study showed a slight increase in vellus hair with both shampoos, but a more significant increase in terminal hair with the minoxidil shampoo.

- Further studies with larger sample sizes and longer treatment periods are needed for more conclusive results.

- While minoxidil shampoo may show some benefits, it is not as effective as topical minoxidil.

- To achieve the best results for hair growth, it is recommended to combine treatments like topical minoxidil, derma rolling, and potentially anti-androgens.

- Minoxidil shampoo may be an option for those who prefer convenience, but it is not the most potent protocol for hair loss treatment.

In conclusion, minoxidil shampoo may not be worth it compared to topical minoxidil. It is essential to consider more effective treatment options for stimulating hair growth and blocking DHT. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to like it and subscribe to my channel. Also, check out my Facebook group and website for more resources on hair transplants and hair loss treatment. Thanks for watching, and see you in the next video!

YouTube BANNED These Commercials

- Varsity High is a popular show that often includes dramatic and comedic moments.

- This article will summarize some of the dialogue from the show, incorporating contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms.

1. Samanda reveals a surprising news to Clint:

- Samanda interrupts Clint with an ahem and asks what he wants.

- Samanda then reveals that Clint is going to be a father.

2. Xanax for YouTubers:

- A commercial for Xanax for YouTubers is shown, highlighting its ability to numb emotions and prevent breakdowns.

- The commercial mentions how failures and successes don't matter when using the product.

3. Mike In The Bag's unique fast food:

- Mike In The Bag introduces their triangular burgers, which surprise a customer.

- A comedic moment occurs when someone jokingly asks if there is a dead body in the bag.

4. Adult Bop:

- A new music compilation called Adult Bop is introduced, which takes kids songs and makes them naughty for adults.

5. Pitbull's Grill Pit:

- Pitbull promotes his own restaurant called Pitbull's Grill Pit, featuring a Pitbull Ball Pit for kids and various food items.

- He humorously mentions that he won't serve Brad Pitt if he ever visits.

6. The unexpected twist in Varsity High:

- Clint reveals that the pregnancy test was actually a meat thermometer and that he can't impregnate someone.

- The scene ends with everyone laughing and the characters talking over each other.

- The dialogue from Varsity High showcases the show's mix of drama and comedy.

- The use of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms adds a natural and engaging tone to the dialogue.

- Overall, the show provides entertaining and unexpected moments that keep viewers hooked.

September 2, 1995 commercials

- Music: The Art of Meridian Chardonnay

- Pico from Sega: Turn off the TV and turn on your kids' imagination

- Ocean Spray: Craving the wave of big, bold cranberry taste

- MCI vs AT&T: Putting savings in writing

- Learning Channel: Revisit lost civilizations and ancient warriors

- Virus: A battle against the unseen

- American Express: Membership miles program

- Armor All: Superior protection for your car

- Dr. Scholl's: Advanced pain relief corn removers

- Rogaine: The best way to keep your hair

- Prostate surgery: New hope for cancer treatment

- Hitachi: Making everything from camcorders to clown noses

- The Learning Channel Magazine: Get the most out of watching TLC

- Mayan ruins in Sioux City and other fascinating discoveries

- Ocean Spray: Craving the sweet taste of grapefruit

- Treasure Islands and the Great Castles of Europe on TLC tonight

- Stay tuned for more exciting programs on The Learning Channel

Best Minoxidil Alternative With No Side Effects. Day 28 Journey To Hair Regrowth Advanced Trichology

Best Minoxidil Alternative with No Side Effects

Hello everyone, my name is Matteo and today I want to talk to you about why you should not be using minoxidil and what you should be using instead. Minoxidil has been used for over 30 years in the hair industry to promote hair growth, but what they don't tell you in all the fancy ads is that there are a plethora of side effects. Let's take a closer look at why you should consider an alternative.

Side Effects of Minoxidil:

- Acne at the site of application

- Burning of the scalp

- Facial hair growth

- Inflammation or soreness to the root of the hair

- Redness of the skin

- Swelling of the face

- Blurred vision

- Dizziness or fainting

- Fast or irregular heartbeat

- Flushing

- Headaches

- Lightheadedness

- Numbness and tingling in hands and feet

- Swelling of the face, hands, and feet

- Weight gain

- Erectile dysfunction

As you can see, the list of side effects is quite extensive and can range from mild discomfort to serious health concerns. It's important to consider the potential risks before using minoxidil.

Natural Alternative: Nutra M by Advanced Trichology

If you do some research, you'll find that there are natural products available that can help promote hair regrowth without the side effects of minoxidil. One such product is Nutra M by Advanced Trichology. I have been using it for a month now and have seen great results, as have many others on this journey. It is 100% natural and free of minoxidil, making it a safe choice for both men and women.

When it comes to finding the best minoxidil alternative, it's important to do your own research and find what works best for you. While some people may find success with other products, it's crucial to prioritize your safety and choose a natural solution that is free of harmful side effects. Don't simply follow the marketing hype surrounding minoxidil, but instead, take the time to find a product that suits your needs and supports your hair regrowth journey.

Thank you for watching, and if you found this information helpful, please like and subscribe to my channel for more updates on my hair regrowth journey and recommendations for effective products.


- This article explores the potential side effects of minoxidil, a common hair loss prevention treatment, and highlights the importance of considering drug efficacy and side effect profiles.

- It challenges the notion that over-the-counter drugs are completely safe and encourages a more careful assessment of potential risks.

Side Effects of Minoxidil:

- Minoxidil is known to be effective and well-tolerated, but it is not without side effects.

- Many mainstream channels and advertisements fail to provide a comprehensive understanding of how minoxidil works and its potential side effects.

- The author emphasizes the need to consider drug selection beyond just its approval status or availability.

Orthostatic Hypotension and Pseudo Acromegaly:

- Orthostatic hypotension, characterized by low blood pressure upon standing up, is a common side effect of minoxidil.

- The author shares a personal anecdote about a friend who experienced severe orthostatic hypotension and other side effects, even after discontinuing minoxidil.

- Drug-induced lupus, an autoimmune reaction, was found to be linked to minoxidil use in some cases.

- Minoxidil can also induce reflex tachycardia, which can lead to an increased heart rate and potential health concerns.

Importance of Drug Evaluation:

- The author emphasizes the need for a more thorough evaluation of a drug's potential efficacy and side effect profile before recommending it.

- Just because a drug is FDA-approved or widely recommended does not guarantee its safety for everyone.

- The article suggests that the risk of side effects should be carefully considered, even for over-the-counter drugs like minoxidil.

- Minoxidil is a well-tolerated hair loss prevention treatment, but it is not without potential side effects.

- The article highlights the importance of considering a drug's efficacy and side effect profile before using it.

- Personal anecdotes and research findings reveal that minoxidil can lead to severe side effects in some individuals, including orthostatic hypotension and autoimmune reactions.

- It urges readers to approach drug recommendations with caution and emphasizes the need for a more comprehensive understanding of a drug's potential risks.

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