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Ross & Marshall's Shoe Haul FAIL!! Secrets of Sourcing Revealed?

Published on: December 10 2022 by RockstarFlipper

Ross Marshall, a popular YouTuber, recently shared a video about his shoe haul fail. He revealed the secrets of sourcing shoes and why he failed to find good quality shoes. In this article, we will delve into the details of his video and explore the lessons we can learn from his experience.

1. The Importance of Research:

Ross emphasized the importance of research before buying shoes. He revealed that he failed to do proper research and relied solely on his intuition, which led to his failure.

2. The Role of Price:

Price plays a significant role in the quality of shoes. Ross revealed that he ignored the high price of the shoes he bought and expected them to be of good quality. However, he learned that quality comes at a price, and cheap shoes often lead to disappointments.

3. The Value of Networking:

Networking is crucial when it comes to sourcing shoes. Ross revealed that he failed to establish a relationship with the store owner, which could have led to better deals and quality shoes.

4. The Need for Patience:

Patience is essential when sourcing shoes. Ross shared that he was in a hurry to buy shoes and did not take the time to explore different stores and options. He learned that patience leads to better deals and quality shoes.

In conclusion, Ross Marshall's shoe haul fail teaches us valuable lessons about sourcing shoes. We must do proper research, consider the price, establish a network, and practice patience. By following these guidelines, we can source quality shoes and avoid disappointments.

Ross & Marshall's Shoe Haul FAIL!! Secrets of Sourcing Revealed?

- The video explores the experience of trying to find clearance merchandise at Ross and Marshalls for reselling purposes in the central Tampa area of Florida.

- The speaker discusses his lack of success in finding profitable items and offers possible explanations for why it may not work in his area.


- The speaker visits both Ross and Marshalls and shows examples of items that are not profitable for reselling, including Nike cleats and designer clothing.

- He notes that there is little clearance merchandise available and even the items that are on clearance do not offer much profit margin.

- The speaker speculates that the lack of clearance merchandise in his area may be due to the high demand for regular-priced items.

- He suggests that the only way to consistently find profitable items may be to have a deal with the managers or store employees.

- The speaker concludes that Ross and Marshalls may not be the best stores for reselling in his area and invites viewers to share their own experiences in the comments.

- He emphasizes that while he has not had success in these stores, others may have a different experience based on their location or connections.

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