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Roy Daniel's Top Dropshipping Tips

Published on: May 10 2023 by pipiads

- Dropshipping is a popular business model with low barriers to entry and simplicity.

- However, there are major disadvantages to the model, including competition, lack of customer connection, and payment bans and ad account bans that can follow you for life.

- The video aims to break down the dark side of dropshipping and provide advice on how to avoid payment bans and account bans.

The Dark Side of Dropshipping:

- Dropshipping is super competitive with low barriers to entry, leading to saturation and reduced margins.

- Dropshippers generally only care about acquisition and not retention, leading to a lack of customer connection and negative reviews.

- Shipping times are often long, leading to negative customer experiences and platform bans.

- Payment bans and ad account bans can affect your entire life and are difficult to recover from.

- Avoiding bans requires staying compliant with Facebook, using unique content, and trying to get an agency account.

Expert Advice:

- The ECOM King recommends starting with dropshipping and then moving to 3PL ordering once you have proof of concept.

- He also recommends staying compliant with Facebook, getting an agency account, and using unique content to avoid bans.

- Jordan Welch recommends focusing on marketing skills rather than strategy or winning products.

- He also notes that ad account bans are inevitable and advises staying compliant with Facebook and creating custom content to avoid them.

- Dropshipping has major disadvantages, including competition, lack of customer connection, and platform bans.

- Avoiding bans requires staying compliant with Facebook, using unique content, and getting an agency account.

- Focusing on marketing skills can also help you succeed in the dropshipping business.

eBay Dropshipping Tips From a TOP Dropshipper!

In this article, content manager Lyron shares his experience and tips for being a successful drop shipper. The article includes an introduction where Lyron's background and expertise are briefly discussed. Lyron then discusses his journey into drop shipping, including how he started with eBay and why he believes it's a great place to start for beginners due to its low risk and high reward.

Lyron also discusses other selling channels such as Shopify, Wix, and Facebook Marketplace, and provides pros and cons for each platform. He emphasizes the importance of product research for success on any platform.

The article concludes by reiterating Lyron's advice for those looking to start drop shipping: start with eBay, focus on product research, and learn about other selling channels to expand your business.

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With $0 (RESULTS)

Organic TikTok is a great way to make money without spending a dime on advertising. In this article, we'll show you how to get results using organic TikTok and how much money you can make from each million views.

Four Main Things That Make A Viral Video:

1. Engaging hook - you have only a few seconds to capture someone's attention.

2. Colors and movement - keep people engaged by using small details.

3. Emotional peak - use emotions to keep people interested.

4. Conclusion - end with a cliffhanger or double punchline.

Account Strategies:

1. Post three to five times a day to build consistency.

2. Work backwards from successful videos to create new ones.

3. Repost your best-performing content.

4. Be consistent in your posting schedule.

The Amount of Money You Can Make:

On average, every 1 million views on TikTok generates about $3,000 to $10,000 in sales. You can make a lot of money with a 70-75% profit margin and consistent posting.

Interview with Viral Ecom Ads:

The key to driving revenue on TikTok is to find products with natural curiosity or controversy. The videos should be short, high quality, and have a reply-to-comment function. Avoid using too many hashtags and pushy call-to-actions.

Organic TikTok is a great way to make money without spending any money on advertising. Use these strategies to create engaging videos and build a consistent posting schedule. Remember to focus on your product and reply to comments. With consistent effort, you can make a lot of money on TikTok.

[Case Study] TikTok Organic Strategy that made $100,000 in ONE Day Shopify Dropshipping

Dylan shares an organic strategy that helped him make $100,000 in sales in just one day. He emphasizes the importance of organic traffic and breaks down the numbers to show its power. Dylan also provides some tips on how to create viral content on TikTok.

The Numbers:

- Dylan's sales on the day of the video: just under $100,000

- Sales the next day: around $90,000

- Video posted around 5 pm and saw a spike in sales after 4 pm

- Within the first hour, the video had a million views

- Ended the day with around 2.7 million views

- Maintained a 1.9% conversion rate

The Strategy:

- Post 1-2 times per day, preferably 2 times

- Keep an eye out for trends and trending audios by scrolling through your For You page for 15-30 minutes a day

- Find the best times to post through your analytics

- Use trending hashtags in your caption, but don't spam them

- If you have a budget, consider hiring content creators

Examples of Brands Killing It on TikTok:

- Astro Diffuser: 1.1 million likes and 30k followers

- Slushie Cup: 519k followers

- Fancy LEDs: 1.7 million followers

Retargeting Your Audiences:

- Take advantage of the traffic on your site by retargeting your audiences on other platforms

- Spend $600,688 on Snapchat ads and received $22,000 in sales

- Make sure to use different creatives for your retargeting campaigns

Organic traffic on TikTok is a powerful tool that should not be overlooked. By following some simple tips and creating viral content, brands can see significant sales in just one day. Retargeting your audiences on other platforms is also an effective way to capitalize on the traffic generated from TikTok.

How To Package & Brand Your Shopify Dropshipping Products

Paul from Become Swift discusses his experience with dropshipping and a product review of a watch company. He acknowledges the marketing tactics and psychological tricks used in advertising.

Marketing Tactics:

- Paul was fooled by the watch company's marketing tactics and branding.

- The company used premium packaging and a customer experience to make the product seem high-quality.

- Tips for branding and customer experience include going the extra mile and investing in packaging and branding materials.

- If you have a winning product, invest in these materials to enhance the customer's perception of your brand.

- The company's deception in claiming to be going out of business may backfire.

Product Review:

- Paul purchased two watches from the company and found them to be of good quality.

- The watches were similar in style to Daniel Wellington watches.

- The branding and packaging materials were impressive.

- The grammar on the packaging materials was not perfect, but it was a nice touch.

Paul's experience with the watch company highlights the importance of branding and customer experience in e-commerce. While some companies may use deceptive marketing tactics, investing in quality branding materials can enhance the customer's perception of your brand.

Alibaba Dropshipping in 2022: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

- Explanation of Alibaba drop shipping and its potential earnings for beginners

- Importance of choosing a low-risk business model for those with limited resources and experience

Finding Products:

- Strategies for finding high-quality products on Alibaba and AliExpress

- Sorting by orders and using WatchCount to identify popular products

- Importance of finding vetted suppliers and communicating effectively

Pros and Cons:

- Benefits of Alibaba drop shipping, including low start-up costs and access to thousands of products

- Challenges of dealing with international suppliers, such as language barriers and longer shipping times

Making Sales:

- Utilizing Facebook ads and email marketing to reach customers and sell additional products

- Partnering with influencers on platforms like YouTube to drive traffic and split profits

- Reiteration of the potential earnings and benefits of Alibaba drop shipping for beginners

- Encouragement to explore the free resources and opportunities provided in the links below

ACHETEZ MA M3RDE (SplashWear x EchoGames)

In this article, we will be discussing a YouTube video by Minecraft YouTuber, SplashWear, who unboxes a gaming headset. The video starts with an aggressive and offensive intro, which is unnecessary. The article points out both positive and negative aspects of the video.

The article is a review of a YouTube video by SplashWear, who unboxes a gaming headset. The article points out the positives and negatives of the video.


- SplashWear announces that he has been contacted by an external site to advertise for them, which is transparent.

- He respects the agreement that links him with the external site and puts the link in his description.

- The headset is cheap, practical, and well made.

- The sound quality is good and covers well around.

- SplashWear finds a counter-argument to the negative aspect of the product, which is the microphone quality.


- The product is sold at a higher price than what it is worth.

- SplashWear buys crappy products at low prices from AliExpress and resells them at a much higher price on his site.

- The site lies about the material used in the headset and its 7.1 audio.

- The site lies about the external site that contacted SplashWear.

- The site sells products that are not worth their price.

The article concludes that SplashWear's video has both positive and negative aspects. It is transparent in some aspects but lies in others. The site sells products that are not worth their price, which is a major negative aspect. The article suggests that SplashWear should either reduce the prices of his products or contact real wholesalers and not resellers. The article also encourages readers to leave their comments and share the video.

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