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RUNNING DISCOUNTS ON FACEBOOK: Upsells and Bundling: Facebook Ads How To Guide

Published on: December 25 2022 by The Facebook Disrupter

In the world of online advertising, Facebook ads are one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers. However, simply running a Facebook ad campaign is not enough to guarantee success. In order to maximize your ROI, it's important to take advantage of upsells and bundling. By offering discounts and other promotions to customers who purchase multiple products, you can increase your revenue and build a loyal customer base.


Upselling is the practice of offering customers a higher-priced or upgraded version of the product they are considering purchasing. This can be an effective way to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction. Here are some tips for using upsells in your Facebook ad campaigns:

- Offer a discount: By offering a discount on the upgraded product, you can make the offer more appealing to customers.

- Highlight the benefits: Make sure to clearly communicate the benefits of the upgraded product so that customers understand why it's worth the extra cost.

- Use urgency: Creating a sense of urgency can be a powerful motivator for customers. Consider using phrases like limited time offer or while supplies last to encourage customers to act quickly.


Bundling is the practice of offering customers a discount when they purchase multiple products together. This can be an effective way to increase sales and encourage customers to try out new products. Here are some tips for using bundling in your Facebook ad campaigns:

- Choose complementary products: Make sure the products you bundle together make sense together and offer value to the customer.

- Offer a discount: Make the bundled price lower than the sum of the individual product prices in order to make the offer more attractive to customers.

- Use social proof: Highlight customer reviews or testimonials to show that other customers have been happy with the bundled products.

In order to get the most out of your Facebook ad campaigns, it's important to use upsells and bundling to increase your revenue and build a loyal customer base. By offering discounts and other promotions to customers, you can encourage them to purchase more products and create a positive association with your brand. So next time you're planning a Facebook ad campaign, make sure to include upsells and bundling in your strategy!

Discounts are often seen as a way to increase sales, but when is it actually good to run a discount? In this article, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of running discounts and provide tips on how to improve customer lifetime value (LTV) while still offering deals.

When to Run Discounts:

- Discounts can be run every day but not on typical products.

- Discounts should be offered on upsells or bundles.

- Discounts can be offered during holiday gifting periods.

- Discounts should be used to acquire initial sales, but not to sacrifice future revenue.

Improving LTV:

- Offer bundles or buy-three-get-one-free deals to increase LTV.

- Operational costs and acquisition spend should be factored in when offering discounts.

- Bundling products can dramatically reduce average price to the consumer and reduce shipping costs.

- Upsells can overcome objections and increase the value of the offer.

Running discounts can be a double-edged sword, but when used correctly, they can increase sales and improve LTV. The key is to offer discounts on upsells or bundles and to factor in operational costs and acquisition spend. Bundling products can reduce shipping costs and overcome objections, and upsells can increase the value of the offer. By following these tips, businesses can offer deals while still maintaining profitability and future success.

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