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russian ads facebook

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Out About Russian Ads On Facebook During Election | TODAY

four months, Facebook has been under mounting pressure to be more transparent. after revelations, Russia used its platform to try to meddle in the 2016 election. now this decision to release thousands of ads marks a major shift that could impact the Russia probe. but some lawmakers are asking: this morning, is it enough? this morning, Facebook is facing scrutiny over its role in the 2016 election. I don't want anyone to use our tools to undermine democracy. that's not what we stand for. founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, announcing the social media giant plans to turn over 3,000 Russian linked ads to Congress and special counsel robert muller. those ads, with the price tag of $100,000, pushed divisive social issues, from immigration to race and gay rights, providing new evidence of russia's wide-ranging influence in the campaign, which US intelligence officials say was designed to sow politikal chaos, help Donald Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton, the former Democratik nominee recently weighing in here on today, there was certainly, we know, a plan from Putin and the level and the highest levels of the Kremlin to influence our election. we now know that it was everything from Facebook ads. Zuckerberg acknowledging more Russian linked ads may come to light, we may find more and if we do, we will continue to work with the government, but Facebook won't release its findings publicly. instead, Zuckerberg says the company will hire 250 new staffers to ramp up scrutiny of advertisers and offer more transparency about who pays for ads. we won't catch everyone immediately, but we can make it harder to try to interfere. even before Facebook's announcement Thursday, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg insisted the company must do more to combat potential foreign influence like this. they have a responsibility and if they say well, there's no ways to do it other than maybe have a human being read every message. I'm sorry you're gonna have to do that. the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, praising Facebook's move as an important first step, but saying your questions need to be answered. Americans deserve to see the politikal content that's being used in a politikal campaign and sure sack got to make sure we know if that content is being driven by a foreign power. and this morning a Kremlin spokesman says Russia didn't use Facebook to try to meddle in the 2016 election. the president is tweeting about all of it this morning, saying the Russia hoax continues. now it's ads on Facebook. what about the totally biased and dishonest media coverage in favor of crooked Hillary? meanwhile, Twitter executives are heading to Capitol Hill next week to discuss whether their platform may have been manipulated by the Russians. Craig Savannah, all right, and so it goes. kristen welker, thank you, and penlow today. fans, thanks for checking out our youtube channel. subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews, show highlights and digital exclusives.

Russian propaganda has hit a new low

Ramen, your favorite neighborhood Russian. hi guys, doomsday. welcome to a brand new video, and in today's video, guys, we're going to be reacting to some more terrible Russian propaganda. now, look, I've already reacted to a bunch of different types of Russian propaganda on this channel. for example, recently I reacted to the Russian Propaganda music- you know the beautiful artist shamam. or, for example, I've reacted to videos that I meant to convince Russians not to leave Russia, not to escape from the mobilization and everything, and all of that is already pretty bad right. however, what we're going to be reacting to in this video shows that Russian propaganda might actually have hit a new low, because today we're going to be reacting to viral video propaganda that is meant to convince Russian men to voluntarily enlist in the Russian army in order to fight in Ukraine for financial gain. that's basically the point of this video is. now, I've already toked about this viral video propaganda in Russia and what it is. it's basically videos that are produced by Kremlin Affiliated media companies that are then spread around Russian social media- YouTube, telegram channels, Etc. in order to create an effect of a viral video and to spread a partikular message, a partikular agenda. it's really nothing new. however, the absolute cynicism of what we're gonna watch today is actually unprecedented in Russian propaganda. so, without further Ado, let's strap in and check out the first one. what's good? click on the computer, bro. what the [ __ ]. the point of this video is that if you want to buy your daughter a new iPhone, you have to go fight in Ukraine and you will Source your life out. you know, I just think it's kind of funny that, like they're pointing out like real issues that exist in Russia. you know how people get their wages held up and not paid because the economy is in a terrible state right now. obviously, hey guys, that is a Roman here, and I just want to add in one more thing. this is actually quite personal to me because when I was like 15 years old, this actually happened to my mom. at the time, she was working at like a States uh, tractor plant, like a tractor Factory in my hometown, and it was a deeply corrupt institution that were always like in debts and I remember- I think in 2013, she didn't get paid from her job for like six months straight or something, so basically lived in super like economy mode of savings and stuff. we didn't starve, but it wasn't comfortable, you know. so yeah, that's the topic of people not getting paid on time due to corruption. it kind of his home for me, you know. but anyway, this is a real issue and they're using this to promote voluntarily enlisted in the army foreign. [Music]. [Music]. my first time watching this with you guys. this is getting even better. so not only is he not getting paid in his job, but he's also a military veteran- I guess he's implied to be a veteran of the Chechen war or something- and he has no money. he's quite curious, isn't it? it's quite curious why a military veteran has no money and is getting Bible scraps. you know what makes anybody believe that the people who will fight for Russian now will be treated in any other way- foreign? it's insane. I wonder why, guys, once again, I wonder why he's not getting paid and I wonder why he didn't get remunerated for his- you know, for his incredible heroic service in the war that's not been named here. I understand that a lot of zema [ __ ]. his logic is like: not all the way there, you know, they can't really connect the dots, but the people who make this [ __ ] have to be smarter, right, right. foreign veteran who's also struggling with finances. so he went to Ukraine. the implication, that of military veteran has to fight a war again in order to make scraps, that's [ __ ] crazy. this, this is insane. who the [ __ ] made this? I'm not even Z and I'm getting [ __ ] triggered there it is. he's made the decision: he's going to Ukraine. I guess I don't [ __ ] know what is this supposed to signify? six months later, videos [Music]. I can't look, I can't even comment on this. this is just like this is. this is beyond like parody, this is beyond commentary. to be honest, guys like can we just watch this video and I'm just not gonna say [ __ ], you know, like, I'm really like speechless. I'm honestly just speechless. foreign [Music]: yeah, they cut this one short, but basically this is the full version. this is what happens at the end. okay, so the, the safety of the motherlands, the happiness of the family, the future of our children, you've destroyed our [ __ ] future. what are you toking about? I have none like. purely, even just looking at this from a Russian standpoint, right, this doesn't make any [ __ ] sense. so, yeah, the point of the video is that basically, uh, if you're a military veteran. please go and, uh, do that [ __ ] all over again, risk your life, and then maybe you will get enough money to buy a single iPhone. it's [ __ ] insane, it's actually so like. it's so soulless and cynical. not even mention the fact that what's happening to Ukraine right now is being turned into like an opportunity to make some money. alright, so let's check out another one, foreign. the formula of every single one of these videos is the same. they show like regular Russian people that have regular problems that people really run into. people are [ __ ] impoverished and just, you know, trying to get by. they show those real problems and then turn the message into: well, if you want to fix those problems, if you want to fix your money problems, time to go to Ukraine and make some money, let's just [ __ ] keep going. I got. no, this is insane. foreign, I agree. first character in one of these propaganda videos that, like I don't immediately despise from the start. you know, dude, is this I have. these videos really Russian propaganda, like what the [ __ ] he's toking about? his like low salary at the post office. I'm honestly speechless. these videos are literally like critikizing the garage of the governments because [Music] sometime later. okay, foreign, foreign. once again, guys, I have nothing to say once again, can I just be silenced in this video, like, please, what the [ __ ] is going on. look, I've never been left more speechless by anything I've seen in my life, probably. this is [ __ ] insane. okay, and the same thing at the end: okay, become a volunteer, change your life. it should be: end your life right here. that's, that's what it should say. by the way, guys, at this point some of you might have, you know, the question or a doubt that this might not be like a real propaganda that's created by, you know, Russia, but actually like a parody events or somebody like sarcastikally doing it or something. uh, well, it's nuts because, uh, I don't want to spoil it, let's just watch the next video and you'll see for yourself. foreign [Music]: top 10 worst mistakes anybody can ever make. okay, so this guy signed up on being a volunteer. okay, [Music]: okay. so, though, it's a door that says, like a person that owes money lives here, like, bring back the loan. so apparently it's like loan sharks or something that Ronan as well, and this guy's like being stoked and threatens. that's the point here. so, once again, it's quite interesting why a person in the richest country in the world- you know, richest country in resources and everything- has to take loans and get, get [ __ ] Shake by loan sharks in order to get by. it's just very curious why that would happen. you know they're just critikizing themselves at this point. this is [ __ ] crazy. okay, so I guess he is the guy who owes money, the guy who just signed up, as well as a volunteer [Music], foreign [Music]. okay, so, uh, here's the part where I play magic tricks to convince you guys. you guys see this dude right here on the left, this guy right here. basically, this guy should be a familiar face if you've watched, uh, my previous video about, uh, Russia's new anti-American propaganda. that was like, uh, that video where uh family of Russians was leaving and going to America and they basically, on a plane, realized how terrible America really is and you kn.

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Were Russian Facebook ads enough to influence 2016 election?

Facebook chief operating officer, sheryl sandberg, made the rounds on Capitol Hill last week amid the growing furor over Moscow's use of social media to influence the 2016 presidential election. the company revealed last month that a Russian firm with links to the Kremlin bought more than $100,000 worth of ads on Facebook between June 2015 and May 2017. but would that be enough to influence the outcome of a presidential race? mark panas, managing director of the stag whale group. he was chief strategist on Bill Clinton's 1996 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign and mrs Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign. so, mark, welcome. good to see you. the the. you wrote an intriguing piece for us this week suggesting that $100,000 can't buy an election. why don't you explain that? well, look the premise of the piece is: enough fake news about fake news that if you just took a little simple math, Facebook told us that 56% were spent after the election, so only forty four thousand dollars could even have been in the election period. that most of it didn't refer to a candidate. that most of it was not in swing states. by the time you do the simple math, you get down to about $6,500 may have been in swing states during the year of the election. it's incredible that we're spending all this time toking about something like that, that that just a little math explodes, all right, but there's a sort of a sense that I get toking to Democrats that says: you know, this election was so close in those key Midwestern states, so close in Wisconsin, that if foreign agents, foreign sources, just poured a little money into those districts with a message that looked to be anti Clinton or anti Obama, then you could actually influence the, the election in those states and turn the Electoral College. III wish that it was so easy. IIIi mean 2.4 billion dollars were spent on this presidential election. Hillary Clinton had a four hundred million dollar advantage over Donald Trump and and just in the last week her super PAC put six million dollars into Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida. to suggest that a few thousand dollars of these incredibly targeted ads- which they weren't, that they didn't even know when the election day was, is ludicrous and we have to be honest with ourselves whether this argument hurts or helps Democrats. we have to have some honest, fact-based discussions in this country. all right, you compared this in your piece to the what the Chinese tried to do in 1996, and we know there were. you know there's an attempt by foreign people, foreign agents there, to influence the campaign on behalf of Bill Clinton. but you say you know that that wasn't decisive either. well, it wasn't decisive. it was hundreds of thousands of dollars. it was probably bigger and of course, money meant a little bit more in 1996. it was probably bigger, but we kept it in proportion. we did investigate it. there were some fundraisers who were prosecuted. it was clear the Chinese government had a quote: China plan. no, it wasn't decisive. but but we didn't make it a national fixation. we we tightened up validation procedures about foreign contributions and we should tighten up fake accounts and you know, clearing ads and things like that. we should, police should clear that up. we should take this as a warning that this wasn't something that really made a difference, but somebody could in the future, all right. so your advice to Facebook, Twitter and social media sites would be, basically, you're gonna have to dig into who the sources of these things are. these ads are in the next election, to make sure you screen out these foreign source ads. because obviously, if, if we knew that a Russian ad was buying a full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal, for example, attacking a candidate, we wouldn't take the money. well, tiknically, the Supreme Court has protected non candidate issue communications, so Facebook has a lot of issues to consider. I guess the point is: look in good faith, you should have the basic procedures that a lot of TV stations have for ads that you run through- politikal ads. you should really do your best on fake, on fake accounts, and make sure this doesn't become a real problem, because you know, because we we got so overheated here in doing this, it could become a real problem, but it wasn't okay. now your party, the Democratik Party, are they paying too much attention here, in your view, to Russia's role in the election and saying, look, with the idea that that made this Trump's victory illegitimate, is that they're just focusing too much on that- the last election- and not enough on the next one? yeah, look, I think where the Democrats have had the strongest ground so far has been on health care. I think they clearly won the argument on health care. I think as President Obama went out yesterday, I think they they seem less divided. I think the extent to which I think everybody attacks our democracy or calls it illegitimate or divides the country, I don't think anybody wins in that discussion. I think the people who win in this discussion or those who unite the country. ninety-one percent in my Harvard Harris Poll want Democrats and Republicans to work together, even though they dislike them all. all right, thank you for being here. Mark Penn appreciate it, thank you.

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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and Russian ads Tarot Reading

hello everybody. so before i start, i want to thank you all guys for your comments and your suggestions. so now this is a requested video and it is about zuckerberg, the, the connection between zuckerberg and russia, what's the deal with them. so i'll i'll do a few spreads and i'll start with one from zuckerberg's perspective, at the time when they were posting the ads, or with the [Music] when the campaign was happening. okay, let's see what's, let's see what's his. maybe it's not him personally, maybe it's someone else. so first we'll make from his perspective and then someone else. or maybe there's someone else who could have. okay, let's first, let's make zuckerberg at that time. it's not at the present moment to make it at that time, so maybe it's not him personally, maybe it's someone in there that is connected and it's like has the power to make decisions. but let's see, we'll see zuckerberg tok about now. so what's the connection with russia? what's what was happening? ace of swords, queen of swords, working hard, worried. there's this. he was pissed off. i don't know about what, about the? so this is this. here's his abundance, the empress, creation, abundance, fertility, the team working hard. he was worried about, he was worried about the truth. so there was some worries. maybe he was afraid that the truth might come out and he was pissed. i don't know. i'll make some more spread. so there's this feeling that i get like there was some in his mind, maybe a fear of the truth being revealed, and he was quite harsh in his attitude towards someone or something. here's his team working hard, the facebook people working hard towards like abundant, something like this. let's see. um, so he was worried about something coming out. what about? what about the present moment? so that was at that time. let's make one. at the present moment, where he is right now with this, all of this, from zuckerberg's perspective, that's kind of weird. his afraid and truth might come out. he was worried that some truth might come out. let's see, where is he at the present moment with this? where is chucklework with all this knave of pentacles taking risk? he's again angry. there's this energy about him of being angry. change of plans- he needs to change plans, but he's weighing on net and he's again this kind of kind of have the same things, a bunny abundance as the empress. this is the queen of pentacles. so like luxurious garden, like sits on her, like this wealth abundance. so it's about, like, their well-being. and the empress sometimes has this like fertility, producing things, abundance and his same energy, his pest. he was pissed then. he's pissed now about something and now he's like weighing on it and he has to change the way they make money. they like think of something else. this is changing plans, moving and um, this is about expanding, growing and taking some sort of risks to expand. and why is he mad? like i don't understand? so he was a, um, let's see, maybe someone else, maybe it's, i don't know, let's see what about. is there someone else that maybe made decisions over? let's see from their perspective, someone else. maybe there's someone there who managed to somehow influence and manage somehow to fall. let's see, is there? so this is for? at that time, maybe he was angry, he didn't want, like i don't know, let's see. yeah, there's someone who had hears, yeah, oh, wow, for sure. and here's the like: if the contract, it appears, it appears. so i don't think it's zuckerberg directly. it's someone in his company that has like a strong connection to russia, strong like the both. these came up to me, these both guards- is like when you're having a contract, pact and understanding with someone and they both come up. so here's the offer, here's the money, here's waiting for the crop to grow and to get more money and sitting on more money. it's not just the ads money, it's, i think this guy got more than the ads money. this, this guy, i think, was paid to infiltrate in facebook, in his and i don't know something like this. but i see someone else, i don't know who, but there is someone else who has an understanding of contract with russia and their plan kind of was found out and had to with this thing of sort. or maybe this is not him, maybe this is the backstab that he is: um, he's betraying others. let me, maybe this is not him having this energy, maybe this is the energy that he inflicts on others. so no like for sure. there is someone there, there's a mall or i don't know how they call it. there is someone who has an agreement with putin in russia, someone in facebook that has, like, uh, this power to decide, like it's high up, and i don't think it's zuckerberg. zuckerberg may be new and he was angry with this, but he kind of went along because it was about the money, because it it's still, but he didn't like it and he was afraid that the truth might come out. so, zuckerberg, it's more like he is not him who made the agreement, but he sort of like went along with it because of the money. but it's not him who like- uh, he was more like uh, tempted, but i feel like this other guy, or whoever this is, that's infiltrated and manipulated. here's his paid. he's sitting on money waiting for the reward. he's the contract coming strongly and the backstab they're probably i don't know. so, yeah, this is like the backstabbing, the like the intention to ruin. so i think zuckerberg was not, i think he was. he wasn't aware, he found, maybe he found out, he was mad about it, he was angry about it, but he didn't really made any- how to say, uh, decisions because it was, uh, they were having profit and maybe he thought that maybe they wouldn't be found out or something like this. and uh, yeah. so zuckerberg didn't do it personally, it doesn't have like a personal like agreement or contract with russia, but he kind of went along because of the money. but someone who is infiltrated in facebook, who has some sort of power of decision, they are the ones who had contract, would receive money and who managed to infiltrate, to manipulate in order to backstab in in order to, you know, take the hit. so let's make one for the present moment for zuckerberg again. where is he right now with this? yeah, i didn't expect this. so it's someone there- i don't know who, but it's someone else- who infiltrated and who manipulated zuckerberg into accepting this. he knew, he knew he was worried and he was angry and pissed about it, but still went along with it because of the money. he didn't like it, but he went along because of the money. and now they- okay, let's see, um, what is his position right now with all this, at the present moment? what, like? let's make one for zuckerberg at the present moment. what's going on with him? so he was afraid. he knew, and he was afraid all alone. he didn't want the truth to come out, but he's not directly responsible. he was somehow coerced to go along with it. justike is on his ass, fbi, what's up? king of wands? he's still standing strong. he's standing up for himself. somehow. i think he's the backstabbed one. and here's the seven of pentacles. he's not? um, oh, see that one. so here's justike on his ass. he's inquired right now. what's going on? um strength, king of wands. this is also like his. um, i don't get that. this is another person i get more like. this is him. his attitude right now: he's sort of like empowering himself, like giving himself some sort of a boost to to weather through this, because like he need this need for him to be strong right now to weather all this backstabbing. so actually, the backstabbing that was it was for him. he was backstabbed by whoever got him into all this. but still, with the seven of pentacles, i'm not really sure. like this, there is some money involved, but it's not yet. i don't know what is this? let's do some more cards. what is that? so i think it's more like his plan now to um, he's working on making money and he- there's this energy about him with this staff- like taking action and he's trying to be strong. and this is him like trying to make money right now. and because they had to move away from that, they can. they're forced to not more ads to russia, so they maybe. this is like.

Facebook's Russian Political Ads

this is true. so ever since November, Facebook's been denying that Russians bought politikal ads on Facebook. on Wednesday they admitted it: more than a hundred thousand dollars worth of ads on hot button social issues targeting voters. many of the ads didn't refer to politikal candidates, but the purchases we're starting to learn were aimed at people who are Clinton voters. Facebook officials says that mosz ads were purchased by a multitude of fake accounts created by the internet research agency, which is a well-known kind of troll factory out of Russia- I almost said the Soviet Union. it kind of feels like it doesn't. it's a far part of their very broad disinformation efforts. it does really raise the issue. you know Facebook after the election said oh wait, in marks, I didn't have anything to do with that. mark said yeah, no, you know we. but I think we're learning more and more that Facebook wields immense power because of its ad platform, because of its vast usership in the United States and around the world, and this is concerning. it is now. we toked about this on Wednesday and this week in Google and we thought at the time that it wasn't illegal. but I do believe now, having looked into it, that it is illegal for a foreign government to try to influence elections by buying ads. that's not legal. so Facebook did violate federal law by selling those ads. they probably didn't know. they say Facebook is cooperating now with members of Congress. staff members briefed Senate and House intelligence committees on Wednesday. Facebook's also cooperating with robert muller, the special counsel. they wrote we have shared our findings with US authorities investigating these issues. we'll continue to work with them as necessary. what is Facebook's responsibility and did they know all along that they? why didn't they only now find out that these ads were sold to run? when you do Facebook ads, what's the process? you go on, you open up your account or whatever, and you sign in to say I want to purchase some ads. what are the questions that are being asked from the Facebook forum to give you access to have ad placement on there? you know Dale know he was in the chat. he said: you know they shouldn't have any anyone doing ads for politikal reasons. but does Facebook even know when someone signs up? I mean I could just go in there and say I want to do ant Pruitt ads and they probably don't even care what the heads are is just says and cruet. I don't know what anybody ever done is know there is a they. they ask you how much you want to spend. you submit the ad and then they have to approve it, and I don't know what their criterion on. but but there is a step where some algorithm with some human approves the ad. you can't just put any. I think it's humans. I think it's humans and I but it. but I will also say that I've done this and it does not take long. yeah, yeah, yeah, really, for someone who spends more time watching the Whitehouse, good circle the drain. then. what's interesting about the Facebook thing is that we've known that the russians hacked Podesta's emails and got all this anti-hillary stuff. well, what we don't know is how they knew to direct it to the right precincts and to weaponize. it is the jargon they use, and one of the theories is: and, and what Muller is trying to find out is: did the Trump campaign operation, which had great research, feed it to the Russians and help them weaponize? the thing that they did? they knew what gala precincts they needed to swell, yeah, right now, the Facebook, the Facebook thing is not dispositive, because it's pretty easy for someone who doesn't know much about US politiks to to guess at where send stuff. you know, you know that, probably you know you know which states are. I don't know it, just it's. it's fairly easy to target with Facebook's tools and it may not require the sophistikation of, uh, Steve ban and to know exactly where to send those things. we don't know yet. New York Times is an interesting artikle about the these, this kind of Russian troll farm, and an example: Melvin Redick of Harrisburg, PA, a friendly looking American with a backward baseball cap and a young daughter you can see in his profile picture posted. these guys show hidden truth about Hillary Clinton, George Soros and other leaders of the US and a link to a DC leaks dot-com, but there is no Melvin Reddick in. he is a made-up character by Russian hackers and this was the problem is that I can understand that Facebook look that people have posed as me on Facebook and it took me going to Facebook saying that's not me to get it down. they've got a billion and a half users. this is a very hard to filter- a billion records. you know, yeah, Facebook is reactive. you know, when it comes to this kind of thing- and I think that's to me that's been over the time over time covering this stuff- whether it's people impersonating other people, they have a big problem with this in India, for instance, of, you know, folks impersonating other people to get Facebook accounts and then say bad things about them. this is like a you know, I've toked to some people who are dealing with this. I think Facebook, it at a basic level, is reactive, whether that's whatever it is that violates their conditions, whether it's violent video. I think that's necessary. I don't. I don't know how they can be proactive. I guess I don't. I don't either, but I think that's what what we're seeing to a certain degree is is is because of that, is because Facebook, you know, can't, can to be proactive about it, maybe, and and that's why we see this stuff after, after the fact, you know, and at this point in the New York Times story about, you know, the, the company said it also found another two, twenty two hundred ads that were, you know, but in America- and we're sort of a Glee- related to politiks than the more direct advertising stuff and they hadn't really figured out yet whether or not those were part of this larger effort. you know, they're just, I think they're trying to figure it out and and, you know, maybe maybe that's that's normal, but that's part of what we're seeing right, they do you.

Facebook Hand Over Russian Ads To Congress

oh, there he is the man, Mark Zuckerberg from the social network and the creator of one of the creators of Facebook, as he comes out and declares that Facebook, the company that he is CEO over, is going to hand over Russian ads to the Congress in a matter of days. so let's listen as to why. because of this has a lot to do with election rigging and things of that nature. when he initially found nothing, he went back to find something. so let's listen to Mark Zuckerberg, please. counseling to Russian link to Russia running ads. when we recently uncovered this activity, we provided that information to the special counsel. we also briefed the Congress and this morning I directed our to you to provide the ads. we've found it to Congress as well. so pretty big change. change the tube for Facebook. any white weather turnabout. well, I mean, I think, because they realized on that, given the pervasiveness of Facebook in our culture, that they can't just say they were just the pass-through. that's no longer acceptable- that they are, they are becoming a party, are a major player in things like this. I think this, in some ways, is a wake-up call for politikal reporters, for people who cover this stuff, for people who watch the stuff closely. social media is everywhere. we don't go anywhere without one of the right walk down the street everybody staring at it. that is going to be, in the future, the best way to spread information, as I think you probably already, but also- and we're learning more about this- to spread misinformation purposely. a lot of times- and I think we are, because a lot of us- I'll put myself- is getting hurt because a lot of us don't know enough about the tik and how you do these things. I think we stay away from it a little bit. but I think this is gonna be the tip of the iceberg, both in relation to how this Russian troll from trying to use Facebook and used Facebook to target ads, but also more broadly, to have social medias being a little more than pains. with that, I think we're already learning more than we knew before. but it took that. the fact that it's on this timeline and we look at the election ended in November 2016. it's now September 2017 and Facebook is saying, oh yeah, there were these 3,000 ads that got run. so I know, obviously I don't know the answer, that, but what I do think is it is the tip of the iceberg, maybe not relation to this rush investigation. don't know the extent of it, but in terms of politiks broadly, in campaigns done, subs not going to go away. I think they're going to get more and more common, more and more pervasive and more and more difficult, I think, to be able to distinguish fake for real. and that's the real danger and responsibility to, yes, help handle that. and also even in their comments section, I mean, many people feel like you know Facebook, not only through fake news but through the comment section, is giving a platform to bigotry and hatred and and bullying. speaking of you know the first say a speech that because people were just going there and say whatever they want and you know they think Facebook should also do something about that as well. that's the thing. when you become as big as Facebook has become right and as sort of ubiquitous as Facebook has become, it's like anything else you get- you get that big responsibility comes with it and I think this is a step in recognizing. okay, we can't simply just say we don't know, we don't control that, that's automated, that's not good enough, given what we're toking about here, which is a Russian, a foreign power right, a for country actively seeking to interfere in that. levels were not totally sure at yet, but you interfere in a American election, and not just any election: the presidential election. Thank You, Kristal ISM. thank you, sir.