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Safeway Ad Deals for Groceries

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Safeway is a supermarket that offers fresh food, fresh ideas, and fresh ways to save. They have a passion for providing their customers with quality food and service at lower prices. This article will highlight some of the great deals and fresh values that Safeway offers.

Fresh Savings and Dollar Deals:

- Truckloads of fresh ideas to make your Aussie dollar go further

- SEM remove pasta now only 1 dollar

- Kellogg's Nutrigrain 500 grams for just 5 dollars

- Soup varieties for only 1 dollar

- 2 liter Coca-Cola varieties for just 3 dollars

Fresh Set of Values:

- Safeway applies a fresh set of values to the quality and price of food every day

- Fresh ideas and fresh ways to save

- Freshness, value, service, and lower prices are priorities at Safeway

Red Spot Specials:

- New season William pears are only 38 cents a kilo

- Fresh roasting chickens for 3 dollars and 99 cents a kilo (save a dollar 20 a kilo)

- Legs of pork for only 3 dollars and 99 cents a kilo (save two dollars a kilo)

- Valencia fruit juice varieties for just 1 dollar and 99 cents each

- Kellogg's Cornflakes for only 1 dollar and 99 cents (save 79 cents)

- Thick or thin sausages for 1 dollar and 58 cents a kilo (save 2 dollars and 41 cents a kilo)

Fresh Christmas Challenge:

- Safeway challenges themselves to give customers even fresher food and lower prices during the holiday season

- Safeway's Christmas values include ice cream for 2 dollars and 69 cents, Strasburg for 5 dollars and 89 cents a kilo, Safeway cook on the burn leg ham for 7 dollars and 29 cents a kilo, and Coca-Cola varieties for 1 dollar and 90 cents

Safeway is dedicated to providing fresh food, fresh ideas, and fresh ways to save for their customers. Their fresh set of values and red spot specials offer great deals and savings every week. During the holiday season, Safeway's Christmas challenge provides even fresher food and lower prices for a fresh and happy Christmas. Don't let these red spot specials pass you by!

Safeway Ads 1992-2006

- Safeway is a grocery store chain in Australia that prides itself on providing fresh food at low prices.

- Australians trust Safeway for their daily food needs and special occasions like Christmas.

- The company works closely with local farmers to bring the best produce straight to the customers.


- Safeway offers great weekly specials like Ana's Tim Tam and Nescafe Blend 43 at discounted prices.

- During the holiday season, customers can save on party essentials like shakes, coke cans, and ice cream.

Fresh Ideas:

- Safeway offers pre-prepared vegetables for busy customers who want healthy and fresh options.

- The company also provides Easter eggs and other festive treats that are injected fresher than ever.

Personal Touch:

- Safeway employs knowledgeable staff like Annie Lee, who has experience in food preparation.

- The company caters to individual customer needs, like the Chen family who shares a green grocer with the Luciano family.

- Safeway is the go-to grocery store for Australians who want fresh, affordable food.

- The company works with local farmers and offers weekly specials and pre-prepared options to cater to busy lifestyles.

- Safeway values its customers and provides personalized service for a successful shopping experience.

Safeway Maui Hawaii | Grocery Ad Match up | 05 20 2021

Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning in. We just arrived safely in Maui yesterday, but there was a bit of an ordeal with getting our negative test and vaccination checked. Nonetheless, we made it through and even got to visit a 24/7 Safeway to pick up some goodies.

Ad Comparison:

Here are some of the deals and coupons we found in the Safeway ad:

- Pork loin chops for $1.99/pound

- Avocado for $2.44, with a $1 digital coupon available

- Two-pound bags of strawberries for $4.99

- Drinks, including Gentle cheese, with a 75 cent off coupon available

- Nabisco cookies, with a Monopoly winner for Oreos

- Cereal and Pop-Tarts, with a $1 off digital coupon for any cereal available

- Boneless beef sterling steak for $5, with a limit of one

- Deli products, including a free macaroni salad with a rating

- Ground beef for $2.50/pound, with a limit of one

- Berries for $2.50 each

We also found some deals in their monthly ad, including:

- Ice cream for $4.99, with a $1 off frozen coupon available

- International Delight pre-mixed iced coffee for $4.99

- Argento cheese for $3.50, with a limit of two

- Chobani yogurt, with battery baits and coupons available

Overall, we found some great deals and coupons at Safeway in Maui. We plan on utilizing them throughout our trip, especially with our Monopoly wins and digital coupons. We will also compare these deals to the ones at Albertsons to see if we can find even more savings. Stay tuned for our in-store shopping trip video!

How to use the Safeway just for u app

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Safeway Spots 1980 1981

In this article, we will be discussing various deals and promotions offered by Safeway on different occasions such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, and many more. Safeway is known for providing high-quality products at affordable prices, and we will be exploring some of the best deals available at Safeway.


- Safeway offers a hickory-smoked whole or full shank half ham for only 99 cents a pound, which is the lowest price you'll find for a ham of comparable quality.

- Don't confuse this fine ham with a shank portion, which has the center slices removed.

- Say Happy Easter to your entire family with a beautiful ham from Safeway.


- Safeway has everything you need for a traditional holiday feast, including special prices and all kinds of turkeys.

- They also have beautiful fall produce like large avocados five for only 1 and your favorite Thanksgiving grocery items plus wine, cheese, flowers, all at Safeway.


- Show someone you really care with a holiday card. Buy Forget Me Not at selected Safeway stores, a wide selection of individual cards and boxed assortments are all priced to fit your budget.

- Forget Me Not gift wrap is also available at Safeway in a big selection of patterns and colors along with all kinds of gift wrap accessories.

Memorial Day:

- Safeway has great Memorial Day specials, including tender juicy barbecue chicken and Manor House great whole fryers are just fifty-nine cents a pound now at Safeway.

- Fresh corn is six ears for just a dollar, and Safeway has inflation fighter prices on soft drinks, beer, and much more.

Plant Sale:

- Nothing brightens up a room like a beautiful plant, and right now Safeway is having a big plant sale.

- More than 30 varieties are specially priced, assorted ferns, foliage, and forage pots just a dollar 29, flowering zico cactus and four-inch pots only 1.69, save on blooming plants, gorgeous hanging plants, and beautiful large specimen plants.

Safeway is the perfect place to shop for all your grocery needs. They offer high-quality products at affordable prices, and they always have great deals and promotions available. Whether you're shopping for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, or any other occasion, Safeway has got you covered. Don't forget to check out their plant sale for some beautiful additions to your home.

Grocery Sales Ads | Safeway | Save Mart | Mar Val's | Smart and Final

In this article, we will be discussing the sales ad for the week. The focus will be on Safe Mart, Smart and Final, and Marvel's Warehouse.

Sales Ad:

- Safe Mart has a preview ad with limited offers.

- Safeway's sales start tomorrow and include butter for $1.99.

- Smart and Final has a preview ad starting tomorrow with green beans for $1.49.

- Marvel's Warehouse has deals on T-bone steak, chicken breasts, avocados, and navel oranges.

Additional Details:

- Remember to read the fine print and spend a minimum of $25 to get the advertised deals at Smart and Final.

- The organic navel oranges at Marvel's Warehouse are 4 pounds for $4.99.

- Look out for markdowns on yogurt flavors like lemon, mango, and coconut at O'Brien's.

Make sure to check out these deals at Safe Mart, Safeway, Smart and Final, and Marvel's Warehouse. Keep an eye out for fine print details and markdowns for even better savings. Happy shopping!

How to use safeway J4U app and King Soopers App

Grocery apps are becoming more and more popular among shoppers who want to save money and time. In this article, we will discuss two popular grocery apps: Just for You and King Soopers.

Just for You:

- To use Just for You, get a card from the store and register it online.

- Just for You offers personalized prices on items, which can be cheaper than in-store sale prices.

- You can browse weekly ads, digital coupons, and personalized deals.

- Check the Coupon Center for special offers and freebies.

- Add coupons and deals to your card and view your list to shop efficiently.

- Check gas points and redeem them for cents off per gallon.

King Soopers:

- King Soopers offers digital coupons, personalized prices, and weekly ads.

- Check your gas points and annual savings.

- Use the Plus Card or alternative number at the register.

- Look for personalized prices and best customer bonuses.

- Take advantage of the Summer Fuel bill for gas points.

- Check the Freebie Friday section for weekly free offers.

Grocery apps like Just for You and King Soopers can be a convenient way to save money on groceries. By browsing weekly ads, adding coupons to your card, and checking for personalized prices and gas points, you can maximize your savings. Don't forget to check for special offers and freebies, and use the app to shop efficiently.

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