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safeway ads today

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Safeway Ads 1987-1991

that's what I call morning sunrise. through the trees in the dawning Sun starts warming its time. the cats, that's what I call, No people. I say what I got at least, and to say Safeway, now that's what I call a supermarket. we can make. we put that first. listen to everything we do and say we're the same way every day. Safeway takes a fresh approach to better living with fresh ideas, fresh ways to save and a fresh set of values. got a passion the same way. this is probably the most important book you'll read this month. it's the Safeway October savings sale catalog. 32 pages of bargains like darling down shoulder hand: $3 7080 kilo loose washed potatoes, nineteen cents a kilo, berry, fruit juice varieties at dollar eighty-nine each, and sliced rump steak four dollars 97 at key low, while whole ramp is just four dollars fifty nine a kilo. there are 31 more pages of bargains and atop that eight pages of Christmas gift ideas to zip out. it's all in a Safeway October saving sell catalog now in your letter box. it must be fresh. Safeway Christmas challenge means the seasons very best for less. this Christmas we've challenged ourselves to give you even fresher food and lower prices. dollar deals are on at the Safeway now with truckloads of fresh ideas to make your aussie dollar go further. try these for starters: SEM remove pasta: now only $1. Kellogg's nutrigrain 500 grams - for just $5 pm you soup varieties - for only $1. em 2-liter coca-cola varieties - for just $3. shaggy it's fresh today. but this lunch monster, the bikers are at every store, at the top where you doing the service with a smile. when I played freshman, more than freshness, more than value, more than service and lower prices to Safeway have so much more for you. the range is fast with so much. at Safeway we apply a fresh set of values to the quality and price of food. every day he's another truckload of savings. save $2 on H Trump steak, now just $4.99 a kilo. loose washed potatoes less than half price and 29 cents a kilo. and save $2: 50 on manufactured square ham at 449 a kilo. fresh savings come your way at Safeway every week. every day, Safeway takes a fresh approach to better living with fresh ideas, fresh ways to save and a fresh set of values. got a pusher, we've got some much more. the Safeway fresh food sale continues to bring you more savings. every day you'll save an unbelievable red spot specials like these: new season William pears are low: 38 cents a kilo. fresh roasting chickens 3 dollars 99 a kilo, save a dollar 20 a kilo and save two dollars a kilo. and legs of pork now only 3 dollars 99 a kilo. fresh ideas- wait is this. Christmas is the freshest one you've seen in years. Safeway supermarkets present fresh values for Christmas. one putting ice cream, lo2, 69 done round or square Strasburg, 589 a kilo. Safeway cook on the burn leg ham, 729 a kilo. and coca-cola varieties $1, 90, kappa fresh and happy Christmas from all of us Safeway vets. but specials are still the best value in supermarket shopping this week. save on Valencia fruit juice varieties just $1.99 each, save a huge $1.00 24 saves 79 cents. on Kellogg's cornflakes also an incredible 199 and save a massive 241 a kilo. on thick or thin sausages, now 158. Aguila Safeway redspot specials. don't let them pass you by.

How to use the Safeway just for u app

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Safeway completes Australia’s ‘first’ offshore W2W project

[Music]. from building the first LNG plant in the southern hemisphere to the world's largest not normally crewed offshore platform, Woodside has long been a leader in applying the latest oil and gas tiknology. now we're taking the industry to new frontiers by adopting and developing innovations that build on our strengths yet challenge our thinking. recently, Woodside identified an opportunity to improve the efficiency, flexibility and safety of our major offshore maintenance campaigns by making use of walk to work tiknology. the concept involves the use of a vessel equipped with a motion compensated gangway able to connect to an offshore facility, allowing workers to safely transit between the two whilst overcoming accommodation restrictions on the platforms. to get things rolling for the world work project, we really needed to understand from the turnaround team what exactly they needed: scope, duration, a number of people and what sort of opportunities we had to value add in terms of what the vessel can do. we searched around the world for partners we could work with to take the project from the drawing board and turn it into reality. our search eventually led to the Netherlands, home to several companies operating at the cutting edge of warp to work tiknology. having done a high-level screen of the market, we decided that the opportunity was potentially viable, but we needed to go out to tender. we needed to recognize that fundamentally we weren't experts in walk to work. MMA offshore was awarded the contract not only for its ability to couple quality offshore vessels with tiknical marine expertise and strategically located on shore facilities, but also its past experience and track record. we'd walk to work tiknology. we've done a few of these things around the world, so we were fairly to get involved in this. I spent a lot of time on getting the right tiknical solution, which is basic of the gangway system plus the boat. from the outset, a key focus was ensuring all those involved in the project were aligned and working together. Woodside collaborated closely with contractors and subcontractors. everyone understood they were walking this journey together with Woodside and had its full support for every challenge or issue faced. we would all succeed or fail together in a critikal one-shot project like walk to work. mapping contractor values on the Woodside compass was critikal to blueprinting how we would achieve the what the safe way gangway actually originated in the Netherlands, which had to be mobilized all the way on a heavy lift ship down to Singapore. the vessel of the Mme pinnacle started in Malaysia and had to be mobilized to enter Singapore as well, where we were looking to bring the whole package together. this project was unique in terms of the height of the gangway and matching it to the right boat with the right level of accommodation. with a really good dynamic positioning system, we were able to do things other marine companies can't do. once the MMA pinnacle had arrived at Jurong port in Singapore, the next step of the project was to install a 58 ton, seven and a half meter pedestal serving as the interface for the gangway. with the pedestal in place, the gangway was installed, allowing access from the vessel to the Pluto alpha platform, sitting nearly thirty metres above the water. a rigorous process of approvals, assurance and inspections was undertaken as the vessel was prepared for sail away and the execute phase of the project. with the gangway successfully installed, the MMA pinnacle arrived at the King Bey's supply base in Dampier, Western Australia, where personnel and maintenance equipment were loaded onto the vessel before departure for the field. so the Safeway gangway really gives us access to offshore platforms when other means might not be able to give us 24 hours a day. gives us access to go into turnaround students access to platforms to allow extra personnel to come out. its ultimate possibilities for all the future, described as a new generation of motion compensated gangway systems and incorporating some of the very latest innovations in tiknology for personnel transfer from vessels to offshore facilities. the Safeway gangway can connect to a broad range of offshore installations with a very high degree of workability. the use of walk to work tiknology was necessitated by two major turnaround: some Woodside pluto alpha in April and night, and also the Rankine turnaround later in September of 2019. we've got a betting bus situation essentially, where the scope of work required to be delivered in a certain amount of time exceeds the physical number of hours that the people on the platform can work. that opens the door to use a vessel in field, connect into the platform twice a day and essentially providing accommodation for those people. in essence, that's all. what to work actually is: eliminating the need for helicopter transfers. designed with distinctive tiknologies, such as its roll compensating mast, a zero impact bump ring mode and a vertikal elevation option, the Safeway gangway is a game-changer in the offshore industry. this walk to work vessel project is quite unique to a lot of the other projects. we've worked on a couple of factors there. it's a first of its kind, as we understand in Australia, so whenever you work with first-of-a-kind, it brings a lot of challenges to it and also great satisfaction when you deliver over all the projects gone very, very well. we've managed to meet all expectations and we've ended up with snow, HSE accidents and no incidents. so the water work project this year has been a proof of concept for Woodside. does it unlock value for us? does it work for our organization? and the answer is, aming Li is yes. now we need to take the lessons we've learned from the Pluto turnaround scope and roll them into future walk to work scopes. already the conversations have started for our turnaround maintenance offshore in 2020 and beyond, and we think there's some real capability to unlock value there. [Music].

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Albertsons/Vons/Safeway Coupon Ad Scan | 11/30-12/06 | Dec 01 2022

foreign ad scan. so I used to do this all the time. Albertsons is my local grocery store. with family and the holidays and life, I have not had the time to do these videos. at the same time we have been clearing out what we have in our fridge, freezer and Pantry, so I haven't needed to go to the store. but I do want to get back into doing these weekly deals and but I do want to get back into doing these weekly videos. Albertsons is my store and these deals actually started yesterday, Wednesday the 30th, and will end on Tuesday, December the 6th. so when I used to do these videos, I'll go over the ad, let you know of any coupons or rebates that you can utilize to lower your out of pocket. Albertsons is my store here in Southern California, is an affiliate of Safeway, and what I do is there is a glitch that happens quite often. I have the Albertsons app on my phone. I also have the Safeway app on my phone. it is the same login- and what I do is I choose a northern California ZIP code in my Safeway app and usually every week there are four digital coupons that you can clip to your account. they do not show up on the Albertsons app. but they do come off at the register and this week the Northern California Digital Coupons is a dollar of produce, a dollar of all Organics, a dollar of cereal- an adult are frozen. so this is a glitch where I clipped these on my Safeway app and they do come off usually when I buy those items in my Albertsons store. so, like example, with these blueberries, they are 99 cents each. I could probably I could purchase two of them and then that one dollar produce should come off. so it's like getting one of them for free. so I will mention that when I'm going through this ad and then, uh, let you know of any other coupons or rebates. so the first deal that we have here: we do have the blueberries. that is a very good price. I still have a bunch of them in my freezer, so I'm not gonna go in there and pick them up. but if you do need blueberries- 99 Cents and then you're gonna get a dollar off. so if you buy more produce in your haul, you'll get a dollar off, and so you can basically pick up a blueberries for free. we do have some Store LINE steaks, some London Broil and some top round roast. so these are beef- fresh beef- they are 379 per pound. we do have, if you do have- checkout 51- there is a rebate where you get three dollars back when you spend 15 on beef, so that's not bad. that's not getting a pound off, so that's a pretty good deal. we have some baby back ribs and some ground turkey for 3.99 per pound. we also have some salmon fillet and then also there's some crab clusters for 8.99 per pound. we do have some Digital Coupons here so you do have to clip this to your account to get for this price. we have some mangoes and avocados for 77 cents. so if you wanted to, this is a digital coupon, so it's a one-time use. There's No Limit. but let's say you pick up two avocados that will work out to be about a dollar fifty, 54, and then you get a dollar off with that digital coupon. so 54 cents for two of them. that's a pretty good deal. we have some Chobani here- 87 cents. the limit is 12.. and then if you watch Miss empty ness's video, she mentions that you can just go onto the Chobani website and email them or go to the contact us. let them know that you love their products and you'd like some coupons, and they're very, they're very generous when it comes to coupons. I've done it before, but I'm not much of a yogurt person, and so if you are a yoga person, do email them, because they will give you coupons and you could probably pick some up for free or very cheap. we have some boneless, skinless chicken breasts for 1.77 per pound. we have some cheese here for 1.97, so this is a six to eight ounces and the limit is six. we have some deli: fresh chicken salad and chicken tender. so this is the deli section. so these are the cooked and the cold. they are 6.97 per pound. that's a pretty good deal. um, I usually, if I'm in the office, I will go there and get my lunch, um and I I can pick some up. we have some beer here for 18.97 each, and the limit is three. we also have some canned products here, buy to get to free, and so you're saving up to 8.98 when you're buying four of them. so that's not bad. we have had better deals, but if you are looking for those, do. um, you can pick some up. we have some cereal here. so these are the general meals. they are 199 each when you buy them in lots of three. we do have that one dollar digital coupon off any cereal. I also notiked a one dollar of two digital coupon on the app. you could pick up three of them. it'll be like 5.97. after those two digital coupons come off, you'll pay like 3.97 or a dollar 32 each, and then, if you want to- uh, if you don't have fetch, I'll leave a link down below, but General Mills is a fetch brand and so a lot of times I can find rebates back on fetch where I can get like a dollar back on three and so you could get some pretty cheap cereal. we have some chips here for 222 each when you buy them in lots of three, and then we also have some drinks here for 4.49 when you buy them a lot of four. if you are a rock star Drinker like my husband, that's a pretty good deal. so that's less than a dollar each for a pack of four, but you do have to buy them in lots of four and the limit is two. uh, my husband is trying to reduce his energy drink intake, so I'm not gonna pick this up, but that would be an amazing deal for him. uh, we do have some alcohol here, so when you buy any six mix and match, you do get like 10 off, and so for these it's like 8.99, 10.99 and so, yeah, if you need to pick up some wine when it comes to the holidays, it's pretty good to go to the store and get 10 off when you buy them in lots of six. we do have some Digital Coupons here, or you can clip them and take them to the store. so you can clip these, take them to install or clip them to your account. we have some Powerade, we have some mac and cheese. there's not much happening this week. I do. I have no plans to go to the store. we do have some Pringles here for 1.69. if you go to the Cubs website, you can print a 40 cent off two. so then, utilizing that, you could pick them up for a dollar Forty Nine. I actually did a video from Rite Aid where I picked up about 12 of them. use those coupons, but there's a deal at Rite Aid: when you spend 25, you get 10 back. so I brought, I got 12 of them and I brought it down to about just under nine dollars for that, or about 70 cents each. so it's actually cheaper for me to pick those up at Rite Aid. so if you do check out my video and you want to pick up some Pringles. it's cheaper at Rite Aid for that. oh, we do have some ice cream here for 2.99. if you want to use that one dollar off Frozen, you could pick up one up for 1.99. same with, uh, these uh pies. there's the frozen section. uh, we have some more items here. so if you wanted to, you could pick up a whole bunch of burritos with that one dollar Frozen. you'll pick up 10 of them for four dollars or they'll be like 40 cents each. uh, we have a digital coupon here on some more chips, so 222 each. the limit is three. we have some fresh deli items here, some Bakery, some flowers. we have some alcohol with alcohol. always check your Ibotta, your Checkout 51 and your fetch. um, there's usually a lot of rebates when it comes to alcohol and also your digital coupons. so always check your app. so scan the products in the app to see if there's any rebates back or digital coupons. I try to go through and look at some of them. I couldn't see anything that caught my eye yesterday when I was going through this ad, but you never know, it could pop up. we have some more drinks here. so I buy 25 of partikipating items and say five dollars. so if you are stoking up for the holidays, maybe this might be a best time for you because you can get five dollars off. the game on is still going on, so when you buy three partikipating items, you'll get this code. uh, I've actually won on this before. um, I've actually won about a 50 gift card. so don't sleep on this sometimes. uh, not many people will actually spend the time to go on the web.

Albertsons/Vons/Safeway Coupon Ad Scan | 12/07-12/13 | Dec 08 2022

foreign ad scan video. so I'm trying to do this every week. Albertsons and Vons is my local grocery store here in Southern California. these deals actually started yesterday, Wednesday the 7th, and will end on Tuesday, December the 13th. so, like always, I'll go over the ad and let you know of any coupons, rebates or Deals they can utilize to lower you out of pocket. usually we do have those for Northern California digital coupons. I waited. I was going to do this video yesterday. I waited to see if those coupons will pop up and they did not. so we don't have those coupons to utilize this week. to be honest, this week the deals are quite slow. so if you want to skip, I'm skipping. I still have so much food in the house. but there are a few good deals if you want to pick them up and you need them. so, as always, I'll go over the ad. so we do have some salad here: uh 288 when you buy them in lots of three. we have some fresh ground sirloin and some pork sirloin for 3.99. this is a pretty good deal. for the New York steak for 5.99, that's a really good deal. it is the bone in. we still have that um Checkout 51 rebate. so if you spend 15 on any meat, any beef, you get three dollars back. there's also the cooked shrimp, the 31 to 40 count. so those are the large ones. I don't, I partikularly do not like the cook ones. I prefer to pick up the raw ones and then I can freeze. I feel like they better Frozen and then we can cook them fresh. uh, we have some soup here, three for five. we have some chips: 199 when you buy them in lots of three. I notiked my, I bought, I had like a 10 cents on any chips. so if you're working towards and I bought a bonus, you could probably pick three of them up and you're getting 10 cents back. we have some water: two for five when you buy them lots of two. and then we do have some alcohol. so always check Ibotta, check out 51, sometimes fetch um and uh, yeah, I think I mostly I bought it in Checkout- 51 has really good deals on alcohol. and then always check your app because there's always some rebates or Digital Coupons there. we have some Digital Coupons here, so you do have to clip these to your account together for this price. we have some fresh split chicken breast: 77 cents per pound- and it's in um, one of those value packs, and so the limit is two packs for this digital coupon. most of those packs are about three to four pounds, so, um, that's pretty good for the price of chicken. I still have a lot in my freezer so I'm not going to pick some up, but that's a pretty good price. if you want to pick up some chicken breasts, we have some cuties here for 287- that's a really good deal. um, if I do plan to go to Albertsons, I might pick some up for the kids. we do have some cheese here for 2.97- the limit is two. we have some sparkling water- is that's like a sparkling drink? 297- limit is four. and then we have some beer here for 11.97- the limit is three. so we have these clip or click coupons so you do have to either clip it to your account or cut these out and take it to the store to get it for this price. we have some Chobani for 99 cents. Miss emptinessa always mentions if you just go into their website and just go to the contact us, tok to them, email them, um, let them know that you love the product and you want some coupons. they usually mail you some really good coupons like free coupons or 75 cents off, so you could probably pick some up for pretty cheap. um, this one here, the life and the Captain Crunch- they are dollar 49. we do have. I bought a rebates on these, 50 cents off each so you can pick some up for 99 cents. with the silk they are 2.99. always go to their website. sometimes you can print off one dollar coupons. we also have um. I bought a rebates on these. there's a 125 of the- I think it's a protein one- and then 25 cents off the regular and then there's also a bone us 75 cents if you buy one of each. so if you're going to stok up on milk, that's probably a pretty good deal. with the cereal they're 2.99. usually we can get it for cheaper, but there is still the one off of a dollar, off of two coupon from couponscom. you can print it from the Kellogg's website. and then we do have a lot of Ibotta rebates. so almost every cereal there is with uh Kellogg's there is. I bought a rebate and some of them actually have a bonus um attached to it that if you buy three unique ones you get an extra 50 cents. so that's something that if you are, if you need to stok up on cereal. you could probably pick some up. um other than that. uh, this is the raw shrimp that we usually get. the 21 to 25 count. this is the extra large, but I'm not going to pay for this price. if it goes on, it goes down to the ten dollars per bag. I might pick some up. I haven't seen that for a while. the last time was probably just before Thanksgiving, so it does come around. they usually have the shrimp every week and then it depends depending on the size, um, every week. so this is 3.98. I'll wait for that, but that's the ones that we usually pick up, and we have some bread here. I think I have like a 10 cents. I bought a rebate on any bread, um. some more cereal here to 349 when you buy them lots of two, um, this is a fetch brand, so I think I've got uh fetch rewards where I get like uh 50 cents or 500 points back if I buy like two or three of them. so do check your veg or, if you're going to pick some up, always scan your fetch Rewards app. that way you can see if there's any bonuses. we have some deli and some Bakery. we have some flowers, um. so here's all the alcohol, so a few of them I notiked. so, with the absolute vodka, that was a three dollar. I bought a rebate for that one there. um, with this IPA, that was a five dollar digital coupon on the app. so if you want to pick some up, you get five dollars off. uh, with this wild turkey, this one is not bad. there is a five dollar. I bought a rebate and there's also a five dollar digital coupon. so even if you're not gonna pick up the six of them to get to 14.99, they're regularly 16, uh, not 66. so if you want to pick one, just one up, for 16.66, you're gonna get ten dollars off. so it's only going to be 6.66 for a wild turkey. so that's not bad, um, if that's something that you want to pick up. and then we do have some more wine here, we have some more beverages here, and then we do have these chips, so they're 2.99 each out. this is a digital coupon and limit is three. and then with these lays, I think we have, um that there's a 3.05 couponscom uh coupon. so if you want to pick up five of them, of course only three of them will come to that price, but maybe you want to pick up some soft drinks or something like that. it's like a three or four five on any lays and I think either cocoa, Pepsi products- um, don't quote me, but I know there's a coupon for that. we have the game on still. so, these ones, I have the icon. if you purchase three of them, you get like a, a little code at the end of your receipt and you just go on the website, submit that code and you never know if you could win, and I have mentioned it before, but I have won like a 50 gift card from that. so, um, there is a chance for you to win over here. we have some holiday stuff. so there is this promotion here: five dollars off when you buy any three greeting cards or gift cards. this is a digital coupon. and then we do have some more savings here: spend 20, get five, buy three, get three. there's a digital coupon here: um, buy three, get one dollar off. there's a deal on batteries here, but I picked mine up from Rite Aid. it worked out to be an amazing deal. so do check out my Rite Aid video, because I picked up some large packs of Duracell for very, very cheap, a lot cheaper than here, so do check that one out. we have some personal care deals here. uh, with the swab and all that people have been mentioning, there's a hidden promotion on fetch where you get like five dollars back when you buy two and then if you sign up to their website, you can print off. they usually email you coupons to print off, like some people are getting like two dollars off two or a dollar fifty of two, so that's not a bad deal if you want to pick up some Suave. um, here's all the p.

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