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safeway circular ads

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Safeway $5.00 Friday Chicken Wings American Sub Sandwich and BBQ Ribs etc

hey everybody. uh, it's friday so i'm going to save way and buy some uh chicken chicken wings. uh, it's on sale on like empty everything. every two weeks, sometimes every week, they get the chicken wings on sale for five bucks a pound and it comes in various flavor. hopefully they have it. sometimes you don't, and i could probably gonna get an american sub sandwich too. so let's go buy my lunch and dinner and leftovers for tomorrow. i didn't have the sandwich, but yeah, the ribs just be packed there already. three pack right there: teriyaki and barbecue. i want hot wings. the ribs are over here, five dollars too, so i'm gonna get this one too. so here's what i that'll cost. it's 51 croissant was five dollars. i got it for uh 428, the ribs for uh 1.2 pounds. the regular price was 10.97. i paid- where is it at somewhere over here there, minus six dollars and ten cents for the ribs. five dollars for this 12 inch percent- i mean, then it's a 12 inch french bread and they used to make a sandwich. five dollars for the whole thing. and this right here, just for you, right here, all americans- are five bucks the chicken. i bought 15 pieces of salt and vinegar, 20 pieces of buffalo wings and total for. the total for the chicken wing with buffalo wings, for the 20 piece is 10 and 60 cents for the salt and vinegar- yeah, where is the sultan big? uh, yeah, i did, it was 15 bucks and paid, i was better, sorry. yeah, 865 for the salt and vinegar and, uh, buffalo is 1060. the bbq: it's in the bag already pre-packed. it's by 20 teriyaki. i bought two bags of it. it's 525, 595. this one didn't have the bag, so i just order it by pieces, right. so, and yeah it it. if i rank this by my favorite, my favorite is this one: the buffalo wings, then salt and vinegar, then i go with the teriyaki and then the barbecue, and there's another one that's a regular and supposed to be spicy, but it's not. i don't really like it. all right, i'm home. just to recap: there's the teriyaki, two bags, one barbecued chicken, bbq, ribs, croissant, french bread- the french bread is a dollar american sub- 20 piece buffalo wings and 15 piece salt and vinegar. my total, minus the 44 coupon that i got, is 51 and 2 cents. all right, this is my lunch dinner and tomorrow's breakfast for everybody in the house of five. all right, that's it. i'm just sharing with you. i don't. i don't want to show you eating it, because i'll just tell you that it's good, especially the buffalo wings. so if i have my choice, i would go with that: buffalo wings, salt and vinegar, teriyaki barbecue for the wings, and they have other flavors. i didn't really like it. so only this four i like. and, uh, this one they already free bag. this one didn't. it didn't have it in the free bag yet, so i just ordered it by pieces. this one you don't. you don't have to. they're already in a bag, so i don't know how many is in there. they go by the pound. so that's it. yeah, just sharing with you what i got today for total, or 52. it should serve. it should last me or the whole family here, at least till tomorrow. all right, that's it. thank you for watching and i'll see you next time. goodbye, [Music]. [Music] you.

Rigged: Supermarket Shelves for Sale

hello and welcome to our webinar. today we're going to be toking about the Center for Science in the Public Interest new report rigged for market shelf for sale. I'm Jessica almy, I'll be doing the introduction and then Gary rippln, investigative reporter, to get started. you should be on mute right now if you want to add questions in chat box on the go to webinar control panel. I'll give a brief introduction about Center for science for public interest and why this investigation matters, and then Gary's going to tok about how he investigated this report, what the top findings were, and and then we're going to go into recommendations and we'll take questions from the audience. again, if you want to post questions, use the chat. so the Center for Science in the Public Interest is has been around since 1971 and we work to make it easier for Americans eat healthfully, and we do that in a number of ways, including improving the food environment. our goal is to prevent and mitigate diet and obesity related diseases. you may be familiar with our consumer facing magazine Nutrition- actually health letter. if you don't subscribe yet, please do so. we also put up books and reports like this one, and we work on national, state and local policies to improve school foods and a number of other things. so some of the nutrition policy issues that we work on here at the FBI are focused on school lunch and breakfast programs and competitive foods, which are the kinds of foods that compete against the school lunch and breakfast program, so that I'll current mine and depending. we also work to ensure that customers have information on menus about calories and that will be be rolled out in all chain restaurants nationwide very soon. we work to improve the helpfulness of public properties like city halls and vending machines on government property- those perk. and we focus on food marketing to kids, which includes not just what you think of as advertising but also the use of characters on packages to spell partikular foods to kids and in cool marketing, as well as restaurant children's meals, which are a form of marketing, and we also focus on healthy checkout, which is very relevant to our discussion today. so the FBI sort of at the work hard on the good food movement and to improve food environments. so why do we think about the supermarket? people make different choices based on what's available to them and have choices are presented. a few examples from other kinds of venues: at one Subway sandwich shop and people received a short menu and a long menu at lunch. the short menu highlighted the lowest calories- sandwiches, and the longer menu had more choices and people were 48 percent more likely to choose a low-calorie sandwich then if they got the shorter menu, even if they got the mixed menu. in another study serving adult, several small portions of broccoli, carrots and peas rather than a larger portion as a single vegetable increase their vegetable consumption by half a serving. so it matters how choices are presented to people, and the supermarket is not a neutral setting. so supermarkets use floor plans like the one you see on your screen right now to indicate which products are purchased most frequently or to map the flow of traffic throughout the store, and then they put things in the partikular places that drive purchases, like the displays closest to the doors. basically, you can put anything there and it'll sell. so you know it doesn't make sense that supermarkets would be neutral. a random assortment of products threaten store wouldn't be efficient for anyone: the people stoking up the people shopping it or the companies that want to want to sell their product. so we wanted to ask what influences which products stores favor through preferential treatment, and that really is the focus of the reports that we're going to be toking about today, and it matters because the way that choice is represented influences what people eat and obviously what people eat influences their long-term patterns of health. we know that the causes of obesity are complex. it's not just about the way that stores are laid out. but if you're asking yourself why care about an impulse buy of a 250 calorie candy bar, keep in mind that the American obesity epidemic is estimated to be due to an excess of about 100 calories per day for adults and 64 calories for children. so those small incremental impulse buys do matter to people, long-term health. and with that I'm going to turn it over to our speaker today. Gary Rivlin was an investigative reporter who has worked for the New York Times, has published a number of books, including his most recent book about the rebuilding of New Orleans after Katrina. we were honoured and delighted to partner with him on this project and I hope you'll be interested very over to you. thanks, Jessica, and thank you everyone listening for your, your interest. I've been a journalist for more than 30 plus years, but I'll confess upfront that all those years I never really covered food, grocery stores, nutrition, but in a way that ended up being a blessing when I first heard about this is two summers ago. I actually approached a former colleague of mine who who covered food, saying hey, you'd probably be interested in this, and she pointed out that for her work as a journalist she's always quoting Center for science, public interest and other folks and it would be a conflict. you know, every time she quotes CSPI she'd have to like note that she had a relationship with it. so and then for me it meant an ability to really just do this research and not worry that it was gonna close doors for me or anything like that. and another big piece here is: I've been a business reporter to New York Times and other places for a long time and I just was absolutely fascinated by this idea of a grocery store as a real estate play- very counterintuitive the way I think as a consumer as a grocery store. so it's very easy for me to to get into this despite not really having much, despite having no background as a journalist at least. um, you know I started almost exactly a year ago, Jessica others at CSP. I got me started with some materials- a pair of ft- see reports from the early two-thousands- a few papers and places like the Journal of law and commerce, and I did a little bit of web research, literature search, and the first realization is I was shocked at how little had been written on this. you read the FTC report and they tok about there's a 2001-2003. they tok about how important this is, how essential this is to the us diet, yet food makers, supermarkets, weren't partikipating with them, so they just threw up their hands and said, well, it's an important topic, but no one's toking to us. so they just, they just moved, they moved on. you know one of the things I learned very early on one of my first interviews, somebody told me, oh, you'll never get this. this is one of the deep, dark secrets of retail which basically kind of set up a good challenge for me. so the first thing I did, first thing I did after, after doing my reading, is call a former colleague of mine, Michael Moss, and you know certainly these placement fees played a big factor in the salt, sugar and fat in our in our diet. in our diet is one way to use the subtitle- have food Giants hook us. but he kind of loved the question, he loved the idea of getting to the bottom of it, but he hadn't looked at it and he didn't know anyone really who, who had it gave me a few anecdotal stories, but there wasn't. it wasn't much. the way it works in investigative journalism is you're always using one facts to get more facts. so I comb through the FTC papers and stuff. they're little pieces, they're you know it's. it's said in the FTC 2003 report that it costs about twenty thousand dollars to get a new product into a single chain, and so I would just used that number like does that sound right to you tires? it is lower and, as I was getting more facts, triangulate and try to reach conclusions about how much different things that cost, which I'll get into in a litt.

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Supermarket Advertising makes sense.

are you tired of experimenting with local advertising media and finding that nothing works? are you tired of paying a premium for print media that reaches too many people who will never do business with you because you are too far away? do you need quality marketing solutions that are priced reasonably for your small or medium-sized business? then discover edge for work. add court provides businesses with an innovative way to reach tens of thousands of potential customers right in their own neighborhood. outsmart your competition, don't out spend them. our concept is based on three simple principles that separate ad campaigns that fail from those that are successful. one exposure: hit your ad, seen or heard- to repetition. get your ads seen a lot so that your customers will think of your business first when they have a need for your product or service. the retargeting: get your ads seen by the people most likely to use your product or your service. consider this: it's a fact that your local supermarket is the one place, in fact the only place in your entire marketing area that everyone has to go. it's the fact that ad Corp products, shopping cart ads, Market Information Center signage and our ad benches offer your business guaranteed exposure, since shoppers have no choice but to see your ad. it's a fact that the average person will visit the supermarket two to three times per week and spend an average of 45 to 60 minutes at the store, with no choice but to see your ad over and over and over. it's a fact that we can reach your customers, since you get to pick the supermarket that will display your ad. think about it. exposure- get your ad seen- plus repetition- get your ads seen- a lot plus targeting- get your ad seen by the right people- equals increased business. supermarket advertising offers more exposure to more people, more often, for a greater length of time and for less money than any other local advertising media that you can buy. guaranteed ad is a privately-held media company and the foremost provider of supermarket advertising in the New York metro area. we offer prominent signage across diverse formats in most of the major supermarkets in New York, New Jersey, Connectikut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and across the nation through strategic partnerships with other industry leaders. ad court personnel are the heart of our organization and our commitment to quality and high standards is the key to our success. from sales to customer service, from graphic design and production to professional installation, we are a customer focused company, whether you are a startup company looking for an innovative and cost-effective way of branding your business or an established business interested in growing market share in an increasingly competitive environment. add corp can help. add corp marketing- that just makes sense. call us to check on rates and availability in your area.

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February 17, 1990 commercials

but Nissan I want is the those commercials. they drove it to South America. the Pathfinder- we've load up the Pathfinder and web-spinning a four-door [Applause]. [Music]. here's a very different kind of orange juice: Tropicana pure premium, made with absolutely no water added and no water taken away. so no other major brand comes closer to this Tropicana pure premium: nothing added, nothing taken away. you just can't pick the better juice [Music]. [Music]: mouth rinse in warm [Music]. how would you improve an egg McMuffin, since the egg resting peacefully on a flower peddled nothing really interesting? morning we'll stik with the fresh egg toasted muffin and canadian-style bacon. Thank You, peg McMuffin, that classic, one-of-a-kind taste. Captain's Log supplemental: commander Rikers, the kids got on my case. now. nothing goes into the garbage if it's recyclable, like this thing. I used to put my garbage in these things. now I just return it to the real Canadian Superstore where they turn it into something useful instead of more waste. and besides, it's made from a byproduct of natural gas. so I'm also helping to preserve a non-renewable resource. I owe it to my kids. I'm getting rid of an old habit. that's it. no more messing with shampoo and conditioner. I just want to wash my hair and go. so I got four plus it's complete shampoo plus complete conditioner in one bottle per Plus. Lisa here, clean, conditioned and looking terrific, makes you wonder why anyone would bother with shampoo and conditioner. plus I just watched and go part plus cleans and conditions in just one step. [Music] the best time, the skiing in the snow, they were incredible and everyone was so friendly. the non-existent lifts loins a pillar. should we go in early British Columbia? of course, try a club Kimberley ski vacation. five action-packed days with all this including its funtastik. the star of the boat shows. the 1990 maximum is now at Olympic, both centres. America's top maxim dealer. come aboard Maxim's luxurious, all new 25 and 27 foot Sun bridge cruisers. the impressive 18-foot maximum with mercruiser IO and trailer is only 129 a month. big savings on used Bay liners, Sun runners, well crafts and more family fun begins at Olympic celebrating 35 years as the best place in Washington to buy a boat. [Music] at the end of this story, a speculation, if you will. [Music] feels like boxers slugging it out inside my head is the spirit. for diarrhea. you need the soothing relief of pepto-bismol, the one that coats is the only one you need. how about you be the mom alone? okey, I'll be the mommy. [Music] Corollas on the road than any other car in its class. Toyota reliability. [Music] amazing Corollas, resale value. so I bought a new one. just looking at it. [Music] my headaches gone too. excedrin, that's all it took. when you want extra strength, headache relief, take excedrin, the headache medicine. if you feel life's more interesting when you make a splash. [Music] if you feel a great beer starts with great water, it's the right. because you're the kind of person who likes to get to the bottom of things, call for the Silver Bullet, the one that won't slow you down. [Music]. why do moms love post Raisin Bran? because my family loves it, because I love it. because these raisins are big, they taste juicy, they taste wonderful, they taste very natural. these raisins taste like the raisins that come in a box all by themselves. my eight-year-old loves this cereal because there are big raisins in it. it doesn't turn to mush. these are really big flakes. and the proof is right here in the bowl: post big raisins, big flakes. two big reasons. you love the taste of post Raisin Bran. Steven Seagal is detective Mason storm. that one it is. I don't want him to get an hour older. they thought they'd silenced him, but Mason storm, the climate is right for revenge. [Music]. two killed now playing at a theater near you. Hey, look at this, a dog show dogs in beer. ah, the poodle. you know the poodle was the French hunting dog. yeah, this, this guy was a killer. kind of looks like your uncle Bob, without that bad toupee. yeah, my whole mother's side of the family guiding the house he's regarding a small trailer. last week the Cerritos wrestlers came upon our different brief rage freedoms. they looked real wild but they was actually sort of mild shoot, won't even let loose pets. these wild, wild ranch fritos have a creamy ranch flavor. no, free, don't trust we can resist, but keep it under your hat. partner Fritos, corn chips rustle upside. [Music] the cold of the temperature drop is setting up. with NutraSweet, even more 7up tastes at an icy nuke. and when it comes to creamy, chocolatey, homemade, delicious pudding. [Music]. your neighbors at Safeway are having an incredible half-price sale, or one week only. they've marked selected items throughout the store to Half Price. just looking this week Safeway circular for some of the biggest savings you've ever seen. now, if you don't think taking half off will make a difference, here's what taking half off does for me: save ways, half-price sale. don't miss it. it'll make a big difference. he takes more than 180 foot pounds of torque to tow a $60,000 riding. it takes confidence, the kind I get from my Toyota, the confidence to tow it to the airstrip and the confidence to launch. [Music]. time to walk the dogs. [Applause]. [Music]: hi, funny how we're always leaving at the same time. crisp, clean, denting will take care of your breath. the rest is up to you. I used to have dandruff so I tried head and shoulders. then I tried selsun blue. blue is better. selsun blue relieves dandruff flaking better than Head & Shoulders and doctors recommend it more than Head & Shoulders. denorex integrin blue is better cells and blue. in a nationwide test, when asked which ground coffee they preferred, Maxwell's or Folgers, more people responded ba-ba-ba-ba. they killed Maxwell House car. since 1928, my family's built the, a free Automotive Group, by giving folks the best value for the money with a large selection of quality cars and trucks for the best price. [Music]. well, over the years vehicles have changed a lot, but our family tradition hasn't, which is why the Inland Empire still depends on Apple way for the new and used cars and trucks they want most, and that's why Apple week continues to take the bite out of high prices. hello little Karen, is your daddy? halt to calls at 7:00 pm from LA to San Francisco. no, I don't want to speak to your doll, sweetie, I want to speak to your daddy. with MCI prime time. this 15-minute call cost 31%, less than 80 and T's regular evening rate. what daddy on the phone in prime time, let you save, no matter how long you tok. so the choice that's right. just put the phone down, sweetie, is the choice on the right. MCI primetime: real savings, 24 hours a day. call now. get one month free. new episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation and Enterprise. from the past rips through time and all those the future. I'm supposed to be dead. no, lieutenant yar lives again to help the crew fight a devastating battle. this Wars not supposed to be happening. you've got to send those people back to correct this and one courageous team must die to save the Federation from destruction. on an all-new episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation. [Music]. find a new truck shouldn't be this hard. we know what we want: got to be tough, look great and really perform in all kinds of conditions. obviously, I've looked at Ford's and all the imports. I'm just not finding what I want. son, you're overlooking the obvious choice: from as 15th and full-size big ups to Jimmy's and Suburbans, GMC trucks have what you need. sounds like a better look at a TMC truck. don't overlook the obvious choice: a GMC truck from your, a homegrown GMC truck dealer. Cassie, do you like spinach? do you like? who's the boss? need we say more? who's the boss? we night at 7:00 on KXLY TV, bored [Music]. Coeur d'Alene Resort winter getaway packages priced from sixty nine, ninety five for reservations. call one. eight hundred sixty thousand is and fluffiest on the market. that's because we get the exact marker and every kernel. the

How to load e-coupons to your Safeway Club Card

hi, and this is Heather with queen bee coupons- calm, I'm going to show you today how to add coupons to your Safeway Club card. ekoo bonds are also known as electronic coupons, and there's no clipping. you add them right to your Safeway Club card and at the register, when you input your phone number or swipe your card, they come off automatikally. they're super easy and they're free. so here's how to get started. you're going to want to go to Safeway comm and click on register now at the top of the site. you need to create an account with Safeway comm to use coupons. they'll ask for basic contact information and your Safeway Club card number. that club card number is not your phone number. the two numbers are linked but they're not the same. you'll find your Safeway Club card number on the back of your safely Club card. if you no longer have your physical card, you can call customer service and get the number at checkout. you can input your phone number and they'll come off with just your phone number. you won't need your physical card, but create your account. you will need that number. once you've created your account, let's sign in. go to Safeway comm, click on sign in at the top of the page, input your login information and click sign-in. it takes you right to this area here where you can click on the coupon Center. this is where you're going to find all your savings. so these coupons are usually manufacturer coupons. this one here, sick Sara Lee deli me. it's a dollar off any package of Sara Lee pre sliced meat from the deli. it's a one-time use coupon, as you can see here, and it expires August 30th. to add it to your club card, click Add. what it means by one-time coupon is: if you bought one deli meat, the one dollar would come off. if you bought to an additional eco pond would not come off. you can scroll through. you can sort by categories at the store they have in addition to the dollar offs or the percent off. they also have coupons like this one here. Blue Diamond almonds are a dollar ninety-nine limit for. so this looks just like and acts just like a Safeway Club coupon, something you would see in the in at in the ad. so instead of clipping the coupon for a dollar ninety-nine Blue Diamond almonds, you would just add that to your card and when you picked up the Blue Diamond almonds at the store, that ekoo pond would automatikally make them a dollar ninety-nine each. so we can look at a few of these other coupons here. here's another coupon for an amount off two dollars off Arm & Hammer cat litter. it tells you exactly what size you'll need to buy and what the limit would be. so I generally go through and I add all the e coupons that I see because they're free to add and they disappear when they expire. so there's really no loss as far as if you add them and they disappear, they're just gone if they're manufacture coupons. you cannot use a manufacturer coupon in combination at checkout. that would be double dipping. if it's a manufacturer coupon, you can use either an e coupon or a printed coupon. once you've added all of your coupons that you want to to your shopping cart, I recommend printing the email or shopping list. otherwise you don't remember what coupons you may have loaded on to your shoppers card. so it gives you this nice printout here and it you need to pay specific attention to the size of the coop, the size of the product that's required to make sure you buy that that product. you can see when they expire over on the right side and it also you can also email this list to yourself. it's good to have the printed out list when you go to the store, because if, for some reason, the e coupon does not come out a checkout- which does happen- then you can show customer service that you had it loaded onto your ecard and they can try and help you there. I hope this information is helpful. I definitely recommend checking the Safeway website regularly. upload the coupons. give them some time to register, like, for example, if you're going to be shopping later on today, I would upload them early in the morning. or you know ugly, upload them the day before. that way they have time to actually make it onto your card. sometimes you upload them and then run right to the store. they may not come off. if you have any other questions or any other things that you'd like to cover, please leave a comment on the post and I'll be happy to try and help you. thanks and good luck. visit queen bee coupons com for more savings and tips.

RICH People Who Turned Themselves into PLASTIC!

we've all heard the phrase love the skin you're in, but if there's something you really don't like about your appearance these days, you can probably do something about it if you have enough money to invest in expensive cosmetik purchases, that is. but what happens when someone with too much money decides they want to change the way they look? well, this and this and this. without further ado, let's take a look at some filthy rich people who turned themselves into plastik. [Music]: jocelyn wildenstein. if you asked present-day jocelyn wildenstein to stand next to her former self, you probably wouldn't even think they were distant cousins. in fact, the jocelyn wildenstein we see today looks more like a badly drawn cartoon than a real person, let alone a 75 year old woman. but how did this once attractive american socialite end up with a face that looks like it was inflated by a bicycle pump? jocelyn was born in lusan, switzerland, in 1945, but later moved to paris, where she became a skilled hunter and pilot. jocelyn was then introduced to billionaire art dealer alec wildenstein at a shooting weekend, and the pair married and had two children together. but jocelyn later discovered her husband had been cheating on her with a 19 year old russian model, and what followed was a high-profile divorce that ended less than amicably in 1999. desperate to lure her ex-husband back, jocelyn hatched a plan: if her husband loved hunting big cats so much, she would just turn herself into one. after the split, jocelyn secured a 2.5 billion dollar settlement and over 100 million dollars a year in maintenance, making her one of america's wealthiest women at the time. and what did she do with all that dough? she pumped it into expensive surgeries. that's what experts speculate that she has had: upper and lower eyelid surgery, a brow lift, facelift, lip plumping injections, chin augmentation, fat grafting and cheek implants, among other procedures. it's also thought that she has undergone a procedure called canthopexy, which elevates the eyes to give them a cat-like appearance. despite all this, jocelyn claims she hasn't had a single surgery and says her looks are all down to her swiss heritage. ah yes, i forgot. everyone in switzerland looked like lion human hybrids. after jocelyn's ex-husband died in 2008, she resided in a cushy, 13 million dollar apartment on the 51st floor of the trump towers. but all that came crashing down in 2018 when she shockingly filed for bankruptcy, claiming her bank account balance was at zero dollars. i wonder if plastik surgeons take ious these days. with so many plastik surgery tricks in the world. it's easy to be fooled, but here's one thing you can always rely on here: at be amazed. we do things aw natsural, so you can expect weird, wonderful and downright amazing fact-based content every single day. all for the low, low cost of tapping those like and subscribe buttons and tikling that little bell icon. all done onwards. detox, this next cosmetik surgery fanatik, needs no real introduction if there are any rupaul's drag race fans in the house. detox, real name matthew sanderson, is a world famous drag queen and one of the most memorable contestants from the show, placing fourth on season 5 and later returning for all stars 2, where she was the runner-up. detox may not have taken home the crown on either occasion, but she certainly holds the title as one of the most cosmetikally enhanced queens from the show. detox started getting famous by performing in nightclubs in the early 2000s and even had appearances in music videos for huge stars like rihanna and kesha. since then, she has carved out a successful career, even appearing on the cover of new york magazine in 2019 and placing 14th on the magazine's list of the 100 most powerful drag queens in america. of course, she looks totally different without all the makeup and wigs, but sanderson himself has also changed pretty drastikally in appearance. he once looked like any other ordinary nerdy kid and discovered plastik surgery at the age of 17, after attending his very first drag show. looking back on this time in his life, sanderson once said: my entire life i was a string bean. i was very skinny and i realized that i could have a beautiful body by injection, and that's exactly what he did. although the exact number of procedures that went into the making of detox is unknown, sanderson has previously toked about having gallons of silicone injected into his body, including his hips, pecs, shoulders and butt. in 2018, detox hit the headlines after a procedure designed to manufacture the perfect six-pack went horribly wrong. as you can see, sanderson's abs ended up looking totally uneven and lumpy. detox then appeared on the tv show botched where he begged celebrity surgeons to fix the embarrassing abs. man, rich people will truly stop at nothing to avoid actually working out. plastik surgery is still a pretty controversial subject these days, but thankfully, there are much easier ways to help keep your appearance under control. for example, two out of three guys will experience some form of male pattern baldness by the time they're 35. luckily, this uncomfortable experience can be treated with an incredible subscription service known as keeps, who kindly sponsored today's video. this revolutionary approach to hair loss treatment offers generic versions of fda approved hair loss medications, making them way more affordable, and all delivered right to your door. better yet, the service puts you in direct contact with doctors through online consultation and 24: 7 messaging, where you'll be provided with a carefully curated treatment plan designed specifically for you. keeps treatments typically take between four to six months to start showing results, so sign up now to save your luscious locks, before it's too late. a buddy of mine tried it out and, honestly, his hair has never looked better. simply go to keepscom- be amazed, or click the link in the description to receive 50 off your first order. that's k-e-e-p-s dot com slash- be amazed. now back to some appearance changes that weren't quite so easy. nanette hammond- remember the iconic line: i'm not a regular mom, i'm a cool mom and mean girls. that pretty much sums up the vibe of 45 year old mother of five. nanette hammond, this cincinnati mom, decided that looking- quote unquote- normal just wasn't for her. instead, she decided that she wanted to look like. you guessed it. barbie hammond, who loved to play with dolls as a little girl, has already spent nearly thousand dollars on her transformation to date, and she has no plans to stop anytime soon. her cosmetik surgery journey kicked off when she was just 21.. shortly after, she started dying her hair signature platinum blonde, when she dropped three thousand dollars on her very first chest augmentation surgery. soon afterwards, she started getting regular botox injections, as well as collagen filler for her lips, something which has become a ritual these days. when nanette reached her early thirties, she really started splashing the cash, spending about one thousand seven hundred dollars on extensions and hair coloring, as well as forty dollars a month on spray tans, three hundred and fifty dollars on manicures and pedicures and four hundred and ninety dollars on eyelash extensions. because of her impossibly small frame, nanette has to get custom tailored clothes made, which costs another 280 dollars a month. and it doesn't end there. nanette got another chest enhancement at 38, boosting her cup size to a 28 h, for the low, low price of nine thousand eight hundred dollars. on top of that, she has spent fifty thousand eight hundred dollars on dental veneers for that perfect cartoonish smile. how does she pay for it all, you ask? well, that's simple, she doesn't. her husband, dave, does. to really complete her barbie fantasy, nanette even has three custom-made barbie cars totaling a whopping 247.000, also bought by dave. nanette doesn't make any apologies for her lavish lifestyle and loves the idea that she will probably look like barbie well into her old age w.