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Safeway Food Ads: Delicious Deals at Your Fingertips

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Safeway is a popular Australian supermarket that offers a wide range of fresh food products at affordable prices. They work with local farmers to bring the best produce straight to their customers. In this article, we will explore some of the exciting offers and deals that Safeway has in store for its customers.

Special Offers:

- Get all the paste for Christmas.

- Safeway has cut the recall of suffering varieties.

- Grand Nescafe cold black coffee is available for $9.48 each, saving $3.61.

- Ana's Tim Tam amid slice (200g) is available for $1.98, saving 67 cents.

- Nescafe blend 43 (150g) is available for $4.97, saving $1.28.

- 30 pack of coke or diet coke cans are available for $14.97.

- 5-liter bull or ice cream is available for $4.99, saving $4.

Fresh Food People:

- Safeway is known as the fresh food people because they work closely with Australian farmers to bring fresh produce straight to their customers.

- They offer a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood.

- Safeway prides itself on providing the lowest prices for the best quality produce.

- They also offer pre-prepared vegetables, including Asian stir fry, freshly cut coleslaw, Caesar salads, and peeled carrots.

Holiday Specials:

- Safeway offers great savings on seasonal items such as Easter eggs and Christmas specials.

- The Chen family in cans share the same green grocer as the Luciano's of like New South Wales while the Ryan's in unbury waa go to the same butcher as The Simpsons do in Ballarat.

Safeway is the go-to supermarket for fresh, affordable, and high-quality food products in Australia. Their commitment to working with local farmers ensures that customers get the freshest produce straight from the source. With exciting offers and holiday specials, Safeway is the perfect destination for all your grocery needs. So, head over to Safeway and experience the fresh food people difference.

Safeway Ads 1987-1991

Safeway is a supermarket that takes a fresh approach to better living with fresh ideas, ways to save, and a fresh set of values. They offer a range of products at affordable prices to make your shopping experience enjoyable. In this article, we will explore the various deals and offers that Safeway has to offer.

Fresh Deals at Safeway:

- Safeway's October Savings Sale catalog offers 32 pages of bargains, including down shoulder hand, potatoes, fruit juice, and sliced rump steak.

- Safeway's Christmas Challenge means even fresher food and lower prices, making the season's best for less.

- Dollar deals are on at Safeway now, including Kellogg's Nutrigrain, soup varieties, and Coca-Cola varieties at affordable prices.

- The Safeway Fresh Food Sale continues to bring more savings every day, including red spot specials like new season William pears, fresh roasting chickens, and legs of pork.

Fresh Values at Safeway:

- Safeway applies a fresh set of values to the quality and price of food every day, including a push for freshness, value, service, and lower prices.

- Safeway presents fresh values for Christmas, including ice cream, Strasburg ham, and Coca-Cola varieties.

- Safeway's specials offer the best value in supermarket shopping, including Valencia fruit juice, Kellogg's Corn Flakes, and thick or thin sausages.

Safeway offers fresh deals and values for all your shopping needs, with a range of products at affordable prices. Don't miss out on their red spot specials and other deals that can help you save money while still enjoying fresh, quality food. Visit Safeway now to experience their fresh approach to better living.

Sales Ads Preview | Safeway | Cost Less Foods | Grocery Outlet | Raley's | Save Mart

Hey friends, it's Jen and I'm back with the upcoming grocery ads for the week. Let's dive in!

In this article, we will be discussing the latest grocery ads from various stores such as Cost Less Foods, Safeway, Grocery Outlet, Save Mart, and Food Max. We will highlight some of the best deals and discounts on groceries, meat, seafood, and other household items.

Cost Less Foods:

Starting from Wednesday, July 6th, Cost Less Foods has some great deals on bacon, toilet paper, and olive oil. Here are the highlights:

- Three pounds of bacon for $3.99 per pound ($11.90 total)

- 68 ounces of extra virgin olive oil for $14.99

- Spend $25 and save $5

- Five Dollar Friday deals


Safeway has some amazing deals on groceries and household items. Here's what caught our eye:

- Happy eggs for $3.99 per dozen

- Pacific Pastures 85 lean grass-fed organic ground beef for $5.99 per 16 ounces

- Randall Farms boneless pork loin chops

- Organic unsweetened ban on vanilla almond milk for $0.99 per 32 ounces

- Ripple milk for $0.99 per 48 ounces

Grocery Outlet:

Grocery Outlet has some great deals on hummus, yogurt, and candy bars. Here are the highlights:

- Hummus for $0.99 per 10 ounces

- Organic unsweetened ban on vanilla almond milk for $0.99 per 32 ounces

- Yogurt for $1.99 per 24 ounces

- Halo Top for $1.99

Save Mart:

Save Mart has some amazing deals on meat and seafood. Here's what we found:

- Friday Sizzlers

- Three-day sale

- Rotisserie chickens for $6.99

- Wild caught kita salmon

- Vital Farms pasture-raised eggs for $6.99 per 18 count


Rayleigh's has some great deals on broccoli crowns, carrots, French bread, and cottage cheese. Here's what we found:

- Broccoli crowns, carrots, and French bread for $0.97 each

- Beans and cottage cheese for $1.97 each

- Sourdough bread for $3.97

Food Max:

Food Max's ad is still valid until July 12th, and they have some great deals on meat and seafood. Here's what we found:

- Ribeye steaks for $6.99 per pound

- Ground beef for $2.99 per pound

- Chicken drumsticks and thighs for $0.89 per pound

- Raw shrimp for $5.99 per pound

Overall, there are some great deals on groceries and household items this week. Make sure to check out your local stores and take advantage of these discounts before they expire. Happy shopping!

Safeway Spots 1980 1981

Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day - all holidays that bring families together to celebrate traditions and share meals. And Safeway is the go-to destination for all the food and decorations needed to make these occasions special.

Bullet Points:

- Safeway offers a hickory smoked ham for Easter at an unbeatable price

- Thanksgiving shopping is made easy with Safeway's wide selection of holiday feast items

- Christmas cards and gift wrap can be found at Safeway, along with forget-me-not gifts

- Memorial Day specials include chicken, corn, and soft drinks at inflation fighter prices

- Safeway's newspaper supplement is filled with money-saving deals on holiday favorites

- Asparagus and chicken are two items on special this week at Safeway

- Plants of all kinds are on sale at Safeway, including ferns, cacti, and large specimen plants

- Safeway has the lowest price of the year on Riverside brand grade A Tom turkeys for the holidays

- Safeway's fryer spectacular offers the lowest prices on fryers all year

- Specials this week at Safeway include grapes, pork sausage, and 7Up

No matter what holiday is being celebrated, Safeway has everything needed to make it special. With low prices, weekly specials, and a wide selection of items, Safeway is the place to go for all holiday needs.

Preview Sales Ad for Save Mart || Safeway || Smart and Final

Upcoming Sales Ad Preview for Safeway, Smart and Final, and Save Mart

Hey friends, it's Jen and I'm here to give you a preview of the upcoming sales ads for Safeway, Smart and Final, and Save Mart. Let's dive in!


- Tubs of strawberries and blueberries for pick four or more and save

- Look out for iBotta rebates on select items

- Dollar deals and buy one, get one free specials

- Check out the produce and five dollar Friday deals

Smart and Final:

- Chicken drumsticks and thighs for 99 cents

- Progressive soups for 99 cents

- Stock up on these great deals

Save Mart:

- Chuck roast for $3.99

- Ragu for $3

- Load your rewards today for a free Oscar Mayer protein snack

- Check out the super coupons for great deals on shrimp, tuna, eggs, and toilet paper

Thanks for tuning in to this preview of the upcoming sales ads for Safeway, Smart and Final, and Save Mart. Keep an eye out for these great deals and happy shopping!

Safeway Advertisement

In this discussion post, I analyzed the Safeway ad for the week and evaluated how they advertised healthy food options.

Bullet Points:

- The first page of the ad advertises a lot of fruits and veggies as healthy options.

- Sales on these items help to push them, such as the buy one get one free offer on strawberries.

- Blue reward points for fruits and veggies for gas also help to sell these items.

- Pre-packaged containers are helpful for those on the go as a quick snack.

- Word choice is crucial in advertising and marketing, such as using no solution added for chicken and jumbo for fruits.

- The ad becomes less organized and more jumbled as we go on to the next page.

- There are very few healthy options in the ad, and it is not well-organized.

- Safeway could do a better job advertising just in general, but they do a decent job starting off with healthy options.

Overall, the Safeway ad does a good job promoting healthy options on the first page, but it becomes less clear and more jumbled as we go on to the next pages. They could do a better job advertising in general, especially with promoting healthy options.

Safeway Maui Hawaii | Grocery Ad Match up | 05 20 2021

We recently arrived in Maui and had to go through a bit of an ordeal with getting tested and vaccinated to ensure the safety of the island. However, we were able to go to Safeway and utilize some deals and digital coupons.

Deals at Safeway:

- Pork loin chops for $1.99/lb

- Avocado for $2.44, with a $1 digital coupon available

- Two pound bags of strawberries for $4.99

- Drinks, including gentle cheese, with a 75 cent coupon available

- Nabisco cookies, with a Monopoly winner for Oreo cookies

- Cereal for $1.99 or Pop Tarts, with a $1 digital coupon available

- Boneless beef sterling steak

- Carton of eggs for $1.99 with digital coupon

- Ground beef for $2.50/lb

- Deli salads and sushi available

- Deals available for Mother's Day

Comparison to Albertsons:

- Similar deals on products, such as salmon and berries

- Safeway has a big book of savings with monthly deals and digital coupons

- Deals available for drinks and cereal, with a promotion for free coffee with purchase of Kellogg's products

- Signature Select products available

- Chobani yogurt with coupons available

Safeway in Maui offers various deals and digital coupons for products, with some unique to the island. Comparing to other stores such as Albertsons, there are similarities in deals but also some differences in available promotions. Overall, Safeway is a great option for those looking to save on groceries while on vacation.

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