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safeway weekly ads seattle

Published on: December 28 2022 by pipiads

Safeway and Fred Meyer Extreme Couponing Adventure

In this article, we will be following Ashley on her grocery shopping trip to Safeway and Fred Meyer. She is excited to try out couponing at these two popular grocery chains on the west coast and see if she can get some great deals.

Coupons and Freebies:

- Ashley is excited to try couponing at Safeway and Fred Meyer

- She discovered two free items on the Fred Meyer app: Oikos yogurt and Coke Energy drink

- She used the Fred Meyer app to clip the coupons and got the items for free

- At Safeway, Ashley found some great deals on organic blueberries and avocados

- She used her Safeway app coupons to get the avocados for free and the blueberries for a discounted price

- Ashley also found a great deal on Kellogg's cereal at Safeway

Overall, Ashley had a successful couponing trip at Safeway and Fred Meyer. She was able to get some great deals and even some items for free. Couponing can be a fun and rewarding way to save money on groceries.

Vaccination Clinic at Safeway Partnership with Safeway April 28, 2021

Howard County Partners with Safeway to Increase Vaccinations among Students

- Angela Cabellon, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Innovation Officer for the County Executive, welcomes viewers to a press conference discussing vaccine outreach partnerships in Howard County.

Partnership for Vaccine Outreach

- Howard County has been working to alleviate the effects of COVID-19 in the community through expanded testing, studies on virus prevalence, and collaboration with stakeholders.

- With the vaccine allocation and distribution, the county is redoubling efforts towards vaccine equity.

- Over 50% of Howard County residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine, but more work needs to be done to reach all residents.

- Young people in Howard County have recently become eligible for the vaccine, and the focus is on increasing vaccination rates among students.

- Safeway has provided an additional 4,000 doses of the vaccine, with 1,200 administered at a clinic prioritizing students in Howard County schools and trade schools.

- Partnerships like this are only possible with the strong leadership of the Howard County Health Department and other county government officials.

- The hope is that young people who receive the vaccine will encourage their peers, family, and friends to do the same.

Increasing Vaccination Rates among Young People

- Courtney Watson, delegate, emphasizes the importance of encouraging young people to get vaccinated before attending senior week, graduation parties, and other celebrations.

- Watson shares her personal experience with her own children getting vaccinated and urges viewers to make sure their young adults and teenagers get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Importance of Vaccination for All

- Maura Rossman, Howard County Health Officer, highlights the urgency of getting vaccinated and spreading the word to those who may be unsure or hesitant.

- Rossman encourages people to get informed and make the decision to get vaccinated today, especially with the beautiful weather reminding us of the joys of summer.

- The more people who choose to get vaccinated, the less anxiety and uncertainty there will be in social settings.

Vaccinations for Howard County Public School Students

- Michael Martirano, Superintendent of Howard County Public School System, thanks County Executive Ball and Dr. Rossman for their efforts to make vaccine doses available to students and staff.

- Over 99% of Howard County Public School System staff who wish to be vaccinated have received the vaccine or scheduled an appointment.

- The focus now is on vaccinating Howard County students age 18 and over at the clinic provided by Safeway.

- Howard County is committed to increasing vaccination rates among all residents, with a focus on young people and students.

- Partnerships with private organizations like Safeway are essential to achieving vaccine equity.

- Vaccination is safe and effective, and everyone who gets vaccinated brings us closer to ending the pandemic.

SAFEWAY WEEKLY AD PREVIEW! 5/5/21-5/11/21 | Free Items| Ibotta Matchups!!

Hi guys, it's Kelly and welcome back to Saving with Kelly. If you're new, thanks so much for joining me. Today, we'll be looking at the Safeway weekly ad for May 5th through May 11th. Let's dive right in!

1. Beef Ribeye Steak for $5.99 per pound, limit of 4

2. Two pounds of strawberries for $3 or $2.97 each, limit of 2

3. Buy one get one free for cooked or raw shrimp

4. Tillamook ice cream for $1.99

5. 187 on chips and crackers

6. Five for five on peppers and cucumbers

7. Eight-piece chicken grilled or fried for $5

8. Gallon of organic milk for $5

9. Betty Crocker cake and frosting for two for $5

10. Wheat Thins and Oreos for two for $5 on Fridays

11. 97 cents for asparagus, limit of three pounds

12. Lucerne milk and creamer for $1.99

13. 147 on eggs for 18 count, limit of 2

14. Tillamook shredded and chunk cheese for $3.99 each

15. Buy one get one free for sliced loaf cakes or brownie bites

16. 5 dollars for oven-baked soft cookies

17. 10 for $5 on lunch meat

18. 2 for $4 on Jello and rolls

19. 3 for $4 on Oui by Yoplait and Ratio Protein Yogurt

20. 199 on Post cereal

21. 99 cents on soda and signature select potato chips

22. 44 cents on Yoplait yogurt

23. 88 cents on Chobani

24. 149 for soft taco flour tortillas for 10 count

25. 99 cents for signature select pasta or pasta sauce

26. 79 cents on Bush's beans

27. 99 cents for tuna and Annie's

28. Two for $5 on the one bars

29. Free signature farms garden salad when you buy one lighthouse dressing

30. 349 a pound for 80 lean fresh ground beef

31. 30 off of free-range chicken

32. 799 for cooked shrimp or raw per pound

33. 899 for salmon fillet per pound

34. 599 for chicken kabob with vegetables

35. 79 cents on Lint candy sticks

36. 20 percent off for different beauty items and cleaning items

37. Five for five on Larabars

38. 75 cents off of two Larabars

39. Buy one get one free on Dairy Gold milk

40. 88 cents Greek yogurt Chobani

41. Dollar off of any produce department purchase

42. Five dollars off your purchase of 50 or more

43. One dollar off of organic

44. One dollar off of a frozen aisle purchase

45. 149 on Mission tortillas

46. Six dollars back for buying a certain kind of alcohol

47. One dollar off of any box cereal purchase

48. 99 cents for Zatarain's rice mix

In conclusion, the Safeway weekly ad for May 5th through May 11th has some great deals, including beef ribeye steak, strawberries, shrimp, ice cream, and more. Make sure to download the just for you coupons on the app to save even more on your shopping trip. Don't forget to stock up on items at a great price, and as always, Happy Shopping!

Safeway Grocery Haul $109

Hey friends, Miranda here! Today, I have a Safeway grocery haul to share with you all. I spent $109, but thanks to good coupons and deals, I was able to save $92! Let me share with you what I got:

- Italian sub sandwich

- Salted caramel and vanilla cinnamon coffee creamers

- 2 gallons of milk

- 8-piece fried chicken

- Ritz crackers

- Chicken biscuits

- Cinnamon toast crunch cereal (5 boxes!)

- Butter

- Moose tracks ice cream

- Apples

- Roma tomatoes

- Cider

- Dijon mustard

- Red seedless grapes

- 5-pack of mac and cheese

- Bread (buttermilk white and sourdough)

- Apple juice

- Bakery treats (cupcakes, dutch apple pie, red velvet loaf, cinnamon swirl loaf)

- Banquet turkey sausages

- Mission tortilla chips (rounds and strips)

- Tostadas

- Large pack of chicken breasts

- Kielbasa sausage

- 4 cans of SpaghettiOs

- 9 cans of Libby's corn

- 2 cans of light red kidney beans

- 2 cans of black beans

- Bean soup mix

I always try to take advantage of Safeway's app and in-store deals, and I was able to save a ton of money this trip. Safeway and Albertsons can be pricey, but it's worth it when they have good deals. Overall, I'm really happy with my haul and can't wait to enjoy all of these goodies!

Seattle grocery stores may limit some items as new COVID-19 restrictions take effect

Empty Store Shelves: The Impact on Grocery Workers

Empty store shelves have become a common sight amidst the pandemic, leaving customers frustrated and anxious. However, the impact on grocery workers has been even more significant, as they face increased hours, short tempers, and even abuse from customers. With new restrictions coming into effect, grocery stores are taking steps to keep both customers and workers safe.

Key Points:

- Stores are operating at reduced capacity, with limits on the number of customers allowed inside.

- Grocery workers are calling for enforcement of these restrictions to ensure their safety.

- Some workers have faced abuse and even physical harm from customers.

- Increased hours and sacrifice should be rewarded with higher pay.

- Grocery stores are restocking regularly, and customers are encouraged not to panic-buy.

As we approach the busy Thanksgiving season, it is important to remember the impact that empty store shelves have on grocery workers. They are on the front lines, risking their health and safety to ensure that customers can access the products they need. By following restrictions and treating workers with respect, we can all do our part to make this challenging time a little easier for everyone.

Outtasite Radio W/ Scott Tanner "Safeway"

A phone conversation between Michael and Tyler about Michael's son shoplifting from Tyler's store.

Main Points:

- Michael's son has been shoplifting from Tyler's store.

- Tyler found out that Michael's son and his friends have been stealing meat, beer, and other items from the store.

- Michael's son and his friends have also been defecating in the meat department and putting poop in the potato salad.

- Tyler suggests getting pictures of Michael's son and his friends to put up in the store to keep them out.

- Tyler also suggests that Michael's son come and clean up the poop in the meat department.

- Michael is upset with his son's behavior and plans to punish him.

The conversation highlights the importance of respecting other people's property and how unacceptable it is to steal and defecate in public places. It also shows the importance of communication and taking action to prevent further incidents.

Safeway $5.00 Friday Chicken Wings American Sub Sandwich and BBQ Ribs etc

On a Friday, the author decided to save money and buy some chicken wings on sale. They also got an American sub sandwich and ribs. The article discusses the various flavors and prices of the food items purchased.

Key Points:

- Chicken wings were on sale for $5 a pound, with various flavors

- The author also got an American sub sandwich and ribs

- The ribs were $5 and came in teriyaki and barbecue flavors

- The total cost, with coupons, was $51.02

- The author ranked their favorite flavors as buffalo wings, salt and vinegar, teriyaki, and barbecue

- The food would serve the author's family of five for at least until the next day

The author shared their shopping experience and recommended their favorite flavors of chicken wings. The article serves as a guide for anyone looking to save money while still enjoying a delicious meal.

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