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saleyee dropshipping reviews

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Choosing The Right Dropshipping Supplier For Shopify - SaleYee Review

hey everybody, justin cener here. this is a video all about choosing the right drop ship supplier, and i'm going to be showing you all about sale yi, and you can see the link directly below this video if you want to check them out, but i'll show you over the shoulder at the end of this video and as it goes with drop shipping, really, your dropship app is less of an app and more of a partner. your dropship provider is going to really represent your entire brand to the customer, right? they're going to be delivering, producing, supplying the product that your customer is going to get their hands on. so you need to make sure that you pick the right drop ship partner, and that's the whole point of this video reviewing sale you, because they have all four of the keys to drop shipping success. number one: new and unique products. right, this is an obvious, important thing. we can't be selling boring, saturated products, and we also want to find a large product catalog that's constantly being updated. eventually, every product that becomes a quote unquote winner will become saturated as well, so you need a constant flow of new products. we, of course, need integration into the biggest e-commerce platforms. in my opinion, shopify is the only one that you should be concerned with, but some people use woocommerce or big commerce or some of the other smaller platforms that could also have integrations. basically, the bottom line is we need to have our drop ship partner have everything set up through an easy to use system that requires us to do as little manual work as possible after the sale. and then, in my opinion, the number one, most important thing- great seller customer service. right, right, actually being able to reach out to someone, have them look up, look up your orders, figure out what's going on in the warehouse and have more of an ability to kind of help rather than just provide, you know, generic customer service responses, and i think that's really important. right, having access to the product or having access to the team that has the product kind of goes a long way with your support. right, they can actually go and take a look and see what's going on, rather than have an endless chain of emails, like you might be used to, from some of the other dropship suppliers out there, and it doesn't matter what product is being sold. this is how every single big drop ship store sets themselves up for success: they have a drop ship partner that can provide these four keys, and if you don't have a trustworthy and reliable dropship partner, then you simply are not going to have a long-term brand again. the dropship partner is going to really represent your brand to your customer and if they're delivering bad products or taking weeks and weeks and weeks to get the product in the customer's hands, that's going to reflect poorly on you. you'll get bad reviews or chargebacks or returns or basically it's going to be very hard for you to stay in business. so potential issues to look out for when you're picking a partner would be someone or some company that takes a long time to process orders. now, a lot of times shipping speeds are not up to the drop ship supplier, right, they're going to drop it off. they use a shipping line and takes however long it takes. now, hopefully, they pick the right lines and have good rates, but you need to have fast processing times to get into that shipping process, right? so people that take a long time to process your orders, to even get them shipped out, that's something you want to stay away from, because that just clogs up the entire timeline here if they can't even get to shipping, which might have its own issues. boring catalog, saturated products- that's a no-brainer. hidden are extra fees- right, they're really. there's so many different drop ship partners out there. we shouldn't be working with any that have any hidden fees or extra fees, storage fees, any of these extra things. i mean, that's kind of their job to store and supply these products and, you know, definitely want to run far away from a drop ship supplier that doesn't offer new products consistently. that's, you know, something that is a definitive killer for your business if you don't have new products in the pipeline. so, with these four keys of drop shipping in mind, i want to show you more about sale yi and, you see, sailycom- see the link directly below this video- highly recommend them. let's go over the shoulder and i'm going to show you exactly what you can do with cellu as your drop ship partner. you're looking at saleycom and i really love how this site is organized. i'm going to show you some of the parts of it that you'll probably be looking at the most. but of course, you have your traditional home page, all your different categories, and you'll be coming over here to search, example, gardening. come over here, do the search and you'll literally see a huge list of products all available to be drop shipped. you'll see all the different information once you sign up and log in. you'll see the pricing and lots of great products here. we can come over here and do another search, for example, something like furniture, always among some of their top sellers- and again you'll see everything just load right in here. so search is a great way to actually find lots of great products. or just browsing throughout the site as well: out for your products, out for your niches, right, let's say you're in the cat niche, typing cat or maybe cat gifts, and we'll see all of the search results come through. and of course, we can do that for any niche that we want, or obviously some that are coming through over here. but let's go back to the home page, because i really want to show you this cool section. every single one of you will benefit from using this section right over here and this is literally the platform top seller section and the really cool thing about this right, each platform, different top sellers. this is real data coming not only from salee but from these different platforms, kind of a little bit of a spy tool right inside here. and the- uh, you know, kind of the whole mindset behind sally is that they're really in it for the sellers, for you guys, for the drop ship stores. they even have content down here in terms of helping you select the best products, whether you're on drop shipping, whether you are on- uh, just amazon, whether you just have a general store, and we can literally click through here and say, okay, on shopify, of course, around the holiday season- right, we have some holiday related items coming through this list, but we could literally go through and here's a different product and, of course, all these are uh drop shippable through sally. right, these are the most popular salee products on these platforms and they tok about their big data, right, they have lots of data that they share with their sellers. let's see from etsy, from woocommerce, from groupon- they're always adding more as well- but all these different products we see right over here can be sourced directly from salee, and all you need to do create your account. you see the link directly below this video: 100 free to create your account, get access to all here, connect your store and you'll be able to come over here so you start drop shipping and you'll literally be able to jump in with sal yi in just a couple minutes. very, very easy, and it's very easy to start and easy to scale. they have countries that they ship to. they have warehouses with over 30 000 different skus, different products, all with great profit margin. again, this was built for those global drop shippers on platforms like amazon, ebay, shopify, wix, wordpress, woocommerce, right. these are the target clients. this isn't another type of company that has now adapted to drop shipping. this is a company built for drop shipping and it's really easy four step process. you can see some of their training videos on their site, saleycom. but all you need to do is just connect your store and import products from salee. you'll sell them through your own shopify store and your orders will automatikally g.

Easy Dropshipping From SaleYee To Ebay For A Profit

[Music]. so hello and welcome to another video from the inspiration college, and in this video, what i'm going to look at? i'm going to look at my ebay shop. uh, so i've started this shop way back in may of 2018- and i would not say i've started a shop. i was actually just shopping on ebay, buying stuff, so i've created a personal account and so you know a couple- maybe probably one year, one year ago, i decided that i want to start selling stuff on ebay to see how things would work out. i've made a couple of sales and so i want to just show you this video, uh, so that someone who wants to start you know this could be an encouragement to you. uh, so, as you can see, a lot of times when people show you their ebay shop or their ebay store, they would actually log into ebay so you would not see the front page of the store. so this is, uh, the front end of the store, as you can see landmark design- sorry, laneway design- and you can see that, um, i'm not really doing that bad in terms of feedback, because i have 100 positive feedback and, as you can see the feedback rate in here, nine positive feedback, zero, neutral. uh, negative- no negative- feedback, and then you can see the feedbacks from the last 12 months. uh, so that's really what is going on. so you know, when you make a sale or when somebody purchased from you, they would leave a feedback, and that's how ebay is able to, you know, put this right in here and it will encourage new buyers to uh feel comfortable shopping on your store. so, as you can see down here, items for sale, i'm selling 107 items at the moment and these items there would be combination of stuff that i have hanging around the house and you know, a lot of times that's the best way to start out because you don't have to store any inventory. so you just look at what you have inside your home and you know it's in good condition. you can start out by selling those, listing those products and sell those products. you don't have to worry about, you know, any upfront cost. you know you are testing the waters before you know you dive in. so that's really what, um, a lot of people would do when they're starting out with an ebay store. so, as you can see, um, some of the items are listed here. so if i should click on this, then it would take me to the items that i'm having, that i'm selling. a lot of people would not want to show you the items they are selling because they think, oh, you're going to go and start listing those items. but the way i look at it, what is for me is for me and you know, um, i don't really care showing, showing people what i'm selling. you know, if, uh, if you know if i should be making sales, then i will make sales, because you have a lot of sellers on ebay and you know people are still making sales. so these are the items that i'm selling at the moment. as you can see, different types of items. some are drop shipping items, some are uh items that i have stored at home, here, like you know, these items here, these items here, like these are drop shipping items and this is the latest one i've listed. you know i'm going to get back to this- and, as you can see, these books- have them at home- and mogs, you know print on demand, modes and so on. so it's just a combination of different items i have listed here, um on my store and you can see the different different prices and so on. so if i should even t-shirts, you know these are print on demand t-shirts that i've listed. i haven't made any sale yet on these t-shirts, but you know these things take time. so if i should go back to the top so like, for example, um, this scooter here, i saw this item a couple, probably two weeks ago, and this is a drop shipping item and i'm also going to show you, you know, a drop shipping supplier that you could actually start out with because, like, this item is from that drop shipper, um, not that drop that um supplier, uh, so i'm selling this for 75.99, so i've made a sale on this one. and you have other products here like this one, uh, this is the latest product, also from that supplier that i've listed. so if i could quickly go to um- i haven't logged in yet, but if i should, let me just go to like this listing first. so, like this scooter, as you can see, i made a sale um a couple of weeks ago, um, and you can see, um, i'm selling this this quarter. here you have the different, different images, so you have the different images here. so, as you see, this one i listed here a hundred percent feedback, positive feedback, listed, i mean green for the united kingdom, and if you scroll down you would see i would say i have a description, a little description here you could also customize your description. i did a video where i show you how you could customize your description to make it really look professional. but, to be honest with you, i don't think customizing your description here- you say you would consider this to be your sales page. i don't really think this. uh, customizing it would really make a whole lot of difference in making sales because, as you can see, this is not customized, but here that still made a sale. it's um. you know, you just have to describe your product, um, properly so that people can understand really what you're selling. so, like, this white scooter is suitable for teens and adults, a foldable scooter that provides easy transportation and storage. it also it's also designed with a sporty look and it's quite durable based on the material used to build it. so you see, it's readable and then i give the dimensions. so this is what people really looking for: um, they need enough information before they would make purchase and it would give the feature easy to assemble and fold in, suitable for adults and team, more lighter and more stronger. so you know, this is um, these are what they're really looking for and then you give this specification is made of aluminum and so on, and then you give a package- what's included in the package, so that they know exactly what what they're getting. so that's for this, for this product, and, uh, let's say i made a sale on this one. so if i should go back to search results here, this product here, if i should click on this- this is the latest product that i've listed and one of the reasons this is, um, you know, window awning cannot be white and black and, as you can see, the images are not that bad. um, they are quite, quite clear. you can see the different images here and one of the reasons why i list this item is because they- you know the supplier, they provide a lot of information. they can actually tell you what products are doing well and so you know, you can know like what products you you could sell to, you know to make good sales. so that's what i did with this one. i'm trying this one out and obviously i look at what other people are pricing this product at. so i price my product at 49.45. the profit margin is not that great. probably six pounds, uh, profit i would make of this. but you know, you just have to price it based on what um other people are um pricing. there's, as you can see, some people here. this one is 43.89. same price: 43.95. this one is 62.99. you can actually see that this, this product, is coming from the same um supplier that i'm using and you notike. this person is going at 62.99. you know, and even if you look at these, you can see that, like this shop has 470 sold already, so this item is setting well, so this would be a good item to start out with. then you might say: then why are you telling us that you, you know we could go and sell that item. you're providing competition for yourself. well, you know that's what we are all here for: to help each other out. and you know i'm a new, i'm a new seller, young seller, so you know i don't really mind sharing. you know my experience and whatever information i have with others. so you can see that um, these items are selling here you have this one: 26 sold, 54 sold, 87 sold, and you can see most a lot of people selling from the same supplier, which i'm going to go to um in a couple of seconds here. so that's one of the items i'm selling. so if we could, if i could actually go, just go back to the results and these items, um, i think this one is.

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£6000 Every Month, DropShipping with UK US based Suppliers

i've been an online seller from past 10 years. eight months ago, i decided to challenge myself and open a new online store, just to get this idea that if i'm starting today, right now, can i really start and scale my drop shipping business. so in this video, i'm gonna be showing you the store, i'm gonna be showing you the product and i'm gonna be showing you the suppliers as well. so let's get started. this is one of my store. i started eight months ago. you can see right here that my last 31 day sale was 12 eighty seven pounds. this is my sale for today. this is sale from last seven days, and thirty six thousand three hundred and thirty three is sale for last 90 days. when i was starting out, i had three question in my mind, just like anybody else. number one: is it too late to get started? number two, if i'm going to start drop shipping business, do i have to deal with old chinese suppliers which take so much longer time to get their product delivered to the uk, europe and us? and number three, what product i can sell? so, after doing a little bit of research? answer to the first question was really simple: ecommerce industry is really, really growing, especially after the pandemic. it is actually growing rapidly day by day. the simple example for this to understand is look at how many shops on our high streets are closing down every single day. so it is no brainer for anybody if they want to be an e-commerce seller. the opportunity is actually right there. we just need to grab it right now. the second biggest problem for anyone who want to start a drop shipping business is actually dealing with chinese suppliers, especially in the time when we have amazon prime, where the customer can order something on the 8 o'clock in evening and they will get their product delivered next day as well. so traditional way of doing drop shipping, for example, drop shipping from aliexpress to shopify, drop shipping aliexpress to ebay or drop shipping from aliexpress to amazon. the problem with it that's- look at this product right here, that i'm recording this video in the beginning of may and this is getting delivered on the 5th of june. it is taking more than a month for this product to get delivered to the uk as well, and i don't think so anybody gonna wait that long. and the third one is the most obvious problem is actually trying to find the perfect product which will sell on a regular basis. so, after doing tons of research, i came across a solution which actually solved each and every problem, which i just mentioned is called absinic. don't get confused. i will explain you each and everything how it works and it can fully automate your drop shipping business. so, first of all, once you get started, this is the first page you're gonna land on. what you need to do from here is just simply click on add new store. at the moment, appsinic work with the shopify woocommerce. very soon they're gonna start working with vixx, ebay, bitcommerce, amazon- all other major platform that you can think of. so what we're gonna do first, we actually gonna link our store with it. so i can explain you each and everything, step by step, how it works. so first of all, let's connect our store. i'm gonna click on right here and it's gonna ask me to log into my account and i can just simply click on add app. and once i click on add app, i can simply add the app inside my shopify store. so everything will get synced up with the shopify store. after, when my store is syncing up with the shopify, what i need to do is just simply set up my shipping settings. so i'm just gonna click on shipping setting and choose the location, wherever i want to ship from. so i'm based in the united kingdom, i'm gonna choose united kingdom. if i want to ship internationally to other countries, i can opt in for this option, otherwise i'm just gonna leave it empty. so for me, i'm gonna be shipping internationally if the order comes from other international customers. more sale is better for everyone. the next thing is to actually set up your profit margin. so basically, the way i get started with the profit margin is just simply click on configure the price formula and by default it is set up to 25, and what i normally do- i leave it to 25 and then slowly, slowly increase my profit margin, because in the beginning i want to have this momentum build up. so my website will get ranked well inside the search. the next thing to do is actually start listing the product from apps in a catalog, which i will come to that in a minute. i will show you how to list them and what products are available there as well, and how to choose better product as well. but first of all, let me show you the feature. what is mean by payment detail down there? because what we need to do is set up a wallet for order processing inside the app cynic. so what apps? and it does anytime. once you get the order on your store, it process the order by itself and take the payment which you added inside your wallet. so everything will become automated. on the one side, the customer will place the order, app cynic will automatikally detect the cost price from your wallet, which you have already added inside your account, and then it will actually ship the order for you to the customer. so it is a complete automated business. now let me show you the most interesting part inside the app cynic. so what you need to do is just simply click on product catalog. inside the product catalog, absentee have tons of categories and then multiple sub categories as well. so there are thousands and thousands of product inside the app cynic. so what you simply need to do is, for example, you need to drop ship inside the united kingdom so you can simply choose where you want the item to be shipped from. so you can choose united kingdom. if it's united states, you will choose united states. the best thing about absentee: it actually use the local supplier within that partikular country. so if i'm going to be drop shipping inside the united kingdom, it will use the local supplier, which are already quality tested and they are proven to sell the quality product as well, so your product will get delivered on time. you don't have to worry about the cheap quality of the product, so you don't have to face the returns from the customer as well. same thing: if you're drop shipping in united state, it will use the local supplier in the united states who are already quality tested. so inside the apps in a catalog, the products have a high potential to sell. so what i normally do- because i will be selling in the united kingdom, so i come here and i simply choose a united kingdom because i want my customer to have the products from a local supplier so they don't have to wait longer delivery hours- i will select free shipping and then after that i can just simply pick the product from the catalog which i need to list on to my store. so, for example, if i go down and i say, okay, i want to list this product, all i have to do just simply click on import now i go down and after that, let's say, i want to list this product right here, i will just simply click on import now. after that, what happened is i just can simply go to view my products right here inside the appsonic. so inside the my product section, what i need to do. i can actually push this product to my store one by one, or i can just simply select all of them and i can push them as a bulk action to my store as well. everything will get listed onto my store automatikally: picture, title, description, each and everything. so it's not like i have to manually copy and paste and then manually process the order as well. i will show you once you get the order how you deal with them as well and where you actually see once you receive the order and all that kind of stuff as well. so once you start receiving the order, everything will show up inside the order section right here inside the app cynic. so if you come inside the order section, all of your order will be categorized on hold to be shipped, partially ship shipped, cancel completed. you will see breakdown of each and everything right here as.

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eBay Dropshipping 6 Weeks Later (Beginner) | Side Hustles 2022

for the past six weeks, i have been trying out ebay dropshipping to see if it's as easy and straightforward as people say it, and in this video i'm going to reveal exactly what has happened. so some of you may have seen the video released three weeks ago on how you can make passive income in less than 24 hours from ebay dropshipping. so this is an update on that video and, surprisingly, i've been able to actually triple the amount of sales i've made since that day. so now in this video, i'm going to show you guys exactly what products i do list up how i get these products, the software i do use to make my life a whole lot easier, how much i've made so far and exactly what i plan on doing next afternoon. hey guys, my name is sultan for anyone who's new to the channel. so if you're wondering exactly what ebay dropshipping is, so the idea is buy-in from another company and shipping to those who actually order from your ebay store directly. so this means you're not actually storing the product for yourself, you're not having to spend money up front. so when a customer actually orders a product, all you have to do is ship it directly to them or more expensive price, so you can actually get your own profit from it. you can actually get these products from multiple places. some people use aliexpress, some people use other big companies. i personally use amazon simply because i'm able to ship this product to the customer in literally one to two days and you can actually see, based on reviews, on how happy the customers are to literally get the order from ebay in you know, the space of 24 hours. so people usually list their products on ebay through just manually finding products from several websites, finding key products that people do buy generally. then they actually copy the description and the pictures and everything and paste it onto ebay and they do this one at a time. there's also other software that allows you to, you know, paste multiple descriptions and things for products, but the software i use it does far beyond that, which makes this whole ebay drop shipping significantly easier for me than it would be for other people. so, based on my previous video, i had a few people asking me you know several questions on this store and what it does and you know the price and all sorts. i personally think lister is definitely worth it because it just makes the process so, so easy and convenient and it's practikally free simply because i'm able to pay for lists based on the profit i make anyway. but there's several things that lister actually does that i can continue naming over and over, but one of them is that i can list several products in one go. all i have to do is literally take all these products and just paste it straight onto ebay and it just sends everything there and i don't really have to do anything else after that. now the most important thing is actually price update, so this is one that listed does perfectly. but the reason why price updates is so important is sometimes the prices of where you're gonna buy these products from do change. so assuming you wanna buy, let's say, a cup from amazon, the price could be five pounds one day. the next day could end up going to seven pounds. you have listed it up for five pounds on ebay. so let's say, a customer does buy this product from you on ebay. now you have to ship that product from amazon down to that person. the day you want to do this. the price is now more expensive. now cost seven pounds your reviews and just for the growth of your, of your page and everything like that, you want to deliver. you actually cannot cancel this order. you wouldn't actually still send it, but this would mean that you are going to be at a losing blue because you're not buying the products for more expensive price than that much the customers buying it for. so this would definitely be one of the most important thing i would recommend anyone who's trying to get into ebay dropship and should make sure they're on top of you want to make sure the prices of your products are always regularly updated. so, in terms of how i found my products, lister also provides me with the perfect product that i need to list up. so there are actually certain categories that sell more than others. for example, kitchen products or baby products usually sell more, but as a beginner, who probably doesn't have that knowledge already, lister provides me with several of these kitchen products and things that sell a lot that a lot of people you know want. so i get several- let's say, 250 products a month from this 250 products. all i have to do is just list about 25 a day, even 50 a day. eventually i can increase that to 100 products a day onto my ebay and that's really all i have to do every single day. what this does is just saves me from having to deal with the product research myself, finding the key products, and i can list a whole lot more products in one day than somebody else who's doing this manually. all right, so right here, this is pretty much all of my products. so this is how i get my products. it's all given to me, it's all provided and all i have to do is literally link it directly to my ebay. you can see, right now i have about 500 products here, but i do have about 450 products linked to ebay, so i haven't actually linked every single one to my ebay. i'm going to show you guys the amount of money i've made so far in terms of sales and just how the whole, you know, ebay drop shipping is going pretty much since i started this. for the past 45 days roughly, i have sold, you know, 750 pounds worth of items and you know the average selling price is at 17 pounds. everything's going, you know, pretty smooth. i saw about 45 items, so that's just less than one a day. so, to be fair, you know it's not actually that bad. i mean based on the percentage you can set. so you know you can set to gain an income of about 15 or, you know, 10, assuming it is ten percent. i believe mine is about twelve percent, but if it is ten percent, and this means you know i've made about 77 pounds in the past 45 days, which is not too bad, that's easy for you. 75 pounds that i didn't ask for, that didn't really work, for it's literally free money. to be fair, and whenever people ask you know how much lists to cost, i usually just tell them the price, which is actually at 18 pounds, and the best part about this is you can see that the income i've made itself already paid for how much it cost. so if i made about 77 pounds listed as 18 pounds and the rest of it is just profit. so here you can see some of my listings. you know, right now i have 15 000 pounds worth of listings, so i actually just have 460 active listings at the moment. this is extremely, extremely small. the ideal, you know, listings you want to have it's around three thousand, four thousand listings. i am very i'm far off from this. those people who actually have about three thousand, four thousand listing they are, you know, making sales of our own like three thousand four thousand per month. that is a stage when people are making insane amount of money that they're able to practikally live for free from having, let's say, two ebay accounts, both generating, you know, like a thousand pounds per month somewhere along that line on top of their job. and this is still a side hustle. that's the best part about it. it is a side hustle that you don't really have to put much work in, for my biggest seller so far was on the 14th when i sold 191 pounds worth, and my second was just the other day, 115 pounds on the 26th of september. so these are the bigger cells. these aren't too bad either. they just look smaller in comparison to, obviously, the bigger sales, but they are usually cells coming in every one to two days usually, and it could be several sales in a day to actually have to check through. so currently i'm almost on a million impressions, so i just need to keep putting out even more products. the more products i put up, the easier all of this is so, literally, when i can get to like a thousand listings, i'm practikally going to be getting a. so every single d.

£2000 PROFIT with NEW eBay UK DropShipping Account (How & Honest Results) For Beginners 2022

it's been a four month that i am working on this brand new ebay store and the reason i wanted to do this? because i am a full-time seller. i've been selling on ebay and amazon for almost a decade and once i post a video on a youtube, a lot of people tell me- and i completely understand that- that they are starting from zero. they don't have the investment, the courage and they don't want to take a lot of risk as well. it's not that they don't have investment, they don't. they're not really willing to take that risk as well. and also, they are starting like from a brand new store, from the scratch. so i wanted to do something similar and i'm not putting any money from my existing business into this ebay store. this is completely separate, working on its own as well. so i'm gonna share some results right here and i'm gonna tell you what i was actually putting into this store, like what actually went behind the scene in order for me to actually be at this level. so last 21 days sales- i'm gonna refresh it. you know, this is not like a screenshot or anything like that. i'm actually sharing live from the ebay at the moment. so last 21 days, this one made 3122 in the terms of sales. so obviously we need to deduct the expenses, all that kind of stuff as well. but i have around 70 profit margin in this store. the the products are really niche product. i'm dealing with the uk suppliers and a lot of this on this door is a retail arbitrage and a lot of that is drop shipping from the uk based suppliers. at the same time, i'm not dealing with the chinese suppliers. i'm gonna tell you know what went behind the scene into this store as well, and some days i'm obviously making over 200 pound in the terms of sale as well. you can see uh right here on the chart: a lot seven days, six hundred and thirteen pound, and last ninety days was eleven thousand four hundred. eleven thousand three hundred and forty six pound and seventy cent uh pens. this is this store is only three month old. uh, it's actually four month old, but for the first month i did not post anything. i didn't made any listing inside this store uh at the moment. so for the first month it's uh, it was completely empty and in past three months i managed to build a listing- around 102 listing- and all of them are really really nice niche products in this store as well. so i'm gonna go back and i'm gonna tell you what actually went behind the scene building this store right from the scratch as well, so you can, you know, take some inspiration and see what i actually did to be at that level. so you know, let's get started. so the first thing, first, what i did: i made a dedicated email address for this account. i'm not gonna bore you. you know a lot of you know how to sign up for the email. so, normally, whatever the store name you're gonna be using- for example, if it's, let's say, attack no tik, i will try to do like attack no tik at gmailcom or tiknology2022 at gmailcom. so create your own dedicated email address for this store as well. this is the first step for you to go. so in the second step, but you need to make sure that the, the email account that you have created, obviously you're gonna use that to sign up on the ebay platform, but you need to make sure that you never used that email address to sign up for any other account on the ebay. and also, you're gonna make sure the computer that you're using is not associated with any other ebay account which been blocked or which been active as well. so in this new store which i was, my experience, is my experimental store, i'm using a new laptop for this one, i have a dedicated internet connection for this one as well, and all the details are under my wife name. i already have two ebay stores, but i can create a new account like it's. it's not like illegal or according to like ebitdas and condition, like my wife can have a selling account as well, even though we use the same address. but i didn't wanted to them to link together somehow, because the problem is if my new account will get blocked or something will happen, my old account will get blocked at the same time. so keep in mind, if you are starting from zero, you need to like have absolutely everything brand new. if the, if an internet connection, or if a computer or if a wi-fi device or anything is related with the old account which been blocked, i will not use those machines again. i will have a different things for that as well. the next thing that you want to do is sign up for, obviously, a ebay account. i didn't sign up for the personal account because the thing with a personal account: first of all, i'm selling something to make profit. i'm not selling something as a, as a hobby or something like that. i'm generally selling this product to make profit. so, according to ebay, times and condition had to have a business account. so that's why i went for the business account. so with the business account, the thing with it that you will actually have more listing allowance. so what i mean to say by that, if you open a personal account, ebay will only let you list probably 10 item in a month. and with the business account, sometime i have seen people get like a thousand limit as well. but on my account was a hundred items and hundred items are, trust me, they are more than enough as well. so i went for a business account. in the terms of business name, you can choose the business name. you don't really have to like register a limited company for this one. you can go for a sole trader as well. but even for a sole trader, that business name is normally available, like tomorrow. if you go ahead and like open a limited company on that one, you need to make sure that business name is not already taken. so for that one, what you want to make sure is that first you just gonna go and check first and i'm gonna just check the availability for this one. so just put whatever the name you will decide tomorrow, if you open a limited company under that name, just make sure that name is normally available. this is something you want to keep in mind and at the same time, like, for example, the same name is available on a facebook, same name is available on a twitter, same name is available on instagram and ideally you want to check the domain for that one, like wwwzenshawcom. so these are the things, like i made sure are available in the business name and then i went ahead and put the business name right here because you know a lot of this stuff comes under pre-planning. so opening account is not really a rocket science, but is a rocket science is finding the product, finding the supplier, listing that product and, obviously, getting the sales out of that product. that's the part, is the hard one, and let's tok about that because you know i like to explain everything. that's the reason we are here. so first thing we need to do is, obviously, once you have a listing- and i will recommend to eat and everyone- look, if you list something on ebay, you pay 30 pence for it. once your listing will go over 70, it worth subscribing to ebay store because you will save money on a listing fee as well. and obviously once you sell something, ebay do charge the fee on that one as well. so the fee i'm not gonna. you know, explain normally what i do. in order for me to calculate the fee for anything, i just go and google ebay and paypal fee calculator. okay, if you just google that one and then some calculator gonna come up, just use the one which is the uk one, for example. right here you put the selling price for the item. let's say the press selling price was 15.99 and the shipping is gonna cost- let's say, uh, three pound and ten pence, just to give you one example- and the item cost is three pound and after calculate, you know, all the fee, all that kind of stuff. this calculator gonna do that for you as well. so this will work on the ebay managed payment and this will also work on the on the paypal. you can just select that whatever you are. so it doesn't matter. understanding a fees is it's uh, it's normally around 10, and then they have the ebay manage payment fee and then transaction fee as well and then th.

8. How to Use SaleYee App to Automate Shopify Dropshipping

سنقدم لك كيفية استخدام تطبيق SaleYee Dropshipping لأتمتة أعمالك التجارية Shopify دروبشيبينغ. هذا التطبيق يجعل الاستيراد وتحديث المخزون أسهل بكثير من الطريقة السابقة. في هذا الفيديو ، سنرشدك عبر جميع الخطوات. الخطوة 1:: قم بتوصيل متجرك بـ SaleYee. انتقل إلى Shopify App Store ، وابحث عن "SaleYee" ، وانقر على "إضافة تطبيق" و "تثبيت التطبيق" في متجر Shopify الخاص بك. إذا لم تكن مسجلاً, ، اختر "تسجيل حساب جديد" ، وإلا ، انقر فوق "ربط حساب موجود" ، وقم بتسجيل الدخول إلى SaleYee لربط متجرك بحساب SaleYee الخاص بك. لا تنس تحديث معلومات الموقع. الخطوة 2: استيراد المنتجات بنقرات قليلة. لا يلزم إضافة متصفح لاستيراد المنتجات. ما عليك سوى فتح صفحة منتج ، واختيار المستودع المناسب ، والنقر فوق الزر "استيراد" ،. وستظهر نافذة منبثقة. ستجد أنه تم التقاط جميع معلومات المنتج الضرورية وتصنيفها في أربع علامات تبويب مختلفة. يمكنك تحرير العنوان وإضافة العلامات والأنواع, وتحديد المجموعات الموجودة لأي منتج تختاره. كل هذا يسهل إدارة المنتج على Shopify. ضمن علامة التبويب "المتغيرات" ، سيتم عرض وحدات SKU الخاصة بـ SaleYee. ضمن نفس SPU ، ويمكنك تعيين السعر من خلال الرجوع إلى التكلفة. إذا نسيت ذلك ، فسيكون السعر هو نفسه التكلفة. عندما يتعلق الأمر بـ "الوصف", ، يمكنك اختيار الكتابة بنفسك أو توفير الوقت باستخدام وصف المنتج على SaleYee. بالنسبة إلى الصور, ، سيقوم تطبيقنا باستيراد جميع الصور عالية الدقة افتراضيًا. من الأفضل إلغاء تحديد بعضها لتجنب إبطاء متجر Shopify الخاص بك. بعد الانتهاء من جميع الخطوات المذكورة أعلاه, ، انقر فوق "استيراد الآن" لبدء الاستيراد. يمكنك التحقق من الحالة بالانتقال إلى "قائمة الاستيراد". الخطوة 3: إدارة مزامنة المخزون. بمجرد إدراج المنتج بنجاح, ، سيظهر ضمن علامة التبويب "مستورد". في الوقت الحالي, ، يمكنك "إدارة مزامنة المخزون". طالما تم تمكين تحديث المخزون التلقائي ، فلن تحتاج إلى التحقق من المخزون وتغييره بنفسك. يرجى ملاحظة أن تحديث المخزون لا يحدث في الوقت الفعلي ، لذلك يجب عليك تحديد قاعدة تحديث لمنع البيع الزائد عندما يكون مستوى المخزون منخفضًا. بعد ذلك, ، انقر على "تعديل" أو "تعيين دفعة واحدة" لتمكين قاعدة التحديث والتحديث التلقائي. يمكنك دائمًا التحقق من "سجل تحديث المخزون" هنا. الخطوة 4: العرض في المتجر. ارجع إلى "قائمة الاستيراد" ، وانقر على "عرض في المتجر", ويمكنك التحقق من جميع معلومات المنتج وتحريرها للتأكد من أن كل شيء سيعمل كما هو متوقع, باستثناء المخزون, ، لن يقوم تطبيقنا أبدًا بالكتابة فوق أي معلومات تلقائيًا. الخطوة 5: مزامنة الطلبات وأرقام التتبع. بعد استيراد المنتجات ، بمجرد حصولك على طلب, ، سيتم إعادة توجيهه إلى SaleYee تلقائيًا. لجعل كل شيء يسير بسلاسة, ، من المهم تكوين إعدادات مزامنة الطلب مسبقًا. يمكنك اختيار مزامنة جميع طلبات النظام الأساسي أو فقط تلك التي تحتوي على تعيينات SKU التي تم إنشاؤها بواسطة تطبيقنا. إذا قمت بتمكين "تحميل رقم التتبع تلقائيًا" لمتجر, ، فسيتم التحميل كل 30 دقيقة. يرجى ملاحظة أن أوامر Shopify الخاصة بك ستظهر في "أوامر مزامنة النظام الأساسي" ضمن "إدارة الطلبات". ما عليك سوى النقر على "إنشاء طلب" للدفع مقابل طلبك. بعد الدفع, ، سيتم إنشاء رقم تتبع في غضون 48 ساعة وتحميله إلى متجرك. يمكنك التحقق من رقم التتبع وحالة التحميل هنا ؛ أو يمكنك العثور على رقم تتبع الطلب في متجر Shopify الخاص بك. إذا كانت لديك أي أسئلة, ، فلا تتردد في الاتصال بمدير حسابك أو مراسلتنا عبر البريد الإلكتروني على [email protected]