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samsung ads from its android apps

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

[Solved] How to Disable Full Screen Random Ads on Samsung Phones

what's up guys? welcome to my channel. this is Rajat Gupta. today, in this video, we will tok about how to disable and turn off your full screen random pop-up ads on your Samsung or Android phones. so recently, one of my friends- actually you know- came across this problem. his phone was infected with the advert, so that's why he was getting like random ads, like full screen ads, on his phone, like so whenever he used to work on his GPS he'll his phone actually fills the screen with random pop-up ads. so the cause of the problem is actually your phone is infected with an advert that is from some app you just recently installed, and the solution is really simple. you're just happening: uninstall that app, right. however, it's not that easy because you don't know which app is that. so we'll be doing that in this video. so I have three suggestions for you: how to determine which app is that, so so that you can actually uninstall that app and get rid of that. so let me set up my devices and I'll walk us through how you can do that. so let me show you what the current situation is. this is my friend. he's actually working on his GPS app and for this example, we just never get in to some random place, it doesn't matter like what we are entering, but whenever we turn on GPS and we actually do a quick call, like we're just calling someone in this in this video and like just give it like a couple of minutes and you see, like this is the Al we're toking about, this is the full, fullscreen ad on your Samsung phone. this is Samsung S eight plus and you know, this is the ad that we come across like this is a Google ad and we don't know what to do. the only thing that we can do right here is actually to click on the transfer and and exit out, but let's not do it and let's discrete the solution to this problem. so the fourth solution that I have- to determine what app is that- is to actually click on the most recent button on your bottom left, because ad is also treated as an app. so, and when you click that, you see that you know do the step tracker app, which my friend has installed on his phone that is creating this app and, as you saw, we just use the GPS and the call feature, but we didn't use this step tracker app. and now let's discuss the solution number two: to actually determine what app is that and for that you need to go to your Play Store, because Play Store also lets you know. you know your most recent app. let me close out the GPS. go to your my apps and now the lipid will be clicking on the install button and you see, like these, all these are all the apps that are installed on the phone. let's sort the apps by the last used and you can see that step tracker is also listed here. let me straight in the phone this app. there is no reason for this app to actually show, because we just use the maps feature, the GPS and also the call, but we didn't use the step tracker. so this confirms that this is the culprit. so let's go ahead and uninstall this app to see that if it actually works. click on the uninstall button, click ok and this app is uninstalled. let's go and try the same process again, the same Chrome. so I'm going to try the same flow again. let's start the GPS. actually, why don't we start the GPS from the from like start? so I'm gonna close the GPS and let close all the app and start the GPS now, like what we did for the first time. so just add to some random address, start the GPS, dot the navigation, and then we're gonna go back and try the call feature again. okay, let's disconnect and like give it like couple of merits. so far, so good. so far, so good. again, and I believe this is actually fixed- because we're not seeing the ad. and this used to be the case because, you know, whenever we actually run this flow, we used to see the ads. so if we are not seeing the ads for like this long, it actually means that you know we have actually solved this issue. okay, let's close everything and let's try the flow again once again, just to confirm that you know the issue is fixed. so we gonna go and put some random address and start it navigation. okay, now let's try calling someone again. all right, we can disconnect and just wait for the R to appear. by this time I believe the ad would have already shown, but it's not showing anymore and even on the second try. so that means our issue is fixed. and in case those two solutions didn't work for you, third solution is actually actually to install malwarebytes anti-malware from your Play Store. malwarebytes anti-malware is the one of the best anti-malware out there. it's actually very reputed. I trust that a lot and just install the malwarebytes- anti-malware is for free- from your Play Store and just scan your phone with that. I'm sure, like you know, it will come up with some app you know which is actually, in fact, infectious with an adware, and you can then uninstall that app from your phone. let me know in the comments below you know which were which solution of of these three work for you, and I hope this video was useful for you and if it was, you give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel because I'll be sharing more cool videos on the same lines. alright, guys, I'll see you next video. [Music].

2022 Galaxy A: The Awesome Product Adventure | Samsung

[Music] i need awesome galaxy a. why? [Music]? because i need awesome camera. why? because, [Music], i need awesome low-light video. [Music], i need awesome durability. what that's? why, remember me, i need all some screen. why, [Music], i need awesome battery life? why? because yesterday was the best day i've ever had with you, dad. [Music] and with this awesome battery, we can keep going for a whole another day. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music] i need awesome security. oh no, i need awesome power. why i need we need awesome galaxy a [Music]. why, [Music]? awesome screen, awesome camera, long lasting battery life. awesome screen, awesome camera, long lasting battery life. awesome is for everyone.

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6 Must-Have Apps for Most Samsung Galaxy Smartphones (free & no ads)

hey guys, shaw here from sakitik, and in today's video we have six amazing apps for your samsung galaxy smartphone. these apps are 100 free, made by samsung for samsung users, and, of course, the applications i'm toking about are these ones. right over here we have six of these guys, such as the galaxy app booster. i'm gonna show you exactly what these apps do in a minute, okay, but first, to download these applications, you want to click the link down below. it's going to take you to my website. once you're at the website, you want to scroll down just a little bit. all right under download. you want to click the link. once you click the link, it's going to take you to the store, from where you can install or, if you already have them, you can update these. so let me click on open. i'm going to tell you one thing, real quick: good. guardians has been renamed. okay, it used to be known as galaxy labs, now it is good guardians. and on top of that, we have some brand new features in some of these modules. so let's start by the battery guardian that has the most new features. okay, so when you click this for the first time, it might take you back to the store to install this module. that's fine. so once you have it installed, it's going to say install at the bottom and when you click it it's going to launch that application. so we have some existing features here, but we also have a brand new feature over here. okay, we have this one, this one and this one. so this one here is the screen power saving, so it optimizes the battery usage of the display. so when you turn this on, basically what happens is if you're, if you walk away from your phone and you left it turn on, just like this one. let's say, if you go to your settings, all right, and if you go into display, uh, your, let's say, your screen timeout is set to two minutes, like mine, and then you walk away from your phone. what happens is, for two minutes, the phone just stays active and it eats the battery with maximum brightness that you left it at. with this one, when the screen is not used, it enters dim mode, so it's going to dim the display. if this is turned off, you're going to get the. it's going to just keep the regular brightness. if this is turned on, within 15 to 20 seconds before your screen times out, this is going to dim the display and that's gonna save you battery. so that's one of the new features. then we have the power saving during bedtime. so, again, extend back to life by automatikally optimizing and limiting performance during sleep. you turn this on, pick a set, pick a schedule. that's what time you go to bed and what time you wake up, so it can extend the battery at that time. all right. and then we have this one right here: the extend battery life feature. uh, basically gives you suggestions on what to do to further extend your battery. if that's something you're looking into now. if you are somebody that has a lot of charges all the time your phone is charged, this is not a big deal. but if you're that person that is out there- maybe you don't have a big battery on your phone, maybe you don't have the latest flagship- you can use these options. you can extend the battery to by turning on the dark mode or any of these guys right over here, okay, and then tap on optimize at the bottom and that's going to help you out automatikally. so, and then we have some existing features. but that's battery guardian. let's look at the other one. that's pretty cool. that's the file guardian. now, this is great because, basically, if you go and delete files from your phone here and there, the file guardian is gonna catch and store those files here for a set amount of time. so if you want to, you can restore them. so if i were to go to my gallery, here's a bunch of photos. let me delete this photo right here. okay, i'm just going to delete this now. what happens is when i go back into my file guardian, it is going to catch the photo and it's going to hold it here for a while. in fact, if i go to my settings, you can tell it to auto delete after two weeks or whatever. okay, so you can change that based on your needs. so if you want to restore something you delete by accident in anywhere on your phone- documents, gallery, videos- they're going to show up right here. all right, so that's the file guardian. then we have the battery tracker. nothing fancy, but if you go inside you can track your battery how it is being used in the last 24 hours or the last seven days. nice graphical representation, as you can see, some cool stuff for people that like to go in and see exactly what's happening. you can also select the time period. look at that. you can really dig into it and see what's happening with your phone as war as far as your battery is concerned. now, this one is one of my favorites. basically, it- it boots up the performance of your phone. the galaxy app booster. now, this is something that happens in the background. it is not a simple thing, so when you do optimize it, it can take up to 15 times and it tells you, uh, by what percentage it is going to improve your performance by. in this case it is 15 percent, okay, and you can also choose this option at the bottom: only optimize apps used in the last 30 days. that might actually save you some time. but when you tap on this, you start the process. you know you're gonna have to wait a little bit, so i'm gonna stop it for now, uh, but it's gonna give you a boost on the performance of your phone again. if you have a flagship, probably not a big deal, but any other phone, an older phone, mid-range phone- these are some great application. and then we have this one right here, the memory guardian. you click this guy and basically this allows you to clean up the ram and that's going to boost the performance of your device again. if you have a flagship with 12 gigabytes of ram- not a huge deal, but a smaller phone. these things are great. okay, now, when we go back this one? i don't have enough data to show you how this one actually works. i'm sure you can figure it out. just install this, keep it on your phone for a little bit and then you'll see a lot of activity here. that's gonna give you insight as to what this does as well, and that's basically all there is to it. any questions, comments or concerns? drop them down below. let me know. for now, guys, have a fantastik day. all right, all right. so if you found this video useful, make sure to subscribe to saki tik by clicking that button, and also click that bell icon on the side to make sure you get notified every time i upload a new video. and if you do use twitter, instagram or facebook, you can follow me at sakitek online to get the latest updates as well. alright, have a fantastik day.

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Galaxy S22 Ultra: Official Introduction Film | Samsung

Meet Galaxy S22 Ultra, A transformative leap into a new world of possibilities. Welcome to the epic standard of smartphones. Follow me to the source of S22 Ultra’s power. This is a 4nm processor- the fastest on Galaxy, with a 73% faster NPU. It fuels a long-lasting battery that can go beyond a day on a single 45W super fast charge. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s meet someone who can show us S22 Ultra in action. That’s Anna Hey. She’s working on a story for her digital magazine about night culture in the city. Employee ID: Nice. Anything can happen tonight. There’s so much to be discovered in the dark and S22 Ultra has the tik for it. It has nano-coated glass and lenses, Galaxy’s biggest pixel sensor and a Super Night Solution capturing more light and detail. This is a low-light video experience called Nightography that makes nights epic. Oh, did you hear that? Yeah, it’s getting closer. Oh, nice. The 12bit HDR sensor is processing 68 billion shades of color with pro-level clarity. Wait, are they dancing in there? Let’s see what S22 Ultra’s smooth video can do in low-light. I'm on it: Perfect pause. Look how clear this is. There’s a 58% wider OIS angle and 4 times faster motion sampling to compensate for unsteady hands. Hey, You’re missing the show. Nightography is more than video. it’s photos too, In low-light. S22 Ultra’s fast NPU powers multi-frame processing to create photos with the best layers of light and shadow, And every photo and video is safe in Ultra’s Secure Folder. And now let me show you something truly Note-worthy. Watch this. For the first time, the power of Note has merged with the epic world of Galaxy S. S22 Ultra’s S Pen breaks the rules of what’s possible, even when you're collaborating and live sharing on Google Duo. Check this out. This was on the train, Cool, Wow. the night is over and Ultra is still going strong. Perfect time for one last photo. with a 108 mega Adaptive Pixel camera And with a 1750nit dynamic AMOLED 2x display, S22 Ultra shines bright even in the sun. I think Anna has something for us, Just adding the last touches. Take a look. This is awesome, With the power of Nightography to make nights epic and a Note-worthy new look. Galaxy S22 Ultra breaks all the rules of what a smartphone can do. Welcome to the epic standard: Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The First Apps To DELETE On Your Samsung Galaxy

so you may have just purchased your brand new samsung galaxy, whether it's a samsung galaxy note, whether it's the samsung galaxy s series, fold series, whatever it is. i'm going to showcase to you some applications you should probably delete first, as soon as you go ahead and pick up this. you know specific android device now. i love a lot of samsung. i love everything they do for the most part, but their software can come bloated. so some of the first apps, in my opinion, that you should go and delete. now you need to go and figure out if you actually need to use these apps or not. personally, every single samsung phone that i've owned, i don't really utilize the apps that i'm going to showcase to you, so i'd recommend deleting them to clear out some storage on your device. now, with most samsung phones, when actually you load them up on their main launcher, you don't install a different launcher. if you actually make your way over to your app library, you will see a samsung folder. you may also see a microsoft folder in a google folder. personally, the google folder- i use a lot of these apps. i don't really use this google application there. i really don't even use google photos that much since they dropped that free tier but i really don't mess with these apps. but this samsung folder is just so full of different applications that i never use, so i would recommend going through and determining which applications you use from here and deleting the ones you don't use. now, ar zone: i will never, ever use this. some of them you can't even delete, but some other ones, i think, like the samsung galaxy shop, you can go in and uninstall. i would recommend uninstalling any of these applications that you don't use. if you don't have a samsung galaxy wearable watch, then i would recommend deleting all these applications that you don't use as well. now you can always re-download them when you need to, but personally i probably will never like samsung health- all these applications that you don't need. i would recommend deleting them now. like i mentioned, if you're planning on using them or if you want to check them out, i would recommend checking them out first, seeing if you're into it. if not, i would recommend deleting pretty much all these applications, probably except my files. i don't think you can delete that one, but a lot of those applications within the samsung folder you can easily delete for sure. now, another application or set of applications is under the microsoft tier. now, some of their applications, these ones you don't. you kind of just need to see if you're going to use them or not. do you want to use the microsoft office suite? you will need to have, i think, the electron you will need to have, like you know, your license and stuff through them. so if you don't even have microsoft word or any of that- you know the permissions to do so- then you might as well delete that too. one drive in outlook- these two are probably the more popular ones. so if you plan on using those, keep them. if not, i would probably recommend deleting them too. now there's a lot of other, i guess, like spread out samsung apps, like samsung global, but some of them you can't uninstall. these ones you can. if you look at samsung free, you can't uninstall this one. the internet browser- you cannot uninstall that one either, which i didn't think so. so there's a lot of apps you can uninstall. that samsung folder and even the microsoft photo are things you don't even need, to be honest, there's also sometimes this little zed application installed. i'm not too sure why they install this sometimes, so i'd recommend deleting that too if you don't plan on using it. however, there's a whole other set of applications i would recommend looking at, at least for stopping them in the background. so if you make a way over to your settings application, you then want to go down into apps, which is right. not there. right here you will see a bunch of apps that are on your android device, specifically for samsung. now there are so many random apps that take up so much random stuff in the background. it's not even funny. so in this case, if you look at you know android auto, for example. well, you can go ahead and force stop some of this. if you don't plan on using android auto, you can just force stop it. it doesn't delete it, it just kind of stops it from running in the background. if you look at ar doodle- i don't even know what this is- i'm going to force stop it. now. you shouldn't go and force stop every single app. but if you see things like you know ar emoji- what is that? i'm going to go and force stop it. you should probably go and force stop some of these things, but if there's anything that's like a core feature of your phone, don't even touch it. it's really hard to mess up your phone in this case, but, like things like bixby voice, if you're able to uninstall it, i would recommend installing it. but, like i said, there's not a lot of different things you can uninstall, but those are the main things that you have the opportunity to to actually go ahead and uninstall from your samsung galaxy phone. so, like i mentioned, i'd recommend going through here, deleting any other applications that you don't like. with my files. i would probably recommend keeping it on, but if you have the ability to turn it off or uninstall it, at least you have the ability to uninstall updates. you have the option there, which is really cool. so those are some of the main things i would recommend at least disabling or turning off or even deleting on your samsung galaxy phone. if you guys have any other questions or anything like that, let me know in the comment section below. hit the like button, know me so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button. more importantly, everything else, i love every single one of you guys. hopefully i'll catch you guys in the next video. peace out till then. [Music] you.

One UI 4: Galaxy Experience Film | Samsung

صُممت تجربة Galaxy من أجلكم. لتقوموا بإضفاء طابعكم الشخصي. أصبحت One UI 4 الآن أكثر بديهية, وأمانًا وسهولة في الاستخدام, بمزيد من الطرق السهلة لتصميم تجربتكم بالطريقة التي تريدونها. تجربة الكاميرا مذهلة مع Galaxy S22.. باستخدام One UI 4، يمكنكم بسهولة التقاط رؤيتكم الفنية الفريدة من نوعها. فقط القوا نظرة الى هذه الصور. تحققوا من تجربة المستخدم البديهية. انتقلوا من الصورة إلى الفيديو, إلى الفيديو المستمر. فقط اضغطوا, انتظروا ومرروا. تريدون الالتقاط? مثل المحترفين؟ يمنحكم الوضع الاحترافي دائمًا طرقًا لتخصيص الكاميرا, ولكن الآن، أصبحت التجربة أكثر سهولة. ابدعوا مع اللقطات الليلية - مثل هذا الضوء المذهل. ويعملPro-Mode الآن مع كل العدسات. تعمل الآن بشكل مباشر العديد من خصائص كاميرا Galaxy المحبوبة لدينا في الكاميرا المدمجة داخل التطبيق. لتطبيقات الوسائط الاجتماعية المفضلة لديكم التابعة لجهة خارجية, من Instagram إلى Snapchat و TikTok. شاركوا أفضل ما لديكم مع العالم. في بعض الأحيان، قد ترغبوا في إجراء بعض التعديلات السريعة، لتكون صوركم ومقاطع الفيديو الخاصة بكم فريدة حقًا. قوموا بمزامنة معرض الصور بالـOneDrive، حتى تتمكنوا من الوصول إليه عبر الأجهزة. هذا يعني أنه يمكنكم البدء في التعديل على هاتفكم ومتابعة تعديل التفاصيل على شاشة أكبر بسلاسة. رائع, الجدول يبدو حافلًا للغاية هذا الأسبوع. هل تفكرون في إضافة كل هذه الأحداث يدويًا إلى التقويم الخاص بكم؟ لا حاجة, لذلك. يمكن لـ One UI انتقاء المعلومات المهمة وإضافتها إلى التقويم الخاص بكم. هكذا, أهذا هو التطبيق الذي كنتم تستخدمونه للتو على S22 الخاص بكم؟ تابعوا من حيث توقفتم على جهاز الكمبيوتر الشخصي الذي يعمل بنظام Windows. الآن هذه تجربة سلسة عبر المنصات One UI, موجودة الآن على Galaxy Tab أيضًا. هل رأيتم ذلك بعد؟? ألقوا نظرة, حرفيًا نظرة واحدة. كل ما تعملون عليه، كل ذلك على شاشة واحدة غامرة لا تبدو أفضل فحسب, بل إنها أيضًا أكثر كفاءة. إذا كنتم تشاهدون مقطع فيديو, وتريدون البحث في نفس الوقت, لا تريدون التنقل بين التطبيقات, فقط اسحبوا لتقسيم الشاشة. أوه، نص, حسنًا، فلنفتح ذلك أيضًا. يمكنكم حتى تغيير النسق. سواءً كنتم تفضلون الرسم باستخدام قلم S Pen أو الكتابة على Book Cover Keyboard، عملكم سوف يتدفق بسلاسة وباستخدام اختصارات لوحة المفاتيح، أصبحت الرموز التعبيرية في متناول يديكم. هكذا أه. هل يمكن أن تُغلق هذه المحفظة? بكل هذه البطاقات؟ هوية الطالب, ورخصة القيادة, وبطاقات الائتمان, وحتى بطاقات المكافآت؟ يمكن أن يدخل معظم هذا في Samsung Wallet، لذا يمكنكم حمل أقل مع الوصول إلى المزيد. هل أنتم قلقون بشأن الحفاظ على كل شيء آمنًا؟ كونوا مطمئنين. بياناتكم محمية بواسطة حل الأمان الدفاعي الخاص بنا. وتعرّفوا على الأشخاص الذين تتعاونون معهم لتحسين تجربة. استخدامكم المتنقل. Samsung Wallet تجعل حياتكم اليومية أكثر راحة, وكذلك Galaxy Watch4!. تساعد One UI و Galaxy Watch4 في تحليل أنماط نومكم, وتقديم إرشادات لتبني عادات نوم أفضل أحلام سعيدة. هناك عالم واسع بأكمله. لتستكشفونه مع Galaxy. مهما كان ما تبحثون عنه، ستجدونه مع One UI 4 الجديدة والمحدثة. بعد كل شيء، إنه Galaxy الخاص بكم, طريقكم.