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samsung ads from its one android

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

2022 Galaxy A: The Awesome Product Adventure | Samsung

[Music],i need awesome galaxy a,why,[Music],because,i need awesome camera,why,because,[Music],i need awesome low-light video,[Music],i need awesome durability what,that's why,remember me,i need all some screen,why,[Music],i need awesome battery life,why,because yesterday was the best day i've,ever had with you dad,[Music],and with this awesome battery we can,keep going,for a whole another day,[Music],[Applause],[Music],i need awesome security,oh no,i need awesome power,why,i need,we,need awesome galaxy a,[Music],why,[Music],awesome screen awesome camera long,lasting battery life awesome screen,awesome camera long lasting battery life,awesome is for everyone

if smartphone commercials were EXTREMELY honest.

hi,this is aaron from passionfruit and,what are we doing here hi yes today,we're launching three,game-changing smartphones each of which,has a charger,in the box if you buy the box,but even if you don't we worked closely,with our partners to,to design the most eco-friendly,packaging,possible we can't wait for you to,experience,it's just,and this is our first phone what did we,call it,well after the naming on our last device,we received some very,honest feedback so this time we wanted,to make sure we got it right,this is you not,you this this is you because,the only thing good enough for you is,you,not this,we are proud to announce that you is the,most powerful compact smartphone,you can buy we worked with qualcomm we,worked with exi and ass,to make sure that this is the first,phone with a new napdragon 69 000 chip,it just just works,it doesn't work but the point is you're,free do you want to go climb that,mountain do you want to tell that girl,how you feel,with passion fruit you can do that and,you can be rest assured that your phone,is not snapping,it's napping we don't give you these,these fake abs just,buzzing and ringing with passion fruit,you get,real apps relapse,now just in case we haven't already sold,you you're gonna be blown away by our,second phone,we we really are never gonna give you up,do we need to show you anything else as,this is our plus-sized variant,we decided to give our users the full,plus-sized unbagging experience,and for you for your peace of mind every,bag that we ship our phones in,is 100 from the garbage can outside our,office,and yes sometimes there are still,coupons inside,now for this second phone we we couldn't,just make the same thing twice,but we've been we've been sued enough,times already,so we decided to take you and make it,bigger,this is me more phone for your money,but it does cost more money let's be,real,who cares about having a fancy 120 hertz,super cyan amoled display everyone has,one,so here at passionfruit we decided to go,in a brave new direction,celebrity endorsements when you buy me,you're buying autographs from,uh juiced in bieber al pacine,fruit we've even got leonardo dicaprio,son,all the big names did i just draw these,signatures on myself,five minutes ago no i didn't,it's rick from music no ports no,speakers,ah just pay us already we've got ai,we've got buttons it even falls,once buy me and have a feel for yourself,because we know you'll enjoy it but just,in case you don't,we realized that there was room in the,market for something,even bigger than me so i'm proud today,to announce,we one e rick one e we've had this,entire conversation we just,went through this whole,if you buy this phone you're going to,have what what can only be described as,a royal,unbagging experience we really are never,going to let you down,before you start throwing your money at,the screen at least just let me,show you what it can do is it taller yes,is it wider,yes does it have better call quality no,does it fit in pockets,no does it have a better battery life no,does it actually turn on,we'll take questions at the end do you,want to know the really good news,we built the first phone with a decker,camera setup,white ultra wide zoom wide,zoom passion fruit,we've all had times when we were,promised a software update,but it just never arrived well no,software,no problem and don't just take my word,for it,we've sponsored four of world's top tik,creators,to say nice things about us,this it's a steaming pile of amazingness,three two,i mean we didn't throw it away,that would be crazy,[Music],some some really fantastik reviews as,you can see,but we just keep innovating we figured,out that the best thing for our business,the environment is that when you buy the,phone,to not include the phone courage,we all know that really there's only one,question left on your mind,how much is it well,and finally we've got one more thingy,peek into the future if you thought you,me,and we were impressive you're going to,be blown away by what we have next,introducing he she and it,and don't get me started on the,full-size version,if you buy this phone,[Music],yeah all right well i hope you enjoyed,this video,it wasn't meant to target like one,company in partikular and we just had a,bit of fun with it,um but yeah hope you liked it thanks for,watching my name is aaron this is mr,who's the boss,i'll catch you in the next one,you

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Galaxy S22 Ultra: Official Introduction Film | Samsung

Meet Galaxy S22 Ultra,A transformative leap into a new world of possibilities,Welcome to the epic standard of smartphones,Follow me to the source of S22 Ultra’s power,This is a 4nm processor, the fastest on Galaxy, with a 73% faster NPU,It fuels a long-lasting battery that can go beyond a day,on a single 45W super fast charge,But I’m getting ahead of myself,Let’s meet someone who can show us S22 Ultra in action,That’s Anna,Hey,She’s working on a story for her digital magazine about night culture in the city,Employee ID?,Nice,Anything can happen tonight,There’s so much to be discovered in the dark,,and S22 Ultra has the tik for it,It has nano-coated glass and lenses,Galaxy’s biggest pixel sensor,and a Super Night Solution,capturing more light and detail,This is a low-light video experience called Nightography,that makes nights epic,Oh, did you hear that?,Yeah, it’s getting closer,Oh, nice,The 12bit HDR sensor is processing 68 billion shades of color with pro-level clarity,Wait, are they dancing in there?,Let’s see what S22 Ultra’s smooth video can do in low-light,I'm on it,Perfect,pause!,Look how clear this is,There’s a 58% wider OIS angle and 4 times faster motion sampling,to compensate for unsteady hands,Hey! You’re missing the show!,Nightography is more than video,it’s photos too,In low-light, S22 Ultra’s fast NPU powers multi-frame processing to create photos,with the best layers of light and shadow,And every photo and video is safe in Ultra’s Secure Folder,And now,,let me show you something truly Note-worthy,Watch this,For the first time,,the power of Note has merged with the epic world of Galaxy S,S22 Ultra’s S Pen breaks the rules of what’s possible,even when you're collaborating and live sharing on Google Duo,Check this out,This was on the train?,Cool!,Wow, the night is over, and Ultra is still going strong,Perfect time for one last photo with a 108 mega Adaptive Pixel camera,And with a 1750nit dynamic AMOLED 2x display,S22 Ultra shines bright even in the sun,I think Anna has something for us,Just adding the last touches. Take a look.,This is awesome,With the power of Nightography to make nights epic,and a Note-worthy new look,Galaxy S22 Ultra breaks all the rules of what a smartphone can do,Welcome to the epic standard,Galaxy S22 Ultra

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These Samsung commercials need to stop.

okay don't get me wrong I really enjoy,Samsung products in fact I used the s9,plus as my daily phone for about three,months over anything from at all or any,other company but the way that Samsung,is marketing itself right now is toxic,for a bit of context as the two largest,rivals in the lucrative smartphone,market Samsung and Apple have been,locking horns for some time now but,whilst Apple's smartphone marketing has,tended to stik to highlighting the,benefits of their own phones Samsung is,taking stabbed after stab at the iPhone,and it's not a good look in fact in the,last eight months,Samsung has made no less than nine,commercials solely targeted at the,iPhone take this one called ingenious,speed this lady comes to an Apple store,and is disappointed when she finds out,that the Galaxy S 9 can support 5g,gigabit speeds but the iPhone 10 can't,and the video isn't wrong I'm not saying,that something is explicitly lying here,but they are definitely implying things,that just aren't true first of all while,yes the s9 theoretikally can support,these faster speeds and it's Qualcomm,modem is known to be capable of slightly,higher bandwidth a total of 0 carriers,right now can actually take advantage of,those 5g speeds and the bandwidth,difference and how much the average user,will actually notike this is negligible,not to mention in this video they are,literally explicitly comparing their own,2018 flagship to Apple's 2017 one now,we're pretty sure that Apple's 2018,lineup is gonna bring the iPhones back,up to speed so really this is a bit like,Samsung saying ha we were the first to,release our phones but then on top of,that as you can see by the title of the,video by having that this one very,slight advantage,Samsung is almost trying to make it seem,like the s9 is faster than the iPhone 10,whereas the in actuality whether it's,CPU performance GPU performance how old,games perform at the iPhone 10 is more,powerful and this is not an isolated,example Samsung shows the Galaxy Note 8,on a wireless charging pad while the,poor iPhone 8 user is having to use a,two-way dongle to charge his phone while,also listening to music again the core,point here is not incorrect if you're an,iPhone 8 user and you do want to charge,your phone with a cable whilst also,listening to Wired earphones you do have,to use a two-way splitter but what they,haven't made clear here is that the,iPhone 8 also supports wireless charging,and,so this guy shouldn't have actually,needed to use this proprietary splitter,at all they then proceeded to compare,their latest s9 + flagship - not the,iPhone 8 or the iPhone 10 but the iPhone,6 their second commercial titled moving,on shows a girl who wants to upgrade,from her iPhone 6 to a galaxy s 9 + and,that's fine that's a fairly normal,situation but to then use this girl's,iPhone 6 to imply things about iPhones,in general like the idea that they take,longer to load things up is kind of,disingenuous and here's the thing people,aren't stupid these videos have a lot of,likes sure they're kind of funny but at,the same time they have a lot of,dislikes presumably all from people,who've realized how stretched they are,and even me I've never in my life made a,rant video before and I'll normally be,the first person to appreciate some,humor in a market that let's just say,you could do with a little bit more but,even I would say that Samsung is being a,little bit heavy-handed here they,haven't just attacked Apple here their,competitor but also Apple's customers,showing this man with his notched,haircut to make fun of Apple's notch is,really trying to make the people who buy,iPhones look stupid and I think that's,crossing a line it's almost making,Samsung look like a bully in this,situation and it's not like this was a,one-off thing after making it once they,then created a new trailer featuring,this man and his knotch son which was,then followed by one featuring his wife,- I feel like if they've done it once we,could have just let it slide but now it,just seems like Samsung is just going,out their way to continue making the,same joke so if you think about where,this leaves Samsung it's not pretty by,attacking not just Apple but their users,- Samsung is coming off as the aggressor,here and what makes it worse is that the,figures tell most of the story anyway,iPhones sell like crazy even more than,Samsung's phones so the way they're,acting almost makes Samsung look not,like they're dominating the market and,pushing up around but more like they're,just being salty about it and again to,reiterate I am a big fan of Samsung,products but if you look at the tone of,their marketing where they're throwing,around terms like growing up it's not,coming across as a humble company that,you'd want to buy into to be clear it's,not like Apple is completely innocent,when it comes to targeting their,famously successful I'm,ad campaign helps to really bring down,Windows PCs back in 2006 but it just,feels like since then Apple's marketing,has matured to focus on themselves and,making their own products look better,whereas Samsung seems to have gone the,other way Apple could well have made,their own set of ads showing Samsung,customers with exploding heads but the,fact that they haven't almost gives them,a bit of a moral high-ground,all right guys let me know what you,think in the comments below do you think,it's all completely fine because it's,all a big joke or do you agree that,Samsung is maybe taking it a little bit,too far thanks a lot for watching guys I,really hope you enjoyed the video and if,you did if you're new around here if you,could smash that subscribe button,that'd be amazing my name is Aaron this,is mr. who's the boss and I'll catch you,guys next time,[Music]

Disable Ads On Your New Samsung Phone!

hi there this is Ranjith Ann and this,video we are going to set this samsung,galaxy 850 and what I have notiked in,recent Samsung smartphones is that I,won't call them tiknically ads but I've,seen unwanted notifications and stuff,coming and also if you don't set it,properly yes you might see some ads like,stuff notike that with the m-series and,I also had the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus,and here also I was getting unnecessary,notifications here but you can actually,disable it and I'm going to show you how,and this will be applicable for all the,new a series mcs and stuff so let's look,at it so guys this is the 850 and let's,set it up let's just select whatever,country you want and from here this is,important again you'll get this and,notike that many users just click on,this and just go about it you should not,do that notike that you're checking the,receipt of marketing information that,means it can send you ads and stuff,remove that also just for privacy,reasons I'm gonna uncheck the,information licking and even the,diagnostik data and stuff so these are,the things that I would uncheck let's go,to the next option now and obviously,this is nothing just your Wi-Fi setup or,whatever I'll just keep that for now we,can transfer data if you have existing,smart samsung smartphone I'll just,connect to the Wi-Fi and then we move to,the next step,and as you can see this is important,here we have some additional apps that,we have,so again unchecked if you don't want,anything for example I don't want,Samsung nodes I can just remove that if,you can see this and you can uncheck,whatever you want for example Samsung,members I don't want I don't even want,to use the Samsung internet browser,because I generally use Chrome so just,remove the unnecessary stuff that you,are not going to use for example I never,use Samsung email I use Gmail so these,are the stuff and I'm just going to hit,OK and as you can see we get this get to,recommended apps many of the users,actually don't give a thought to it I'm,just going to skip this you can also log,in with your Samsung Account,I'm just going to skip this and all this,for now you can enable it because I had,done that on my Galaxy S 10 class okay,this is important in a hurry you just,click finish and this is a new thing,that I've notiked with Samsung phones,even on this a 50 M 20 M 30 we have this,lock screen stories disable this what,this is doing is actually giving us,random wallpapers but some of the,wallpapers and randomly actually are,looking like ads so uncheck that and,just hit finish and now it's going to do,its regular stuff but there is also one,more setting I feel that you need to,again as you can see now it's say it's,discover and install third-party apps,and many of you just hit continue like,this and moving your old data I am or,whatever I'm going to skip this and as,you can see again a lot of apps are,actually pre checked here so uncheck all,these apps as you can see if you really,are planning to use any of the apps,enabled at but I would frankly uncheck,that all these apps and if I really want,some app I will install it directly from,the Google Play Store so hit this and,now also this is another thing that you,have to make note you notike this check,box,I love iris to make recommendation of,new apps and interest I'm going to,uncheck that also because that also,gives you some unnecessary notifications,I'm going to hit finish and now we are,set but again we aren't finished let it,load there is also one more samsung,built in app and this sort of gets,activated if you are using a sync,account so just open the app tray and,this is a place known as the my galaxy,app and this will actually send you,unnecessarily notifications news,notifications etc here and it fills up,your notification area so again disable,this app hit this and disable it and now,you are sort of good to go and if you do,all these things you will not see ads on,your Samsung phone for example I had to,use this M what do you say this a 54,over a week and I had,the steps and I never encountered the,issues of ads or whatever so again I,hope this video is sort of helpful and,this is applicable for all the a series,M series and even if you have the,Samsung Galaxy S series at least in,India you can enable these settings and,hopefully then you will not see any ads,anyways guys that's it for now thanks,for watching and if you guys have found,this video helpful I'll appreciate if,you can click the like button and if you,are not subscribed hit the subscribe,button,this is Ranjith and I hope to see you in,my next video take care guys

Android vs iPhone - Which is ACTUALLY Better? (ft MKBHD)

all right so i'm in california with,marquez from mkbhd apple has just,announced the latest features coming to,ios google a couple of weeks ago,announced the latest features coming to,android so we're just sat here thinking,there's never been a better time to,decide who's doing it better we're going,to go through the 10 different aspects,of the smartphone experience and see who,wins more it could be a tie,oh my god yeah we should have done 11.,yeah of course you're saying okay so,let's start with the display do you,think the iphone's display has anything,special about it or do you just think,it's like a pretty average android phone,screen with a thicker border and a kind,of weird looking notch it's funny the,phone has so many things that are,best in class and then weirdly below,average like as far as screen to body,ratio,it's,decent but then it has the biggest notch,you would ever see if it was an android,phone it's pretty much the only phone in,today's market with a notch exactly it's,probably the smoothest 120 hertz display,that i use in a phone that's interesting,because of the responsiveness and the,touch sample refresh rate so do you put,this on the same level as a samsung,screen like the s22 ultra very close i,think the s22 ultra barely beats it in,some things like brightness yeah and,sharpness yeah but if you're just going,like is it a great a plus screen yes for,me the s22 ultra screen like i'm holding,them side by side that feels like a,different class it is when i'm in a,bright scenario like the sun is beaming,down on it this is actually so bright,that it feels bright yeah whereas this,is like okay it's visible right there,are some edge cases where you notike the,difference and speaking of edge the,little bit of a curve around the edge,you toked about the way it feels that's,something i kind of prefer the flat of,the iphone to be honest so i give it a,little bit of extra credit there but,it's sharp it's like your hand is curved,the phone i hear that a lot but i,weirdly kind of like that okay i,understand it from an aesthetik thing,but i,yeah,but it leaves a dent in my hand,i'm holding an s21 ultra which is,somewhere in between the two and i think,that was a nice happy medium if we just,go all of android,iphone gets an a plus but if we're just,going against samsung it's trailing by a,little bit,okay so it's up to you i'll leave it up,to you okay we'll call it a draw that,sounds like a draw to me yeah so number,nine is performance and on paper,it kind of seems like a really easy one,because if you just run like geekbench,multi-core benchmark the iphone scores,higher and draws less power even if,you're a gamer and you don't care about,those numbers you get games earlier and,those games seem to run smoother in your,mind is there any nuance to this at all,or is the iphone just better performance,if you're counting performance as,smooth feel,frames per second that type of thing and,overall power efficiency yeah the iphone,is is a clear winner in my mind do you,think the iphone even beats out,potentially like gaming oriented android,phones,well it depends on if the game you play,on that platform if the performance is,great but you can't play the game you,like is it actually a good performer i,guess the one saving grace for androids,is they do come with a lot more ram like,this is the top end iphone 13 pro max,six gigs of ram this comes with up to,12. in your experience does that,contribute anything to like the,multi-tasking experience,or does it not matter three gigs of ram,on an iphone feels like eight gigs of,ram on an android phone sometimes,because of the way they just fill up,memory and aren't as efficient so yeah,you can multitask more on a samsung,phone because of the xram but also just,because there's features that let you do,more do you find you do that like i know,android has split screen multitasking,tiknically yeah you do use it no i,don't oh yeah i don't personally use it,i don't use it either i would consider,myself like a fairly hardcore user and,even then just having picture in picture,is about as far as my multitasking goes,i gesture back and forth all the time,copying and pasting i know i can,multi-window i just never do it,okay moving on to battery and so this is,my experience right so iphone 13 pro max,has got the best battery life of all the,big phones and iphone 13 pro has the,best battery life of all the compact,phones,does that mirror your experience there's,two phones right now with 6000 milliamp,batteries and if i put the rog phone,at 60 hertz yeah it is a better battery,tiknically than the iphone at 60 hertz,but yeah generally i found that this is,world-class battery,13 pro also world-class battery,mini is in the equation two,not as great but then you're comparing,it to other phones that are small you're,comparing it to miniature fans at that,point yeah which doesn't have great,batteries anyway so yeah top of the,class as far as battery for sure so,there's another side to battery which is,the charging how much do you think that,factors in to the the battery experience,does it matter to you to me it matters a,lot it changes the way i use a phone if,it charges quickly and i know i can,charge quickly i don't mind it dying,quicker because i know i can plug in for,five minutes and be fine,okay it's a different type of peace of,mind,it's interesting because for me i would,much rather my phone doesn't die in the,first place oh yeah and this is a phone,where i can actually trust that like on,the way here like i took a flight from,uk to us so i was moving back eight,hours which meant that i effectively had,a 24-hour day and this still had 20 left,at the end of that and so at that point,like isn't fast charging just making up,for a lack of capacity in the first,place so if i could only pick,fast charging and mediocre battery or,great battery mediocre charging i would,pick great battery mediocre charging,right but if you don't have a great,battery,you better have good charging and a lot,of android phones have incredible,charging the iphone can charge,decently quickly not like super fast,but i still put it as the winner in the,category just because,the baseline battery life is so good,okay so the battery ward goes to the,iphone okay this is where it gets kind,of juicy so,we want to tok about the cameras and,we'll start with photography and then,videography can be the next section okay,so i guess a good way of kind of getting,to the meter is if you had to pick one,phone for the rest of your life to take,photos with would it be an iphone would,it be an android yeah it would be the,app,to take photos yeah and it's only,because there's a couple small,nuances within that question which is,you take photos from the camera app you,also take photos sometimes inside of,another app instagram stories tiktoks,video shooter snapchat whatever you're,doing,and all those things typically behave,really well on the iphone,now if i knew i was going to go to a,national park and i was going to take a,lot of bird photos believe me i'd take,one with more zoom than the iphone's got,but if you just want to like blanket,everything for the rest of your life you,can only take one for photos it still,would be the iphone,that actually surprises me uh because in,my mind i would pick a vivo a samsung or,a pixel i know they kind of over process,photos but in my mind to actually,achieve what we think is a natural look,you almost need that over processing and,so like if you've used vivo's x80 pro i,don't know if you have um that has this,this option called zeiss natural color,and these things are often like just,marketing gimmicks but when i used it i,genuinely thought wow that is what my,eyes are seeing for one of the first,times ever yeah let me throw a couple,extra variables at you for camera,the shooting experience,of,you know what there's something i want,to take a picture of let me just get the,photo right now,do you trust that camera i've had some,issues with