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samsung ads its one ui apps

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Samsung has recently released its latest version of the user interface for Galaxy devices - One UI 4. This new update promises a smoother and more personalized user experience, with several new features and improvements. Let's take a closer look at what One UI 4 has to offer.

Features and Improvements:

- Galaxy Experience Film: This new feature allows users to easily capture and share their favorite moments from their Galaxy device.

- Pro Mode for Galaxy Camera: This feature provides advanced camera settings for professional-level photography.

- Social Media Integration: One UI 4 now integrates with popular social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, making it easier to share content with friends and followers.

- OneDrive Integration: One UI 4 now seamlessly integrates with Microsoft's cloud storage service, OneDrive, making it easier to access and share files across devices.

- Windows Integration: One UI 4 now provides better integration with Windows PCs, allowing users to easily access and control their Galaxy device from their computer.

- Galaxy Tab S Pen: One UI 4 now supports the Galaxy Tab S Pen, making it easier to take notes, draw, and navigate on your tablet.

- Book Cover Keyboard: One UI 4 now supports the Book Cover Keyboard, allowing users to type more efficiently and comfortably on their Galaxy device.

- Samsung Wallet: One UI 4 now supports Samsung Wallet, providing a convenient way to store and manage tickets, boarding passes, and other digital content.

- Galaxy Watch4 Integration: One UI 4 now seamlessly integrates with the Galaxy Watch4, providing a more personalized and convenient wearable experience.

One UI 4 is a major update for Samsung Galaxy devices, providing several new features and improvements to enhance the user experience. Whether it's capturing your favorite moments, taking professional-level photos, or accessing your files and digital content, One UI 4 has something for everyone. So if you own a Samsung Galaxy device, be sure to update to One UI 4 and enjoy the new features and improvements.

The First Apps To DELETE On Your Samsung Galaxy

If you've just purchased a new Samsung Galaxy device, you might notice that the software comes bloated with a lot of unnecessary apps. In this article, we will showcase some of the applications you should probably delete first to clear out some storage on your device.

Apps to Delete:

1. Samsung folder: This folder is full of different applications that you may never use, such as AR Zone, Samsung Galaxy Shop, Samsung Health, and more. Go through and determine which applications you use and delete the ones you don't.

2. Microsoft folder: Some applications, such as OneDrive and Outlook, are more popular than others. If you plan on using those, keep them. If not, delete them too.

3. Other Samsung apps: Some apps, like Samsung Free and the internet browser, cannot be uninstalled, but others can. Check which apps you use and delete the ones you don't.

4. Stop apps in the background: Some apps run in the background and take up a lot of random stuff. Go to your settings, then apps, and force stop any apps you don't plan on using.

Deleting unnecessary apps can help clear out some storage on your Samsung Galaxy device. Be sure to check which apps you use before deleting them and avoid touching any core features of your phone. With these tips, you can optimize your Samsung Galaxy device and enjoy a more streamlined experience.

One UI 3: Official Introduction Film | Samsung

Samsung One UI 3 is a user interface designed for Samsung Galaxy devices. It offers a range of features that enhance user experience, including integration with popular apps like Microsoft One Drive, Google Duo, Samsung Reminders, To do, Outlook, and Teams. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using Samsung One UI 3 and how it can help you achieve more freedom and productivity.

Benefits of Samsung One UI 3:

- Integration with popular apps: Samsung One UI 3 offers seamless integration with Microsoft One Drive, Google Duo, Samsung Reminders, To do, Outlook, and Teams. This means you can access these apps easily and quickly from your Samsung Galaxy device.

- More freedom: Samsung One UI 3 offers more freedom to users by allowing them to customize their devices according to their preferences. You can change the appearance of your device, rearrange icons, and customize the home screen to make it more personalized.

- Improved user experience: Samsung One UI 3 is designed to improve the overall user experience. The interface is intuitive, easy to navigate, and offers a range of features that make using your Samsung Galaxy device more enjoyable.

Breakthrough 2.0 LAUNCH:

Breakthrough 2.0 LAUNCH is a program designed to help people make money online. It offers a step-by-step guide on how to start an online business and generate income from it. The program includes a comprehensive walkthrough that covers everything from setting up a website to creating content, building an audience, and monetizing your online business.

Key features of Breakthrough 2.0 LAUNCH:

- Comprehensive walkthrough: The program includes a detailed walkthrough that covers everything you need to know to start an online business and generate income from it.

- 75% commissions: The program offers 75% commissions to its affiliates, which means you can earn a significant income by promoting the program to others.

- Entire walkthrough: The entire walkthrough is available to users, which means you can learn at your own pace and go back to review content whenever you need to.

Samsung One UI 3 offers a range of features that enhance the user experience and improve productivity. It integrates seamlessly with popular apps like Microsoft One Drive, Google Duo, Samsung Reminders, To do, Outlook, and Teams. Breakthrough 2.0 LAUNCH is a program designed to help people make money online, offering a comprehensive walkthrough and 75% commissions to its affiliates. By using Samsung One UI 3 and Breakthrough 2.0 LAUNCH, you can achieve more freedom and financial independence.

Samsung One UI 5.0 - Top 15 New Features

In this article, we will be discussing the top 15 features of the Samsung one UI 5.0 with Android 13. These features include customization of the lock screen, quick split and multi-window options, and widgets.


1. Customization of Lock Screen:

- Press and hold the lock screen to access customization options.

- Customize wallpapers, add contact information and change shortcuts.

- Change font, size, and color of date, time, and notifications.

2. Quick Split and Multi-Window:

- Press and hold an open application to use quick split and drop it anywhere.

- Swipe down from the top to use pop-up view.

- Swipe up with two fingers to open split-screen mode.

3. Widgets:

- Smart Suggestions widget based on frequently used applications.

- Stacked widgets to save space on home screen.

- Edit and rearrange widgets easily.

4. Quick Settings Panel:

- Access quick settings panel by swiping down from the top.

- Customize and rearrange quick settings according to your preference.

5. One-Handed Mode:

- Activate one-handed mode by swiping diagonally from either corner of the screen.

- Choose between left or right-handed mode.

6. Edge Panels:

- Access edge panels by swiping from the right edge of the screen.

- Customize and add frequently used applications and contacts.

7. Digital Wellbeing:

- Track screen time and set app limits.

- Bedtime mode to reduce blue light emission.

8. App Drawer:

- Customize app drawer layout and order.

- Search for apps quickly and easily.

9. Battery Optimization:

- Optimize battery usage by accessing battery settings.

- Restrict background usage of applications.

10. Dark Mode:

- Activate dark mode for a more comfortable viewing experience.

- Customize dark mode according to your preference.

11. Camera Features:

- Access camera quickly from lock screen or home screen.

- Use AR emojis and take slow-motion videos.

12. Bixby Routines:

- Automate tasks and routines using Bixby.

- Customize routines according to your preference.

13. Quick Share:

- Share files quickly and easily with nearby devices.

- Access quick share from the sharing panel.

14. Secure Folder:

- Keep personal files and applications secure.

- Access secure folder using biometric authentication.

15. Accessibility Features:

- Customize accessibility settings according to your needs.

- Use voice assistant and magnifier for easier navigation.

Overall, Samsung one UI 5.0 with Android 13 offers a range of new features and customization options that make it easier and more convenient to use. From customization of the lock screen to accessibility features, these features cater to the needs of all users.

5 Incredible Apps You Must Install On Your Samsung Galaxy Device!

As an Android user, especially Samsung users, there are five amazing apps that you must install on your Galaxy device right now. These apps are super useful and will enhance your smartphone using experience. Let's dive into the top five apps you should install on your Samsung device.

1. Samsung TV Plus:

- A free application made by Samsung that lets you watch live channels, TV shows, and movies directly on your phone.

- Available for users in India with 27 TV channels and more to come with future updates.

- No subscription or debit/credit card required.

- Supports picture-in-picture mode for multitasking while watching your favorite content.

2. Control Center:

- An app that adds an iOS-like control center on the edge panel of Samsung phones with H panels.

- Access all quick settings like adjusting brightness, increasing volume, turning on the torch light, opening calculator and camera app, and locking your device directly from the control center.

- Costs around $2, but it's totally worth it for its convenience.

3. True Amps:

- An app that activates amazing animations when your device is charging.

- Customize font style, font color, animation, themes, app shortcuts, notifications, weather info, and gestures.

- Totally free to download, but to unlock all pro features, you'll need to watch an ad.

4. Shortcut Maker:

- An app that lets you create shortcuts for anything on your Android phone.

- Create shortcuts for a website, changing system settings, or launching any activity from an installed app.

- Create beautiful home screens by applying KWGT widgets and customizing icons with different styles.

- A must-have app for customizing your Samsung phone without using any third-party launcher.

5. Fine Lock:

- An alternative for the Good Lock application if you're unable to find it in the Galaxy store.

- Download modules separately from APK Mirror and start using them without any issue.

- Not recommended for M series users, but a separate video will be made to find a solution for them.

These five apps will definitely enhance your Samsung smartphone using experience. From watching live TV to customizing your home screen, these apps offer convenience and personalization. So, go ahead and install them on your Galaxy device right now!

Awesome TRICK - How to lock apps on Samsung Galaxy Phones !

If you're a Samsung Galaxy phone user, you must be aware that there's no default app lock feature available. While there are third-party apps that offer app lock features, finding a good one that works seamlessly can be an endless search. In this article, we'll share a cool trick to easily lock your applications using the Shortcut Maker app.

Steps to Lock Applications:

1. Install Shortcut Maker and create an app shortcut: To execute this trick, the first step is to download the Shortcut Maker app on your phone. Once installed, tap and hold on the home screen, tap on widgets, search for Shortcut Maker, and add it. Now, open the app and tap on applications, select the app you want to lock, and tap on the 'shortcut lock' option to enable fingerprint or pin/pattern authentication. Finally, create a shortcut for the app.

2. Hide the app on the phone: After creating the shortcut, the next step is to hide the app on your phone. Tap and hold on the home screen, tap on settings, and select 'hide application.' Choose the app you want to hide and tap on done. The default app icon will no longer appear on your home screen or app tray.

This cool trick is a simple and effective way to lock your applications on Samsung Galaxy phones. Using Shortcut Maker, you can create shortcuts and lock them with fingerprint or pin/pattern authentication. Once you hide the app on your phone, only the shortcut icon will appear, which looks exactly like the default app icon. This app has endless possibilities, and you can use it to create shortcuts and do a lot of other things on your phone. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel and smash that like button if you find this video useful!

Samsung Added MULTI USER Accounts Feature on ONE UI 5.0 based on Android 13.

- Samsung has added a new feature to its Galaxy phones, which is the multi-user accounts feature.

- This feature allows users to create different user accounts with separate application data, providing more privacy and security.

- In this article, we will explore how to use this feature and its benefits.

How to use the multi-user accounts feature:

- Go to settings and tap on accounts and backup.

- Tap on users and add a new user with a different name and profile picture.

- Switch to the new user account and set it up with a Google account.

- The new account is now ready to use, and you can switch back to the primary account anytime.

Benefits of the multi-user accounts feature:

- More privacy and security: each user has their own space on the phone with separate application data.

- Better organization: different users can have different settings and apps, making it easier to manage.

- Family-friendly: you can create separate accounts for family members with parental controls.

- The multi-user accounts feature is a long-awaited addition to Samsung Galaxy phones.

- It provides more privacy and security, better organization, and is family-friendly.

- Try it out and see how it can improve your phone experience.

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