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samsung it removing ads from stock

Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

Easily Remove Ads and Bloatwares from Any Android Phone | Malayalam

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How to remove adverts & trailers from your new Samsung TV

okay so to reset the Smart Hub to,diagnose a problem with the channel 4,which is brought back all the TV plus,advertising and play there and Pacific,Defense Court is you ask the other way,around annoying,I can't you can with you,[Music],so problem is how to get rid of that and,I did find a good way of doing it so go,into channel list and then hit the,Charles delete now it tells me do you,want to search for channels and this,pops up when other people are using the,TV and when you're not in this out you,end up with kids,clicking on ok and then they repopulate,so there's a half-decent way of stopping,that from happening if we go back into,yeah,so removing them is okay sometimes,certain apps will reappear which is also,really annoying and you can't uninstall,one which again is really annoying,what's in Prime video you can't get move,this TV Plus up so pressing down nothing,this is what I was looking for so in,here in settings you can go and lock the,apps so default this zeros so now that,app is locked people can't see the,content of that app so nothing else that,we don't want don't think so forget back,to home now you can see it's a locked,and it's not giving you those up,suggestion there the program suggestions,on it and I don't think it asks for you,to rescan the channels so that's how to,fix that partikular problem

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The First Apps To DELETE On Your Samsung Galaxy

so you may have just purchased your,brand new samsung galaxy whether it's a,samsung galaxy note whether it's the,samsung galaxy s series fold series,whatever it is i'm going to showcase to,you some applications you should,probably delete first as soon as you go,ahead and pick up this you know specific,android device now i love a lot of,samsung i love everything they do for,the most part but their software can,come bloated so some of the first apps,in my opinion that you should go and,delete now you need to go and figure out,if you actually need to use these apps,or not personally every single samsung,phone that i've owned i don't really,utilize the apps that i'm going to,showcase to you so i'd recommend,deleting them to clear out some storage,on your device now with most samsung,phones when actually you load them up on,their main launcher you don't install a,different launcher if you actually make,your way over to your app library you,will see a samsung folder you may also,see a microsoft folder in a google,folder personally the google folder i,use a lot of these apps i don't really,use this google application there i,really don't even use google photos that,much since they dropped that free tier,but i really don't mess with these apps,but this samsung folder is just so full,of different applications that i never,use so i would recommend going through,and determining which applications you,use from here and deleting the ones you,don't use now ar zone i will never ever,use this some of them you can't even,delete but some other ones i think like,the samsung galaxy shop you can go in,and uninstall i would recommend,uninstalling any of these applications,that you don't use if you don't have a,samsung galaxy wearable watch then i,would recommend deleting all these,applications that you don't use as well,now you can always re-download them when,you need to but personally i probably,will never like samsung health all these,applications that you don't need i would,recommend deleting them now like i,mentioned if you're planning on using,them or if you want to check them out i,would recommend checking them out first,seeing if you're into it if not i would,recommend deleting pretty much all these,applications probably except my files i,don't think you can delete that one but,a lot of those applications within the,samsung folder you can easily delete for,sure now another application or set of,applications is under the microsoft tier,now some of their applications these,ones you don't you kind of just need to,see if you're going to use them or not,do you want to use the microsoft office,suite you will need to have i think the,electron you will need to have like you,know your license and stuff through them,so if you don't even have microsoft word,or any of that you know the permissions,to do so then you might as well delete,that too one drive in outlook these two,are probably the more popular ones so if,you plan on using those keep them if not,i would probably recommend deleting them,too now there's a lot of other i guess,like spread out samsung apps like,samsung global but some of them you,can't uninstall these ones you can if,you look at samsung free you can't,uninstall this one the internet browser,you cannot uninstall that one either,which i didn't think so so there's a lot,of apps you can uninstall that samsung,folder and even the microsoft photo are,things you don't even need to be honest,there's also sometimes this little zed,application installed i'm not too sure,why they install this sometimes so i'd,recommend deleting that too if you don't,plan on using it however there's a whole,other set of applications i would,recommend looking at at least for,stopping them in the background so if,you make a way over to your settings,application you then want to go down,into apps which is right not there right,here you will see a bunch of apps that,are on your android device specifically,for samsung now there are so many random,apps that take up so much random stuff,in the background it's not even funny so,in this case if you look at you know,android auto for example well you can go,ahead and force stop some of this if you,don't plan on using android auto you can,just force stop it it doesn't delete it,it just kind of stops it from running in,the background if you look at ar doodle,i don't even know what this is i'm going,to force stop it now you shouldn't go,and force stop every single app but if,you see things like you know ar emoji,what is that i'm going to go and force,stop it you should probably go and force,stop some of these things but if there's,anything that's like a core feature of,your phone don't even touch it it's,really hard to mess up your phone in,this case but like things like bixby,voice if you're able to uninstall it i,would recommend installing it but like i,said there's not a lot of different,things you can uninstall but those are,the main things that you have the,opportunity to to actually go ahead and,uninstall from your samsung galaxy phone,so like i mentioned i'd recommend going,through here deleting any other,applications that you don't like with my,files i would probably recommend keeping,it on but if you have the ability to,turn it off or uninstall it at least you,have the ability to uninstall updates,you have the option there which is,really cool so those are some of the,main things i would recommend at least,disabling or turning off or even,deleting on your samsung galaxy phone if,you guys have any other questions or,anything like that let me know in the,comment section below hit the like,button know me so much but definitely,hit that subscribe button more,importantly everything else i love every,single one of you guys hopefully i'll,catch you guys in the next video peace,out till then,[Music],you

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Samsung Has FINALLY Done It

So Samsung has this annoying habit of displaying ads in their stok apps which ruins the user,experience.,But recently Samsung's head of mobile division said to the Korean customers in a town hall,meeting that they will soon stop serving ads in their stok apps.,But what's unclear was when it's supposed to happen and whether or not this was only,limited to South Korea.,Well, Samsung confirms as of yesterday, October 1, that the company has finally stopped serving,ads to some of their stok apps including Samsung Pay, Samsung Health, Samsung weather,,and even the Galaxy themes store, and not just in South Korea but all over the world.,Hopefully, Samsung will also get rid of ads in their other Stok apps as well in the coming,weeks.,By the way, just in case if the ads are still live for you then force-stopping these apps,seems to force the ads to be removed.,Interestingly Samsung isn't the only one to show ads in their apps, Apple does it too,but somehow Apple got a pass while Samsung was regularly ridiculed.,Maybe that's due to the fact that the majority of the tik media is Apple sheep.,But either way, it's about time that Samsung has finally acknowledged that this was a problem,that needed to be addressed.,Of course, with that said, recently we learned that European Union has made it mandatory,for every smartphone company including Apple to use USB C standard for charging, And this,doesn't just apply to phones but to other devices as well including tablets, headphones,,portable speakers, videogame consoles, and cameras.,The new rules are intended to cut down on electronic waste by allowing people to re-use,existing chargers and cables when they buy new electronics.,Now, Apple has responded to this disagreeing with the proposal with a statement and I quote,,“We remain concerned that strict regulation mandating just one type of connector stifles,innovation rather than encouraging it, which in turn will harm consumers in Europe and,around the world,” The company has also previously objected to the proposals because,it says they risk creating e-waste by forcing people to throw out their existing Lightning,accessories if they’re incompatible with the universal standard.,You see Apple’s e-waste argument is number one B... when you realize that they shipped,the charger-less iPhones with a USB-C to Lightning cable, meaning all those old USB-A bricks,people used to use were useless and they had to go buy a charger anyway if they wanted,to use their new cable.,Thus Apple has created huge e-waste already so their saying this new law will create e-waste,is just Apple being hypocrites.,You see the actual reason why Apple wants to switch to USB-C is that they like their,cut from after-market accessories.,I mean if any third-party company is making accessories for iPhones or any of the Apple,products and if they are using lightning connectors then they have to pay royalties to Apple because,Apple holds patents on lighting connectors.,Last year Apple made nearly 5 billion dollars with royalties so you see why lightning cable,is so important to them.,Switching to USB C means they will lose a truckload of cash.,Anyway, manufacturers will have two years to comply with this new mandate which will,become law in a few months.,And Apple can do absolutely nothing to prevent this from happening.,Let me know what do you think and I'll see you tomorrow...Peace out

The Simplest Way to Remove Bloatware on Android! (No Root Required)

so what exactly is bloatware see any app,that's unnecessary is bloatware for,example if you have an android phone,your device probably came with facebook,pre-installed now is facebook an,integral part of your phone's,functionality no it's not and that is,bloatware now if you're wondering hey,does my phone have bluetooth apps,chances are it does let's face it it,actually does now there are three types,of bloatware apps on android one,third-party bloated apps like these and,mostly these can be uninstalled easily,so these are maybe okay the second type,of lottery apps are from the,manufacturer itself apps like these most,of these can't be uninstalled they can,only be disabled the third type of,bloatware is from google i know a lot of,these apps are something people use but,what if you use a browser other than,chrome or an email app other than gmail,again most of these apps can't be,uninstalled what are the negatives of,such apps well some of these apps take,up a lot of storage some apps send you,unnecessary notifications and some apps,just keep running in the background,slowing down your phone so the question,is how do you remove these system,bluetooth apps apps that can't be,removed easily today i'm going to tell,you a very simple method to remove,bluetooth apps on your android,smartphone and yeah if you want to see,more useful videos like this one hit the,subscribe button and do not forget to,hit that bell icon because we have some,really useful videos coming up hit it so,here's what you need to do first you,need to set up adb on your windows pc or,your mac or even if your linux it's fine,just set up atp we have a very simple to,follow guide on how to set up adb on all,of these platforms just follow that and,you should be fine once you have adb,setup on your laptop go to your phone,and enable developer options i think you,know how tap on the build number four to,five times and you should get this,prompt after this enable usb debugging,in the developer options,then connect your phone to your laptop,and when you use the adb command you,should get this prompt on your phone,just hit allow in this,now you need to install this the,universal android deep loader this is an,open source tool available for windows,mac os and linux and this is a tool that,helps you remove system apps that can't,be removed natively just install this,and open it up and you should get this,ui i know it looks a little boring and,complicated but it works and that's what,matters so by default this shows you the,recommended bloatware apps you should,remove from your device now you can just,select all of the apps in the,recommended list and remove them be done,with it but i have heard some people,facing issues on their phones when they,do this so instead i'll recommend you to,only remove the apps that you think you,don't need so what you can do is search,for the app you want to remove i have,the oppo catering connected here as you,can see in the adb devices command and,now i can just open up the dbloader tool,select all here instead of recommended,now i can just search for the apps i,want to remove so i can search for the,color os browser which no one uses and,select it i can search for the finches,pay app and select it i'm also adding,the oppo roaming app here now i can just,hit uninstall selection and that's it,these apps are gone simple right let me,show you another example so here's the,galaxy f23 connected now as you can see,from the device's name on the top and i,can search for system apps like my,galaxy,the samsung max app ar zone and just,uninstall them with one click yeah this,is good i know these apps are listed by,the package name so if you have problems,finding the app you want to remove just,install this app called package name,view on your phone this lets you search,for the apps in your phone and see their,package name so you can use the names,here to search for them in the universal,android deep loader look this is a great,tool if you want to remove a system app,that you think is bloatware and that's,annoying you with background usage or,notifications you can remove every,single app in your phone with this tool,even apps like the google play store if,you want yes the com.android.vending app,is the google play store now there are a,couple of really important points that,you should note about this tool first up,the apps that you remove don't come back,when you install a system update which,is good but if you do a factory reset,all of these apps come back this is,because the system apps in your phone,are part of the system partition itself,and the universal deep loader tool,cannot remove apps from the partition,itself now i know some of you have,questions like are there any problems or,issues after you've removed system apps,in your phone well as long as you don't,remove critikal apps from the os it's,all fine,now one good thing is that the deep,loader lists important system apps in,sections like expert advanced unsafe and,untested so you should be fine if you,stay away from these apps anyway this,tool is super useful and to show you,what difference it makes we removed all,the bloatware from a real me phone a,samsung phone a xiaomi phone an open,phone and a vivo phone and it not only,makes the experience better it frees up,a lot of storage on the galaxy f23 the,storage taken by apps by default is 3.21,gb and after removing bloatware 1gb of,storage was freed up on the redmi 1.7 gb,was freed on the real me 95g 2.8 gb was,freed up the oppo k10 gained 1.9 gb and,the ico 9sc gained 1.7 gb that is a lot,of storage now while we are doing this,test we also got an idea on which phones,have the most bloatware that can't be,removed now i'm toking about,unnecessary apps not apps like clock,weather messages play store etc so the,oppo k10 has the most apps that can't be,uninstalled 13 bloatware apps the galaxy,f23 has 10 such apps the realme 95g and,the iq9se have 11 and the redmi note 11,is the best here with only seven,bluetooth apps that can't be removed,yeah it's surprising now you can remove,these apps with the universal deep,loader tool but this gives you an idea,of which manufacturer is putting in the,most bloatware apps that can't be,removed to conclude things this tool is,super easy to use and i think you should,use it to remove all the bloatware from,your phones but i still feel that,manufacturers should make removing,bloatware from phones a lot simpler i,understand manufacturers at these apps,for multiple reasons but we the users,should have the choice of what apps we,want and what apps we don't i'm just add,an option in the settings to remove,system apps that are not exactly used by,the os itself i mean yeah this tool this,universal deep loader tool is good it,works but it's not something a casual,user would try plus there's always the,risk of removing apps that might cause,problems in your phone so a native tool,a native option would be way better to,remove system apps bloatware what do you,guys think about this comment down below,also give this video a like make sure to,share it and subscribe to our channel,for more amazing tik videos that's me,signing off thanks for watching and i,will see you in the next one,[Music],this is the pitaka mag easy slider,[Music]

Too Many ADS on Samsung Galaxy Apps!?

what is going on guys greg goes to V,this videos gonna be all about Samsung,Galaxy phones and this ranges from the,very inexpensive maybe a few hundred,dollar phones all the way up to a galaxy,fold that costs basically two thousand,dollars in every samsung galaxy phone in,between those price ranges so these,phones are expensive and it has to do,with the first party apps aka the,samsung apps that are put on this phone,have it be you know anything from the,you know Bixby ass to the galaxy store,to the wearable app to the you know,Internet app to the any app that's on,here Samsung health all the apps that,Samsung puts on there you expect that if,you're paying such a premium for a lot,of diseased phones that you wouldn't,have tons of ads built into these phones,and it's come to my attention anyone,based off what I've seen and then also,what's on Reddit and Twitter I've seen a,lot of people complaining lately about,ads being very intrusive and being in,more and more of these apps so let's,tok about it now this post comes from a,reddit user by the name of stranger on,reddit I'll link the post down below and,he put up a great compilation of,screenshots showing where there are ads,and different apps within the Samsung,experience so let's check this out a,little deeper so first of all we're,gonna check out the weather app so,within the weather app you can see that,there's as at the top now why do we need,a weather app to have ads in it from,Samsung especially if you look at the ad,itself,they're giving you a galaxy add-in you,already own a Samsung Galaxy I know it,kind of makes sense in a way but you,don't see this with Apple for instance,Apple their weather app there's no ads,in there and then you look on further,you maybe dive into you know the direct,weather for your city and you can see,there's a little ad at the bottom for a,cashback app and then further ads within,there you look at for the weather app,you can see at the bottom there as well,there's even more,stuff what about if you're a gamer and,you load up the game launcher for,Samsung there's ads within there you,can't escape this stuff,next up the Galaxy store this is their,version of their Google Play Store but,it's the Galaxy store it's an app store,and again there's ads in there but just,to be fair though there's also ads,within the Google Play Store so it's not,you can't really escape it even from,there and the Apple App Store has ads as,well but yet they're still basically,everywhere that you look Samsung pay app,has ads within there to you know check,out your free credit score or to maybe,download a game or to check out some,deals also Samsung Music app which I,don't use but this shows you that they,tell you to looks like a kid I guess,that's a game right there if you want to,listen to music there's also you know,within that music app you can click on,it and download a game does that bother,you at the end of the day that,potentially for instance me this phones,$1,599 new you know you could be buying,a $500 funny billing $300 funny goodbye,in the two thousand or Galaxy fold does,it bother you for me it's not hugely,intrusive I feel like and I'm it could,have been you know just misfiring on,this but I felt like the other day I,swipe down some of my notifications and,there was a Samsung you know a,notification in there for an ad to,download something I hate that I don't,like that you know that's when it gets,too much for me but in this world I kind,of expect ads to be almost everywhere,now I will admit I don't want it to be,in the weather app I don't want it to,see it and it's not here yeah but if it,was in the calculator app and apps like,that I don't want to see it in there I,can expect to see it I also don't want,to see it in my music app either just a,plain music app it shouldn't be in there,I can see it in store apps I can see it,in the pay app that makes sense to me,but not in these apps that you're just,using to get function out of don't put,it in there that's where it gets cheap,feeling what about you guys let me know,what you feel and think about ads being,in almost every Samsung app on your,phone you,you know you purchased and paid full,price for it let me know thanks for,watching see you down the road