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samsung removes ads from one android

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

How to stop Pop Up Ads on Android / Samsung A10, A20, A30, A50, A51, A70

é uma chata tarefa nasceu o arturito do,e ferrari para a vão me o senhor ponto,só como faz agora liceu como disse que,ia lá artes para afinar o penhor free,bora na chega de vir what you need to do,to fix aplicava as por exemplo esse ato,da admissão ranger kristen wiig booster,aps3 na água não é só dança e rápida,youtube morto fixa tenta procurar um dos,apps are capable of um vídeo auto hemo,dos ratos body before i start pra se,explicar e deixar todos os primos encher,da vídeo carregar joenal e rápida,samsung galaxy s iii tem molho quando,dessa rom n anderson n samsung and and,brand is when no one gonna to one god of,war frangonete 921 sociocracy hands up,live old masters in the new world so if,you love me,um dos apps em giovana cidades fundo,conectado dinheiro encararam as,described by the first one to go to,settings is cool down all the way down,on to your seats,o hard for which are moving apps you got,to do is people walking dead mine and,then click on her set up within you,a press trust,o cláudio conectar o e moving body happy,time to move to step down pra mim sonda,macio outros se riam barris player,e o store ok,do que se trata da áfrica kenton and,then go to speed booster,a nuvem,a high lancia nova um ano,e aí disse que eu aqui estacionado há um,ano,olá olá,o booster android,é só pensa em clico autokarros da série,booster masterclin anotar e ela não é,uma abc clean da samana há um ano,ah tá lembro se foi rafa nada mano,e aí,e orei perfectização de uma fruits of,movie and when your world is yours,wishes are your phone and you wanna see,your phone is done in working around for,some work to taste for jogar a dori of,rows affected not after many within your,turn at bat nov your screen and ações do,vereador juscelino up and once i was,saying do windows for a long time for,your swing your sword to be yours wii,remote apps on screen and it's gonna be,good i got you,e ele é que eu vou sair um gás please if,you on deixaram de um folgado surprise,and share the vídeos you neste ano

Remove ADS from Your Samsung Phone | No More Ads??

adds in the budget to even mid-range,smartphones have become unfortunately,normal and it is understandable to some,extent if xiaomi or realme does this,because they try to give you a really,good hardware rate of very affordable,and aggressive pricing motorola being,one exception i would say but a brand,like samsung doing this partikularly on,a phone costing over 40k,that is simply unacceptable well i would,argue anything over 20 000 at least,should not have ads and should be just,left alone so recently news came up that,samsung is planning to remove ads in at,least some of their smartphones so let's,look at the reality and see if you,really get that ad free experience,so i'm personally using the s20 fe 5g,and the most annoying thing was this ad,in the weather app now i've installed,all the latest updates and updated all,the apps now you can see here,the ad seems to be sort of disappeared,now it's a big relief because this stays,on your home screen and can be really,annoying whenever you check the weather,so that's a good thing that finally we,got rid of this,now not just this almost all the stok,apps like the dialer messaging,or camera or settings all of these never,had ads in the ui but let's tok about,some other stok apps let's look at,stuff like gallery file manager voice,recorder and stuff so starting with,gallery i mean personally i never,notiked any ads in this gallery and it,stays that way so that's a good thing,and the same goes with something like,calendar or the calculator you really,don't find any ads at least on these,apps so that's a good thing also you do,not get to find any ads in something,like file manager something that a lot,of people use on a daily basis,you don't have any ads and the same goes,with something like voice recorder so,most of the stok apps do not have any,ads which is a good thing but there are,ads in some of these apps like in the,game center this is something that most,people don't use it frequently so,at least we can tolerate this but uh you,cannot tiknically say that it is 100 ad,free,now also let me show you where else you,find that if you open the samsung pay,you do find some promotions these are,typically ads but,not very sneaky so i wouldn't really,mind it that much but another stok app,where you find that is the samsung stok,browser you can see here samsung's own,products being advertised and pushed,now most people use chrome so it may not,matter that much but yes you can argue,it is not 100 ad free experience also if,you don't set up the device properly,then you may still see ads so if you're,not sure just make sure that going to,that partikular app where you see ads,and click on the gear icon and just,disable all the marketing stuff and that,customization service you need to repeat,this for each and every app where you,see the ads and also make sure you,disable this partikular notification,just to avoid those random notifications,now personally i have no issues in terms,of that adware,partikularly with the recent update i,really appreciate that but i hope,samsung gets rid of all the ads and,makes it completely ad free definitely,do share your experience guys with your,samsung mid-range or flagship phone,that's been it thanks for watching guys,like and subscribe i'll see you soon

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Block ALL Ads! Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Tab S8 Ultra, S22 Ultra (all android devices)

hey everyone Raider here hope you're all,doing great and having a fantastik day,it's one of the most annoying things,about having our mobile devices right,our phones and our tablets is all the,dang ads you get it really does get old,so in today's video we're going to take,a look at blocking all sorts of ads your,system-wide ads YouTube ads internet,browser ads all sorts of them this,applies to not only the Samsung Galaxy,devices but all Android devices as well,so a couple easy steps here both free,both easy to implement should be a,really short video all right so the,first type I add I want to focus on is,system-wide ads and what I mean by those,are ones that come in through news feeds,ones that pop in through applications,that you download you know the ones that,basically show up while you're not on a,website and while you're not on YouTube,or other media consumption applications,you know just the random pesky ads let,me show you a couple here real quick so,we're on the same page and you know,exactly what I'm toking about here so,if I go over to my Google's news feed,all right we'll go ahead and click on,one of these news feeds and let's see,some ads show up so let's let it load up,real quick,all right you see the ad stuff starting,to load at the bottom here,oh there's our persistent ad 50,megapixel camera with ois oh how nice,and you'll have other ads pop up so,these are the ones I'm toking about,pesky little ads that just pop up out of,nowhere let me show you how to fix these,real quick so let's go ahead and,minimize this actually let's go ahead,and just close it real quick let's go,into our settings all right we're going,to go into connections,and you're going to click on more,connection settings and then you're,going to click on private DNS,so when you click on that you want to,switch it from automatik to private DNS,and you want to type this in exactly as,it is,dns.addguard.com and hit save,all right now we'll go home and let's go,back to the same news feed here,'s the ad trying to load up the ad is,blocked it's not coming through at all,so this will happen on any of these,sites that you visit any of these news,feeds and stuff so what's happening here,so what's happening is is you are,telling your device instead of going out,to let's say your ISP if you're on Wi-Fi,or through your cell cellular provider,if you're on cell coverage instead of,going through their DNS servers which is,domain name service servers right which,basically translates IP addresses to,domain names and back again what's,happening is is you're now bypassing,that and you're going to the ad guard,DNS server and what happens there is it,has a list of sites that it has,blacklisted which aren't approved,they're all ad sites so what happens is,when you get served back a page it,recognizes those sites and filters them,and removes the ads for you before you,ever get served them so it's really,handy it's a nice way of doing it it's,been around forever they're well,established they've been around for a,long time safe to use the only caveat,and the thing to look out for with this,is the round trip time so you may end up,connecting to one of their servers,that's not close to you and you may,notike your pages load a little bit,slower and if that's the case you might,want to go ahead and disable it it might,be better just to work with the ads but,for most you I think you'll be close to,a server I know I don't notike any speed,difference on mine it's all fine but if,you do notike things slow down a little,bit just turn it off otherwise you,should be fine all right the next type,of ads I want to tok about our website,and YouTube ads so there's a cool little,free app you can download from the Play,Store let me show it to you real quick,and that is this right here ad block,browser basically this is a browser that,you can download that acts a lot like,that ad guard DNS thing we just,implemented and what it does is it has a,built-in list of blacklisted websites,and it filters through those and blocks,the ads before it serves them to you it,also has a functionality built in to,know whether or not you're on YouTube,and other media consumption sites and it,will block ads from being served up,while you're watching content on those,sites so let's go and see this in action,real quick so let's go ahead and open it,up,so this is going to be basically your,home page this first one here is for,YouTube,we'll go ahead and click on that so I'm,going to go ahead and go to my own,channel here real quick,all right there it is,and I'm just going to click on the first,video I see and we should have no ads,pop up let's see,perfect having a fantastik day all right,so between implementing the DNS trick,with adguard and using this third-party,browser to visit sites like YouTube and,other sites that have a lot of ads that,you don't want to deal with these are,two great Solutions in order to easily,block ads on your Samsung Galaxy device,as well as all other Android devices as,well there's all kinds of ways of,accomplishing this there's third-party,versions of YouTube that you can,download and install there's different,ad blocking software some of them free,some of them not but these are two quick,and simple ways to basically get you,system-wide ad blocking on your Samsung,Galaxy Device if you have any questions,or comments feel free to drop them down,below and as always thanks for watching

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How To Remove Pop up Ads On Samsung

foreign,are you notiking an unusually high,number of pop-up ads on your Samsung,phone recently and wondering how to,remove them,advertisements are usually the lifeblood,of many apps but some developers or,websites may not play fair by designing,their apps or sites to show high volume,of pop-up ads,if you want to know how to deal with,this problem this video should help,[Music],there are three methods that you can use,to remove pop-up ads on your Samsung,phone,first is prevent ads from showing in,Google Chrome,if you're using Google Chrome as default,browser and you're getting pop-up ads on,it all the time there's a setting that,you can change to block dance,you'll have to go under your Chrome,browser settings and ensure that its ads,and pop-ups blocking feature are enabled,after that those annoying ads are,supposed to stop,keep in mind that websites can continue,to show Regular AdWords even if the,pop-up ads blocking feature is enabled,they will be displayed as statik ads and,should not pop up like before,foreign,[Applause],[Music],next is disable ads in Samsung internet,for those new to Samsung devices the,default web browser is usually the,Samsung internet app,[Music],haven't installed any new web browsing,app to your phone and you're not sure,you can double check if it's the Samsung,internet app indeed that you're using,just open the app and go to its settings,menu,you see about Samsung internet then,you're using the Samsung browser,plotting adverts or pop-ups in Samsung,internet is similar to Google pro,all you have to do is open the app go to,settings and enable its ad blocking,feature,[Music],[Music],lastly identify and delete the most,recent app,that apps can also show pop-up ads in,order for ads to be displayed these apps,must be running actively on the device,if it's only recently that you notike,the pop-up ads you can use the Google,Play Store app to check the newest,installed app and uninstall it if,necessary,using the Play Store you can narrow down,the apps that might be the reason for,the pop-ups by deleting them,individually,[Music],thank you,[Music],[Music],that's it make sure to like share,subscribe and hit the notification Bell,for more videos in the future thanks for,watching

How To Get Rid Of Ads On Samsung Galaxy Phones & Disable Them Altogether if Using a Samsung Account!

hey s'mores i'm shannon morris welcome,to morse code,let's do a quick poll if you own a,samsung phone have you ever,experienced having samsung push native,advertising in your face,on your device to promote their own,products,now if you don't own a samsung phone how,would you react to that,now i asked this question because tons,of users,in the last year have experienced this,on all sorts of samsung phones but,the thing is even though i own samsung,galaxy devices,i have not had this experience and i,think i know,why so if you have been getting samsung,ads on your galaxy phone or your tablet,i hope that this video will help you,understand why they are there,and how to get rid of them so when,you're purchasing a brand new,super fancy like one thousand dollar,plus phone,assuming that it's unlocked and you,don't get any kind of additional,discounts the last thing that you would,expect is for the manufacturer to also,throw advertisements,at you to buy their devices you already,bought one of their devices,why do you need to see these ads well,these ads pop up on the default apps,and within the notifications bar i'm,sure anybody can understand,why they would be really annoying so why,are they there,well according to samsung's,customization service which you can read,the whole thing online,it's really boring so i'll just spare,you the details,samsung uses the data it collects about,you through their apps to display,customized advertisements about products,and services that may be,of interest to you and upon doing some,research,we have also been warned that samsung,may be selling your data to third,parties,according to xda developers a toggle to,do not,sell shows up in the samsung pay app and,that showed up,not long after ccpa which is,california's privacy act when that went,into,effect now many users have reported that,they disabled the customization,service options in the setting but they,still get the ads,so why don't i get them so this is what,i think,i think it's because i never agreed to,them in the first place i never had to,turn them off because they never showed,up,in the first place see once you've set,up your phone and you started getting,ads,you can only really disable that,customization service which means that,you will no longer get personalized ads,but you will still get some kind of,advertisements potentially,so this is actually something that you,have to solve before it becomes,a problem now if you do want to go into,your settings after you've set up your,phone and,hopefully get a lot of these ads out of,your device,if that's what you want to do you go,into your settings then tap on the,samsung,account privacy and scroll to the,customization,service option then you go to privacy,settings beside the setting called,customized ads and direct marketing,toggle that setting off now if you've,never turned on this setting before you,will see a pop-up that says personalize,your apps,leave that option disabled don't turn it,on and just back out of there because,you don't need to do anything a second,option is to open the samsung members,app,click on the three dot menu in the upper,right corner choose settings,disable marketing information also open,settings,apps samsung push service notifications,and disable marketing another place,where you will find ads,is in the galaxy store now in here you,click the hamburger menu icon in the top,left,tap the settings icon and disable the,news and special offers and,customization,settings under notifications in that app,turn off,promotions next go over to your settings,account,and backup manage accounts samsung,account,profile info and scroll down to,preferences,and disable get news and special offers,you can also open up settings privacy,and disable customization service and,any marketing options i realize that's a,lot but if you do go through all of,these steps,hopefully you will stop seeing those ads,now here's my pro tip though,every single one of these options will,already be disabled if you set up your,phone with a little bit of patience,in the get go now when i was setting up,my s21 ultra,and my galaxy z fold 2 i screenshotted,every single place where i ran across,where samsung wanted to serve me up some,kind of ads,and i had the option to refuse in each,of these cases when you first sign,into your samsung account and open these,apps the first page will have these,entirely optional bullets that samsung,just expects you to click without,reading,but if you do read them each of them is,entirely,optional and sometimes it will say,optional in parentheses,i actually went through and i tried to,find a bunch of them just to show you,but first,check out these different ways that you,can support this free content,or just skip ahead using the chapter,markers right here,down right below on youtube if you,didn't know this on mobile you can click,on the title,of this video and that will show you a,description with all of my chapter,markers if i have included them,okay so here are the ones that i found,whenever you first sign into your,samsung account,leave customization service unchecked,leave,get news and special offers unchecked i,also left that,offline finding disabled and i hit agree,this next one is for the galaxy store,and that one just says get,news and special offers i left that and,checked and hit agree,the samsung tv plus watch app,it had two optional marketing bullets,leave them blank,don't hit all and just skip them and hit,agree,if you use galaxy themes same thing,marketing choice down there at the,bottom that is completely,optional leave it blank and hit continue,i ran into this one when i got my new,galaxy buds pro,so i left that option unchecked even,though it doesn't say anything about ads,in my opinion the less data that i am,allowing samsung to collect,the less info they have on me to,potentially target me with ads or sell,even when you set up the weather widget,you may see that personalize your apps,pop up leave it disabled you do not have,to turn it on so just don't,so those were all of the ones that i,found and i'm sure that's not all,those just happen to be the ones that i,actually used samsung apps for,whether that was for a review of some,kind of application or service or,it was something that i actually use on,a day-to-day basis,like my galaxy buds pro in my humble,opinion,i know that it's very humble but,hopefully somebody out there will listen,to it,samsung should not be pushing ads at you,after you've spent upwards of two,thousand dollars,for a flagship phone it's intrusive and,honestly it leaves a bad taste in my,mouth while tiknically they are,allowed to collect and sell data as long,as you agree to it and you know about it,they do it in this very sketchy way,which plays on users just,agreeing to everything and not actually,reading the terms of the agreement,and to me that's really gross now if you,are still receiving ads even though,you've unchecked all the things,the end all be all fix that i can think,of is to factory reset your phone,and take a much more patient approach to,setting it up,read each and every page that you are,agreeing to before you hit,ok and if there are any advanced options,check those advanced options because,oftentimes you can turn off specific,privacy and security settings,within advanced options and hopefully,i hope you will be able to enjoy your,galaxy phone just like i do,which means ad-free so now that you know,what to look for,and you know what's going on with,samsung and their advertisements,how do you feel about it have you,experienced this and did my fixes help,comment below and let me know and a big,shout out,to dan and gabriel on patreon for their,support,thank you again to my s'mores for,subscribing and for watching i'm shannon,morse and,i'll see you soon bye y'all

How to Disable Google Ads on your Samsung Phone | Works 100%

what's up guys welcome to my channel,in today's video we'll be discussing how,to turn off your Google ads from your,phone from a Samsung or Android phone it,doesn't matter the process is going to,be same and if you are actually facing a,pop of random pop up ads in your phone I,actually shared that solution in my,previous video which you can find in the,link in the description box which I'm,gonna share and you know just make use,of that tutorial but this is going to be,a little different if your phone is,still showing some ads and if they're,Google ads you can turn off them let me,set up my devices and I'll just walk it,through how easy it is so let's start,the tutorial and so as you can see this,is my samsung phone and what you need to,do I should need to go to your settings,so this visit your settings and go to,your google here you will see Google,account click on that so now you have to,click on data in personalization click,on that and what you need to do you,actually need to go go around the scroll,down scroll down a little more and you,will see a section called add,personalization so what are you to click,on go to add settings and it will,actually open up a window where you can,see it says add personalization is on so,what it means it will actually show you,your personalized that from you know,what Google has learned about you so,this is what Google has learned about me,but you know you hope what you need to,do you actually need to turn it off so,this Y P turn it off by pressing this,button and you are actually turning off,your ad personalization and ask for them,it means that you will still see the ads,but they will not be personalized to you,but trust me if you turn off the ad you,will not see the ads anymore,all of this say you know you will still,see the ads but the ads are highly,reduced and also like it in this in this,window you see it's it's got viewer,visit ad choices click on that too so it,will run actually you know some some,script on your phone and it will see how,many ad companies are actually enabled,on your phone so you know what this,means is actually Google has tied up,with some companies to show ads on your,phone as you can see there are like 135,companies which are you know show,the ads on the phone and we can actually,selectively turn them off let me exit,out from here just click continue and as,you can see it says these are the,company names you know all these are,actually showing ads on my phone so what,do you need to do just select all by,clicking this button,it's called select all and just opt-out,of all and your request is being,submitted so that this means your Google,is actually submitting your request to,show to do not show ads from these,companies and trust me guys this will,highly reduce the ads on your phone if,you see it says how to partikipant,companies were not completed so this,means 133 companies have been opted out,and the two were not you know opted out,if you click that you know button again,it you can actually see that you know,with this tik mark on you on the side,it means you know these come this,company have been opted out and will not,show ads on your phone anymore,let's let's cross an and exit out click,the Goron button and if we go back you,see ad personalization is off and you,know we have all we have also opted out,again 133 companies of my hundred and,thirty-five choices that means I will,really get any ad on my phone and also,let me show you one more thing that you,can do let's go to your Google again and,you know instead of going to Google,account like last time click on the ads,button and you see there are some,options that are on there are actually,off for me just make sure these are off,for you to and if these are on just you,not like that and turn it off and doing,these steps I'm sure you know you will,actually highly reduce your you know,number of ads showing on your phone and,this is pretty much it from this video I,hope you liked this video and it was,used for you and if it was do give me a,thumbs up and subscribe to my channel,because I'll be showing more cool videos,like this alright guys I'll see you the,next video