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samsung removes ads its android apps

Published on: January 30 2023 by pipiads

Remove ADS from Your Samsung Phone | No More Ads??

adds in the budget to even mid-range smartphones have become, unfortunately, normal, and it is understandable to some extent if xiaomi or realme does this, because they try to give you a really good hardware rate of very affordable and aggressive pricing, motorola being one exception, i would say. but a brand like samsung doing this partikularly on a phone costing over 40k, that is simply unacceptable. well, i would argue, anything over 20 000 at least should not have ads and should be just left alone. so recently news came up that samsung is planning to remove ads in at least some of their smartphones. so let's look at the reality and see if you really get that ad free experience. so i'm personally using the s20 fe 5g and the most annoying thing was this ad in the weather app. now i've installed all the latest updates and updated all the apps. now you can see here, the ad seems to be sort of disappeared. now it's a big relief because this stays on your home screen and can be really annoying whenever you check the weather. so that's a good thing that finally we got rid of this. now not just this. almost all the stok apps like the dialer, messaging or camera or settings- all of these never had ads in the ui. but let's tok about some other stok apps. let's look at stuff like gallery, file manager, voice recorder and stuff. so, starting with gallery, i mean personally i never notiked any ads in this gallery and it stays that way, so that's a good thing. and the same goes with something like calendar or the calculator. you really don't find any ads, at least on these apps, so that's a good thing. also, you do not get to find any ads. in something like file manager, something that a lot of people use on a daily basis, you don't have any ads. and the same goes with something like voice recorder. so most of the stok apps do not have any ads, which is a good thing. but there are ads in some of these apps, like in the game center. this is something that most people don't use it frequently, so at least we can tolerate this. but uh, you cannot tiknically say that it is 100 ad free. now also, let me show you where else you find that. if you open the samsung pay, you do find some promotions. these are typically ads, but not very sneaky, so i wouldn't really mind it that much. but another stok app where you find that is the samsung stok browser. you can see here samsung's own products being advertised and pushed. now most people use chrome so it may not matter that much, but yes, you can argue it is not 100 ad free experience. also, if you don't set up the device properly, then you may still see ads. so if you're not sure, just make sure that going to that partikular app where you see ads and click on the gear icon and just disable all the marketing stuff and that customization service. you need to repeat this for each and every app where you see the ads and also make sure you disable this partikular notification just to avoid those random notifications. now, personally, i have no issues in terms of that adware, partikularly with the recent update, i really appreciate that, but i hope samsung gets rid of all the ads and makes it completely ad free. definitely do share your experience, guys, with your samsung mid-range or flagship phone. that's been it. thanks for watching, guys, like and subscribe. i'll see you soon.

Samsung makes Fun of Apple#5(You will hate Apple after seeing this)

does the tank come with a fast charger? no, i hear the galaxy s9 comes with a flash drive. yeah, but you could just buy a usb-c to lightning cable and then also get the fast charging adapter. ah, should do the job. have a great day next time, please tie these out. hello man, sorry, one second, it's loading, look all right. [Music]. it's really slow. you could turn off the performance management features, but it may lead to unexpected shutdowns, battery throttling, or you can just upgrade it. [Music]. but i mean the camera's. great man, better than the galaxy s9. oh, you've been reading dxo mark scores, haven't you? why is the galaxy s9 rated higher tiknically according to those scores? do you believe in the scores? i believe in this. are you pointing to your heart or to the low name's pat? oh, hi, pat. um, this is embarrassing. i can't find the micro sd slot. yeah, that's because it doesn't have one. oh, galaxy s9 has one. so how do i get more storage cloud? oh, yeah, i don't want my stuff up there, kind of want it on the phone. forget this guy, buy this guy. oh, it's just 140 more. so we're doing this. can i still use these headphones with the tint? yeah, but you'll need an adapter, or, as most people like to call it, a dongle a. what a dongle? a dongle, yeah a dongle. it comes in the box, but what if i just need to charge at the same time? then you're gonna need another type of dongle, like a double dongle. yeah, double dongle. i guess that sounds explicit, rosie. hey, okay, so the 10 doesn't have the fastest download speeds? well, no, but it is faster than the iphone 8, but the download speeds aren't faster than the galaxy s9. but i thought it was the smartphone of the future. look, um, the notch, the notch right. doesn't the notch cover up some of the screen? if you watch a movie? uh, not in the default view? yeah, but what if you want to fill the screen? oh, you just voila, there you go. it does still cover up some of the movie. yeah, no, no, not a lot though. yeah, a little bit, though. significant enough portion. i mean, it takes time. you get used to it. what's going on over there? oh, no, they come here all the time. hold me close till i get up time [Music]. [Music]: the sunrays. [Music].

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The First Apps To DELETE On Your Samsung Galaxy

so you may have just purchased your brand new samsung galaxy, whether it's a samsung galaxy note, whether it's the samsung galaxy s series, fold series, whatever it is. i'm going to showcase to you some applications you should probably delete first, as soon as you go ahead and pick up this. you know specific android device now. i love a lot of samsung. i love everything they do for the most part, but their software can come bloated. so some of the first apps, in my opinion, that you should go and delete. now you need to go and figure out if you actually need to use these apps or not. personally, every single samsung phone that i've owned, i don't really utilize the apps that i'm going to showcase to you, so i'd recommend deleting them to clear out some storage on your device. now, with most samsung phones, when actually you load them up on their main launcher, you don't install a different launcher. if you actually make your way over to your app library, you will see a samsung folder. you may also see a microsoft folder in a google folder. personally, the google folder- i use a lot of these apps. i don't really use this google application there. i really don't even use google photos that much since they dropped that free tier but i really don't mess with these apps. but this samsung folder is just so full of different applications that i never use, so i would recommend going through and determining which applications you use from here and deleting the ones you don't use. now, ar zone: i will never, ever use this. some of them you can't even delete, but some other ones, i think, like the samsung galaxy shop, you can go in and uninstall. i would recommend uninstalling any of these applications that you don't use. if you don't have a samsung galaxy wearable watch, then i would recommend deleting all these applications that you don't use as well. now you can always re-download them when you need to, but personally i probably will never like samsung health- all these applications that you don't need. i would recommend deleting them now. like i mentioned, if you're planning on using them or if you want to check them out, i would recommend checking them out first, seeing if you're into it. if not, i would recommend deleting pretty much all these applications, probably except my files. i don't think you can delete that one, but a lot of those applications within the samsung folder you can easily delete for sure. now, another application or set of applications is under the microsoft tier. now, some of their applications, these ones you don't. you kind of just need to see if you're going to use them or not. do you want to use the microsoft office suite? you will need to have, i think, the electron you will need to have, like you know, your license and stuff through them. so if you don't even have microsoft word or any of that- you know the permissions to do so- then you might as well delete that too. one drive in outlook- these two are probably the more popular ones. so if you plan on using those, keep them. if not, i would probably recommend deleting them too. now there's a lot of other, i guess, like spread out samsung apps, like samsung global, but some of them you can't uninstall. these ones you can. if you look at samsung free, you can't uninstall this one. the internet browser- you cannot uninstall that one either, which i didn't think so. so there's a lot of apps you can uninstall. that samsung folder and even the microsoft photo are things you don't even need, to be honest, there's also sometimes this little zed application installed. i'm not too sure why they install this sometimes, so i'd recommend deleting that too if you don't plan on using it. however, there's a whole other set of applications i would recommend looking at, at least for stopping them in the background. so if you make a way over to your settings application, you then want to go down into apps, which is right. not there. right here you will see a bunch of apps that are on your android device, specifically for samsung. now there are so many random apps that take up so much random stuff in the background. it's not even funny. so in this case, if you look at you know android auto, for example. well, you can go ahead and force stop some of this. if you don't plan on using android auto, you can just force stop it. it doesn't delete it, it just kind of stops it from running in the background. if you look at ar doodle- i don't even know what this is- i'm going to force stop it. now. you shouldn't go and force stop every single app. but if you see things like you know ar emoji- what is that? i'm going to go and force stop it. you should probably go and force stop some of these things, but if there's anything that's like a core feature of your phone, don't even touch it. it's really hard to mess up your phone in this case, but, like things like bixby voice, if you're able to uninstall it, i would recommend installing it. but, like i said, there's not a lot of different things you can uninstall, but those are the main things that you have the opportunity to to actually go ahead and uninstall from your samsung galaxy phone. so, like i mentioned, i'd recommend going through here, deleting any other applications that you don't like. with my files. i would probably recommend keeping it on, but if you have the ability to turn it off or uninstall it, at least you have the ability to uninstall updates. you have the option there, which is really cool. so those are some of the main things i would recommend at least disabling or turning off or even deleting on your samsung galaxy phone. if you guys have any other questions or anything like that, let me know in the comment section below. hit the like button, know me so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button. more importantly, everything else, i love every single one of you guys. hopefully i'll catch you guys in the next video. peace out till then. [Music] you.

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Best Ad-Blocker Apps on Android!

there are a ton of ways to block ads on android, but knowing which is the most effective option is tricky. is it adaway ad guard, next dns block, cata5, or maybe another random ad blocker app that you've never even heard of? well, let's stop that confusion today and narrow down the best ad blockers on android to date. i'll explain the pros and cons of each one and also let you know which might be the best option for you. so drop a thumbs up to show your support to the channel. in the last video, we reached almost 3 000 likes. let's try to see if we can hit it this time around and maybe even go a bit further and hit 5000. i know the boys got my back. let's start with the easiest and quickest way to block ads on your android. just hop into the system settings, go into network and internet, then private dns, and select private dns provider host name. from there, just type in dnsadguardcom, hit save and now almost every ad found within your apps and websites will have vanished. it's a great option because it's easy to set up and has very minimal impact on your battery. the only downside is that the ad blocking gets applied to your whole system and there's no way of white listing apps or websites, unless you just turn it off entirely, that's, unless you use next dns, which gives you a custom host name from their website to type into that same android setting. but you can still customize the ad blocking from their website. it's genius because it doesn't require you to download any ad blocking app. once you sign up with just an email and password, you can choose to add extra security features to help you stop cyber attacks and threats. you can also switch to different block lists, such as energized adaway, etc. and even block your own phone's oem from tracking you if you own a samsung, xiaomi or huawei phone. if you like to restrict certain apps or websites from being accessed, then that's possible through the parental control section and you can even schedule certain times when the blockage should be lifted for recreation time. they also have an allow list to allow certain domains for apps or websites that you don't want to block and, lastly, you can view all of the analytiks to keep track of the number of queries that are being blocked and what type of domains are being accessed. it's got everything you need and, again, you don't need to download any app on your phone. i do suggest that you add their web page to your home screen though as a shortcut, just in case you want to make quick adjustments to the ad blocker. it's what i use, especially since it doesn't consume that much battery, but still it's not as protective as other ad blockers on this list. if you prefer a few more layers of protection and don't mind the extra battery drain, then add guard is a great alternative. not only does it block ads on both your browser and apps, but it's also the only ad blocker that removes the space where the ads used to be, makes your artikles and websites look a lot cleaner. any other ad blocker will just leave you with that giant blank canvas. on top of that, you can tell adgard which apps to ignore, apply dns filtering with custom server selections, protect your personal information when you enable stealth mode, and even apply https filtering to obtain a better ad blocking experience within your browser. ad guard pretty much has it all, but there are a few issues that i have with it. the first thing is that it won't block ads unless you pay for the subscription fee. it's pretty much the only ad blocker on this list that does this, although next, dns also charges a fee, but it's only until you reach 300 000 dns queries a month. the second reason why i have an issue with ad guard is that it consumes a lot more battery than next dns because it's constantly running in the background processing my internet traffic. and the third reason why some people may not like ad guard is for privacy reasons, since adgard processes your entire internet traffic to get rid of those ads and blank spaces. they can also see all the pages that you visit. you're giving them a lot of trust, but luckily they are a trustworthy company that's used by millions of people, so you shouldn't worry too much now. ad blockers are very effective at doing their job, but where they fall a bit short is protecting you against some of your apps. believe it or not, it's not uncommon for certain apps to actually listen in on your conversation so that way in the future they know what relevant ads to show you. it's also not uncommon for them to send your data in the background without you even knowing it. pretty scary stuff. that's why i use an app called anti-stoker, the sponsor of this video, to help improve my phone's security. for starters, anti-stoker can detect any microphone or camera usage and, surprisingly, it even works better than my phone software. with an anti-stoker under monitoring console, i can see which apps use my microphone and camera and for how long. plus, it'll even let me know which apps have sent my data in the background and how much data was sent. it'll honestly scare you. luckily, anti-stoker lets you block those pesky apps from sending data within the data monitoring section by creating a local vpn. with the flip of a switch, you can restrict certain apps from sending data when they're not in use or just block them entirely. it works like a charm. any apps that i don't need to monitor, i can simply whitelist them within the monitoring console. but the protection doesn't just stop there. anti-stoker has a few tricks up its sleeve. things like anti-theft alarm that starts playing a loud alarm whenever someone tries to grab your phone or remove it from the charger when you're not near it. it's perfect for public places like airport charging stations. it also has a permission manager to let you see which apps have been granted access to the internet, the microphone, etc. a route checker to see if your phone is rooted, an option to mute your microphone straight from the notification section so that no one listens in on you, and a lot more. overall, it's one of the best privacy driven apps out there, with the developers constantly improving it and adding in new features. it's free to download and will seriously improve your phone's security, so make sure to use my link in the description if you want to help support the channel. now this next set of ad blocker apps are extremely similar and work with the same level of accuracy. sure, there may be a few that have some extra minor features and prettier looking interfaces, but functionality wise it's all the same. we have rethink dns, block cata5, dns 66 and next dns, but we already toked about that one earlier. all these look at your incoming dns queries when you're using the internet and block the queries that come from ad networks. simple. my personal favorite is rethink dns because it's completely free, with no subscriptions or in-app purchases, and, although it doesn't remove those blank spaces like ad guard does, it still does a great job at blocking ads within my apps and browser. on top of that, it comes with a firewall that lets me block any apps from accessing the internet. i can do that on a per app basis or just block all apps when the device is locked or when they're not being used. pretty gnarly, of course, that would interfere with incoming notifications, so i wouldn't enable those, but if you don't mind, go for it. it really comes in handy for restricting internet access to file managers, alarm clocks, calculators or any other app that doesn't need the internet to run. finally, you wouldn't think this is important, but rethink. dns has a very active community with a telegram channel so that you can ask for help if you run into any issues. plus, it gets updated relatively well around every one of two months, so not bad. blockheader5 is a great alternative. it has a prettier looking interface with the extra option of letting you choose from a variety of different block lists so that you're not just stuck with one. it has all the popular ones, like energized, oisd, adaway, e.

How To Remove Adverts From Your Samsung S8 2018

[Music]. hi guys, as bad as tik, here and today I'm going to show you how to stop annoying pop-ups and adverts coming through your phone. so recently I switched from an iPhone to a Samsung si+ so I faced this issue and I did many research to identify how to remove these adverts. this was this happen mainly from downloading from an external sources. so there are two ads which are really important, which will identify the adware and and malware and delete it. so here the app names: open play store, download malwarebytes this app right here, so it's free. so just click download and you have to install emptied adware by Kirby and so this app is up straight to identify which application has ads. and once you've done all these apps, let me show you more where bites first, more bite-sized you can see, to create up, identify, stops it and tells you if you need to update, if update you a database which they have and scan now as well. they also have real-time protection. but you need to upgrade to premium version. so, as you can see, it says critikal issues found and all you have to do is press fix now it will run the full scan. so if you go to scanner, run is scan. as you can see it's now scanning. it scans all the items on my phone, including images, apps, whatever you can think of. this would take a while, but you can just leave this and you can use this running in the multitasking like run in the background. so once this running, let me show you the other app: chat or download. go to the home screen, the real anti adware. so this phone, this software, is amazing. it identified which applications has ads. so, as you see, says last can, 7th october, 17 adware found. so if you press can. now it scans all the applications which might contain pop-up AdWords. so some of them, like, for example, twitter- twitter has adverts, but it's in the app. however, some of these applications have adverts which pop up externally. so, let's say, you're on a home screen and it suddenly pops up, or your another app. so all these apps might have pop-up ads. so in case if you recently download a new app and after a while you suddenly see pop-up adverts and you kind of understand- ok, I recently downloaded this app and it might be causing it- you can. all you have to do is press the up and press uninstall and, as you can see, it says: it says what, how big of a threat it is. so this is medium threat and it says that full screen ads- video ads- collects identify information about your device and location. so if you do not like that, you can listen, install. so the best thing about this app is it identifies which application has ads within the application and as externally, and so once you find an app, press it, press uninstall. so great app to do that for and, as you can see, we still have more where bytes running in the background. as you can see, it's got 250 for your applications. on my phone I have a lot of apps and I still haven't 0 more where fun. and once it's completed scanning, all you have to do is press fix now and it will fix any issues which you have- Barwick to the end to show you. so, as you can see, it took 8 minutes and 19 seconds to run this scanner. it's can 114 thousand two hundred and seventy four files can, 503 apps can, which is a lot. so into two thousand eight minutes and once it finds any issues, like, for example, I have found at the two issues on the 19th of September, all you can do is press fix now and it will delete every issue. it will ask you before you delete it and you'd be safe. so these are. these are two great apps which help um remove any ads and anymore where on your phone. they also suggest stuff which are insecure- Android settings like development going to have that turned on and a/c Android Beam and all that is. but anyways, well, that's so for that NFC payment, but I need that for my to pay. so, yeah, if you pay for this app, you can get real-time protection and it scans every night, which is amazing. they give you a free 30 days to scan, a free test drive or something which really helps you do identify any issues and fix and issues if you have some. so that's great. if, please, guys like subscribe, share maybe you can help someone out. and if you need any other videos regarding setup or apps which which would help your productivity and stuff, please let me know in the comment below. I won't be happy to make the videos for you. anyways, thank you for watching. I hope you guys have a good day. bye, [Music].

Take Back Your Screen! Remove Annoying Ads in Apps on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 [How-To]

what's up, guys? that's from Samsung Galaxy s3 soft monitor and today I'm going to be showing you guys how to minimize or completely remove ads and banner ads from some of your favorite apps using another exposed module. so of course, with any exposed module we're going to need the xposed installer, which is where i am right now, and we're gonna have to have a rooted phone. so once you have those two, you jump into the xposed installer and you can head over to downloads and we're gonna search for min min, so it's called min demean guard. you can see it's right here. I've already installed it. it's an ad remover I you just click on that, you scroll down, you hit download. once it downloads, you're gonna want to enable it, so just gonna go back. we're gonna enable it in the module section. so here you see where it says modules. we're gonna tap on that and then make sure that min guard is checked. once it's checked, you can either go in- and here is where you're gonna select the apps that you want to have your ads removed from. so here I have battery stats plus. I'll just show you guys that that the ads are there right now- and then, once I enable it- here you can see the banner ad at the bottom. I mean of course you can just ignore it, but if you don't want it there, we'll just go back. we'll hop back into the ad remover- main main guard, jump here. I'll check battery stats plus and then I'll need to reboot my phone. so of course you can tap and hold here and then just hit restart. now, once hit restart, I'll jump back into the app and then I'll show you that and no longer has ads. it doesn't work for all programs, so you'll notike, some programs or some apps will still have ads, even though you've checked it off in the list, and that's due to some URL things that the companies or whoever does their ads, the ad networks might utilize. but there is a list of ad networks that um, this does work for in the full tutorial. so make sure to check that out before you write the devs that it doesn't work, because there are certain things that it will not work for and certain ad networks that it will not work for. but for the majority of apps that I did try, it did work and it doesn't just remove the banner ad and leave a blank space. it actually removes the banner ad and then extends the app to where it should be. so, if you guys remember, I was in battery stats plus. I'll wait for everything to load on my computer and then I'll show you that the ad, the banner ad that was at the bottom, will now be gone and this will work for, of course, all other apps that have that same kind of banner ad program. so a scroll over to battery stats plus. it's right here. it's gonna tap that, open it up and you'll see the banner that was here is, of course, no longer here and you can just see that. it moves this back down instead of being above the banner ad, and it just makes it look, of course, a little cleaner because there is no ad getting in the way or just blocking your view from the bottom portion of app. that'll work for all other apps. same sort of thing. just removes the ad and replaces it with whatever the stok app would have had if there was no ad overlaid over it. so again, make sure to check that out. it's min man guard. it's a module in the xposed framework. you should go to downloads, search for it, right, there should take a couple seconds, restart your phone and you'd be good to go. so just make sure to check out that in the full tutorial and also make sure to LIKE, comment and subscribe. thanks for watching, guys.