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Santa Pictures | Vlogmas 2021 Day 20

Published on: December 24 2022 by Rockstar Rochelle

It's that time of the year again, where families gather around to take pictures with Santa Claus. With the ongoing pandemic, many are wondering if they can still keep up with the tradition. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to take Santa pictures safely this holiday season.

Tips for taking Santa pictures during the pandemic:

1. Research different photo locations: Look for places that are following safety guidelines such as wearing masks and practicing social distancing. It's important to prioritize safety for you and your family.

2. Schedule an appointment: Many photo locations are offering appointments to limit the number of people in line. This will help reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

3. Bring your own props: To minimize the risk of touching shared items, consider bringing your own props. This could include Santa hats, reindeer antlers, or even your own Santa suit!

4. Dress warmly: Many photo locations may have outdoor setups this year, so make sure to dress warmly. This could mean wearing a winter coat or layering up with scarves and gloves.

5. Opt for virtual pictures: If you're not comfortable with in-person photos, many places are offering virtual options. This could include having Santa digitally added to your family photo or even having a virtual meet and greet.

While the pandemic may have changed the way we celebrate this holiday season, it's still possible to take Santa pictures safely. Remember to prioritize safety by researching different photo locations, scheduling appointments, bringing your own props, dressing warmly, and even opting for virtual options. Stay safe and happy holidays!

Santa Pictures | Vlogmas 2021 Day 20

Happy Blob Day 20! Today is an exciting day as we get to meet Santa and take our annual Santa pictures. But before we do that, we have a family tradition of visiting the Jelly Belly Factory. Let's explore why we love this place so much and what makes it special.

Reasons Why We Love Jelly Belly Factory:

1. Free Pictures: The factory allows parents to take pictures with Santa for free, and they also provide the option to buy professional pictures.

2. Low-Key Environment: We prefer visiting during low-key times when there is no line, and the factory is open on weekdays and weekends, making it easier for us to work with our family's schedule.

3. Family Tradition: We have been visiting the Jelly Belly Factory since our daughter Rosalie was one, and it has become a yearly tradition that we look forward to.

4. Shopping and Exploration: We love shopping and letting the kids pick out a few things, and exploring the factory is always a fun experience.

Meeting Santa and Writing Letters:

Before meeting Santa, the kids were able to write their letters to him, which he read and mailed to the North Pole. Our daughter asked for a dinosaur puppet, more mochi and squishies, and even drew a picture of her cousin. Santa was impressed with her drawing and even asked her to help him read and write. Our son requested a box of Pokemon cards, and Santa got it right!

Visiting the Jelly Belly Factory has become a cherished family tradition for us, and we love how it adds to the excitement of meeting Santa. It's a low-key, fun experience that we look forward to every year. What are some of your family's traditions when it comes to meeting Santa? Let us know in the comments!

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