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Sanyo Xacti HD 1000 VidCam Review

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Sanyo Xacti HD 1000 VidCam Review

Sanyo Xacti HD 1000 VidCam Review

youtubers king human here I'm king doing
its King human that's right it's too
good to be true but it's true I'm king
human and you get to watch me aren't you
lucky okay what's today's video today's
video is about a new camera i bought and
that's this Samuel exactly HD 1080 1000
something like that yeah yeah something
like that it's the 1000 full high def
and a little tiny package I mean look at
this thing if that is that rocks that is
so cool full features I mean you know
when I say full high def this goes 1920
x 1080 high death it's got several
shooting modes it's got full high def 69
hi def 43 it's got standard deaths 69
and standard def 43 and it's also got
modes for vlog vlog quality and I'm
gonna test these all out I shot in high
def the other day I couldn't believe the
quality also does great still images in
this little package i mean really good
it's got a pop-up flash and it shoots to
SD cards which now you can get 16
megabyte SD cards and I believe I don't
know you could probably get a couple
hours in full high def on a little SD
card it's about the size of a postage
stamp um
the zoom on this is very smooth and it
doesn't go too fast it's not this jerky
jerky you don't really have to be really
careful when you're zooming like you do
on some of the other cameras because
they zoom in too fast you want to slow
smooth zoom and that's what this has
what else does it have it has amazingly
enough for a little camera this sides it
has headphone and microphone inputs very
important but i found the onboard
microphone even though i don't even know
where it is i can't even see it to be
really really high quality I mean you
know usually you're onboard microphones
suck donkey dong this one has worked
well what else what else great battery
life the battery life on this name has
been great and I'm comparing it with the
other camera i used my studio camera
which is a JVC hard drive cam and that
sucks donkey dong do not get jvc I don't
know this was the first generation they
came out with that that gin the jvc hard
drive cam but man it sucks donkey dong I
mean I need to sit in front of a million
wat light just to be able to get seen
that's why I have to wear these glasses
I mean this thing takes so much light
it's horrible that jvc this thing I can
shoot indoors without extra lights it's
so cool has anti shake has all kinds of
features I mean you got to go online and
check this out best price I found for
this was about 550 online depending on
the color comes in silver or black black
obviously more expensive because it's
cool I gotta be cool I got to get the
black [ __ ]
and uh let's see what else what else oh
it's got a docking cradle you just stik
it in the docking cradle hit the little
button on the docking cradle and it
shows up on your computer like another
hard drive this makes it so easy to just
drag and drop the stuff into your into
your editing software or onto your
computer into a folder shoots an mpeg-4
so you don't have to convert your
frickin videos like I do with that GPC
piece of junk I've had to use two
separate pieces of software just to edit
a video for this jvc piece of crap this
I can just drag my video right in the
Sony Vegas and it works and simplify
menus on this thing this thing just
rocks I can't tell you how cool this is
now the controls are on the back maybe
you can see them and they're kind of
right there where your thumb goes and
the only thing I would say about that is
maybe it might be a little bit awkward
at first maybe but it you really kind of
get used to it pretty quickly things are
pretty convenient I mean it is pretty
convenient and not too bad good
ergonomics really fits in your hand well
and it's got a quick on so you can just
close it have it ready to shoot whenever
you flip up the screen it comes on
instantly you're ready to shoot that
other camera [ __ ] takes forever to get
that thing ready to shoot something now
the only other thing that I could find
fault with with this camera is the
remote let me grab it damn thing is so
freaking small it's like almost the size
of a postage stamp
so small it's got a lot of features and
things on it does a lot of stuff really
thin but man I'm afraid to lose this
thing and so dinky I mean some people
might see that as an advantage you know
this is kind of the size i'm used to
using and it's handy i can use it on my
fed fingers fit on all the buttons but
anyway that's the worst thing i can find
to say about this camera is that the
remotes a little too small for me I
don't like tiny tiny shrinky dink stuff
you know anyway good good camera put it
in your pocket it'll work for you great
stuff give it a shot look at it online
make sure if you buy online especially
from one of these online guys that you
get a USA warranty card that comes with
the camera you want to be stuck without
a warranty because you bought from one
of these hucksters in New York in the
grey market thing so anyway there you go
great camper give it a shot do it do it
do it Oh unsolicited I'm not getting
paid by these guys I don't make anything
up this I just got it wanted to let you
know it's a kick-ass camera for a you
know something anybody can use and it's
even a good backup camera for you guys
have the big you know professional stuff
this is cool I'm always going to have
this in my pocket all right sayonara
people came human out of here

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