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sara finance dropshipping course reddit

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Sara Finance EXPOSED | Reviewing finance gurus | My honest opinion.

what's up, guys? today i wanted to make a different kind of video. um, i'm trying to make one of these reaction videos just because i like them so much, so i wanted to make one. i kind of, uh, give you guys some of my genuine opinion. just because you know, people online these days always tok so much different and, um, and yeah, today we're watching um sarah finance. it says my 10 income streams, how i make 84 300 per month. i like how she threw in the, the 300 to make it sound a bit more realistik. um, so i'm doing this not to like tok about anybody, it's just more to like get another perspective on it, right? um, hey guys, i am finally back with another video and for today's video, i just want to be completely transparent and share exactly how i'm making around 84 000 every single month from 10 different income streams, and since my income streams have changed a lot in the past couple of months, i want to update you guys on everything. so hopefully this video does teach you some new ways you can start making money. so, anyways, let's start with my very first income stream, which is probably one of my favorites, which is this youtube channel, and obviously most of you guys already know that i make money from youtube, but you probably don't know how much money i'm making at the moment, because it does change a lot. so at this moment, youtube is paying about 800 to 1 000 every single day, and not too long ago i was only making around 200 or 300 every single day from youtube, so it definitely does start to get better and better with time. now i also have some good news, because there is a new way to make money with youtube that anyone can do. it's actually called youtube shorts. it's basically very similar to tik-tok videos, but you just post them on youtube, and what i like about this is that any video post can go viral, even if you have zero subscribers, and youtube announces that it's gonna pay creators up to ten thousand dollars for posting youtube shorts. so i think i'm gonna try out youtube shorts and see if i can actually make money with it. but if you're watching this, i highly recommend trying it out because, honestly, anything can happen. now. my next stream of income, which is probably one of the best ones for anyone to have, is real estate. now, at this moment, i'm only making money with real estate with one method, but i do have plans for the future to make a lot of money with real estate, and so i thought i might as well share those plans with you guys, because i actually might help you out. so my first plan to make money with real estate is by house hacking, and how house hacking works is you basically buy a house to live in and maybe you rent out a portion of the house, like the basement, to someone, and that person ends up paying your bills. and so at the moment, i am building a new home and i'm gonna be leaving the top and renting out the bottom, and i plan to rent a basement for about two thousand dollars a month, which is gonna help me out a lot. it's gonna help you pay down the mortgage bills and other expenses. so if you ever want to buy a house but you think the bills are gonna be a little too much for you, house hacking is probably one of the best ways to reduce your bills and it's also a great way. okay, let me stop this right here. one of the biggest flags for me is when one of these gurus, the first thing they say is about real estate, because real estate is one of those things i feel like people just put out there, but normal people don't really understand what it really means, so they just kind of go: oh yeah, yeah, it makes sense, makes sense. so let me break down what she just said to me. so she's saying that she's gonna buy a house and then, after rent out the basement unit. so, and i'm i don't- i'm not sure exactly where she's from, because obviously the real estate market is a bit different out in the us- but first of all, i'm pretty sure you still need to be licensed as a duplex to be able to legally live two different kind of units, um, so that is already something that, um, then that is something that is already an obstacle for most people, because duplexes are a lot harder to find. second of all, she showed some pictures of some really nice houses, right, and she said she's gonna rent it out for two thousand dollars, which will help with her mortgage, but it in no way makes your mortgage, it no way covers your entire mortgage right for a house like that. so right off the bat, she's just kind of exaggerating this whole process a little bit, um, which doesn't really make me feel very good about this. but uh, yeah, let's keep, let's continue. way to pay down your mortgage. now. the next way i plan to make money with real estate is through airbnb, and airbnb is basically a website that allows you to rent out a portion of your home or your entire home to someone, and there's ton of homes on airbnb and a lot of these homes are making over 10 000 a month, and so my plan for this is this house that i'm currently living in. i'm not gonna sell it, i'm just gonna keep it and turn it into an airbnb. and let's say you wanna start making money with airbnb but you don't have enough money to buy a house. well, there is this method you can try out. it's called airbnb arbitrage, and basically how this works is you find a nice rental in a good area and you contact the owner and say that you want to rent it, and you also have to know that you're also going to put the home on airbnb. and you can put that house on airbnb for maybe 300 a night and realistikally, if you do it right, you could make over six thousand dollars a month from that airbnb, and that means, after expenses, it comes to around four thousand dollars in profit, and that's actually really good, especially if you continue to scale and get a bunch of other properties and turn them into airbnbs. so you might as well look into this, and the nice thing is it actually cost zero dollars to start this now. my next income stream, which i've never toked about before, is crap. okay, this is. this is just such big. so, first of all, she titled how i make 84 000. so is she making this money on airbnb right now? no, she's not. so i don't know why she's claiming that by the title of this video that she is right. she's toking about airbnbs, but it's. it's not as simple as just finding someone renting it for renting the entire whole thing and then putting out airbnb, because a lot of landlords they don't actually want you to put theirs on airbnb. they're not stupid either. they know that if they put on airbnb they can generate a lot more cash flow. but the idea is that when you rent an airbnb, there's a lot more like smaller processes, smaller hassles, right, like what if one of the the tenants throw a party or breaks a wall? versus if you were to rent it to a family, which is much more stable. so this is another lie. like, honestly, i'm starting to smell big off of this. credit card reward points, and the best part about this income stream is that literally anyone can have it, since you basically just make money by spending money. so let's just say you have this credit card here, which is the discover cashback credit card. you'd end up earning five percent cash back on any of these purchases. so if you were to spend a thousand dollars a month on these items, you'd be making 50 back, which, honestly, is not bad at all. you're making extra money and you're basically doing nothing for it, and since i do spend a lot of money on business and personal expenses, i end up making about 300 a month just from this. and i do have two credit cards that i really like, and the first one is the city double cash card and the second one is the td cashback visa infinite card. now my next stream of income, which most of you guys already know about, is tiktok, and i think tik tok is one. oh, so she she's canadian. judging by those credit cards, she's canadian. um, i don't know. i don't know if you consider that an income. um, i don't know, hard to say, right. i don't know the biggest opportunities right now, and there are a couple of ways we can make money from tiktok, and the first one is the tiktok.

The REAL Reason Sara Finance Became Rich

Sarah Finance is well known amongst Drop Shipping YouTubers. she has grown a massive following solely based around her money making strategies and Stok Market trading. last month, I made over thirty thousand dollars in passive income. I put the hours in every single day. it would be no exaggeration that say that she is one of the most successful female Finance YouTubers. so how did Sarah actually make her Millions? what steps did she take to reach the point that she is at right now? in this video, we'll cover how Sarah was able to overcome her financial struggles and steps that she took to become a multi-millionaire. Sierra Finance is a digital entrepreneur, tiktok star and YouTube influencer. she was born in the United States and is mostly recognized for her e-commerce and social media related videos. not unlike most millionaires, Sarah didn't come from a wealthy family. she was raised in a single parent home where her mother struggled to support her with a low-income job. Sarah would often spend her time as a kid playing Minecraft without giving too much thought about her future. it wasn't until one day her mother had an important tok with her that she decided to start caring about her career. at the age of 15, Sarah decided to get her very first job. she had previously been trying many different side hustles, but decided it was better if she had something more stable. her first real job was working at a place called Tim Hortons, with the sole purpose of saving for her future education. Sarah was always fascinated with the idea of flying and decided that she could become a pilot. Not only was the idea of becoming one motivating enough, but they also made a lot of money. obtaining the money wasn't going to be easy for Sarah, though, and she knew that if she was going to pull this off, she needed to get more creative. becoming a pilot requires proper flight training on top of an already expensive degree. Sarah calculated that she would need over two hundred thousand dollars if she wanted to get herself her dream job. with the current amount of money Sarah was making from Tim Hortons, she would have to put in a tremendous amount of time that she didn't have going to school while working a full-time job eventually wore down Sarah. she knew that there had to be a way to make money without leaving the comfort of her home. she searched the Internet for ways to make money online, and eventually came across the usual suspects. she quickly started to see some success reselling on eBay, but it wasn't until she looked deeper that she found her answer. the one thing that really caught her eye was Shopify Drop Shipping. Sarah was amazed by how these Finance YouTubers were able to afford all these lavish items and expensive cars. one video in partikular, that influencer was the Tai Lopez and his new Lamborghini. here in my garage just bought this uh, new Lamborghini here. Sarah wondered if it was possible to replicate his success and decided that she was gonna go for it. at the age of 16, Sarah opened her first Shopify store. they didn't produce any sales in its first month, but she was prepared for that to happen. she continued to follow along YouTube videos she found online and made adjustments to her store when she needed to. all the money that she was currently making from her job was being funneled back into a Shopify business. despite all her efforts, though, her sale numbers remained low. after five months of seeing no success, Sarah started to question whether or not it was time to call it quits. Sarah knew that if she couldn't make her Drop Shipping Store work, then she would have to continue to work at her job. she decided that, since she had already spent so much time working on her store, that she might as well, continue trying it out. she went back to YouTube and started watching more videos. while testing out different courses, she had around 300 left in her savings account that was willing to spend it on anything that would help her. she found a Drop Shipping course from a new YouTuber and decided that she would start over this time following his methods. unbeknownst to her, this would be the turning point in her Drop Shipping journey and would be the first taste of success she would see on Shopify. after just turning 17, Sarah restarted her store from scratch, changing everything from the products she used to the font style of the text. she quickly notiked a difference in her Source performance and she finally became profitable for the first time ever. she didn't let this opportunity go to waste and quickly began scaling her store. she increased the amount of money she was spending per ad and continued to reach out to social media influencers. by the end of the month, Not only was Sarah in the green, but she had managed to make over sixty thousand dollars. it's suffice to say that Sarah was pleased with what she had done. not only did she confirm that Drop Shipping works, but there was now a chance that she could make it her career, though she was initially skeptikal of the influencer, she studied online. with enough research, she was able to find the right information. if you're also looking for the right dropshipping course, I have now made mine available to the public. it goes over everything you need to know about Drop Shipping in 2022, including running ads on tiktok and what products I personally have had success with. if you actually want to start running a profitable Shopify store, check out the link below. so once Sarah became 18 years old and she had to make a decision if she was going to go to college, Sarah had been putting money aside for this specific moment, with over 80 000 saved up. going to college would be a huge commitment for Sarah. it would mean that she wouldn't be able to dedicate as much time to our store. her mother was also very insistent that college was the only way for her to secure her career. now Sarah felt that her Drop Shipping business proved otherwise, but she reluctantly signed up for her first semester anyway. it didn't take long before Sarah realized that she wasn't learning anything and dropped out to continue pursuing Drop Shipping. she was initially embarrassed at first for her decision, but she wasn't going to let that stop her. she told her friends and family that she was going to finish school another time while she worked on her Shopify store. now Sarah repeated the same process over again with a different product, and decided to also get a job working at a bank. she felt that this way she would have something to fall back on if her store stopped being profitable. as time went on, she got better at running her Shopify store until eventually she no longer needed to work at that bank. she was making so much money that she decided to invest most of it into the stok market. the return she saw in her Investments had quickly started to outweigh all the money she had ever made working a real job. Sarah knew that she was on the right track and that there were other people out there that she could help. Sarah decided that she would start her own YouTube channel and share the things that she learned about running her business. Sarah focused her video content on Drop Shipping and saw quite a bit of success on her first few videos. the ad rates for her videos were also High, since they were Finance related, and she soon garnered a massive audience. Sarah had reached the point where she is now pulling in multiple streams of income from YouTube, AdSense, stoks and, of course, Drop Shipping. he was apparent to Sarah that this was only the beginning of what she would accomplish. she wanted to start expanding her content to her platforms and decided that she would try uploading to tik-tok. she was surprised to see that her first few videos were performing well and decided to switch to weekly uploads. Not only was she successfully running on tiktok promoting her Shopify stores, but she had also begun creating her own Finance content. Sarah felt like she had struck gold with this formula and continued to apply the strategy to grow her wealth h.

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I Tried Shopify Dropshipping For 1 Week (From Scratch) - Entrepreneur Reaction - dropshipping tips

hey, youtube, renee christine. here and today we're going to react to a video titled i tried shopify drop shipping for one week from scratch, and then i will also. throughout the video, we'll tok about like what we experienced ourselves as a channel. we recently tested shopify drop shipping as well, and then, of course, i always want to know what you have to say, so post in the comments as well. alright, so let's get to it, but first it is amazing to watch all that. i applaud your energy. however, this is a bit of an amateur hour, dude. look how long your comment is. have you ever used youtube before? your comment is amateur hour. all right, don't forget to like this video. remember, each like helps pay for a baby diaper and you don't even have to change it. also, be sure to go to frostincomcranberry2020.. that frosting just was re-released just today- super cheap, i think. it's 47, going up to 97 in just a few days, and there is a 30 day money back guarantee on that, if it's just not your cup of tea. now on with the show [Music]. for this video, i will be building a shopify drop shipping business from scratch and test it out for an entire week, and i will be revealing literally everything from a to z, and at the end of the video i will show you guys how much money the business makes. oh cool. i think we've seen one of these before. i'm totally curious if this person had the same results as the other person- hopefully over ten thousand dollars. so first i'm going whoa, we did not see those results with our shopify. if you remember, i paid someone- i think it was twelve hundred dollars or twelve fifty- to build me a shopify site from scratch, and it was- i think it's baby roammatecom, r-o-a-m-m-a-t-ecom, and it sells like baby carriers and unique things, and it was a really cool site. i don't regret spending that money. and then we went and tested three sets of facebook ads to that site and so far we got one sale and that person refunded because the product took so long to get there. and, by the way, do you guys remember i tried to buy my own product to see how long it would take, and it's been two months. i still have not received the product. so just some stuff that may not be so positive about shopify drop shipping, but let's see if she's had a better experience. i'm going to find a product to sell. then i'm going to create an online store using shopify. then i'm going to create advertisements and market the product and i'm going to walk you guys through the entire process. this is chicken noodle soup, it's not pee and i'm on a diet, so don't ask questions. all right, so today is day one and, honestly, my plan is to get everything done today and then have the store up and running for the whole week. that way, i can make the most amount of money. also, my budget for this is going to be a hundred dollars, so i do not want to spend any more than a hundred dollars. so now the first: what 100 to make a thousand? i'm totally, totally curious, are you guys? curious thing that i have to do, and with any other business, is finding a product to sell. so in order for this to work and for me to actually make money, the product has to fall under certain categories. so i honestly would prefer if the product is in high demand, solves some kind of problem, can't easily be found at walmart and also has that wow factor. so if people see the product, they instantly want to buy it, and you probably have seen how people find products to sell and there, honestly, is so many ways you can do this, but i've decided to use tik-tok to find the product. the last person did this same thing as well, the last video that we watched and reacted to. so tiktok is one of the largest social media platforms, and i think that everyone should be using tiktok for their drop shipping businesses, because it has personally helped me a lot. so the tiknique that i use to find winning products on tiktok is just search up amazon fines, scroll through all the posts, and any video that has a lot of likes and comments is a product that i might test out. so now, okay. so the other person used this same method, and it worked out. it worked out pretty good. they didn't do it for a week, though. they just did it for a couple days, and they made money, but they spent more money in ads than they made. long-term strategy. it could work, though, but ten thousand dollars- can this really work? well, now i'm gonna go ahead and do this and try to find a good product to sell, and once i do, i will come back and update you guys. alright, guys, so i am back, and it only took me 20 minutes to find a product, but i honestly think this product is going to sell really well. so the product is soap sheets and i've actually seen this product a lot, but for some reason i never actually thought about selling it, and we can agree that, based off of tik tok, it's in demand. it also has that wow factor when you see it, and i don't think you can easily find this at stores like walmart. so for all those reasons, i'm going to go with this product, and i used to use aliexpress, but the problem i used to have is that shipping took way too long. so instead of using ally, thank you, thank you. this is the problem that i have right now, and i only got one order, but i've spent like 300 on ads, but only one order and the order ended up canceling and getting a refund because it took too long. express. i switched over to s pocket, which is so much better, and if you look at us, i think they pronounce that spock, it don't they? is that just me? the s pocket? you can see that the soap sheets are available here and they're only 225, which is actually pretty good. so if i can get the product for 225, i can probably sell it on my store for about 6.99. all right, so i've already found a product to sell and next i want to get an influencer to advertise the product for me- and no, i'm not going to be using facebook ads, because it's going to take me too long and so i'd rather use it- and also, this is a different strategy. i'm totally curious if this will work. so, since i use take tok to find the product, i'm also going to be using a tiktok influencer to advertise the product. so, honestly, i'm not going to be too picky with the person as long as they have over 150 000 followers and get over 20 000 views on each video, and i guess the most important thing is they do have to have a loyal fan base and a lot of comments. so actually, what i think i'm going to do is search up amazon finds and then go through that and see who posts a bunch of those videos, and then go on their profile, kind of look into it, see how many followers they have, how many views they get on each video, and if i think they're going to be a good fit, then i will email them, and this is really smart. this might actually work. an important thing i forgot to mention is that i am going to reach out to 40 people, and the reason for this is because people usually take a really long time to reply, and so if i reach out to 40, i'll be lucky to maybe have five people respond [Music]. all right, guys. so i'm finally done, and it took me two hours to reach out to all the influencers, so what i did is either just email them or dm them on instagram. so now what i've done is i've found a product to sell, i've reached out to influencers and the next thing i need to do is actually build the online store using shopify. so i actually have a separate video on how to build a shopify drop shipping store, but for this video i am going to go over some tips. all right, so i just finished making the store and, no joke, it only took me about 40 minutes to make it, but anyways, i'll show you guys how the store looks real quick, alright. so here's the home page, and honestly, it doesn't look that good, but it doesn't matter, because the customers are going to be redirected to the product page. so let's go to the product page and on here. as long as you have good images, a good description and reviews on the site, you should be okay, and once it sounds very like simple strategy. if you pick a good product, you have good images and you find the right audience, it will sell, and that is the bottom line of busin.

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I Tried Shopify Dropshipping For 1 Week (From Scratch)

so in this video, i'm gonna start a brand new shopify drop shipping business and attempt to take it from zero dollars to over two thousand dollars in just one week, and i'll be doing this live with you and revealing every single step, and at the end of the video, i'll show you exactly how much money the business makes- hopefully over two thousand dollars, and i thought i'd mention that. basically, i'm going to be showing you my exact drop shipping strategy right now, and i use this strategy for one of my drop shipping stores that made over six hundred thousand dollars. so you're definitely going to be learning a lot, and so, basically, how this works is: first thing i'm gonna do is find a good product to sell. then i'm gonna find a supplier and create the online store and then i'm gonna create advertisements for the product, and what i'm gonna be doing is literally just advertising the product for free on tiktok, so just posting videos to my account and, yes, this method does work really well. so what i want to do right now is actually find a good product to sell, and this product has to be in high demand and it also has to be a product that i can create viral videos with. that way, all the videos i post on tiktok have the potential to go viral and overall, it just has to be a really cool product that a lot of people would want. and, honestly, all i do to find viral products is go on tiktok and just search up- tiktok made me buy it- and then i look through all those videos and i might come across something that could be a good product to sell. i also search up amazon fines and drop shippers exposed. so once i do that, i look through all the videos and potentially find something and, honestly, i find most of my products doing this and it's completely free. i also do occasionally post viral products on my instagram story so you can follow me on there if you want to keep up with that. so, anyways, i'm gonna go search on tiktok now and try to find something and once i do, i'll come back and update you, okay, so only took me about five minutes to find this product and it's basically a sunset lamp. i've actually seen this product before a lot of times, but i never actually thought about selling it. but i definitely do think it's a winning product, especially because there's a lot of other stores selling this product. right now, there's this one drop shipping store on tik tok called the soul sunset, and i just notiked them now and they're doing really well, and since they're able to sell their products successfully, i'm sure that i can do the same. okay, so now that i have my product, i actually have to find a supplier that i can get the product from, and i use a ton of different suppliers, but this time i'm going to be using spock's, since they are one of my favorites, and the main reason i'm going to use them is because you can actually get a pretty decent price, you get high quality products and you're going to get fast shipping times, which is really, really important, and they also have tons of different winning products to pick from. okay, so, anyways, i did find the sunset lamp on sprocket. it's gonna be 13 and it ships between seven to ten days, which is ideal, and i decided i'm gonna sell a product on my store for 39.99, since a lot of other stores are selling it for that price. so now i just have to add the product to my import list, then click on push to store and that basically sends the product to my store so that i can start selling it. and if you also do need a good supplier for your drop shipping store. i'll leave a link for spock it in the description of this video. alright, so now that i have the product, next thing i'm going to do is actually start building the shopify store, and i'm not going to go through how to do this, but i do have a separate tutorial on youtube that you can check out if you want to build your own store now. the store has to look like an actual, real brand, because if it doesn't, then no one's going to buy it, and so it usually takes me about one to two days to build the shopify store. so what i'm gonna do is go ahead and build it now, and i'll update you guys once i come back and it's done. okay, so it's the second day now and i finally finished the store and honestly, i think it looks pretty good. so i just want to go through what i did with you. so here i have the name of the product, which is a sunset lamp, and then here i have the option to pick a lamp color, and i put sunset, but there are some other colors as well, so i didn't want to include those, and i put the guaranteed safe and secure checkout, since it does make my store look more legit, and i also did pick a couple of good, high quality photos and i think it does fit the aesthetik of the product. and here i have a section that says get to know the sunset lamp, and this just basically explains exactly what the sunset lamp is. and here i have the 30 day customer guarantee, which means that if the customer buys the product and they don't like it, they can return it within 30 days. this is really important because a lot of customers won't buy their product if they can't do this, then here i have what's in the box, so i basically just explained what's going to come in the package. and next we have the customer reviews, which is really important, and basically having any kind of social proof on your store is so important. if you don't have social proof, it's very likely that your product won't sell as much. and obviously these reviews aren't actually from customers who bought my product, it's just from other stores that are also selling the same product. and if you scroll down here, you can see i have a text that says: capture stunning photos. and then i have another text that says: relieves anxiety and stress. and one thing i will say, is having this little bar here at the bottom where they can actually add the product to their cart is really important. so basically, instead of scrolling back up all the way to the top and click add to cart, they can just do it at the bottom of the page. but yeah, that's basically it. that's my entire store. it didn't take me too long to make and i like how simple it is, and i always say simple is so much better. you don't want to make it too crowded, and if i was a customer and i saw the store, i would say it looks pretty good, and it even looks better when you're seeing it on your phone, which is where most of my customers are going to see it. alright, so now that we're done with the store, i do want to mention that i have a shopify drop shipping course. basically, the course goes over my exact strategy to make over 30 000 in profits every single month, and the course is updated for 2022. so if you want to check that out, i'll leave a link in the description of the video. but anyways, now the store is done, the next step is advertising and, like i said before, i'm going to be using tik tok to advertise, and all i have to do is post videos on my tiktok account, and that is completely free. and usually what i do with all my drop shipping stores is i order the product to my house and then i actually make my own videos with it. but this time, because i only have one week, i'm not actually gonna order the product to my house. instead, i'm gonna use videos from tiktok and just repost them on my account. so what i'm gonna do is search up sunset lamp on tiktok and go through all those videos, and so, once i do find a couple good videos, what i'll do is just repost them on my tiktok and, of course, i will credit the owner of the video. now, do i recommend you do this with your own drop shipping business? honestly, you can try it out, but i do think it's a lot better to actually make your own videos. this way, your brand is going to look a lot more legit. so, anyways, after scrolling through tiktok for a bit, i found a couple good videos that i saved, and so my plan now is to actually post three videos every single day, and i'm hoping that at least one video goes viral and pretty much my entire take tok account is updated. so i have a profile picture. i put the store link in my bio and i also did update.

How To Create A Shopify Dropshipping Store (2022 SHOPIFY TUTORIAL)

what's up, guys? so in today's video, i'm gonna show you guys, step by step, how to create a shopify drop shipping store just like this one here. i also highly recommend that you guys follow along with your own store as well, and if not, that's cool too. but anyways, we're gonna get right into the video and make sure you guys do hit that like button for the youtube algorithm and let's just get right into it. [Music]. alright, guys, the first thing i want you to do is to head over to shopifycom, and we're gonna do here. you're gonna just hit start free trial so you should be able to get a 14 day free trial here. so basically, now just put in your email address, and i highly recommend that you create a totally new email address for your store. so, whatever that may be, just create it beforehand, put in your password and your store name and don't worry about what you put for your store name. it doesn't really matter. now we're just going to create the store. you can go ahead and skip that, but here make sure you put in all your information and then enter your store. so now we're on the shopify dashboard. so what you guys want to do is click on select a plan, either at the top or the bottom there. so once you're here, just click on choose this plan for the basic shopify plan, which is 29 a month. down here, where it says payment method: you can add in your credit card or use paypal, but i'm going to just personally use paypal. so once you've connected, you know your payment method. all you got to do is click on start plan, which is on the right there, and once you've done that, i just want to let you guys know that you're not going to get charged right away, as you can see, you'll be charged after the 14 day free trial. once that's done, now we're back to the home page. so just go ahead and click on add domain. so if you're going to create a store, you definitely want to add a domain. basically, the domain is just going to be your store's url. anyways, let's just go back here, um, back to online store. so let's say you purchased the domain. you're all good to go see where it says online store is password protected. make sure you just click on disable password. this, basically, will just remove the password. that way, people can visit your store, um, so i'm just going to do that now. i like to usually just remove it in the beginning. [Music]. all right, now that's all done. on the left there, click on apps and i'm going to get you guys to add some apps. so click on visit the shopify app store in the right. once you're there, you're gonna search in oberlo, and oberlo is extremely helpful. i recommend using this for every single drop shipping store and, as of right now, they actually have a free course. i just want to mention that. so if you guys want to check that out anyways, back to this. so what you're going to do here is, when you click on oberlo, you're going to click on add app, scroll down to the bottom and click on install app. all right, guys. so what you're going to do is you're basically going to rinse and repeat with these apps. you're going to do the exact same thing i did, but just add the app vitals40, then sms bump, marketing and automation and a reviews. so now what i'm going to get you guys to do is click on oberlo and once you're here, i'm going to get you guys to click on import list, click on add by url or id. so once you're here, what you're going to do is going to put your product url in here which you can get from aliexpress. click on add product, click on import to store. then you're going to click on edit product on shopify. so now it's going to bring you here to the product page on shopify. so now we can go ahead and start editing the product here. [Music]. so basically you can use this as a template for your own store. so kind of look at it and see what you can do. and if you're wondering basically how i was able to find this information, i actually found it in less than like 10 minutes. all i did was search up the product in google. i got a bunch of stores selling the same product, and even amazon. so you can just go on those sites, see what they're saying, copy it and paste it into your own thing and then kind of just change it up. that's done here. i'm gonna get you guys to scroll down, all right. so here we have some images. basically, i just like to remove images that don't look so good or aren't high quality, and now i'm just gonna add my own image, which is just a picture of a female there, which we also had on the home page. now, if we scroll here to the variants, um, i'm just gonna go ahead and delete that top one there because it's empty. also, i see the image is missing, so i'm going to click on it and just select the image, so the image shows. now we see we have the color. so what i'm going to do? i'm just going to remove where it says with usb for both the pink and the white product. it just makes it looks better. we don't need that part. and where it says price, i'm going to just change the price and i'm going to make it 15.99 for both of the products. and now it says quantity. that's just for you on the back end, to see how much of the product is left. see where it says ships from china, i'm gonna go ahead and remove that. so i'm gonna click more options, click on edit options. so that's all good. the product is now all good and you can just go ahead and play around with your store if you're following along, and just make the edits that you need to make, all right. so now i'm gonna scroll down here. and where it says edit website seo, i'm gonna remove that large link and just replace it with peachy skin. all right, so that's all good to go. so everything now on the product page is done. so i'm going to go ahead and save the page and just make sure you always save periodically, because you don't want to lose what you're doing. so we're good to go. so what i'm going to get you guys to do is head over to online store, click on customize. so now i'm going to go ahead and create the logo and i'm going to show you guys step by step how i'm going to do this. [Music]. so once you have the logo, click on header where it says logo, click on select image and you can just upload your logo there. you can also go ahead and add the second image of the logo where it says transparent header. now scroll down and at the very bottom, where it says local height, i'm just going to change that to 50.. so now we've created the logo for the store and you can see it here on the mobile view. it looks pretty good, but we're going to move on here. so now i'm going to get you guys to head over to welcome. just unclick show dots, show arrows- you're not going to want that. and where it says slide changes every five seconds, change that to four seconds. where it says left image: you're going to want to select an image for the background. basically, you can just click free images and use shopify's images if you want. however, i used canva and i created my own images here. all right, so i have my photos, so i'm going to add the first one here to the background. there you can see it looks pretty good. now i'm going to go ahead here. and where it says show overlay: i always keep that because it just makes it darker, which is nicer. and where the heading is, i'm just going to add the product, which is mini facial steamer, and i also recommend that you do the same, unless you have more than one product. now, where it says text, i'm going to go ahead and add some text here and this text is going to explain the product basically: so cleanses pores, enhances circulation. then i'm going to scroll down here and i'm going to keep the text alignment at center. i'm going to remove that sharp now button because i'm going to have the product underneath here, so there's really no point of having that there. everything is done here, so i'm going to get you guys to just exit out of here- actually go back again- sorry- to where we were and scroll down. and where it says add slide. you want to add the other slide? now i'm just going to keep the show overlay there. then i'm going to add another heading. basically that also again explains the product. you can just kind of use.

Stock Market For Beginners (2021)

what is up, guys? Sara, here and for today's video, I'm just going to breaking down the stok market for complete beginners, basically how to invest in the stok market, and just make it as simple as possible. so, unless you live under a rock, you know that there's this crazy sickness going around and basically everyone is panicking and this really has caused our market to, you know, under goal correction, which we are seeing right now. a lot of people like to say that this is a great opportunity to start investing in stoks, and I agree, just because it has gone down tremendously and I think that there's a lot of money that can be made. so that Warren Buffett says: be greedy when others are fearful, so while others are just stoking up on toilet paper, you can go ahead and invest your money into the stok market. so before I explain the stok market, I'm just gonna say that I am going to try to explain it as if I'm explaining it to a ten-year-old, just so you guys can make sense of it, because I remember it being really confusing when I first got into it. also, before we even continue, in the description down below I am going to put the eleven stoks that I currently am investing in. I also make sure you smash like button Philly YouTube algorithm, cuz it really does help out the channel both out. further ado, let's get into it. okay, to start off, what even is a stok? first off, we have in front of us the Apple stok. so let's just say Apple has five million shares and that number, right there, two hundred and seventy seven point ninety seven, is a representation of one single Apple share. so let's say, right this second, I buy a single Apple share. that means I bought the Apple share at two hundred seventy seven dollars and ninety seven cents. but let's say, Felix buying two shares of Apple. so if I own two shares of Apple, that means my investment would be worth two hundred and seventy seven dollars and ninety seven cents times two. and to give you guys another example, here is the Tesla stok in front of us. we see that one single Tesla share is worth five hundred and forty six dollars and sixty two cents. let's say I want to invest in the Tesla stok and I decide to buy two shares of Tesla. that means my investment will be worth five hundred and forty six dollars and sixty two cents times two. well, let's just say I want to buy three shares of Tesla stok. that means my investment would be worth five hundred and forty six dollars and sixty two cents times three. now that number you see right in front of you. that can go up and down, and that is something we will tok about later on in the video. so, basically, to summarize, investing in stoks is just buying a piece of a company. to keep it short and sweet, honestly, you can invest with as little as $10, so really does not matter how much you have. some people maybe start off with $500, while others start off with $10,000. alright, next important thing is: how do you actually buy stoks? so there are several platforms that you can use to buy stok, so I'm just gonna share a couple with you guys. ok, so the first one is wealth simple trade. this is the one I currently use and it's amazing because it is commissioned free stok trading, which most platforms don't offer. well, simple trade is also Canada's first zero dollar Commission trading app, which is why it's so popular. I put a link down below if you do want to use wealth simple trade, and you will get a $5 credit if you go through that link now. the next one which is very popular in the USA is Robin Hood. this platform did recently crash, which made a lot of people skeptikal of whether or not they should continue using it, but I will say that it is completely free. there's no Commission fees. it's also very comparable to wealth simple trade. honestly, though, I would make sure you do some research beforehand. if you do want to use it just because of what's been going on, it's at lately, but I'd say it's gonna be fine if you're just looking to buy and hold long term. now, those are the only two options I'm gonna go through with you guys, but, honestly, there are so many options out there that you can look into- like there's weevil, quest trade, TD Ameritrade, and list goes on. so if you want to figure out which platform is best for you, I just recommend you know who billing it or looking at some YouTube videos to see what works for you, but in my opinion, I think those two are probably like one of the best. so let's say you download one of these platforms and now you're ready to go buy stok. I'm not gonna go into details of how you navigate through the app, but I promise you they make it really simple. it's really easy to figure it out on the app and there is thousands of YouTube tutorials out there. if you just need help on actually just like physically buying the stok, alright, so let's go into how you can actually make money from stoks. there are so many ways you can make money from stoks, but your the two main ways. so the first way you can make money from stoks is buying low and selling high. so let's say, 20 years ago you bought Apple stok. so let's see, held onto that stok for 20 years and you decide you want to sell it. today that piece would be worth a lot more than what it was worth 20 years ago, and so you would end up profiting a lot of money from that. all right, so to give you guys a real-life example of this, looking at Tesla, we can see: on Tuesday, February 18, a single share was selling for 858 dollars and 40 cents. now, let's say, you actually decide to sell your share on march 13th for five hundred and forty six dollars and sixty two cents. now, instead of you making money, you're actually going to be losing money, and that's because you originally bought the share for eight hundred and fifty eight dollars and 40 cents and you're just selling, not share, for now, five hundred and forty six dollars and sixty two cents. so you just lost money. now let's look at Apple stok. let's say on march 13th at 3:30 pm, you decide to buy a single share for two hundred and sixty one dollars and 20 cents. let's say that same day you decide to actually sell it for two hundred and seventy seven dollars and ninety seven cents, and that was just 30 minutes after. so if you decided to do that, you would actually make a profit. sure, it wasn't a lot, but you still were able to make a profit. now the next way that you can make money in the stok market is by collecting dividends. now, not all companies are gonna pay you dividends, but at the same time, it's usually the bigger companies that do, and so, as a beginner, you probably want to invest in those bigger companies anyways. alright, so let's use Apple as an example. let's say you buy one single Apple share which, right in front of you see, is two hundred and seventy seven dollars and ninety seven cents. so when you buy the share, you are becoming basically part owner of the company. so you're giving your money in exchange for a piece of their company and because of this you are paid dividends, which is cash distribution, which is paid usually quarterly or even sometimes monthly, and this is not requiring you to do any extra work. it is basically just passive income that you receive and the money will automatikally be transferred to your brokerage account, which is a platform you end up using, which are the ones I mentioned above, like wealth, simple trade or robhinhood. now there's three strategies that I want to go over when it comes to making money in the stok market. now, the first strategy I want to go over is swing trading. it's basically when you buy chair of a company and you hope that will go up in value over a shorter period of time, like maybe a few weeks or just a several months, and once it goes up in value, you will then go and sell it. so, looking here, let's say you bought a single Amazon share on Thursday, March 12th, for one thousand six hundred and seventy-six dollars and 61 cents. let's say you decide to sell your share on march 13th for one thousand seven hundred and eighty-five dollars. you then just made a little profit, and that, basically, is what swing trading is. so