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Scale From 6 To 7-Figures On Shopify EASILY

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

Scale From 6 To 7-Figures On Shopify EASILY

The above is a brief introduction to Scale From 6 To 7-Figures On Shopify EASILY.

Let's move on to the first section of Scale From 6 To 7-Figures On Shopify EASILY!

Scale From 6 To 7-Figures On Shopify EASILY

how do you go from having a six-figure
ecommerce business to a seven oh what's
going on if we're hating you coming back
at you with a brand new video and this
one I'm gonna be toking about something
that's a little bit of for someone who
already has momentum and now you might
be someone who doesn't make six figures
with e-commerce that's fine
use this video as I guess motivation
practikal advice you can still learn
from it but also manifesting okay
pretend like you do pretend like you're
in the situation where you want to go to
seven figures learn it right now like
you would be very very shocked at the
amount of times when I was making no
money then I pretended like I was I
would walk into luxury car dealerships
acting like I was gonna buy I would look
at stuff like you know how would you
pretend I tried to surround myself with
that so surround yourself with this
energy definitely stik through it off
like the next 10 minutes or so as we
explain this now I want to make
something clear first of all I know
people have been asking me just a little
bit because I mentioned it like once
probably four months ago when I was back
in Thailand maybe I was like five months
ago yes we do help people scale further
now that is available for people who
don't have anything going yet as long as
they have a budget so if you have a
six-figure econ store at 7 or even 8 you
want to scale it you want to grow it you
want to automate it maybe you want to
shift directions out of subscription
model onto the back end or front end of
it or if you just have money to work
with already like a real budget of you
know just to throw out a number like
five thousand ten thousand you know what
you want to do or have some sort of
direction on at least your goal I'm
gonna leave an email down below in the
description please do not spam it that
is for very very serious people only who
already have things going this is
something where we slowly bring more
people in I have a full team for this
and it's something I really tok about
because we build it on the back end and
we have a lot of our own stores and
brands going through this as well so if
you guys want to kind of plug into the
same exact system and I'm using because
well it's mine I've built it we can tok
about the potential of that we're very
very selective with who we can actually
work with so if that's something that
kind of fits in with what you do I would
love to have a conversation with you via
email about that don't reach out any
other way except probably won't see it
so with that being said I'm gonna jump
into my computer and tok about a few
different things the first thing is that
a lot of what we're gonna tok about
this is funny actually applies to just
life so if you're making six figures
with something and you want to go to
seven this is gonna allow you to do that
now before we get in before we really
get into this there are certain things
where there's a cap so not with
e-commerce thankfully you know certain
that we're gonna tok about that but
just with businesses in general let's
say you're working a commission based
sales job to an extent there can be a
cap now there's smart things you can do
for example I used to do door-to-door
solar okay if you guys know what that is
I would literally go from house to house
to house to house everywhere I would do
this in California I've done it in
Connectikut in the middle of winter it
sucked selling people on solar and now
there were people in that industry who
would build a team I was a part of that
team you know and then they would take a
cut of the deal so they would have like
lead generation people they'd pay to go
out and set up appointments so you know
there's certain things where you could
build a structure like an infrastructure
like down I'll give you an example real
quick I've recently furnished a couple
of my new places and in doing so I've
met the manager of a large furnishing
store out here and one thing that he's
trying to do he's actually reached out
we're gonna be potentially we hadn't
really toked too far about it just cuz
it's not like that big-tiket of a
client wants us to do marketing to help
him bring in a crap ton of leads for a
specific type of bed a tempurpedic bed
it's a little bit more expensive but you
know more beds that he wants to sell and
he's already doing really well he knows
the market the customer and he wants to
be able to pass those leads to people
below him like regular employees and he
takes a cut so like everybody's winning
no he's building that he's the main
person so one thing like that is what
you can do to really expand if you're at
a time cap or an income cap there are
certain things that you should think
about like that with whatever job
whatever position you're in because you
know building a team is always a good
way to do it so with that being said
with e-commerce specifically there are
types of products that might not have
the biggest audience so clothing right
this is a crappy little shirt from four
years ago I don't really care what I
wear but clothing that's a matte
everybody needs clothes right now Expo
markers it's a little bit more niche
right you need a whiteboard to make it
make sense
okay now an iPhone case well you need an
iPhone not just a phone so again
Anish now something like like a turtle
necklace that's even more specific right
now like a rock for your pet turtle in
his tank that's even more specific so it
just depends on the depth you want to go
in right so that's what's called your
niche so we're gonna tok about that but
let's jump inside of my computer I want
to real quick explain a couple of things
that are gonna help you take that you
know to the next level and then we're
gonna tok about some practikal advice I
don't know what you've been doing if
you're already at six figures to get
there so I'm just gonna kind of take it
from multiple angles to try and hit on
every single one to give you some piece
of advice on how I've done it cuz I've
done it on two different platforms so
let's jump inside of my computer real
quick alright so this is where it gets
in the kind of the zone of where it can
be a little more general for other types
of businesses and this is something
where I don't want you to lose interest
because I say this because it's not
cliche everyone always says though
that's cliche you always say it if
everybody says it maybe it's right now
not everything that everybody says is
correct like go to college or get a job
that I don't work for some people that's
not the structure but don't reinvent the
wheel okay it's not cliche it's accurate
that's one of those things where it
really is do what's already working just
do it on a bigger scale and it's not
just that simple of course there's
issues with amplifying everything
there's issues with you know it's not
just as simple as spending more money to
make more money depending on your
platform your audience your product your
niche all of that and we're toking
about that in a second but don't
reinvent it you know the problem I see a
lot of people doing on trend I don't
know I like giving a visual age we're
actually out of paper sheets on this one
so I know it's just yeah you can see the
reflection of my light here's the thing
people they have their wheel and it's
working right and they want to build a
bigger wheel around it but the thing
that people typically end up trying to
do here when they try to do something
else is this kind of branches into when
people are trying to build multiple
income streams they will let this wheel
get smaller and smaller and smaller
until it's just a little circle while
they're trying to build something else
and that's actually a principle that I
learned when someone was helping me
build multiple income streams they were
teaching me they said hey no matter what
you do do not let the first one die
you're building the second that is rule
number one in fact that is the only rule
so the thing that I want to say to you
there is you don't need to change
exactly what you're doing with
e-commerce let me start giving you some
examples let's get the practikal
specific okay if you're running
Instagram influencers and you think you
want to scale right you're ready to
scale whatever that means nowadays you
want to go up you want to make more
money well if you're making 15,000 a
month off Instagram influencers in
revenue pretty good margins and now
someone's telling you oh you know maybe
it's me the person saying hey the money
and consistency is found on Facebook and
now you're switching to Facebook okay
but in doing so you're taking your time
and attention off of this with Instagram
now the 15,000 that you might have been
making goes to eight the next month and
then six and if in the case where you
don't figure this out your so think
about this for a second this is where if
you don't figure that out you can be
screwed this has happened to me it's not
fun to do make sure that you can still
maintain this still have a core set of
time or whatever you need to do to
ensure you're maintaining what you want
now to practikally give you some advice
we'll start with Instagram since we're
already on it
Instagram specifically you can just use
bigger influencers now it's not just
that simple
the problem with influencers is
typically the audience so we're just
kind of well in line literally didn't
even disappear whatever all right if you
have an audience right here and you keep
running your ad okay so your ad goes
into their audience not everybody sees
it the way that Instagram works the
algorithm doesn't show it
it doesn't rank right - every single
person who follows that page or -
everyone who likes it or comments so the
more you run it the more people inside
of this audience are going to be seeing
it and after a while your meme page
shout-out will not be working the AB
stimulator you promoted on a male
fitness model will not be working
because everybody has seen it so what
you're gonna want to do is first of all
take this initial offer
you need to find a similar product this
is one of my favorite things to do I
don't even want to call this scaling I'm
gonna tok about scaling in a second
this is kind of a subcategory of I don't
know what how you want to think about it
making more money that's the whole topic
the whole point but running that offer
you can then rerun it to the audience
because it's a different product okay
and you can do them both at the same
time you should be switching off because
you will similar to Facebook you can and
you will deplete an audience so yes you
can switch the bigger influencers once
the model is already proven on smaller
ones but the problem with Instagram is
that not a lot of pages work really well
anymore for shoutouts so it's really
only massive personal brands and the
really big viral space page is the stuff
you see on the engagement or cheating on
the explore page you know something it's
a lot of engagement hundreds of
thousands millions of likes and views
you know viral videos fight videos food
videos cat videos meme pictures and
everything you know that type of content
and personal brands so that's really
where the eyeballs are nowadays on
Instagram now so the way you actually
scale an Instagram by the way just to
get it specific is get some sort of
automated structure with whoever you're
running a shout out with you're probably
running a shout out on more than one
page if you're not well that's a mistake
you're making so you need to be fixing
that so what I recommend you do is buy
shout outs in bulk and set them up in
advance so if you have one person that's
been working to ham and pay for five
right now they'll usually give you a
little bit of a discounted rate which
will help out your margin and usually
you want to like have it cycle between
two products not just with one because
if you try to buy a ton in advance then
it stops working
now you're screwed so send them all the
content spend all the time doing that
upfront then you can focus on the next
one find another influencer and do that
make sure they're working then line
stuff up in advance so you're gonna want
to work with more influencers on a
bigger basis okay so you really only
want to run it on a page a couple times
a week like two or three maybe four is
pushing it if you're switching products
so make sure you're not just depleting
the audience in like two weeks right you
want it to last at least like a month or
two or more so that would be ideal but
keep running it on more pages and try
and build an automated structure now
with Facebook Ads this is where it gets
tiknical and I'm not even going to
literally not even gonna try to like go
crazy in depth because there is no
chance I don't want to confuse you I'm
not gonna sit here for three hours right
now to give you a basis so with Facebook
to make it very simple it's not as
simple as just raising the budget on
your app in fact if you haven't ad that
is spending $50 it's making you 200 just
right now just like clockwork if you try
to raise the budget from 50 to 100 I can
almost guarantee you with 99% accuracy
that individual ad will stop working I
don't care what it's optimized for I
don't care just so don't do that the
thing that I recommend you do and this
is based on my strategy I hope you guys
can see this with the light duplicate
okay whenever you are scaling as long as
the original ad set or the original ad
sets or the original campaign is still
working I recommend that you duplicate
it and that is what you need to be
testing adding more interest making the
audience bigger even making it more
narrow changing any variable and that
includes the price so if you want to go
from 50 to 100 don't change it on the
original you need to duplicate it
because then if it doesn't work you
still have the original one that's
working to go back to so that's like the
light is touch on Facebook on how we
scale there's things like manual bidding
you can get into there's so much that's
almost like stok trading but with
Facebook Ads so there's a ton of
different stuff that goes inside of
there you guys if you are not inside of
our program if you have not started
learning anything with Instagram
transitioning that data into Facebook or
starting cold with either platform
leveraging that building a six and then
getting to a seven-figure business I
mean we have at least from what I know
six different seven-figure students
inside of our program that to me is
crazy like six people who have built a
million dollar business and now there's
hundreds and hundreds of individual
people have all the screenshots on my
computer on both of my computers going
through showing people making their
first hundred dollars there for sale the
first 5k among 10k and quitting their
job buying a car taking their parents
the person who I explained like two
weeks ago driving next to me stops at a
red light rolls down the window and this
kid is in tears he took his mom out of a
trailer park and then bought that a
little out here's a Nissan that he was
in I told that story yes and go back and
find it literally blows my mind so if
you want to learn those skills we're
actually doing a $500 giveaway
along with some other cool things you
can check out below I'll leave it linked
somewhere blah titled like giveaway
I believe that's still up depending on
when you're watching this that is ending
on Cyber Monday so if you guys are not
enrolled in our program I highly
recommend you get inside there not only
solely for the purpose of learning this
and a thousand times more but also
becoming a part of the community and
you're also going to be entered into
this giveaway so I've never done
anything like this I never plan on doing
it again and I guess we'll see how it
goes but I want to make sure that people
are getting the right information and
then putting that 500 bucks from the
giveaway towards adspend or I guess they
want to go blow it they can blow it but
you know that would definitely help them
out because that kind of plays into the
certain amount of numbers you need to
start getting results so make sure you
learn this stuff make sure you take
advantage of it if you feel the desire
to learn from me in the ways that we
structure everything with all of our
stores all of our brands all of our
clients stuff every single back-end
structure it is explained in detail
inside of there and even if you have no
experience this literally walks you from
A to Z it's a lesson library with a very
strong community backing it up so I look
forward to seeing you guys inside of
there by the way we've dropped I think 9
at least eight probably nine new sets of
content and you guys are going to be
getting access to the next drop for free
so it's coming in December a lot of new
updated content things are ever-changing
ton of new strategies ton of new videos
and modules inside of there that you
will be getting in addition so make sure
inside of there I'm gonna leave all that
stuff linked down below again if you
guys want direct help scaling the store
and everything that email will be down
below too and if you guys enjoy this
video specifically make sure to drop a
like and let me know and other than that
we post every single day on the channel
so don't forget to subscribe and I'll be
seeing you guys tomorrow in the next
video peace

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