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Published on: January 19 2023 by pipiads

How to Use Facebook Ad Library to Find Winning Products: Unique Tricks

Are you struggling to find winning products on Facebook Ad Library? In this tutorial, we will show you some unique tricks to filter out the winning ad sets and products on Facebook Ad Library.

Trick #1: Search for Ad Sets Based on Niche:

1. Go to Facebook Ad Library and select your country and ad category.

2. Type multiple spaces and hit enter.

3. Go to xerowithjoiner website and copy the link.

4. Paste the link on the search bar and hit enter.

5. Browse through the ad sets and look for the ones with multiple ads running for a long time.

Trick #2: Search for Ad Sets Not Based on Niche:

1. Follow steps 1-4 from Trick #1.

2. Scroll through the ad sets and look for the ones with multiple ads running for a long time but not based on a specific niche.

3. Check the ad details to see if the ad set is a winning one.

Tips and Tricks:

- Look for ad sets with multiple ads running for a long time as it indicates a winning product.

- Use common sense when analyzing ad sets and products.

- Avoid promoting products that may not convert well in first world countries.

Using Facebook Ad Library can be a powerful tool in finding winning products. By utilizing the unique tricks we shared, you can filter out the winning ad sets and products and increase your chances of success in Facebook advertising.

How To Find Competitor's Facebook Ads

How to Find Your Competitors' Facebook Ads: A Unique and Easy Trick

Discovering and analyzing your competition is a critical step in the success of any dropshipping business. This article will show you a unique and easy trick to find your dropshipping competition's Facebook ads using only Google Chrome browser and Google search engine.

The Trick:

1. Access Google search engine and type in the search bar: powered by shopify + keyword related to your niche (make sure to include spaces between each phrase).

2. Scroll down and find a dropshipping product that interests you.

3. Look for an icon for social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) on the product page.

4. Click on the icon and access the Facebook page for the product.

5. Scroll down to the Page Transparency section and click on See All.

6. Look for the section that says Ads from this Page. If it says the page is currently running ads, click on Go to Ad Library.

7. Analyze the ad set for the product and use it for inspiration in your own dropshipping business.


- This trick works for any niche and any dropshipping product.

- It doesn't require any expensive tools or services.

- It allows you to spy on your competitors and discover new products and design ideas.

- It helps you stay ahead of the competition and improve your chances of success in dropshipping.

Finding your competitors' Facebook ads can be a daunting task, but with this unique and easy trick, it becomes a breeze. By analyzing your competition and using their strategies for inspiration, you can improve your chances of success in dropshipping. So start using this trick today and stay ahead of the game!

I Found The BEST POSSIBLE Campaign Structure For Facebook Ads

Are you struggling to structure your Facebook ad campaigns? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many advertisers overlook the importance of a well-structured campaign, which can lead to audience overlap issues and auction overlap issues. In this article, we'll walk you through the campaign creation process for three different Facebook advertising strategies: direct to offer, lead magnet, and only present content.

Direct to offer is a popular strategy used by e-commerce businesses. It involves directly advertising the product or service that you want people to purchase. To create a direct to offer campaign, start by creating a new campaign and selecting the sales or conversions objective. Use one campaign for each product range to avoid competition and fatigue issues.

At the ad set level, create a warm audience ad set and duplicate it to create four cold audience ad sets. Strike a balance between testing new targeting options and not giving Facebook too much to overload their machine learning process. Include lookalike and interest targeting options and assess results after a week or 10 days. Include all warm audiences in the warm audience ad set to maximize retargeting.

Using Facebook's advantage campaign budget allows for automatic allocation of the right amount of budget to the warm audience ad set. This dynamic approach allows for growth in the audience and budget allocation.

In conclusion, a well-structured Facebook ad campaign is crucial for success. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create effective campaigns that avoid overlap and fatigue issues and maximize retargeting opportunities.

A BETTER way to target Facebook Ads in 2022

Facebook's recent deletion of thousands of interest targeting options and the inaccuracy of interest targeting 30% of the time has led to more success with no targeting options.

To ensure your ads reach the right audience at the right time, there are several things you can do:

1. Create ads that speak specifically to your target audience by calling them out directly in the headline or opening lines of copy.

2. Use creatives that only appeal to your specific audience. Use images or videos that only your target audience would recognize.

3. Use hooks and talk about problems that only your audience would experience to attract the right leads.

4. Make sure your lead magnet attracts people who are ready and willing to buy from you and have the problem you solve, as well as being in a financial position to buy from you.

By implementing these strategies, you can ensure your ads get in front of the right people and improve the quality of leads and results from your campaigns. Remember to tap the like button on this video to help the channel and get more content.

INSANE METHOD To Find ALL Winning Dropshipping Products & Facebook Ads in 2 MINUTES!

Insanely Powerful to be able to use this specific method to find winning AliExpress products and craft winning Facebook ads. Let's dive into how this can be done in just a few minutes:

- This method has helped find winning AliExpress products and craft winning Facebook ads

- This strategy is perfect for e-commerce and dropshipping

- Facebook's transparency initiative has allowed for this method to be possible

How to Find Winning AliExpress Products:

- Use the info and ads button on a Facebook page to see all the ads they are currently running

- Check out the ads for popular products, such as scratcher maps, and see how many views they have

- Click on one of the videos to go to the page and see all the ads they are currently running

- If the ads are still running, it means the products are successful and making money

How to Craft Winning Facebook Ads:

- Use the same method to see the ad copy and images used by successful stores

- While simple copy may work for some, try a different approach to stand out

- Use the data gathered from successful ads to inform your own ad creation

- This method is quick and easy to use

- By analyzing successful ads and products, it is possible to find winning products and craft winning ads

- Use this method to take your e-commerce and dropshipping business to the next level.

How to ONLY See Ads On Facebook

Hey, what's up guys? Jeremy Hansen here once again. Today, I want to share with you a really cool tool that I found - Turbo Ad Finder, a free Chrome extension that allows you to see only ads on Facebook. I've been searching for a tool like this for quite a while, and it's the perfect solution for marketers who want to see ads and understand the funnel hacking process.

Why Chrome is the Best Browser:

- Chrome is the fastest, most up-to-date browser out there.

- It's perfect for using Facebook Power Editor.

- It has super powerful extensions.

How Turbo Ad Finder Works:

- It turns off all organic posts on Facebook, so you only see ads.

- You can see the starting point of ads, what they look like, and where they lead.

- It helps you understand the funnel hacking process and see what's working for other marketers.

Using Turbo Ad Finder:

- Install the Chrome extension.

- Go to Facebook and turn on Turbo Ad Finder.

- Scroll down to see the ads that have been running for a long time, and have a lot of social engagements.

- Use these ads as a starting point for your funnel hacking process.

Turbo Ad Finder is a great tool for marketers who want to see ads on Facebook and understand the funnel hacking process. It's completely free and easy to use. Install it now and start exploring the ads that have been working for other marketers.

How to Use the Facebook Ad Library to Find Proven Ads & Download Videos

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using the Ads Library tool to find and download successful marketing campaigns. This tool can help marketers learn about their niche and discover effective strategies to use in their own campaigns.

Using the Ads Library:

1. Search based on region and toggle on all ads to see a variety of campaigns.

2. Use the keyword advertiser and apply filters for language, media type (such as video), and active/inactive ads.

3. Filter by start running date to find campaigns that have been active for a significant amount of time.

4. Watch videos and analyze ad copy to identify successful campaigns and learn from them.

5. Download videos and save successful ad copy to use as inspiration in your own campaigns.

Using the Ads Library tool can help marketers find and download successful marketing campaigns to learn from and use as inspiration in their own campaigns. By analyzing successful campaigns, marketers can discover effective strategies and approaches that will help them succeed in their niche. Remember, it's important to use these campaigns ethically and not to plagiarize or copy them directly. Instead, use them as a starting point to create your own unique and effective marketing campaigns.

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