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Secure Your Home: Low Rate Mortgage Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Good afternoon everyone! My name is David Miles and I am on a mission to help mortgage brokers and financial advisors generate leads through their own websites and online channels. Today, I will be discussing the correct way to set up a Google Ads campaign for generating mortgage leads.

Setting up a Google Ads campaign:

1. Create a new campaign without guidance and select the search network.

2. Choose your goal, which is website visits, and input your website's address.

3. Name your campaign and pause any existing campaigns.

4. Select the UK as your target location and English as your default language.

5. Set your daily budget and choose manual cost per click bidding.

6. Name your ad group and set your maximum bid for exact match keywords.

Tips and tricks:

- Avoid using default settings in Google Ads as they may not be in your best interest.

- Use square brackets around your keywords for exact match targeting.

- Focus on the bigger picture and the potential profit from lead generation rather than individual click costs.

By following these steps and using these tips, you can set up a Google Ads campaign for generating mortgage leads that is effective and cost-efficient. Remember to prioritize your own interests and experiment with different strategies to find what works best for you. Good luck!

BEST Marketing Idea for Mortgage Loan Officers in 2023?

Are you a mortgage loan officer struggling to build your business in the face of rising interest rates and a competitive market? Are you tired of begging realtors for referrals with little success? What if we told you there was a marketing strategy that could get you high-quality purchase leads for a fraction of the cost and even have realtors begging to work with you? Let's explore how one loan officer accomplished this with a simple strategy using TikTok.

The Challenge:

Loan officers are facing challenges in building their purchase-based business in a market with rising interest rates. While building referral partnerships with realtors is a common strategy, it's also highly competitive and challenging, with many loan officers vying for the same referrals. Many loan officers are turning to marketing strategies to generate their own leads, but traditional platforms like Facebook, Zillow, and Google Search are costly and don't always yield high-quality results.

The Solution:

One loan officer discovered an untapped marketing platform that yielded incredible results - TikTok. By learning how to create and optimize TikTok ad campaigns, he was able to generate a pipeline of high-quality purchase leads at a fraction of the cost of traditional platforms. He found a blue ocean of opportunity, as no other loan officers were using TikTok for ads, and he was able to get 19 applications in the first four weeks.

The Challenge with TikTok Ads:

While TikTok ads can yield incredible results, they require constant attention and optimization, turning into a full-time job for many loan officers. It's costly in terms of time and can take away from time with family and more deals. Fortunately, there are marketing agencies that specialize in TikTok ads, helping loan officers manage, optimize and run their campaigns and create new creatives. This allows loan officers to focus on closing deals and spending time with their families.

The Results:

By using TikTok ads, the loan officer not only generated a pipeline of high-quality purchase leads but also used them as leverage to build realtor referral partnerships. In just two months, he had three realtors begging to work with him and send him referrals. He's already received two referrals from one of those realtors and has more time to close more loans and spend time with his family.

If you're a mortgage loan officer struggling to build your business in a competitive market, consider using TikTok ads as a marketing strategy. With the help of a marketing agency, you can optimize and manage your campaigns, generate high-quality purchase leads, and even build referral partnerships with realtors. Don't waste time and money on traditional platforms with low-quality results - tap into the untapped potential of TikTok.

#1 Mortgage Ad To Generate 2-5 Mortgage Leads Every Day on Facebook

Are you a mortgage loan officer looking to generate more leads without spending a fortune on marketing agencies? In this article, we will show you how to create a simple yet effective Facebook ad campaign that can generate 2-5 mortgage leads per day.

Creating the Ad Campaign:

1. Open the Ads Manager and click on the Create button.

2. Choose consideration as your campaign objective and name your campaign (optional).

3. Set up special ad categories to comply with Facebook's policies.

4. Choose lead generation as your ad set objective and name your ad set (e.g. FHA).

5. Set your daily budget to at least $20 (or a minimum of $10) to ensure a reasonable number of leads.

6. Select your target audience by choosing people living in a specific location.

7. Use the verbiage in your ad to match with people talking about refinancing or buying a home in their newsfeed.

8. Choose a single image or video for your ad creative.

9. Use a free graphic design tool like Canva to create an eye-catching ad creative.

10. Use emojis and keep the text simple and clear.

11. Create a lead form to capture the necessary information from interested prospects.

12. Include a privacy policy link to comply with Facebook's policies.

13. Publish your ad and wait for leads to come in.

Tracking and Following Up with Leads:

1. Go to the publishing tools on your Facebook page.

2. Click on the lead ads forms and go to the forms library.

3. Download the leads as they come in or integrate a system to automatically follow up with them.

Generating mortgage leads doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. By following

Mortgage Loan Officer Generates 936 Leads and Closes Loans by using Facebook Ads (2022)

In today's video, we will learn how to generate homebuyer leads using Facebook ads and how one of our students generated 936 leads and over $42,000 in commissions without paying monthly agency fees.

Creating a Facebook Ad:

- Use low and no down payment programs or down payment assistance programs to appeal to potential buyers.

- Call out first-time homebuyers and highlight the benefits of your niche homebuyer programs.

- Use clear calls to action to drive traffic.

The Automated Conversation:

- The Facebook ad generates interest and prompts potential buyers to click the send message button.

- The automated conversation is a survey or quiz that asks for information like household income, credit score, and family size.

- The Facebook information auto-populates fields, making it simple for the user.

- At the end of the survey, the automation offers the option of live chat or an appointment.

- The automation can circle back and ask if they're still interested in getting the information if they don't take action after three minutes.


- The campaign generated 936 leads at a cost of $5,292.

- The MLO closed 15 purchases so far, generating over $42,000 in commissions with an ROI of 799%.

- Messenger-based funnels have a clear advantage, as they allow for follow-up questions and conversations.

Using Facebook ads and a messenger-based funnel, you can generate homebuyer leads and increase your commissions without monthly agency fees. ManyChat is a simple platform to set up and pricing starts at $15 per month. This system can be set up in just a couple of hours, making it accessible for anyone, even those who have never run Facebook ads before.

#1 Mortgage Ad To Generate Mortgage Leads On Facebook (34 Mortgage Leads Per Week!)

In this article, we will be discussing how to generate mortgage leads using Facebook and Instagram ads, with the recent updates and compliance issues that come with advertising in the housing, mortgage, and real estate space.

Setting up a Mortgage Ad on Facebook:

1. Click on the Create button in the Facebook Ads manager to create a new ad campaign.

2. Choose the special ad category for housing, real estate, and mortgage.

3. Select the lead generation objective to generate more leads.

4. Give the campaign and ad set a relevant name, such as Denver Mortgage Leads.

5. Choose the Facebook business page you want to use and agree to the terms and conditions.

6. Target the specific location of your market, such as Denver, Colorado.

7. Use detailed targeting options if desired, such as Zillow and Trulia, or leave it open-ended for a broader audience.

8. Choose automatic placements for recommended ad placements.

9. Set a daily budget of at least $10 to give yourself a chance to generate leads.

10. Create a single image or video ad with relevant copy and a call to action.

By following these steps, you can set up a successful mortgage ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram, generating more leads for your business while staying compliant with Facebook's regulations and guidelines. Remember to target your specific market, use relevant images and copy, and set a budget that allows you to reach your goals.

How to generate Mortgage Leads with Facebook Ads

In today's video, the speaker demonstrates how to generate exclusive mortgage leads using Facebook ads. The process is simple and can be easily accomplished by following these steps:

1. Create a Facebook ad and choose the lead generation campaign objective.

2. Name the campaign and select the special ad category for housing.

3. Choose the target audience by selecting their location and interests.

4. Set a daily budget and schedule for the ad.

5. Use manual placements for the ad to ensure the image is displayed in the right place.

6. Create the ad using Canva and upload it to the ad manager.

7. Write the primary text, headline, and description for the ad.

8. Create an instant form to collect leads and name it for future use.

9. Set up the questions and pre-fill information options for the form.

10. Provide a privacy policy and a completion message for the form.

11. Publish the ad and wait for it to be approved.

It is important to split test the ad campaigns and optimize them based on market preferences. The ad manager also allows for easy access to the generated leads for future follow-up. Overall, generating mortgage leads using Facebook ads is a simple and effective way to reach potential clients.

The 2022 Google Ads Formula for Mortgage Brokers | Mortgage Broker Marketing

Brian France, a mortgage broker marketing expert, presents a special webinar on how to maximize lead flow with Google Ads. In this article, we will discuss the importance of PPC in your overall marketing strategy, live examples of successful campaigns, and how to set up and structure your pay per click campaign for maximum ROI.

Why PPC is Important:

PPC is essential for lead generation as it allows you to show up quickly where your customers are looking, show up for non-geo-modified searches, and scale your campaign. However, many campaigns fail due to the lack of understanding of the auction process of Google Ads, complexity of the mortgage industry, and incorrect campaign structure.

Live Examples of Successful Campaigns:

Brian shares some live examples of campaigns generating a 5-15 times ROI with 51-31 conversions and 9-16 times ROI. These campaigns are specific to certain loan programs with corresponding text ads and landing pages.

How to Structure Your Pay Per Click Campaign:

To minimize cost and maximize ROI, conversion tracking is

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