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selling courses on shopify

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

How To Sell Digital Products & Courses Inside Of Shopify

hey everybody, justin cener here i've got a really great video. this is going to combine digital courses and shopify at the same time. i'm going to show you how you could sell digital courses with your shopify store, and there's a bunch of benefits for going digital. right, you could have digital and physical products in the same store. by the way, a lot of actually have a couple students that have niches that really kind of worked not only with physical products like t-shirts and apparel, but also with digital products like courses and training. so keep that in mind. you could add this to an existing ecommerce shopify store, or you could just have a brand new shopify store just for courses, and the whole idea is that we're going to sell digital because we want to increase our profit margins, and the profit margins on digital products. they're very significant. right, there's really only a one-time cost in terms of creating that content. then you could be able to sell it over and over, and you know this could be in the form of courses, trainings, seminars, speeches, fitness lessons, teaching, coaching, music, art, really anything that you have a skill that can be taught. you could do it digitally inside of a digital course, and there's lots of different examples out there. but some of the issues that you might run into when kind of thinking about building a digital course is: where are you going to run it right- and not only run it, but where are you going to accept payment? where are you going to manage members? where are you going to have people log in? where are you going to put the videos or the content? and there's really no built-in way to offer digital courses with shopify. we're going to need to use an app in order to do that and we really want to leverage shopify's backend, their platform, their app ecosystem, so we could use things like the really great theme editor and the huge ecosystem of different apps to kind of add on to our store and add on to our digital course offering. but we don't want to integrate multiple platforms, right. it gets annoying, especially if you have to integrate things for payment and then integrate a different thing for actually the products and then a different thing for housing the course and then a different thing for the content and then a different thing for the membership and the logins and the payment system and updating your members area- all that different stuff, right. this all comes into play. it's not just about shooting video, so there's a bunch of different kind of moving parts. ideally, we have everything all in one place, and that's the point of this video. i'm going to show you how to create courses inside of shopify using the courses app, and you see the link on the screen, also below this video: appsshopifycom courses. we're going to go over the shoulder. i'm going to show you just how powerful this app is and how it's going to allow you to create an entire digital course, everything from selling it, managing the members, housing the content right inside of shopify. so let's jump over the shoulder. this is the courses app by architect pro and, first off, you notike a massive 4.9 out of five star review. they are the absolute leaders and there's a couple other uh competitors out there in the app store, but they're by far the number one choice and you can see by the massive review score: pretty much a perfect 4.9 out of 5 stars. we'll jump into the reviews in a second, but really this is going to be the only thing that you need to do: everything that i was referring to in the first half of the video. we're going to literally be able to turn your shopify store into a digital course or add a digital course into an existing store. it doesn't matter. this is going to fully integrate with shopify and allow you to make money off of your knowledge, off of your skills, off of your ability to teach people about your experiences. and it could be webinars, it could be courses, it could be training programs, whatever you want to call it. you now have the ability to go digital and offer these really high margin products in your shopify store. and this isn't just about selling the course. it also houses the course as well, and that means having the actual members area, the ability to track course completion. you can literally see what the members are doing, how much or how far have they gotten in the course, how many videos or how many lessons have they completed, and a really kind of kind of uh, all-in-one platform. here again, not just about selling the course, it's about housing the course as well, with their lms, the learning management system. so really powerful front end and back end here, so you could sell a product just like any other shopify product, but then you have them be able to log in and have their entire course directory right in front of them. so you see the app link directly below this video. i highly recommend it. let's go ahead and install this app. free plan is available in here and again, 4.9 out of 5 stars. so we're just going to press the add app button. it's going to bring us back into our shopify store, where all we'll need to do is just click the install app button and, in the background, the courses app is being installed right now. after just a second or two, we get sent over here into our courses app settings and we'll be able to come into our apps page and click right into courses, which will bring us into our courses dashboard. but we're gonna get started over here and this is our little onboarding settings and again, we could just click right over here into settings and get back to it. but what we need to do is select a collection and a collection to basically just a category in shopify. you can create a new one or you'll see your list of collections in here. if you have them and you'll just want to associate a collection with courses, you can create a brand new uh collection if you want. as you see, we're back inside. we have the new one collection that i just created and we press save. that's basically just the kind of first step to get going and as we load here into the courses app, really everything is kind of going to be done directly inside of this app dashboard and we really see everything. again we can go back into the settings section there. i also want to reference over here the help center- really great faqs and how-to documentation, but even better, support right so you can reach their support team at any time. i think that's super important, especially if your course customers are having any type of issue, you'll be able to reach out to support. they're highly responsive over here. but you know we have our little settings dashboard over here. but i want to show you the my courses section and over here in the my courses section we'll come over and click create a course and all we'll need to do is set up some basic options here. so we'll just call this demo course and demo description and let's charge 997 and we'll come over here. it says: creating a course will automatikally create that shopify product and literally what we have here is your ability to create a drag and drop editor here or- uh, not necessarily drag and drop- a module based editor here for your actual course, and you could always preview the course and, you know, see exactly how people are going to see it. obviously we're just getting started, it's not looking good yet, but you could imagine we're going to fill this course with lessons, with videos, with content, with, obviously, all the different descriptions, and we could literally just come right over here and we'll say introduction section, or we can call a webinar section, or you can call it karate, say you can call whatever you want. right, how about introduction section? and we can literally build our entire course here. we have sections right now. inside a section, we could add a lesson, we could add a live lesson, we could add a quiz. clicking inside of any of these lessons, you'll be able to get this editor. here's an example. right, we could have links, we could have images, we have full formatting ove.

How to Create an Online Course That SELLS (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

everyone has something valuable to teach others. today, i'm going to show you how to make an online course that makes money and an impact. right now, our ability to deliver high quality education to anyone with an internet connection has never been better, and, with student loan debt and college tuition rising to disturbingly high levels, alternative learning pathways have never been more important. according to forbes, the e-learning industry will be worth 331 billion dollars by 2025.. even back in 2017, e-learning made 46 billion dollars in a single year, and thrown the fact that people are beginning to realize the benefits of learning from the comfort of their own home, at their own pace and convenience, and you'll recognize, the time to make an online course is right now. but let's face it, the thought of actually making an online course can feel absolutely overwhelming, and the truth is, most would-be course creators never get past the dreaming stage, and that's exactly why we're making this video: to show you how to make an online course the right way, with a simple, step-by-step process that will set you up for success. one of the major benefits of online courses is that you create them once and can sell them endless amounts of times, so, after you've made back your initial investment, you'll be enjoying high margins because your only ongoing costs are marketing and customer support. now, no matter what type of course you're creating, right from the beginning, it's important that you understand this. all successful online courses help students solve a valuable problem and offer them a transformation. your ultimate goal is to arm people with the process, habits and knowledge they need to improve a partikular area of their life and overcome an obstacle. now, one of the most common things that aspiring course creators struggle with is believing there are already a lot of courses out there in their area of expertise. but the reality is, what makes a course unique isn't the topic, it's the methodologies and the perspective that the instructor brings, and that's a motivating thought, because your experience and your approach are your greatest advantages. two different fitness instructors will create entirely different courses, so don't worry about other people's expertise, just dig into your own. another crucial thing to understand is that all online courses, at their core, follow the same five steps sales cycle, and this is so important to internalize because when each step is executed properly, you can create a sustainable growth engine. first you have your course, which is your digital product, where you offer the value of your expertise. then we have the registration, and this is the actual sale, where your marketing efforts have attracted people to enroll in your course. next, we have the transformation, where your students become better than they were when they started. this is when their obstacle is behind them and when they've gained new knowledge and skills that are going to benefit their future. after that, we have testimonials, where past students rave about the quality of your course and the benefits it gave them, thereby inspiring and influencing others. lastly, we have referrals, where people who have seen and heard those inspiring testimonials from either their friends or strangers ultimately decide it's time to enroll in your course now. before getting into the specifics of how to make your own online course, let's first tok about the basic types of courses that you could sell. firstly, we have mini courses, and these are beginner level, often taking a learner an hour two to complete. sometimes these mini courses are given away for free, but if they are sold, they're generally done so at a lower price point. if given away for free, these mini courses often become a marketing tool, taking the form of an email course that is used as a lead magnet to drum up business for other digital products or services. next, we have multi-day courses, and these are intermediate level and multi-day courses, often use pre-recorded video and other supplementary materials like checklists. these often fall in the price range of 250 to 2 000. lastly, we have a master class, and these are advanced level multi-week courses that offer learners a complete system for success. these are generally sold to professionals and, as a result, they have a higher price point, between the range of 500 to 3 000. if this is your first time creating an online course, you probably don't want to start with a master class. just like most directors start off with short films before moving on to features, you maybe don't want to begin with your magnum opus. start off small, test the market, walk, then run. the first step of making your online course is choosing a topic. make sure your topic meets these three criteria. your topic must be something that you're an expert in. people are more discerning than ever when it comes to investing in digital informational products, so make sure you can offer your students something of genuine value. it must be something that you're passionate about. making a course is definitely a commitment, and your passion for the topic is what's going to motivate you to keep going. it must be a topic that's in high demand and, to be clear. i mean validated by data and objective strangers. asking your friends and family if your idea is good just doesn't count. the biggest risk that entrepreneurs face is creating something that no one wants. so in a little bit, i'm going to show you how to conduct research to really get this part right. so, while you might be tempted to jump right into course creation, that's not the best approach. there are a few things you should do first to set yourself up for success, and the first is conduct user research. our goal in conducting user research is twofold: understanding our ideal customer's pain points and gaining insight into the end state they would like to achieve after their transformation. to do this, start by searching at your topic on google trends. this will give you insight into whether your topic is increasing in interest or declining. next, head over to ubersuggest and type in your topic. this will give you good insight into how many people are searching for the term, what the age range is of the searchers and also how much competition there is in the space. next, head over to quora and take a look for a question that relates to your topic. this will give you a better idea of what people are looking for in a course, why they need it and what problems they're trying to solve. after that, look for a few hashtags in your niche on social media to find a few people who might be your ideal learner. once you've done that, reach out to them and ask them if they'd be willing to partikipate in a user research meeting. you can say something like: hi, i'm creating a course on blank and want to make sure it's incredibly valuable for learners. i'm wondering if you would be willing to give me 15 minutes of your time for a short video call where i can find out how my course might be able to help people just like you reach their goals. if you're interested, i'd love to give you the course for free once i'm done, to show you my appreciation. once you've set up a few video calls, make sure to take the time to study these ideal learners social media profiles to learn more about them in preparation for the meeting. at the meeting, make sure to ask these questions and to document their answers. what are the problems that i can help you solve? what are the challenges that you encounter in the learning process that i can help you overcome? what would your goals be in taking this course? if you were to complete the course, what is the outcome you'd hope to get? what is your ideal end state? you can learn a lot from that natural interaction of interviewing someone and sometimes gain a lot of information that they wouldn't really think about writing down. make sure to conduct interviews with at least 10 people. once you're done this, creating a quick google survey with the same question.

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Shopify Courses App 2022 Selling Courses on Shopify. Sell Online Courses With Shopify

what's going on everyone? it's Jamie here from Shopify masterclass, and today we'll be going over the best course apps for your Shopify store. now. these apps are going to let you sell your courses through your Shopify store. now. this is great. if you have an existing Shopify store, it could be a great way to integrate that into it, as Shopify is not primarily a courses platform. so make sure you stay to the end of the video here, as we'll take a look at the top apps, go over their features, the UI, the reviews, as well as their pricing. before I dive into it, I want to thank our sponsor, profit calc, the one click profit calculator available on the Shopify app store. it's gonna allow you to skip those spreadsheets and get back to Growing your store with real-time calculations. there's a link in the description below to access the free trial and we'll show a quick video detailing the rest of their features. are you a Shopify business owner who spends hours doing your accounting? have messy spreadsheets kept you from growing your business? discover profit cap, the affordable and easy to set up Shopify app that crunches your numbers in just one click. it automatikally syncs with all your accounts and expenses to calculate your profit, displaying everything in an easy to read dashboard so you understand your business in real time. start for free on the Shopify app store today. let's dive into our first app here, and that's going to be courses plus, to allow you to turn your store into a online course platform so you can sell your knowledge. you can do things such as memberships and bundles. let's have a course directory. it's going to give you an easy interface to create different lessons here. with a rich text editor. you can have different types of lessons from text, videos, videos, zoom, live webinars and quizzes, so you can have different sections and lessons, grouping them together. there's a progress bar as well as quizzes, very similar to the other online course platforms. I like to do things such as have a my courses page, different tags and different file nodes and buttons. you can also give your students certifications upon completing the course. so, in terms of pricing, you can have a completely free plan here and that's going to give you up to Five Lessons per store, then unlimited number of students. it's gonna go up in price depending on the number of lessons you want to have for each store. you also get extra features such as quizzes, low limited time courses and courses app branding. in terms of reviews, it has a really good 4.9 stars with 65 Star reviews. next, let's take a look at courses and memberships by inflow kit. it's going to allow you to sell courses, memberships, webinars and downloads. so it's gonna be a simple course creator so you can add your different lessons together. you can drag and drop course editors locks here to make it really easy to create the content. you can have YouTube content, images, HTML files, PDFs as well as text. you can track the courses for each member and see how much they're completing. again, there's going to be an online certification download name member dashboard so they can log on and see the progress they're making. in terms of pricing, this doesn't have a free plan. it's going to start at 24 a month with a 14 day free trial. now there's cheaper plan is going to charge you per transaction as well, but you do get unlimited members, unlimited courses as well as 10 gigabytes of storage, and when you go up to the 50 month plan, they're going to drop that percentage fee and give you 50 gigabytes of storage plus a few other more things. in terms of reviews, it's really good again here at 4.9 stars, at 25 star reviews. in terms of features you. you get the member dashboard. you can sell subscriptions, custom translations, a simple editor, certificates, video Zoom, custom themes, as well as quick support. let's take a look at our last app here, and that's skill suite online courses. you can again build and sell online courses easily with your Shopify store. so again, it's going to include an easy course creator. again, it's going to make it really easy to create engaging content with different features, different styles of lessons. again, you can see videos, photos, tag quizzes as well as multiple choice answers. it's gonna be interactive on any device here, so it's been built for mobile as well, as most things are at this point could give you automation tools as well, such as email notifications and funnels, product upsells, discount codes. you connect it with your different email apps, such as clavio, HubSpot, recharge and your opto here. in terms of pricing, it's going to be 49 a month with a 14 day free trial. you get 10 internal users and 100 additional enrollments per month, and it's gonna go up in price depending on the number of enrollments and internal users you're looking for. in terms of a rating and sending in a decent 4.4 stars, but overall there aren't that many reviews, with eight five star review here. so overall, these are the three apps are going to allow you to sell courses on your Shopify store. this is gonna be great if you have an existing store and you're selling physical product, or if you're just looking to use Shopify solely as you like its UI, like its interface, rather than using a specific course platform. these apps are going to extend the functionality further, which make them really great options. so this is going to conclude the video here on the top Shopify courses app. let me know in the comments what you think of these apps and if any additional apps should have been included here. if you enjoyed this content, I would love it so much if you hit that like And subscribe button below. if you have any questions, leave a comment. lastly, I want to mention profit calc again, which is the sponsor of this video. the app's going to allow you to get one click profit calculations for your Shopify store, letting you skip those spreadsheets. it includes a 15 day free trial and there's a link in the description below. thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in our next video, foreign.

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This Shopify Store Makes $500k Per Month Selling COURSES

five hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money. that's basically five thousand of these bad boys right here. sorry to flex my hundred dollar bill EQ, but it does serve a good example for how ridiculous that amount of money actually is. so what's even more ridiculous is that this Shopify store I found is doing 5,000 of those hundred dollar bills every single month. if that's a lot of math for you, that's five hundred thousand dollars per month, and you probably already saw the title, so you already know what I'm about to say. but what's really interesting about the story is that, though, traditionally, when you think of these super successful stores, you think of cosmetik brands or clothing brands, at least that's what I think of when I think of a successful Shopify store. and of course there are more innovative stores in, like consumer products, like deodorant. I actually just bought some native deodorant. oh, I don't know if you can see it right, but. but this is a Shopify store and they're doing pretty massive numbers. let me know in the comments if you want me to do like a store of you on them, but today I'm gonna be reviewing, reacting whatever you want to call it - this one Shopify store that does those sort of insane monthly numbers selling courses. now, whether or not you're a Shopify business owner, you will get a lot of value out of the dissection of this store, because I think this concept is extremely original. so, without further ado, let's actually dive right into the store. alright, guys? so welcome to my computer. if it's your first time here, just get comfy, chill out and let's get right into this. so, as you can see, this partikular Shopify store is called motion design, and one thing right off the bat that I'd like to point out is their domain name is motion design. that's cool, and the reason why is obviously because they are a school. they're selling online courses on this partikular site. now there are brands in the space that I've already established themselves to be like the educational, the online course hub, such as Skillshare, master class. I know you to me as well, as a big one, and this is why I think it's really interesting to see other brands that are just kind of more niche down but still are able to find a massive, massive success, and this is a great example, and example can be applied to all sorts of businesses on Shopify or whatever business you have. sometimes it's best to not try to appeal to everyone and instead niche down to a really specific, customary target. now, first things first. this store looks beautiful. the design is amazing, so, right off the bat, I would imagine that it's doing quite well. but assumptions are never good. let's actually take a look at the proof behind at the store and, as you can see, I'm using this Chrome extension, similar web. I've highlighted this in many videos. it's free to use. you can just google similar web and download the Chrome extension, and what it does is it basically gives you a summary of the traffic that a partikular store is receiving and it also gives you the traffic distribution if you click on more insights, which we will do in due time, but not quite yet. for now, let's just take a look at the estimates here on monthly visits and, as you can see, they are getting more and more traffic, even with quarantines going on, which actually makes a lot of sense, since people are stuck at home. they don't have much to do. they may be more willing to buy a course because they have more time to actually consume the content and, as you can see, it is insanely consistent. they're getting nearly 500,000 monthly visitors. in one of my recent videos, I toked about how an average estimate of store visitors to revenue ratio is a one to one, which means every visitor equals about a dollar, and some of you guys were kind of confused on that. I don't mean that literally every prison you that visits your store makes you a dollar, but on average. let's say, this store has a two percent conversion rate. that means that with a hundred visitors, two people will buy- let's say, both of those people that bought- by 150 dollar. course, that means 300 dollars worth of revenue from a hundred visitors. so in this case it's actually three to one ratio. I just had to clear that up because obviously I want you guys to understand where these numbers are coming from and I don't want you guess to think that I'm speculating based on literally nothing, right? so, truthfully, I conservatively titled this video 500k per month, but I would be willing to bet that they're doing over a million dollars a month in. and what I think isn't amazing about this sort of model is that it is a digital product, which means that they have no product cast. so when somebody buys is one hundred and fifty dollar, course, obviously you have to take into account all their employees, all their site pass, all of those things, but as far as product Koz goes, it is absolutely zero, which is amazing, and that's one of the biggest costs when it comes to starting an e-commerce Shopify business, right? but anyways, now let's closely dissect their homepage here, because I think it's really interesting. as you can see, the first thing in their homepage is a course, like one partikular course that they offer, and they go really in depth into this one course. so what's cool about this is that this is sort of a good model for a one product store. at least, this is the way that I think is best to structure your one product store, where you really go all in on this one product, but you still have other products on the store available for other people to purchase via upsells. or maybe they're just not interested in this partikular course, but you may have another course that they're more interested in and obviously, if you're not selling courses but you're selling physical products, you can still apply that same concept. maybe you have this one product that's selling really well and you go all-in on that, but also it would be beneficial for you to have other products that are related to that, maybe complementary products, that you can upsell to your customers. that way, you have a higher average order value, which will give you a better ratio of revenue to visitors, which will give you higher profit margins. now I will say that there's clearly a high barrier to entry to this sort of course selling, and the main reason is the fact that they have to actually hire experts in the field in order to have some sort of credibility, right. so this isn't just like your average guru selling you a course. actually put together a team of people that are experts in their field and have them teach a course, which has its positives and negatives, but this is the same thing that Skillshare has done, and you to me. now, just for curiosity's sake, let's take a look at skill shares monthly visitors here. okay, so skill share is getting seven point six monthly visitors, saying that definitely means Skillshare is at least netting seven million in revenue every single month. and the thing about skill show that makes it different from motion design here is that skill share is a monthly subscription, so they actually retain those customers month after month. but that's besides the point, because skill share is not a Shopify store, which means I'm not gonna be reviewing it, I'm only stiking to Shopify. that's my bread and butter and what, in my opinion, just the easiest way to start a business is through the Shopify platform. so I want to take a look at the traffic distribution here and also some of the ads that they're running. but first I want to make a point here that I absolutely love how they have the course curriculum laid out here. you know just some frequently asked questions near the bottom. I think this is so important. if you're trying to sell something that's a higher tiket- so this is like a hundred and fifty dollar course, right, but let's assume you're selling, let's say, an eighty dollar product or a hundred dollar product- it's very important to actually make it clear to your customer what you're selling and why they shoul.

Courses app for Shopify: your first steps. Version 2020

hi guys, here's anton from architect pro team. today i will guide you through the process on how to create and set up your store once you install the courses app. i have my brand new store that i just created, um. it's completely empty. i just installed the courses app and that's the very first screen that i see. i suppose you will see the very same page. just click on this link to enable the customer accounts. you will get to shopify settings checkout page and switch it to accounts are required. click save. go back to courses app page and enable this checkbox. once it's enabled, click the next button. the second step, which is very important: you need to create a collection. we automated this step to make it as easy as possible for you, so you can just click on create new collection. it will ask you: are you okay to create courses collections? that the default name that we um, that we use for um, our app, and you can just approve it and create a new collection. that's done. basically, the two very first important settings are already completed. you can open the courses collection just to see that it's there. you can edit it, you can change the look and feel or you can click finish if you are done with your collection. i will go through the steps very quickly and you can invest a bit more time to change the look and feel. so the app is enabled now you can see all the settings over here, or you can switch to my courses tab and see if you have any courses or not. of course, i don't have any, as i just- um. yeah, i just installed the app so i can click this button to create a course. i can name it, let's say anton and anton description for course description, and i will put a price of 30- 40 usd- wrong product name because it might exist already. yep, so here is my anthem test course. i can create sections. the sections are needed just to better navigate through the courses. and then we have lessons. that also has the visibility editor, like here, so you can edit it. you can embed videos and so on. but how to do it? you can check on different videos and you just save it. so i have two sections and in one section i have a lesson. let's go back to my courses page and refresh it. it should now show me the course that i created. let's go to my courses. yeah, here's the course. you can click on it, open it in new tab. um, you can edit it from here as a product, or you can also create a new course by clicking this button. that's the quick feature. and? um, something new. once you have more than one course, you can also click on this button called reorder and move the order of your courses, or you can click a duplicate if you want to create the second course. that is very similar to the one you already created, so you will save some time. um of like on on creating the new course if you just want to keep the same structure. that's it. i hope i kept it short. if you have any questions, just reach out to us. thank you very much for your attention. click the bell to stay subscribed. uh, put a comment to this video or contact our support team for some support and, of course, rate our app in app store. that supports our team a lot. stay healthy and see you soon. bye, bye.

My $4997 Shopify Dropshipping Course (Your's Free)(Literally)

so you were obviously interested in e-commerce and Drop Shipping and you can see this is a seven hour YouTube video and I created a thousand dollar Drop Shipping course that I'm giving you absolutely free. now this is not part of the course. this is filmed right before. my name is Ryan Maya. I have a multiple seven figure e-commerce brand called Beyond braid. it's a braided fishing line company and basically in this course, I'm gonna start you off from A to Z and e-commerce and Drop Shipping and walk you through exactly how I started my business and how you can start your own Drop Shipping business. now this is a very long YouTube video. I don't expect you to watch it in one sitting. if you do, congratulations. definitely grab a pen and paper and take notes on everything you're seeing, because if you just watch it, don't actually write anything down, you're not going to learn anything. so, again, I'm going to walk you through Drop Shipping: how to get started in Drop Shipping, how to build your online store, how to find products, how to run Facebook ads, and then eventually I'll scale it into a multiple seven figure brand, like I have. so I'm very glad that you clicked on this video and you're ready to change your life with e-commerce and Drop Shipping because it's changed my life. so hop into the course, good luck. if you guys have any questions- my emails below- feel free to shoot me some questions. I'm happy to help. good luck, what is up, how are you, and welcome to the course now. this is actually the last video that I filmed for this entire course, so I might repeat myself in future videos, but I just want to give you an intro of to who I am, what you're going to learn in this course and how you're gonna freaking crush it with e-commerce and change your life and make a whole bunch of money. for those of you don't know, my name is Ryan Maya and I've done millions of dollars selling products online, and that's exactly what I'm here to teach you. so I founded a company called Beyond braid. it's a braided fishing line company and- just a quick little back story, this business started as a Drop Shipping business way back when, four or five years ago. we've now transitioned it into a real brand, a real business that has inventory here in the United States. I have have eight or nine team members- employees that work for Beyond braid, and this year we'll do two, two million plus. so that is what I'm here to teach you how to do is find a product, scale a product, run ads for that product, grow the business, grow to other sales channels and build a brand that's going to produce money and profits every single month. eventually, you can exit that brand for a huge score at the end. so that's what's possible about e-commerce. in today's world, e-commerce is the way to go. like the shorts company, Chubbies just got acquired for a stupid amount, like a couple hundred million dollars or something like that, but they started as an e-commerce business, just a small little e-commerce business selling shorts. so literally that is what's possible when starting an e-commerce business. so in this course, you're going to learn how to find a product, how to run ads for that product, how to put that product on social media, how to go viral with that product, how to find winning products, how to build a real brand, how to sell on other sales channels like walmartcom, eBay, Amazon. get your stuff into retail stores, possibly. I'm gonna basically break down my entire business in and out, show you exactly what I'm doing, what's working today, and give you the tips, tricks and tools that I'm using exactly for you to implement in your business now, for the sake of this business. uh, we're gonna build a Shopify store together. we're going to build a business together, just as an example. but again, I'm going to show you exactly what's working in my business so you have all the goodies and all the data to use for your business so you can make a bunch of money. so My ultimate goal is just to help people sell products online. ever since I started selling products online- way back when I got hooked because it's a way to generate money while you sleep, like my store runs 24, 7, 7 days a week, ads are always running, sales are always coming in and money is always coming into the bank account. now I can't stage this. uh, it's the day before Thanksgiving at the time I'm filming this and let's just refresh this. it's two o'clock in the afternoon and I'm gonna refresh my phone. this is my Shopify app and you can see if my phone wants to focus. we've done 4 351 dollars in sales today and it's only two o'clock. so that is the power of e-commerce is: you can make so much money by doing little effort. again, I'm filming this course right now, but my business is still running and in e-commerce there's margins between 10, 15, 20, even up to 30, 40 percent. so let's just take a conservative number and say that today I will make 20 profit. let's just take a conservative number and say I'll make 20 profit today on that 4 300.. that is 870 dollars of profit by two o'clock as I'm filming a course teaching e-commerce, so you can see why I have such a passion for e-commerce and what I want to teach you guys. so again, this course has many, many sections. it's going to teach you the ins and outs of the e-commerce business, how to scale it into a real brand and make a boatload of cash so quick. and introduction. I'm sorry if I'm going to repeat myself because this is the last video I filmed of the entire course. probably gonna repeat myself a bunch of times in the next videos, but I hope you guys enjoy. I know you're gonna crush it. if you have any questions throughout the entire course, let me know. I'm here to help you as your coach, your teacher, to build a successful business for you, your friends, your family and get you to the next level in your life. so, without further Ado, I'll see you in the next section. now what I want to go over next is: uh, what's possible when you become successful in e-commerce and it's not if you're going to be successful, it's when we're going to be confident that you're going to go out and make a bunch of money with the strategies I'm going to show you. so just to outline my journey quickly, right? so I started this business in college, all Drop Shipping. my freshman year failed, sophomore year failed. junior year, when I learned marketing and started turning around, and that's when the business took off. I remember I was 20 years old and the biggest month I had was- I think it was about 50 something thousand dollars in sales, but I made eleven thousand dollars in profit as a college student. my other friends were working for eight, ten dollars an hour working the basketball games and I was sitting there on my laptop making eleven thousand dollars in one month, like that's serious, serious money. that was profit in my pocket. uh, to carry things forward, the business ended up doing, I believe, a couple hundred thousand dollars in sales for the year and ended up profiting sixty thousand dollars. my junior year of college- which was amazing- continued on. the senior year, had another phenomenal year, made some profit again. I graduated college and then I got a job. right, I got a job working for Grant Cardone. you guys may or may not know who that is pretty big business influencer- but I started working in his real estate division and I said: you know what I want to get out of Drop Shipping? I want to start my career in real estate. right, I didn't really know what I was doing. a couple months into my job with Grant Cardone, I actually sold the business. I sold the Drop Shipping business uh, for fifty thousand dollars on Flippa- uh, flip as a business exchange where you could actually sell your online businesses. so I sold my business. fifty thousand dollars- Hard Cash Money wired to the bank account. long story short, I try to help the the people I sold it to, and they were an older couple not really good with computers or tikier marketing. what ended up happening is I negotiated 51 of the business back back for no capital. I kept the money and then I had