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selling ebooks on shopify

Published on: January 14 2023 by pipiads

Making over $1K SELLING EBOOKS?! | How to sell and make Ebooks on shopify

free game. i tell this to my clients all the time, but i'm about to put y'all on free games, so listen, listen, listen, listen, listen [Music] bosses, what's up? my name is kenneth renee. welcome, or welcome, back to my channel. in today's video, we are going to be doing something that is highly requested. ever since you guys saw my video on ways that business ideas that you can start that are not hair and lashes, you guys have been asking me to do a video about ebooks. so i'm doing a video about ebooks today. we're going to jump into my computer a little bit later and i'm going to show you guys how i actually create my ebooks and upload them to my shopify site. but let me just tell you guys the benefits of ebooks and how you can start and the different type of ebooks. that you can start is an ebook? an ebook is an electronic book, ebook, electronic e- get it, get it, yeah, something that people can download and they can read on their phones, their ipads, their computers- uh, whatever they have- and that they read their stuff on online. so the benefits of an ebook is that it is literally money that you can make in your sleep. honestly, me selling ebooks was one of the best things ever. i've made over a thousand dollars selling ebooks since i've quit my job, and it is amazing it is. ebooks are a blessing, honey, and let me tell you why they are a blessing: because it is a one and done product. a one and done product means that you only have to make it one time, upload it to your shopify, wix, whatever platform that you use, and once you and once you do that product, once you upload that product, people can buy it, download it and read it, and you don't have to do anything because, with the steps i'm about to teach you later on, um, in the video, i'm going to show you guys how you can upload it to your shopify site where every time that they buy the ebook, it automatikally sends them an email and they can automatikally download it from your site after they purchase. so that way, you don't have to do nothing. all you gotta do is sit back and collect the monies. we're gonna do. sit back and collect the monies, that's it. you don't gotta do nothing but collects the monies. but i mean, of course you gotta let me, let me stop. before you collect the monies, you do have to market it. you do have to advertise. you do have to let people know what it is. you have to let people know the benefits of the ebook, what they're going to learn, what they're going to get out of it. you know, you can't just say, hey, i have an ebook on how to make a thousand dollars overnight using shopify. okay, so does the next 5 000 people have ebooks? what am i going to get out of yours? so the way to sell ebooks successfully is to tell people the benefits of your ebook, tell people what are they going to learn from your ebook and tell people how the ebook is basically going to better their lives or what is it going to teach them. is it going to teach them something new? you can use this thing called flip snack. um, what flip snack is is it gives the customers like a quick preview of the ebook in like a book form. so you would upload the pdf on there and it'll give them like a quick look at the ebook so they kind of can see what they're getting. you can do that as well. that's how you would market an ebook and make content and videos around the topic of the ebook, so people know why they need the ebook and that people know what the benefits are and what it's about. so making videos and posts and stuff around the topic of the ebook- basically letting people know what they're getting out of it, what you know, stuff like that, the benefits of it, what they're gonna learn with you know- things like that has gone better their life, stuff like that, because people want stuff that's gonna better their life. we're in 2021. people are looking for solutions for everything. and that brings me to my next point on how you can make an e-book on anything. so everybody swears that oh, you have to be a business coach to have an e-book. no, you do not. you could be a fitness coach and have an e-book. you can sell hair and have an e-book. you can sell lashes- have a ebook. you can be a full-time youtuber and have an ebook. you can be a fashion blogger and have an e-book. you can hike an e-book. you can make an e-book on anything. anything that you were knowledgeable about. you can make an ebook on it. you do not have to be some type of business coach. business coaches are not the only people that sell ebooks, and if you don't want to sell the ebook to make money, here's a marketing tactik for you i'm about to put y'all on free game. i tell this to my clients all the time, but i'm about to put y'all on free games. so listen, listen, listen, listen, listen. so what you can do is you can make an ebook and you can make it to where you can make the ebook free in exchange for people to sign up to your mailing list. so what you can do is you can make the ebook free and you can make the ebook free on your, on your um, through your mark, through your email subscription, so you can have a pop-up. so on my website, i offer a free branding checklist in exchange for you, in exchange for your email to be on my email list. so, very so. what people can do is that they can sign up to your email list and then it will, they'll get an email for a free ebook. so people like free stuff. you can give them a discount code like, hey, if i'll give you 20 off if you sign my mail list, which is cool, don't get me wrong. if you still want to do that, fine, but you have to think about it. if it's somebody who's coming to your page for the first time ever, they're not going to want to shop with you like that, even if you offer them a discount, because they need to see your brand, they need to fill you out, they need to know what you're about. it says that it takes customers and it takes human beings seven to eight times to see a business or a brand before they decide that they want to shop with you. so me just coming to your brand for the first time, you throwing a coupon in my face, it may work, but i'm telling you you will have higher conversion rates if you give them a free ebook on something within your business. teach people, give people value, people love when you give them value, because value equals trust, because they'll be like: oh, she gave me this free ebook and i learned something new and she know what she's toking about. okay, let me, let me put her business effect. let me, i might shop where i'm a shopware, i'm gonna be on her page. you know what i'm saying. so just a little fool for thought. you don't have to do that, tiknique, but i would suggest to try it now. i didn't teach you guys in this, in this um, in this video on how to get it, how, how to set it up to where it automatikally emails your customer the ebook for free. i didn't really get into that into this video, because that's a little complicated, um, so i'll probably do that some other time in this video. all i did was teach you guys, if you want to start selling ebooks, um, how you can upload the ebook to shopify. so we're actually toking about selling ebooks. but if you didn't want to sell it and you wanted to just get leads off the ebook, that's the one that's. one way to do it is to have it in exchange for an email, but that's just for people who want leads. if you actually try to make money off this ebook, then hey, we here, we here, we here. so that's with ebooks. it is passive income that you can make in your sleep, okay, so if you guys want to know how to create an ebook and how to upload an ebook to your shopify site that automatikally downloads to your customers, we're about to go ahead and jump into my computer and i'm about to show you guys. um, the website that i use to make my ebooks is canva. canva has a paid version and a free version. i use the pay version, but i think with the free version you can probably do the same things that i'm doing. so if you guys want to know how to create your ebooks and how to upload them to shopify, then let's go ahead and jump into the computer. let's go go ahead and come with me to my computer. okay, we are here at m.

How to Sell eBooks on Shopify in 5 Steps

how to sell ebooks on shopify in five stops. before we start, i would like to hit that red subscribe button so that you never miss out on any of our videos. hey guys, what's up. welcome back to e-commerce know-how. step one: brainstorm ideas. first, you'll need ideas for what you will write about. start with the two primary forms of books: fiction, fake, nonfiction, not fake fiction books require creativity in a whole lot of effort. start by following writing prompts and honing your craft in areas you are interested in. seek feedback for people who aren't afraid to hurt your feelings and follow others. to write non-fiction books, you'll want to do some research and solve problems. you can choose to be the ultimate resource for a topic you have expertise in or learn new crafts to share with the world. try and stik to narrow issues. go to reddit to find small communities whose problems you solve. focus on communities with at least 100 000 members. step 2: create your shopify store. once you've got some good books, you want to create a shopify store. with a shopify 2.0 update, your theme is selected for you. still, you want to run through the editor and familiarize yourself with how to make it unique. you'll wish to custom graphics to help you stand out compared to the crowd. for logos and designs, you can hire freelancers on fiverr or upwork. otherwise, you might teach yourself how to use canva. try and keep it simple to start, with plans to expand down the line. step 3: get the downloadable digital asset shopify app. once your store is where you want it, you'll need a digital downloads manager to upload your ebooks. shopify doesn't have an inbuilt system, so they have approved apps that you'll need to install from their app store. the best one on the market is downloadable digital assets. it's the ideal way to handle your digital files because it's free version offers 2 gigabytes of storage. because most ebooks are tiny, you won't need to worry about paying for a while. even when you do, the monthly subscription starts at five dollars. downloadable digital assets also include email templates with great customization options. this feature enables you to stand out when marketing your digital books. it also gives you protection features to prevent customers from sharing downloads with others. step 4: list your ebooks. once you upload your books through downloadable digital assets, you can begin to list your products. you'll need to create a new product listing for each of your books to do this. find out how to add products to shopify here you can watch the video tutorial below to learn how to install the app, upload your products and be ready to sell. it's super easy. after adding your products to shopify, you can attach a digital file or ebooks to each one of your products. the free version of downloadable digital assets allows you to list one book per product easily. you can upgrade easily if you want to offer bundle deals, multiple attachments to one product. just be sure that the digital items you release fill out your store. you don't want it to look dull. step five: grow your audience. once your downloadable products are listed and finished, your digital content is ready for sale. you need to make people aware of this offering and grow your audience. to start, you can use ppc campaigns on sites like google or facebook to attract people looking for your book. you might target people who look for fantasy novels in fiction, for nonfiction. focus on providing your book as a solution to their questions. on google and facebook, you can use this to point people to direct sales of your book. you can include thank you cards within the shipment asking them to spread the word and follow you on facebook. people find small creators pretty charming. you can gain new followers who like your style from your social media. through this, you'll be able to make a post to boost your sales instead of paying for advertising. using these steps, you'll be able to get some significant potential for your shopify ebook business. this brings us to the end of our video. i hope you enjoyed it. hit like if you did, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel so that you don't miss any of our videos in the future. also watch the two videos that are on your screen, because i'm sure you love them without i'll see you in the next video.

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How To Create an Ebook and Sell it Online (Full Step-by-Step Process)

hi, in this video i'm going to walk you through the process of creating an ebook, designing a book cover for your ebook and start selling it on a digital selling platform. so take a look at what i created. we've got an ebook credit here and you can see a table of contents, introduction, body of your ebook and then after that, what you'll also learn is how to turn your cover page into a 3d realistik, professional looking book cover like the one you're looking at right now. and the best part is you don't need any web hosting domain name plugins. all these tools are for free and i'll show you how to do it step by step in this tutorial. so tune in. first things first. you are going to need a canva account which is free to sign up for, and in this tutorial i'm going to show you how to do it using a canva free account, not a pro account, so that it's universal or more relatable perhaps to you if you only have a cava free account. here i am on my canva homepage. what i'm going to do is create a design from here. what i'm going to search up for is either a4 document or letter size, so we can either search letter or a4. so in the us you guys use us letter document and for us here in australia we use a4. so both are similar in size and that's the kind of dimensions you want to use. i'll just choose a4 document and from here we can start designing and creating our ebook. the first thing you're going to want to do is design your book cover and for that you can either start by using one of the templates right here we search for ebook. this will give you all the results for anything related to ebook. let's say you like this partikular cover. this is a pro template. you can tell by hovering over and it shows that crown icon and shows pro. but you can find free templates anyway. so, for instance, we've got this one here called snacks, and this also gives you, if you hover over it, all the page previews of what this ebook looks like. well, also the template. now, the great thing about canva templates is that you can mix and match the different styles and layouts that you see of different templates, or you can stik with one to keep it more consistent. to insert a template, all you need to do is just click once and then that will show preview and the thumbnails of all the layouts of this partikular template. then you simply apply all pages that'll insert to the template. as you can see, here's the table of contents. we've got chapter one and then the rest of the pages. so this partikular template does make more sense for recipe type of ebooks. what you're going to want to do is actually change the photo or elements or objects that are on the template. you don't want to use the ones that come with the stok template, so for this i can click on the background. i'll delete it so that i can insert my own photo. there are a couple of options here to insert photos. you can either go to photos, search up the photo that you want. so let's say your ebook is about mindfulness or something around self-improvement. i'll choose mindfulness and then from here we can choose one of the images. you'll see some pro images as well as free images, which are clearly indicated. the pro options will give you a, basically a license to use the image for sometimes commercial use, but do your own due diligence to make sure that you can actually use the images for commercial purposes. in this case, you do want to sell your ebook, so that's something you need to be mindful of. the free images: in this case they come from pixabay, which canva now owns as well, and the license agreement with that is that you can actually use it for commercial purposes without attribution, without crediting the photographer. however, again, a little fine print here is that you need to make sure where the source of the photo com came from, whether it's legitimately from that photographer or it could be someone that basically found it somewhere else and then they basically put it into their account. so that's something you need to look into yourself. to insert an image, let's say this one here- i'll click that once. that'll then insert it to your title page and what i can do now is just drag until it is a size that covers the entire book cover like that- and then choose or crop more so the area that i want. so let's say here, from here i can change the title. so i'm going to show something like mindfulness or resilience, and i did do a sample demo ebook previously or before this tutorial, and i'll show you what mine looks like later on. so i'll just resize it to something like that. the other way, and the better way, is to actually click once on that layer and then just drag where you want it or how the size that you want. i'll just drag it right here to the position that i want and then i'll delete this area for this one. i'll just use it as a subheading, something like how to get back up from failures or something like that. all right, so that's the cover page right there to show you an example of what i did previously. here's resilience and we've got the subtitle, then the actual photo, and that's just something i found through photos here, search for mountain and to see the rest, just to give you a sneak peek, we've got a table of contents, also the body of the actual ebook, so you can see what it looks like. these are kind of the foundational pages that you want to create. in order to create a table of contents, all you need to do is either use one of the ones that's already provided by the template, like this one here, or you can go back to template and then we are going to search for table of contents. that will bring up all the templates related to table of contents. simply insert it and then modify it as you wish. the little side note here is that don't change the page numbers. just yet we don't have page numbers for this partikular template. but because you are going to write your ebook, you don't know where those pages are going to sit or where those chapters are going to sit. so write your pages first and then after that, you can fix up your table of contents and the page numbers. now, with the table contents inserted there, the next thing is to either add a chapter image like this one here, follow the same steps as you- uh, as we went through with adding an image for the cover page and then adding or modifying the chapter title and the number to change the font style, all we need to do is just select it and then from here, we can choose one of the styles right here. so it's completely up to you whether you want to use one of the other fonts. this template is for recipes, so if you do want to add just normal pages with normal body text, all you need to do is just let's add a page and then from here, we can search for ebook again, use one of the templates so we can leverage off of that and then going through some of the other templates to see what layout we want. we, you might want a simple layout with just text, and for that you can just start one from scratch, or we can just use one of the ones right here. so, for instance, let's say, you like one of these templates right here and then this is the one of the body pages that it's provided. i'll click that once. that'll insert it and from here we've got a template, or more so, a layout, that we can use. this would be a chapter title and then this would be like a page number, or more so, the chapter number. at the bottom you can see the page numbers that you can modify and, of course, the body of the page right here. so start typing whatever it is you want to write about for your ebook. what i recommend you start with is an intro, then the chapters of your ebook, then a conclusion, so a start, or also a beginning, a middle and an end. going back to my example, here we've got an introduction and then we've got the actual body or also the content of the ebook. so what is resilience? and at the end i would put a conclusion. again, i want to mention that i do have more comprehensive tutorials on creating your ebook step by step. so if i'm going a little too fast, do check out those videos which i'll link up in the descri.

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TUTO : Comment Vendre un EBOOK avec SHOPIFY

bonjour et bienvenue pour cette toute nouvelle et surtout toute premiĂšre vidĂ©o de ma chaĂźne youtube. je suis trĂšs heureux de vous accueillir sur cette premiĂšre vidĂ©o et il ya montrĂ© anxieux. j'espĂšre que le rĂ©sultat sera tout mĂȘme Ă  la hauteur, sans plus attendre du coup, au niveau du sujet de cette vidĂ©o. donc, comment crĂ©er et vendre un ebook sur shopi faille, trĂšs simplement, je vais dĂ©composer ça en trois Ă©tapes. donc, la crĂ©ation sur canevas, l'Ă©quipe- on nous dit que je pense que vous connaissiez trĂšs bien la crĂ©ation et la mise en valeur, surtout du produit pour les photos de sur une fiche, produit avec un autre rookie qui s'appelle moqueur et le centre de mĂ©moire, et on verra du coup la mise en ligne avec celle qui file, tout simplement, sans plus attendre qu'il passe sur. canevas dit: une fois que vous avez crĂ©Ă© votre petit compte, il n'y a pas besoin de payer. canvas est payant, mais la version gratuite suffit amplement pour faire de belles choses- ont choisi le format a4. depuis le format a4, du coup, vous avez simplement en fait Ă  un rĂ©digĂ© comme si c'Ă©tait du traitement de texte- d'ailleurs, vous pouvez tout Ă  fait crĂ©er les diffĂ©rentes parties- et sont partis en amont sur un logiciel de traitement de texte type open office a, tout simplement, est ensuite passĂ© Ă  la mise en page sur canevas. c'est quelque chose que je fais d'ailleurs moins de temps en temps, quand les, quand les livres sont relativement long, voilĂ , on va simuler 5 comme ceux-ci: up, imaginons que notre Ăźle book soit. voilĂ , ils soient terminĂ©s. il vous suffit par la suite de le tĂ©lĂ©charger. alors, pdf pour impression, pdf standard, honnĂȘtement, c'est la mĂȘme chose, le seul. il y aurait simplement les diffĂ©rences au niveau de la qualitĂ©. pour pdf pour impression, voilĂ , moi, j'ai pour habitude de le faire comme ceci. honnĂȘtement, ça, il n'y a pas de grande diffĂ©rence. vous tĂ©lĂ©chargez, voilĂ , c'est fait, on va directement passĂ© sur shopi feuilles et on fera par la suite la mise en valeur avec la fiche produit. et c'est sur une faute aux fiches produits, trĂšs simplement, du coup sĂ»r, shopi failli. une fois que vous avez crĂ©Ă© votre compte Ă©galement, vous allez dans les applications. alors je vais faire, ne manquent pas qu'on perde trop de temps- que la vidĂ©o soit, soit concise et leurs bourreaux. vous allez d'en voir les applications pour taper digital download et vous tĂ©lĂ©chargez celle ci avec ce logo: sied jeetah de notre. comment est-ce que ça se prĂ©sente? voilĂ , c'est en anglais. il ya trois onglets: dashboard. donc, lĂ , quand vous applaudirez les diffĂ©rents produits, quasi bout qu'ils apparaĂźtront d'ici lĂ . ce sera lorsque vous aurez des commandes. vous les verrez Ă©galement ici. et enfin, les paramĂštres importants ici, dĂšs que vous installez l'application, vous faites un tour ici, vous devez traduire et personnalisĂ© surtout les deux emails que recevront au client. donc, lĂ , on a deux lots de crĂ©dit. c'est quand le client reçoit l'email qui vient de passer commande, en fait, tout simplement avec le lien pour tĂ©lĂ©charger son produit. donc, vous avez juste Ă  traduire les diffĂ©rents, surtout qu'en lever les bouts de code, ou alors vous le fait en connaissance de cause. vous avez mes explications de chaque fois, chaque bout en bout de code, ce qui reprĂ©sente, voilĂ , personnaliser. sa est le 2Ăšme attachment ashman redacted. c'est simplement, quand vous faites des mises Ă  jour sur le produit, par exemple, et des clients ont dĂ©jĂ  achetĂ© des produits, vous pouvez choisir de leur envoyer un mail. ce mail aussi, justement, importe qu'ils puissent tĂ©lĂ©charger la mise Ă  jour du premier, en fait, tout simplement. c'est vraiment intĂ©ressant pour, justement, amĂ©liorer. si vous avez lancĂ© un produit qui est pas vraiment fini, voulez voir un petit peu le tester, voir si ça va marcher, bah, cette fonctionnalitĂ© est super pour, justement, apporter des milliers, jour, rĂ©guliĂšrement et optimisĂ©e du mieux en mieux le produit, tout simplement. donc, de la mĂȘme façon. voilĂ , traduire, je vous laisse faire ça de votre cĂŽtĂ©. et alors ça, c'est au choix. assez pour que, lorsque l'utilisateur a passĂ© commande, ils puissent cliquer sur le lien directement depuis la page de paiement pour tĂ©lĂ©charger sur son produit. tout simplement. voilĂ  comment ça se prĂ©sente du coup, au niveau de l'application sur joe qui file, on va passer maintenant Ă  la crĂ©ation du produit, du courant lui-mĂȘme. alors, vous avez juste Ă  rajouter un produit. c'est la mĂȘme chose, pratiquement, que pour un produit physique. si vous faites une europe, par exemple, Ă  nouveau, sa note produite est bon, et puis c'est la fiche produit. vous ajoutez Ă©ventuellement la couverture, ici, la collection, si vous en avez crĂ©Ă© le prix, don, qu'il soit 19 euros. lĂ , vous faites, vous voulez, au niveau du stok, moi, j'ai pour habitude de maintenance, cocktail chine, puisque de toute façon l'avantagĂ© des produits jean, ou, encore une fois, mais je pense que vous savez, vous pouvez en diffuser autant de fois que vous voulez. pas de limites au niveau de la production, hĂ©las, bien dĂ©cochĂ©. par contre, au niveau de l'expĂ©dition, enlevĂ© que ce soit, c'est pas un produit physique, vous enregistrer, et lĂ , surtout pas oublier, pour que vos clients reçoivent bien le produit, si nous le rappellerons toute façon dans d'autres opĂ©rations Ă  digital attachment. vous voyez, il ya le petit logo avec l'application. voilĂ , et lĂ , du coup, fait upload file, et vous ajoutez votre, votre document- je t'assure d'autres aussi- et voilĂ , vous avez simplement Ă  eux, claude et votre ebook. voilĂ  comment ça se sait vraiment, trĂšs simple, hyper intuitive Ă  faire et pas besoin de, c'est pas sorcier. et du coup, vous voyez, on retrouve ici sur le dashboard, vous vous aurez. vous avez Ă©galement diffĂ©rentes metrics. au niveau des ventes est le nombre de fois que ces tĂ©lĂ©charger. vous inquiĂ©tez pas si vous avez plus de tĂ©lĂ©chargements par rapport au nombre de ventes. si le chiffre est supĂ©rieur, c'est normal. les gens peuvent tĂ©lĂ©charger plusieurs fois le produit et ses comptabilisĂ©s Ă  chaque fois, simplement pour ça. au niveau de la mise en page, petites astuces du coup. le dernier petit point, je voulais vous prĂ©senter avec moqueur, admettons que ce soit notre couverture, on va la tĂ©lĂ©charger, cette fois ci au format png. juste la premiĂšre, je vais y arriver. je tĂ©lĂ©charge hockey et lĂ , du coup, c'est vraiment, mais en fait, pour un petit peu mettre en valeur le produit que vous vendez quand c'est des produits digitaux, il ya pas mal de sites, notamment les vieux sites, qui mettent simplement des photos plate. ça donne pas envie, en fait, tout simplement lĂ , le mettre un petit peu en actions dans un contexte, c'est beaucoup plus agrĂ©able pour les utilisateurs. [Musique]. alors, on a pu pousser- pas super adaptĂ© Ă  l'ordinateur, mais c'est pas grave, c'est pour simplement vous montrer ce que ça peut donner lĂ  pour Ă©couter au tĂ©lĂ©phone, ça va bien passĂ©. voilĂ , et vous, ça vous donne un bol tirant dessus, comme ça. l'application est gratuite. pour ça que je la prĂ©sente. c'est ça qui est assez sympa avec ça, et voilĂ , et du coup, vous avez juste Ă  tĂ©lĂ©charger, vous retournez sur votre fiche produit et vous pouvez ajouter: la docu aura Ă©ventuellement la couverture que vous pouvez tout Ă  fait mettre en valeur Ă©galement sur un d autre mot. cup est par exemple, diffĂ©rentes pages de l'intĂ©rieur du lieu 3, c'est un exemple. voilĂ , c'est tout pour cette vidĂ©o. j'espĂšre que ça vous a plu. je pense que ça a Ă©tĂ© suffisamment clair et concis. n'hĂ©sitez pas Ă  retrouver sur les diffĂ©rents rĂ©seaux sociaux et notamment du canal tĂ©lĂ©gramme. je partage beaucoup de contenu quotidiennement, Ă©galement sur linkedin. moi, je suis assez prĂ©sents sur ces deux plateformes. japon Ă©galement: question. si vous avez des problĂšmes partikuliers, n'hĂ©sitez pas et retrouver mois. tous les liens sont dans la description. Ă  bientĂŽt. [Musique].

Shopify For eBook Stores (Digital Downloads Stores & Themes Examples)

so can you use shopify for ebooks, digital downloads or maybe just create an ebook store? the answer is yes, yes and yes, and in this quick video i'm going to go over some examples and the features and benefits of using shopify for all those reasons. so, as it says right here, sell ebooks online. you can share your words with the world, get all the training and tools you need to start your ebook business. and, in case you didn't know, shopify does come with a free 14 day trial, no car needed. i will put a link down below in case you want quicker access. so, as it says, build your literacy legacy. you get sincere support, simplified setup you can reach your readers and, of course, reports and insights. the cool thing about this is that they do have apps that you can utilize. they are going to be free to install. there's also going to be some others which will be free or maybe be premium down the road. an example, one that's very popular, with high ratings, is going to be sky pilot. as you can see here has five stars with 99 reviews. but, going back over here, there are going to be free apps for you to utilize as well. so can i sell ebooks straight from the horse's mouth themselves. yes, you can sell ebooks, as long as you legally own the rights to the ebooks you're selling. you might either create the ebook yourself or outsource some or all of it for selling your ebook online. you can choose an ecommerce platform or marketplace, create your ebook, add it as a product to your store and make it available for purchase. you can leverage automation to deliver the ebook to customers. then it toks about where and can i sell ebooks on shopify, as we might know. so cool thing about this is that there are plenty of templates that you can use. a lot of them are going to be premium but, as you can see, there's a reason why there's plenty of different themes to choose from, because ebooks can be a very popular thing to sell, not only when it comes to digital. you know, audio ebooks, visual, whatever it's going to be. there could be training, it could be memberships. there's a lot that you can do with it. it's really going to be up to you, but here's going to be a really good example from gage girl training. these are going to be a lot of ebooks that you can, you know, choose to purchase. this is a nice setup. what i like about her setup is that she has a lot of things, not just ebooks, so it doesn't have to be solely ebooks that you can sell. but if you wanted it to make one section, you can do it exactly like this. you know, and if you scroll down, there's plenty of things that you can choose from, whether it be hit guide or a lot of macro nutrient stuff. obviously it looks like fitness related meal planning for beginners. clicking on it gives you the details, some pictures and so on and so forth, where you can add the cart and then go from there and obviously check out like you do with all your shopify products. another one is going to be from how to cake it. i like this example because how to cake it is mostly about other things, but they also do have the ability to purchase the holiday baking hacks ebook. so that's something else you can consider. maybe you have something that's not going to be 100 ebooks, but you could always add in addition to what you're going to be doing, as like another way of bringing an income stream, because maybe someone doesn't want to buy a hardcover, maybe they don't want an audio book, maybe they just want the digital download where they can pay and get it immediately. this is also something that you can do and, last but not least, is going to be the street parking. this is all about fitness, and they offer membership programs. so that's also something that you can do, just kind of giving you ideas. whether it's going to be ebooks or videos, you can kind of combine those in a membership area where you can actually sell recurring and pay that way. so this is personal training- another great way of doing it- where, instead of actually going and meeting people one-on-one- which is what i used to do before, uh, starting my online business- it's much easier to put everything together digitally where you can literally train thousands upon thousands of people at once, just because they can purchase from anywhere from all around the world. and, of course, probably you'll just need customer support, but it's gonna make your life so much easier instead of actually going like house to house to house as a personal trainer. but that's kind of just giving you some ideas when it comes to using shopify for ebooks, digital downloads, memberships or just having an ebook store. overall, hope you got some value out of this when it comes to the examples and the possibilities. if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below, i'll also put that link in case you want to try out shopify. it's great because it doesn't require a card and you can always just see how they work in the first place. thanks again, so much for watching, and i'll see you in my next video.

HOW I MADE OVER $1k SELLING EBOOKS: Selling ebooks on shopify, Plus a secret website for FREE đŸ€‘

what's up youtube? welcome back to my channel. so, um, on today's video, i'm gonna show you guys how to, uh, how to create a ebook straight from your phone for free. my name is terry, by the way. let's just jump right into it, okay? so i am looking at my notes. if you don't know what a ebook is, the ebook pretty much is a digital download. it's not like a hard book cover. so if someone goes to your website, purchases your ebook, that ebook that they purchase will go straight to their email after they buy the ebook from your website. so it's like a digital download. i'm looking at my notes too, so i'm going to show you guys a few of my digital downloads, my ebooks, on my website. my website is angelswhohussocom, so let me show you guys some of the ebooks i created. all right, guys. so this is my website, angelswhohustlecom- all the things that i sell right there. so i do have, uh, ebooks that i created myself. um, let me show you guys some of the ebooks i created. these is a couple. i have some more coming out this month. um, but yeah, that's just one of the ebooks i created. um, i think it was like one of the second ebooks i created. it's called ambassador program script and details. i do use shopify as um the website to sell my ebooks on. got a couple of reviews, but yeah, so you'll want to um, try to, you know, get a website or i'll show you guys another way, a freeway, because shopify it does cost, um. but then another ebook i created was a job package, um, that was one of the first ebooks i created and it led me leading to um other digital products. so let me show you guys also sell vendors list and that's like a digital download too, like not necessarily an ebook, but once they buy it, they can download it to their email. now, if you want to know how to create your ebook, i have a few ways for you to create your ebook, all three ways, some page. so i'll show you guys that in the next clip on how to create your own ebook. alright, so if you want to create your own ebook, i'm on pages, the pages app and your phone. if you have iphone, they have pretty much templates there for you. it's pretty easy. you can even add photos and video links. i usually attach my youtube channel in my ebooks. like i said, it's free. if you have a android or another phone you can use, like canva, which i'll show you in this next clip. um, yeah, so when you are on canva you just type in book cover and then all these book cover templates will pop up. i use maybe canva once every once in a while just for, like, one picture, but you can add multiple pictures so that way you can create your whole, you know, ebook. you can even, like, change the color once you pick the um little template, so like that's my, my brand color, so i try to have my ebook, um, that color, um, so, yeah, this is just another freeway, canva, the app, or you can also use pages on your phone. so i'm going to show you guys another way as well. but on canva you can, you know, change the text, the color, all that you know, name it, whatever you want to do, whatever title you got, that is another way. now, another way: if you absolutely just cannot make your own ebook, um, you can get pre-made templates on etsy. this is the app: sce ety, what ets? wait, what etsy? oh, my gosh, i hope i spoke that correctly. y'all, my bad, i'm tired, but yeah, as you can see, they have pre-made ebook templates on etsy. like i already brand it for you. i think you just changed like the colors and the text or whatever, or the fonts. if you hear noise in the background, it's my daughter. but yeah, etsy has some pretty cool templates. i need to check them out because i'd be tired of making my own myself. okay, so this is another website you can use to make your ebook cover for free. this is what i use, like on the thumbnail, those pink book covers. you've seen, this is how i made those, so i'll put that somewhere on the screen. all right, so now i didn't already explain to you guys what is an ebook, how to create your ebook? i'm going to show you guys where to sell your ebook: free platforms and, of course, shopify. it costs, but let me show you guys how to do that. okay, so i do use shopify as my platform to sell my digital products on um. you can also use another website, but shopify. shopify does have a 14 day fee free trial. after 14 days they do charge and this is the pricing that they do have. and if you use shopify, you're going to need an app called digital download. so i'll put that on the screen and this is another way. this is a freeway, it doesn't cost. you can add your digital products on this website. it's called gumroad, be sure you know. take your screenshots, write it down. um, it's pretty easy. it's the first website, or no? first i use big cartel, then gumroad than shopify currently. but, yeah, um, gumroad, i got a lot of sales on this website. it's pretty cool. so, yeah, check out gumroad and then you can also sell your ebook on amazon kindle. i believe i'm currently- i'm currently actually working working on this. you can upload books on amazon. you know what i'm saying- and people will buy them. i cannot wait to try this out, currently in the process of doing that. so, yeah, you can pretty much google um amazon. when i type in amazon kindle, uh, ebook, and then you click, you know that at the top, so you can self-publish your book. now, if you are still lost and you still need help, you can book a coaching call with me. the link will be in the description. if you want to pick my brain, ask me questions. you know what i'm saying. i gotcha. this is how you pretty much book a coaching call with me on my website. um, i have 30 minutes and 60 minute calls, either, or, and that's the prices. that's how they range. be sure to read the description. but, um, yeah, if y'all need further help, like i said, you want to pick my brain, do book a coaching call with me because i can answer your questions. i can help you out. creating an ebook can be kind of hard. it can be kind of confusing. you don't know where to start. you know how to. you know um drafted, you know write the drafts and stuff. it's okay, i got you, don't even stress it, just you know. check the description for more information with booking a coaching call with me. now y'all plan c or d. if you legit just can't- even you know, create the ebook from scratch or can't get a pre-made template, can't use canva or pages on your phone, y'all look fiverr. download the app fiverr. um, i'm gonna put the name on the screen. they can create the whole ebook for you, like from beginning to end. so this is fiverr. um. some examples of one of the sellers: um, i guess they'll make a pdf for you. they'll do the covers. usually it says: usually like about 10 pages. that's their prices. you know they have different prices. not too bad, that's pretty good, like. i think i need to invest in this too. they got reviews. make sure you read the reviews. like 30, 30 or 60 dollars, that's not bad, since it cost zero dollars, you know, to make a digital product. so, like i'm telling y'all um, ebooks, digital products, is where it's at. like, hop on this train now, create your ebook. um, you guys, think of whatever you're good at, whatever you're passionate about. that's what you can sell in your ebook. so, whatever you do in your day-to-day life, they could, they can help someone you know i'm saying so. think about that and then, like i said, this is the app called fiverr. check them out as well. [Music]. [Music]. if this video was helpful, do give it a thumbs up. you guys, if you need further help, you can book a coaching call with me down below in my description. if you need help, um, with your ebook or trying to figure out a um, trying to figure out a idea, check the description for all the information and, as always, thanks for watching peace.