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Selling On Social Media (The Right Way)

Published on: December 7 2022 by Nick Peroni

Selling On Social Media (The Right Way)

Selling On Social Media (The Right Way)

alright in this video we are gonna tok
about selling on social media and this
is meant to really cover some of the the
principles the psychology of selling on
social media and understanding selling
on social media and why I think it's so
important because for a few reasons
number one if you're a beginner then I
think this is going to be really
valuable to you so that you can
understand the concept of what it means
to start a business and use social media
to actually sell products and and be
successful at it a lot of people think
they understand this a lot of people
think that it's just as simple as
creating an ad and selling the product
but what I find is that most people are
very poor in the the psychology and the
foundational stuff that is what really
what really makes it work so I think
this is gonna be a really insightful
video to just kind of look at some of
the things that I've learned and
understand about how you can use
different platforms to sell alright and
why this is so important is because
selling on social media is definitely
the easiest way to launch your
e-commerce business alright there's you
know through all the platforms that are
out there now I don't think you should
use all of them but you know definitely
Facebook and and some of these other
platforms I mean you can reach anybody
you can target people specifically by
the interest because Facebook for
example you know whatever pages you like
and what you do on Facebook that's
categorized Facebook knows if you are
interested in dogs Facebook knows if
you're interested in nurses it knows if
you're a nurse that works at a hospital
if you are veteran right and so
advertisers are able to use that data
and use that information to actually
serve products through ads that you will
be directly interested in okay but it's
important understand as a principle
number one is that we are always selling
to people okay you know marketers a lot
of times it's it's crazy they tend to
if they tend to just forget this okay
because it's social media it kind of
dehumanizes and desensitizes us in a lot
of ways especially when you're eager to
start a business you're eager to make
money and you just start throwing ads
out there and you're completely ignoring
the human factor and understanding that
on the other side of this laptop screen
is a human being with real problems and
emotions and fears and goals and dreams
and struggles that you are trying to
sell to and you were trying to get their
hard-earned money so when it comes to
being a marketer when it comes to being
an entrepreneur when it comes to selling
on social media please don't be a
sociopath okay and if you don't know
what that means a sociopath is somebody
that basically has no understanding or
empathy or sympathy or feelings for
other people right like the better that
you can understand other people the
better that you're going to be able to
connect social media is just a medium
okay it's a way of which we connect but
it doesn't take away the fact that you
need to understand solid marketing and
sales principles that make people want
to purchase you just need to understand
them in a way that you can demonstrate
on social media okay so the top networks
in my opinion right now our Facebook and
Instagram all right
Facebook for sure Facebook is not
without its challenges it's constantly
going to update some changes and and you
know different things but it's it's
massive right two billion active monthly
users on Facebook all around the world
it's definitely got the most robust
targeting platform
I think that's ever been created and
it's it's ingenious in the way that it
created the social network that has just
people have willingly given their
information and then that you know as
advertisers we can use that to serve
them ads based on products we think that
we'll be interested in right if I want
to if I want to sell a product to a
person that is ages 25 to 34 women who's
a nurse who owns a home like I can
target that exactly on Facebook and so
that's how powerful of a platform it is
Instagram is the same thing
Instagram is not as many users as
Facebook I think it's up to a little
over a billion users now but it's
growing rapidly it's got a massive
market it's got a different feel than
Facebook right engagements a lot higher
on its the grinning people interact a
lot more and it's it still has the same
type of targeting platform as Facebook
because it's owned by Facebook and so
the the platforms have been integrated
into Facebook Ads manager which we will
cover all that later ok this is just
meant to be a high-level and we'll be
understanding selling on social media
google shopping is not social media
that's important to understand Google
shopping is a search based network right
it's a search engine people go on there
and type in something and then they are
served results by Google that's not
social media and a hot opportunity which
goes along with what we just looked at
in the last video with inspire uplift is
YouTube is a really hot opportunity
because people spend you know minutes
two hours a day on YouTube watching
videos and you can you can hit them with
highly engaging content to sell your
products or to retarget your products on
YouTube and a lot of people are not even
doing this yet right now so the traffic
is is cheaper in a lot of ways on on
YouTube than sale on Google or Facebook
okay principles of selling on social
media all right as I was toking about
number one it's a social network okay so
what you need to remember is you can't
just throw an ad up and expect people to
care all right people are not logging on
to Facebook or Instagram to be sold to
that is not their intent they're logging
on to see what their friends are up to
or to share what they did that day or to
you know see entertaining videos so you
need to think about that if you want to
sell on social media you need to be
engaging you need to be creative and you
need to sell products that are unique
right that's one of the biggest
differences between something like
google shopping or selling on Amazon is
that when you are those types of
marketplaces are searched based intent
right it means somebody is actually
going there with an intent
they are searching something and being
given results based on what they were
already searching but when you're on
social media you're using a pattern
interrupt somebody is not there
searching for anything
they are literally just there to be
social and so you need you know it's
trying to sell for example right like
say for example you know on you might
use Amazon as a place to get ideas and
on Amazon somebody might be selling
toilet brushes and it's you know they're
selling really well because so many
people everybody has a toilet right in
their apartment or their home but that
doesn't mean that you can sell that on
Facebook because it's a commodity item
people are not going on Facebook to be
sold that type of item right it's too
general it's too commodity you need to
be unique about the stuff that you're
selling on Facebook otherwise people are
not gonna care because they can go
search it on Amazon they can go to the
local Walmart they can go down the
street and buy it right you want to
stand out and you want to have ads
they're gonna get people to pause right
a good friend of mine depeche has a
great way of saying it you want them to
stop the scroll you want whatever your
advertisement is to basically make them
stop in the middle of that scroll as
they're going through and that's how you
get their attention and then once you
have their attention you want to be
engaging enough to keep their attention
and make them interested and curious
about visiting your store and checking
out that product information video
marketing is king and queen right now on
social media okay now it's important to
understand that it doesn't mean that
photos don't work right photos and
videos both have their place within
social media but right now by far and
away and we'll tok about this more
later video marketing is what is working
like the best for engagement on Facebook
Instagram obviously on YouTube that's
all video so you know these are that
that's where it's estimated right now
that like eighty percent of all content
on social media in the coming years is
going to be video that's what's really
entertaining people the most and it's
what allows you what you can
a video is so clever because you can be
entertaining while also selling while
also being informative while capturing
people's attention and it's you know
with the the blindness now that comes
from photo ads all over the place you
know like it just helps you stand out
more so you definitely want to have a
video marketing strategy in your
business and there's multiple ways and
again we'll tok about this a little bit
more later when we get to the Facebook
ads section but there's tools online to
allow you to create your own videos or
you can outsource to someone who does
videos I mean all the way from people on
Fiverr that will do videos cheap for you
to just actually getting a VA or you
know something like that there's
multiple ways of doing it and it's
definitely going to be a cost in your
business right like you're not just
gonna get video is made for free unless
unless you know how to unless you know
how to do it but it's worth it right
people react to social proof okay this
is someone is more likely to purchase
something that has been recommended them
to a purse by person not a company
alright this is a basic human principle
across any business any platform right
but it's a really really important on
social media because that's why things
like influence or marketing work so well
like with Instagram for example this is
this is the trend right now Instagram
where you get an influencer say you know
as an example and again we have this
coverage later in the Instagram module
but you know you'll get say an
influencer who is a fashion blogger
right woman fashion blogger and she will
promote a sweater from your brand that
you send her or deevak strike up some
kind of deal you pay her for a shout out
or a post she will wear it in some type
of picture and say I love this sweater
by X and X company visit this link here
or check the link in my bio to find out
how you can get hers and because of that
social proof if this is a nice product
and it connects with her audience and
she's somebody that her audience looks
up to that's so powerful right it can be
a great way
to generate sales because of that okay
but even besides that social proof on
the level of just engagement like when
posts have likes and comments on them
and people are sharing it like that
something that creates a snowball effect
so you want to try to create advertising
campaigns that get people to react
because the more the people react the
more social proof you're gonna start to
have and that's gonna be like a snowball
effect for you the sales process often
requires more than one interaction make
a sale okay this this is an important
thing you know a lot of people don't
understand the difference between
campaigns and ads okay and you know of
campaign is is a whole strategy alright
a campaign is your first ad then
retargeting ad and then you know the
next step okay us just one ad is just
throwing up one app you know but in what
situation think about yourself right how
many times have you seen an ad and just
made the purchase right away that very
rarely happens okay it's a very small
percentage of people in any situation in
any company that are going to purchase
something on the very first time that
they see it all right now well
established brands you know maybe that
works because they already have looped
it's not the first time you've seen them
but if you're a brand new company or a
brand new business or a brand new store
and and you are throwing ads out there
to test the products like you can't
expect somebody to buy on the first I
see this all the time this is so
important please please please remember
this okay
people always posting in the group and
say oh I threw this ad out there and I'm
getting clicks but not sales what's
wrong well maybe nothing's wrong okay
that's just the first step in the
process of actually marketing to these
people you need to think in terms of an
entire campaign when it comes to your
products that you're advertising right
you just that one ad alone is not gonna
close the deal for most of those people
and so we're gonna tok about in future
videos you know how you set up a
complete campaign and how you set up
to try to bring these people back and
what's called retargeting them and
showing them more ads and basically
creating engagement with them so that
you are and we'll tok about this at the
end rights concept of the sales funnel
where you at first they're aware then
you need to create engagement with that
more and more until you finally get them
back to convert okay different networks
are better for different types of
business and products understand which
is going to fit your business best
okay now I'm not gonna really tok about
LinkedIn or Twitter at all in the
e-commerce Academy least there's no
plans to right now because they're not
really platforms that I you know that I
know anybody doing well with selling
physical products okay YouTube Facebook
and Instagram while Facebook and
Instagram for sure and Google we're
gonna focus on then maybe we'll get some
YouTube training in here as well but
again you you want to understand like
what works best on each one because each
one is gonna be a little bit different
in the format of your creative right
your ad creative whether it's a photo or
video what's the format that works best
with that platform what's the
demographic that is most active on that
platform for you to be able to reach so
there's there's a lot of different
different factors to it and again
generally most businesses can can work
across multiple platforms but you just
want to be thinking about your your the
medium okay the medium has to match the
market and and you're gonna adjust and
we'll tok about this a little bit more
later understand emotional triggers
alright these are some of the emotional
triggers I think this highlights the
main emotional triggers that are what
get people to react okay and the type of
reaction you want is it can be different
right all these triggers have their
place in getting people to react to ads
on social media joy trust fear surprise
sadness antikipation and
discuss okay I'm not gonna give an
example for each one of these but these
types of things why they work is because
of the psychology of of who we are as
human beings so even as marketers they
understand this you're still gonna be
susceptible to this type of trigger
think about politiks okay there are
people that have made a lot of money
selling politikal types of items because
it triggers okay it triggers a strong
emotional reaction alright and it's
something that people could rally around
one way or another right if you look at
here is like let's take the discussed
example or anger example okay and right
now I'm not really necessarily but let's
remove this so in part for example and
just think about human psychology there
are the news every every day in the news
you'll see you'll see propaganda from
both the right and left right and and
where they will try to share a story
meant to anger you or they'll try to
share a story meant to disgust you and
that's gonna be very polarizing right
you're gonna get people on both sides it
triggers them okay and when somebody's
triggered they're much more likely to
accept what you're telling them okay
well if they're on the trigger that you
wanted okay so these and I don't want to
get politikal but that's that's just
like that's a very easy example because
we all know how hot-headed politiks can
be just be and and people can be
completely irrational in politiks just
because they're triggered by one of
these emotions so there's also you know
in selling antikipation at an example
that's like something that could work
with with pre-sales and pre launches
will giveaways right the antikipation of
something that creates excitement and
gets people to want to partikipate fear
fears something you could have like a
sale countdown to a sale being over like
Friday or something and people will have
a fear of missing out on that sale and
it can
can make them want to actually make a
purchase alright so these are just some
examples of things that work on social
media to get people to react okay and it
can get people in a trigger state that
is gonna make them more susceptible to
what it is
sadness okay let me give one more
example I'm thinking of example as I'm
going here
sadness is an example where I've seen
used with pets before okay like like for
dogs for example you know there was a
clever marketing campaign for these led
dog Lake collards okay and the way that
they marketed it is they toked about
the danger of dogs and how many dogs get
hit at night right and that's gonna
trigger for a dog owner that's gonna
trigger a sense of sadness in a sense of
fear for their dog for their pet okay
and make them more likely to be in a
buying state for that item and while
that may sound obvious to just say it
because that's what they did prior to
them doing that nobody was marketing it
that way right prior to them doing that
people were just taking a very binary
approach to trying to market this led
dog collar saying hey look at this
really cool dog collar that bikes up it
at night and then somebody came in and
decided to really put a trigger to it
and said you know let's tok about how
many dogs are hit and killed every
single year at night and the risk that
your dog is at right now when you're
walking around at night and it can't be
seen by cars or by moving you know
moving vehicles and triggered that that
fear and sadness and somebody and that
is you know that emotional state made
them much more likely to buy and that
campaign was extremely successful for
them okay so I hope that illustrates the
point clearly again there's gonna be
different examples in each one of these
but it's up to you as a marketer to
think creatively about your product and
these triggers and how a certain one of
these emotional triggers could help you
get somebody into a a more likely buying
state for your product
okay another I mean these are all
principles but you know these are things
again I'm just trying it's kind of
mindset stuff right so when you're
selling on social media it's not about
what you like or you think will work
okay you need to get that out of your
mind right now so many people come in as
the entrepreneur or the marketer and
think that they're you know that they
know all and they know what's best but
you're gonna find that what you think is
gonna work or what you think you you
know is the best it really is irrelevant
okay it's all about what the market says
and how the market reacts and you are
gonna be able to manipulate a few
variables in the way that you present
something to get the market to react
more favorably but no matter what the
market is going to dictate what it wants
okay not every product out there is a
winning product not every product out
there has a market demand and so you
need to be very conscious of that that
some products are just simply products
that the market is not going to one now
it gets a little tricky because there
are angles that you can play with like
the ad copy which is basically what you
write and the creatives which is what
you use as your you're creating your
video or your photo and there's
audiences like who you're showing that
ad to so you need to think about these
things but you need to also remember
that for a product that the market
doesn't want it doesn't matter how good
your ad copy is and how good your ad
creative is and how good you're
targeting your audience if the market
doesn't want the product and they don't
want the product but we'll tok about
all this a little bit more when we get
into the actual module stuff but these
are basic principles that are going to
encapsulate selling on any platform any
product right you you're going to have
to understand the variables that you
have and testing different angles
because there's multiple ways you could
have you know copy a-plus creative
a-plus audience a then you could have
copy a-plus create a B+ audience a copy
A+ creative B+ audience be right in and
so there's there's multiple
within the testing phase that will help
you identify the best combination of
what's going to work but at at the
beginning of all of it you really need
to be sure that you're doing your market
research and identifying products that
you know your market is going to want ok
it's not what you think or what you you
know it's not based on what you think
are like it's based on data it's based
on research it's based on working people
are actually responding to in the
marketplace and finding offers and
testing multiple offers to get the
feedback that lets you know what people
want I already toked about this in an
earlier video briefly but there's no
such thing as free traffic a lot of
people have this myth out there they
think oh social media free traffic you
know I'll just I'll just go find people
and get them to visit my website without
spending money free traffic is that
slowest way to grow business unless you
are like you know unless you're a
superstar like Neil Patel it's free
traffic for 90% of us is gonna be the
slowest possible way you can grow a
business unless you you know again
unless you already have like your own
following or you built your own audience
if you have an engaged brand already you
I understand if you don't have money to
start with paid traffic but really
you're not really in a good position to
start a business if you don't have a
marketing budget to start paying with
paid traffic okay
now there are three traffic strategies
that can work but the thing is they're
so time-intensive okay they're really
really time attention and you know
they're I think that there has to be a
good reason for it but if you're testing
out free traffic in groups because you
want to get feedback and you know test
your product and then you know basically
do focus groups to better your product
and understand what the market wants
that's really good because your focus is
not just the free traffic and the
pre-launch but it's also developing a
product that you know the market is
going to want all right but when it
comes time to actually launch that
product you're gonna want to switch to
pay traffic as quickly as possible
because that's how you grow and scale up
all right it's important to understand
this myth and the biggest thing that
people have a trouble with with paid
traffic it's not necessarily spending
the money because if I could tell you a
strategy where every five dollars you
put in you get ten dollars out you would
do that all day long so the problem is
people don't understand how to get
conversions out of the money that
they're spending which we're going to
cover later and when you understand how
to get conversions out of the money
you're spending then you'll realize that
free traffic is really not the way to go
when you're trying to grow and scale an
e-commerce business all right and then
finally getting into the idea of a sales
funnel okay and and the awareness
interest engagement idea people consume
content within the social media platform
right so if you have an ad for a kitchen
utensil and you're running a video on
Facebook alright people are consuming
that content they are getting aware of
what you are advertising on the social
media platform alright and if they're
interested then they're actually going
to visit your store and we look at this
as a funnel okay at the very top of the
funnel you have all your social media
platforms and this is the broadest range
this is where people become aware and
you just by showing them an ad and
you're trying to sift through that first
you know say 10 million people that
you're showing your ad to you're trying
to find the people that are genuinely
interested and then say are watching
your video - at least 50% and that's
that's an action right that's showing
interest that they watch 50% of the
video well if they click to visit your
website or store that's showing interest
in in what you have okay but it doesn't
stop there because remember the content
is consumed on social media alright so
if they visit your website or your store
and your product page is set up properly
you might get a small percentage of them
the wolf who will buy right away but
most people are not gonna buy right away
because they don't know who you are
they're not ready to make a purchase
decision alright so you have to serve
them with more content on social media
because they're only going to
back to the store when you're ready to
make a purchase okay that's important to
distinguish right within the sales cycle
of somebody making a purchase the
purchase point is when they're ready to
make a purchase right though they'll
visit when they're interested but
they're not gonna come back again to
your store unless they're actually ready
to make a purchase so you need to find
ways to serve them more content which is
called retargeting serve them more
content on social media which against
them to engage with your content gets
them to engage with your brand gets them
to engage with your product and the
better you do it at that section right
there section number three where you're
creating that engagement that's what
gets something to take action come back
and make a purchase all right so
important to understand for social media
because when you look at overall
marketing and advertising it's about
having a full campaign that understands
each step of this if you're just trying
to capture people at the very top of the
funnel in that green area you're not
gonna be able to be so so difficult I'm
gonna say that it's gonna be almost
impossible unless you're a super
advertiser with years of experience it's
gonna be almost impossible for you to
just focus on the green area of the
funnel and think that by showing
one-time ads you're gonna start making
money and getting profitable sales and
scaling the business right and that's
what I see so much happening in new and
struggling people out there trying to
build e-commerce businesses is that
they're just focusing on that first ad
and basing all their success or failure
off of one ad right that's not a whole
campaign that's just one ad and the
reality is that most people need to go
through the second tube steps of the
funnel they need to create that interest
and then you need to have re-engage them
with more content and more content in an
engaging and interesting and unique way
which is called marketing right
to get them to come back and make that
purchase okay so that's some principles
and foundational stuff I wanted to cover
for selling on social media again this
is you know we're toking specifically
about selling on social media here this
does not have to do with Google shopping
or selling on Amazon or anything like
that this is all principles of using
social media to
sell products hope you got a lot of
value out of this and just kind of
understanding the psychology of what
works in and how you should be thinking
about this right because this is going
to help guide you when you get to the
sections for understanding advertising
where we'll cover some of this stuff
again specific to each platform but you
know right now these are general
principles that I believe you should be
using to guide you no matter what
platform you're selling on to make sure
that you are really connecting with your
audience and giving yourself the best
chance of success
alright thanks for watching I'll see you
next video

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