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senior portrait ads

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

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Flying over Karachi, Pakistan's most populous city, an Airbus A320 is struggling to maintain altitude. Its engines have stopped working, and the plane is descending fast towards a populated area. What happened here, and will the plane make it to the runway? Find out with me today as we take a look at the incomprehensible crash of Pakistan International Airlines Flight 8303.

- Brief overview of the tragic event

- Plane departing Lahore for Karachi, May 22nd, 2020

- Flight 8303, an Airbus A320, carrying 91 passengers and six flight attendants

- Pilots: Senior Captain Sajjad Gul and First Officer Usman Azam


- Uneventful flight until approach in Karachi

- Planned approach: Nawabshah 2A followed by instrument landing system approach to runway 25L

- Air traffic control cleared the flight direct to waypoint MAKLI, shortening the approach path

- Pilots preoccupied with discussion about COVID-19 and its impact on their families

- Pilots missed the fact that their selected rate of descent was insufficient for the now shortened approach path

- Crossed waypoint MAKLI at an altitude of almost double what was required for a nice 3 approach angle

- Attempted to lose altitude fast by reducing engine thrust to idle and extending speed brakes

- Approach controller intervened, offering extended approach path to reduce altitude, but pilots declined

- A320 intercepted correct glide slope but was still approaching runway too fast

- Overspeed warning sounded as A320 approached runway at 250kts

- Pilots inexplicably retracted the landing gear just 4.5 miles before touchdown

- Flaps extended to position 3 despite being too fast to do so

- Landing clearance given by approach controller

- A320 touched down, made terrible grinding noises, and slipped down runway while making contact with surface

- Pilots applied full power and lifted plane back into the sky

- Battered engines started to fail one by one

- A320 crashed into residential area called Model Colony just 1340m short of runway 25L

- 97 people, including all crew members, perished; only four people on the ground were injured

Possible causes:

- Technical malfunction unlikely due to maintenance records and successful landing gear extension and retraction

- Malicious intent by pilots ruled out

- Pilot error seems likely due to failure to adhere to standard procedures and basic crew resource management

- Crew may have been distracted by COVID-19 discussion and focused on approach instead of going around

- Overlooked landing gear not being down due to multiple warnings sounding

- Fake pilot licenses discovered after the crash, leading to grounding of 150 pilots from Pakistan International Airlines and cancellation of 50 fraudulent licenses out of 860 active pilots in the country

- Tragic event highlights the importance of following standard procedures and crew resource management

- Investigation ongoing to determine the true cause of the crash

- Thank you to NordVPN for sponsoring this video and helping to keep us safe online.

MARKET Your PHOTOGRAPHY Services with Short Videos. SENIOR PORTRAITS and More!

In this article, we will discuss the importance of marketing yourself as a photographer and how creating a short video can help you promote your services. Specifically, we will look at how a two-minute video can be used to showcase the features and benefits of senior portrait photography.

Why a Two-Minute Video Works:

A short video is an effective way to market yourself because it allows potential clients to see your work in action. In just two minutes, you can highlight your unique style, showcase the quality of your images, and demonstrate your ability to capture the essence of your subjects.

How to Create a Two-Minute Video:

Creating a video like this is easy and can be done with basic video editing software. Simply select some of your best images and create a slideshow, adding music and text to emphasize your key selling points. Be sure to include a call-to-action at the end, such as directing viewers to your website or social media pages.

Benefits of Using a Two-Minute Video:

There are several benefits to using a short video to market yourself as a photographer, including:

- The ability to reach a wider audience through social media and email marketing

- The opportunity to showcase your work in a visually appealing way

- The ability to communicate your unique selling points in a concise and engaging manner

- The potential to attract more clients and increase your revenue

If you're a photographer looking to promote your services, consider creating a short two-minute video that highlights the features and benefits of your work. By doing so, you can reach a wider audience, showcase your skills, and attract more clients.

MAJOR 49ers Injury News On Elijah Mitchell & Deebo Samuel; Kyle Shanahan Starting Brock Purdy In 23?

In this article, we will be discussing the latest news and updates on the San Francisco 49ers. From injury updates to quarterback plans for the future, we have got it all covered.

Injury Updates:

- Elijah Mitchell is getting closer to a return and could potentially join the active roster for the final game in the regular season against the Arizona Cardinals.

- Debo Samuel is progressing well in his rehab and could also return to practice later this week.

- Javon Kinlaw played 13 snaps against the Washington Football Team and had no setbacks. He is expected to play more in the upcoming weeks.

Quarterback Plans for the Future:

- Kyle Shanahan was non-committal when asked about the quarterback plans for the future.

- The play of Brock Purdy has surprised everyone and has made the coaching staff rethink the future of the quarterback position.

- There was no clear commitment to Trey Lance, and the play of Purdy has made everyone reconsider what the future holds.

The San Francisco 49ers are the hottest team in the NFL, winning eight games in a row and getting healthier heading into the final two weeks of the regular season. With injury updates on Mitchell and Samuel, and the surprising play of Brock Purdy, the future looks bright for the Niners. As they continue their push towards the playoffs, the quarterback plans for the future remain uncertain, but one thing is for sure - the 49ers are a team to watch out for.

These photographers are raising the bar with stunning senior year photos | TODAY

Senior Pictures: From Awkward to Avant-Garde

Senior pictures have gone through a transformation in recent years, with many students opting for personalized and creative portraits that showcase their true selves. In this article, we explore how senior photos have evolved and the new trends in the photography industry.

Extreme Portraits:

Photographer Ben Shirk has taken senior portraits to a whole new level, creating action shots and special effects that look like a scene from a movie. He even installed an indoor waterfall to produce dramatic images that attract student athletes from far and wide.

Artistic Shoots:

Photographer Megan caters to an artistic crowd, creating unique shoots with rented dresses, hairstylists, and makeup artists. Her shoots burst with creativity, allowing students to express their authentic selves in a way they haven't been able to before.

The Evolution of Senior Pictures:

Senior pictures have come a long way from the days of brick walls and daisy beds. Families are now willing to pay thousands of dollars for standout collections that showcase their children's personalities and interests.

Senior pictures have evolved from awkward and standard to personalized and creative. With new trends emerging in the photography industry, students have the opportunity to showcase their true selves in a way they never have before.

How to create your Senior Ad

Are you a senior at Rigby High School looking to create a senior ad? Look no further, as we have a simple tutorial to guide you through the process step by step.

Steps to Create a Senior Ad:

1. Enter the school code, which is 7086 for Rigby High School.

2. Choose the size of your ad based on your budget:

- A sixteenth of a page for $15

- An eighth of a page for $30

- A quarter page for $50

- A half page for $100

- A full page for $200

3. Enter your student name and find your account to start working on your ad.

4. Choose from a variety of pre-made templates that vary in picture and layout options.

5. Customize your ad with your name, font, font size, alignment, color options, and senior quote/message.

6. Upload pictures from your computer to include in your ad.

7. Double check for any spelling errors and make sure everything is how you want it.

8. Press continue to add your ad to cart.

9. Sign your initials and pay for your ad.

Additional Information:

- If you're not finished with your ad, you can save it to finish later.

- If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Creating a senior ad is a simple and easy process. With our tutorial, you can create a personalized and memorable ad that reflects your high school experience. Don't wait, start creating your ad today!

Senior Photo Shoot BTS Abigail Class of 2021

Music and yoga are two activities that have been enjoyed for centuries. They both have numerous benefits for the mind and body, and when combined, they can create a powerful experience. In this article, we will explore the concept of music yoga and how it can benefit you.

Benefits of Music Yoga:

- Enhances relaxation and reduces stress

- Improves focus and concentration

- Boosts mood and overall well-being

- Increases flexibility and strength

- Promotes better sleep

- Can be a fun and enjoyable way to exercise

How to Practice Music Yoga:

- Find a quiet and comfortable space to practice

- Choose music that resonates with you and enhances your yoga practice

- Set an intention for your practice

- Begin with some gentle warm-up poses and gradually move into more challenging poses

- Allow the music to guide your movements and breath

- End with a few minutes of relaxation and gratitude

In conclusion, music yoga can be a great way to enhance your yoga practice and reap the benefits of both music and yoga. By combining the two, you can create a powerful and transformative experience for your mind and body. So why not give it a try and see how music yoga can benefit you?

Shooting Graduation Portraits of Kids at Home (Traditional School Picture Style) with Sigma Lenses

- Shooting graduation photos at home

- Basic equipment and simple setup

- Tips for getting classic school portrait style photos

Setting Up:

- Backdrop options

- Lighting setup with basic LED lights

- Importance of positioning kids on a stool

- Three light setup: key light, fill light, and backlight

- Lighting the background and personalization with a gel

Camera Gear:

- Any camera body will do

- Lens choice and focal length for full frame and crop sensor cameras

- Tripod for sharper results

- Camera settings for manual exposure mode, shutter speed, ISO, and aperture

- Importance of leaving extra room around the edges for printing

Making Them Smile:

- Laughter is the best medicine

- Burst mode for capturing genuine smiles

- Using incentives like snacks and candy

- Trying different poses and angles


- Shooting in RAW for more flexibility

- Editing program options like Lightroom

- Importing and choosing the best two or three photos to edit

- Importance of finding one photo to represent the moment

- Editing tips like straightening, adjusting exposure, contrast, temperature, and vignetting

- Creating two versions for printing and sharing digitally

- Taking the time and care to produce a single graduation photo can be an experience and a memory

- It can be a simple but meaningful way to capture a special moment in a child's life

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