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SEO Product Page Hacks For Shopify Dropshipping 2020

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

SEO Product Page Hacks For Shopify Dropshipping 2020

The above is a brief introduction to SEO Product Page Hacks For Shopify Dropshipping 2020.

Let's move on to the first section of SEO Product Page Hacks For Shopify Dropshipping 2020!

SEO Product Page Hacks For Shopify Dropshipping 2020

yo what is going on everybody shriek
NASA here so Shopify product page SEO
hacks now when it comes to SEO a lot has
changed in 2020 personally I've been
playing around a lot with SEO
optimization simply because I've kind of
transitioned over to Google Ads
specifically over Facebook ads this year
and because of that SEO has been my main
priority and in this video I'm kind of
going to be going over the new SEO
tikniques I've found in the past few
months - the past few weeks which I've
personally found actually helped
significantly increase the sales and it
doesn't matter whether you do Google
Shopping ads or Google search ads or
simply do want to kind of get more free
organic traffic these specific
tikniques which I'm about to go over in
this video will apply to you and with
Google's new free traffic program which
I made a video on just a few days ago
I'll leave the link to that video in the
description below that specific program
has kind of made it more necessary to do
proper SEO optimization because Google
is kind of rewarding you with free
traffic and the only way to rank high
with that free traffic is with proper
SEO so these specific tikniques and
there are about six that I'm going to be
going over in this video will definitely
help you but without wasting any more
time let's find out exactly what these
product page SEO hacks are so hack
number one and that is smashing that
like button for the YouTube algorithm
just kidding that's not really a hack
but I will definitely appreciate if you
do do that but the real hack is related
to the specific tag section now what do
I mean by tags exactly well let's go
ahead and go on to a specific Shopify
store which I have opened for you guys
and for this specific Shopify store I've
gone ahead and created a specific test
product and if you're not really sure
exactly what the tag section is it is
this specific one right here now what
I've personally notiked with the
specific tag section is that Google
actually crawls through your entire
website and your entire product page
because of that these tags become
exceedingly important and you may be
thinking why is that well those specific
tags that you can store on that specific
section right here are actually used by
your own website to give people a better
way of searching on your website so for
instance if I was selling this net on my
store and
had one of the tags as net if I were to
go on this Shopify store and just type
in the keyword net this specific net
would pop up and that simply because
this product has a saved tag called net
well I've come to kind of realize within
these past few months that these tags
are also read by Google and what happens
is when Google is crawling through your
entire product page for this specific
product meaning it's just going from top
to bottom reading every single word on
your product page it's going to read
these specific tags which we can't
really see on the product page but
they're there in the background and this
is going to kind of make Google's life
easier when it comes to understanding
exactly what the product is and who to
show it for so when it comes to
specifically the tags here's what I
recommend I recommend that you start
putting your SEO optimized keywords for
that given product inside the tags
section so that means whatever specific
products that you find which have good
search volume which you can kind of
match for when it comes to competition
and sell with a good profit go ahead and
enter that inside that specific tag
section because again what's gonna
happen is that it's going to make
Google's life easier and if it notikes
the tags for those SEO keywords here as
well it's going to kind of favor you
over somebody else who maybe just have
those specific tags within their
description and not in this section so
this is kind of hack number one to
boosting your results when it comes to
specific Google Ad George's organic
searches simply have the SEO optimized
keywords within the tag section right
here but in addition to those SEO
optimized keywords you can start putting
those keywords which are already getting
you sales from your campaigns within
that section and that is exactly what I
do nowadays whenever I find a brand new
winning product I go inside that
specific products campaign on Google I
look at the keyword section and I'm
trying to identify every single keyword
which is related to that specific
product which I can then go ahead and
enter it into this specific tag section
because one specific rule if you haven't
already watched my other videos on how
to do proper Google SEO optimization and
how to read the description is you
cannot repeat one given keyword to more
than three times within the description
because then it becomes kind of blackhat
marketing because then it becomes
blackhat marketing and we want to kind
of stay on Google's good side so instead
of repeating it more than three times
here you can simply put those winning
keywords inside the tag section and
anyone really count as blackhat
marketing so
that's kind of a plus point when it
comes to the tax section and hack number
one on my list but let's move on to hack
number two and that is the product types
now again going back to this specific
Shopify store right here if we scroll up
we can see that where it says product
type is exactly what I'm toking about
so exactly what should you be doing when
it comes to the specific product type if
you look at this section right here it
says that for example shirts is provided
here which means product type is
basically a general keyword which you
can use to describe the product that
means if you're selling a cat shirt or a
dock shirt you can simply type in the
product type as shirt or you can type
dog shirt or catcher you want to kind of
keep it general but kind of keep it
related to the specific product and one
of the main reasons as to why we do
product type is because if we'd go on
the google shopping search platform
right now and we're looking at the
keyword net if we scroll down we can see
on the left side there are several
specific filters which people can kind
of sort by so we can see seller as one
condition we can see prize and show only
and if you click more we can see there's
a lot more of the specific options
available so when it comes to
specifically the product type what I've
personally notiked is that when you
provide a given product type sometimes
it's going to appear here as its own
individual platform meaning as you guys
can see right now where it says seller
over here on the left side for wheel
parts for example if this were a product
type your product type meaning dark
shirt or catch or assembly shirt would
come up here and when somebody just
checks this box right here only your
specific product listing will come up or
only those peoples who have kind of
chosen that specific product type for
their product as well which is why it's
such a good thing to have product type
and again as I mentioned earlier Google
is going through every single product
pages literally crawling from top to
bottom finding those specific things
that are kind of working in the
background and are somewhat hidden in
the background product type is one of
them one beneficial thing you can do to
kind of boost these results is maybe use
an SEO keyword which is kind of like a
general keyword related to that product
within the product type section so for
instance if you're selling cat shirts
and dog shirts maybe you're in the dog
niche or cat knees and one of the main
keywords that you notiked that is
getting you the most sales is the
keyword red cat shirt instead of just
typing in shirts maybe you can type in
red cat shirt and that would make this
specific product
much more specific and much more related
to your exact product which kind of
makes it easier when Google crawls
through your website so this is kind of
hack number two as to how you can kind
of increase your results when it comes
to SEO optimization and just very simple
to implement on your stores for a
majority of your products I recognize
you do this for at least your winning
products if you are kind of lazy and you
don't wanna do it for every product but
nonetheless an amazing hack to be using
but let's now move on to hack number
three and that hack number three is
related to the vendor section on your
Shopify store and it's a very simple
hack here as well for the vendor section
here's exactly what you need to be doing
so as the vendor you want to be putting
your store name into that specific
section so if you come over here to this
specific section which is vendor and
it's right below product type go ahead
and simply type in your specific store
name inside the vendor section because
that would mean that you are personally
branding the product and you're
personally selling that product because
if you go back to the Google shopping
search that we just looked at a few
minutes ago we can see that on the left
under the seller section all these
specific sellers that are coming up
that's because they're classified
themselves as a vendor and because
they've classified themselves as a
vendor Google kind of crawled through
their website they found out that the
vendor is maybe auto supplies that ko or
Bass Pro Shops and they use that to kind
of put them inside the seller section so
when somebody for example a customer is
searching through this specific section
on the left and maybe they were looking
at all these specific vendors and they
see yours maybe they're more inclined to
click on yours so that you kind of get a
higher authority over somebody else and
you kinda sell your products especially
if you have multiple products within the
same needs just like this specific
fishing store does here so as you can
see this is kind of a double win-win
situation for you because not only does
it give you authority within the seller
section and make you seem a little bit
extra compared to other drop shippers
but it kind of starts showing only those
specific products within the same niche
for whatever a person typed in so that
you have a higher chance of at least
selling something so that's why this
product hack is so good to be
implementing and all of your stores but
now let's go ahead and move on to hack
number four and that is the collection
section now again this is on the
specific product page right here if we
look at the collections right here we
can see that for collections you want to
be choosing as
a collection which is actually very very
related to your given product but also
very general so for instance if you were
in the painting niche and you sold all
kinds of paintings and one of your main
and winning product was a Buddha
painting you would not put Buddha
painting as a collection maybe you would
rather put hain't inks as the general
collection because paintings is the
general term that you used to describe
that specific product and Buddha
painting is kind of like a subcategory
so you want to keep the collections very
very broad because again when Google
crawls through your website and cross
through your product page it wants to
kind of look at the specific collection
kind of rank you into a specific google
product category there may not
necessarily be a product category called
a buddha painting but there will
definitely be a specific google product
category just called a painting so you
want to kind of get a better chance of
ranking within the painting section even
though you're selling a Buddha paint and
again this is kind of another SEO
optimization hack which is very easy to
implement I recommend that you start
choosing collection for all of your
products within your store because not
only does it give your entire website a
more professional look but it's as you
can also see much better for Google and
its algorithm and also getting those
free organic sales so that's hack number
four but let's move on to hack number
five and that is using alt text inside
your main images as well as your
description images to kind of illustrate
what I mean by this I've gone ahead and
imported a few specific images for the
main images as well as a description and
both of these images they're the exact
same but what I want to do is I want to
go ahead and click on the specific image
to kind of open this up and show you
guys exactly what you should be looking
at right here so when you click on the
specific image that you see on the right
side it says add alt text and when you
click on it you can see that it
specifically opens up with a text box
and inside this text box here's what you
have to do you have to put an SEO
optimized keywords related to your
product then once you're done with that
for example you can just click on save
alt text and that's all you have to do
because this alt text again is read by
Google when Google is crawling through
it images and if you use SEO optimized
keywords for these images it kind of
amplifies the entire process of you
getting shown for those specific search
terms which people are searching for and
kind of makes it easier to get sales
because now your images are also heavily
SEO optimized but here's the issue most
products will normally have tons of
different images and if you try to do
this one by one for every single image
it's gonna take hours to do and you're
just going to be simply wasting time so
here's what I recommend
there's a specific app called SEO
optimized it about booster apps it's a
completely free app that you can use and
for that specific app you just have to
simply add in some code and for the code
here's what I write so I write product
underscore title and of course this can
be a little bit different you want to be
looking at inside the specific app to
see exactly what code they're offering
but after that I put store underscore
name and again the code that I'm writing
here may be off so again go inside the
specific app and see what code they have
for the product title as well as a store
name but here's exactly what she would
be doing simply add a product title
first and then add the store name after
that and if you're following my other
tutorials on Google Ads or SEO
optimization you'll most likely have a
product title which is heavily SEO
optimized so that kind of solves your
issue of doing proper SEO optimization
for the images inside the main image
section and plus you're adding your
store name at the end to kind of add
some Authority so instead of doing this
one by one you can just have it done all
at the same time through that app but
now that specific problem is finished
there's one more problem that is adding
image alt text for those images within
the descriptions now that specific app
doesn't really cover the description so
for the description images you want to
go ahead and double click on them and
when you double click on them you'll see
that it says image alt text again you
want to follow the same criteria maybe
you want to add your title here maybe
you want to add some more SEO keywords
what you found but once you do that just
click save image and that's really all
you have to do for this specific hack
again images are super important because
google also crawls through them it
crawls through the image alt text to get
more details on the specific product as
well as the image and if it notikes that
your image has alt text which is a lowly
SEO optimized is this going to help you
and get you more results but now let's
go and move on to our sixth and final
hack and that is the product identifier
management section and this specific
section can be actually found within
your feed for Google Shopping app but I
recommend you fill out this section for
your main and winning products because
if you try to do this for every single
product it'll just take too much time so
if we go and scroll to the top we're
gonna see that this specific sex
can be found inside after you click any
given product on the product manage
products section but once you do that
simply scroll down and and you'll be
able to find the detailed product
characteristik section right over here
and actually the product identifier is
management section is for both of these
sections right here so you want to be
kind of filling out this specific
section as well as this one but for the
top section here you want to basically
be going through each of these specific
sub menus and just going ahead and
choosing what's most relevant to your
given product because again this is kind
of helping Google get a general idea of
the product characteristiks as it says
right here and you're kind of going more
into detail for that given product so
condition gender etc you can simply
choose whatever is right for that given
a product but in addition to that for
the product identifier management
section I just like to go ahead and
choose the last option because if you
sell for example shoes or clothing
accessories and if you have the first or
second options you're going to get those
orange warning signs on your Merchant
Center account which says maybe that the
sizing is wrong maybe because you put it
in European size instead of US or some
other issues and you don't really want
to have those warning signs inside your
Merchant Center because again it doesn't
really help your Google feed and it kind
of could harm it if you have too many
but these are two specific sections you
want to be filling out within the field
per Google shopping app but these are
the main six product SEO hacks that you
can be implementing right away to
completely change your results that
you're getting with your Google Ads
account or your Shopify store in general
but if you found any type of value in
this video smash the like button smash
that subscribe button and I'll see you
guys next time

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