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Serial Entrepreneur Lesley Bell talks about her Secrets to Success Facebook Ads MBA Program Alumnae

Published on: December 25 2022 by The Facebook Disrupter

Lesley Bell is a serial entrepreneur who has been successful in many different fields. She recently spoke about her secrets to success and how she has been able to achieve her goals. In this article, we will discuss her tips and strategies for success, including her experience with the Facebook Ads MBA Program as an alumna.

Lesley Bell's Secrets to Success:

1. Never give up: Lesley Bell believes that persistence is the key to success. She has faced many challenges throughout her career but has never given up on her goals.

2. Take risks: Lesley Bell is not afraid to take risks and try new things. She believes that taking risks is necessary to achieve success.

3. Focus on your strengths: Lesley Bell suggests that entrepreneurs should focus on their strengths and find ways to leverage them to achieve their goals.

4. Embrace failure: Lesley Bell believes that failure is an essential part of the journey to success. She suggests that entrepreneurs should embrace failure and learn from their mistakes.

5. Build a strong team: Lesley Bell emphasizes the importance of building a strong team. She suggests that entrepreneurs should surround themselves with people who share their vision and are committed to their success.

Facebook Ads MBA Program:

Lesley Bell is an alumna of the Facebook Ads MBA Program, which helped her to achieve success in her business ventures. The program provided her with the knowledge and skills she needed to effectively use Facebook Ads to promote her businesses. She highly recommends the program to other entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses through Facebook advertising.

Lesley Bell's success can be attributed to her persistence, willingness to take risks, focus on her strengths, embracing failure, and building a strong team. Her experience with the Facebook Ads MBA Program has also played a significant role in her success. By following her tips and strategies, other entrepreneurs can achieve their own success and reach their goals.

In this article, we will be discussing the experiences of Leslie, a former Miss Corporate from Liverpool who is now a successful serial entrepreneur. Leslie shares her journey from working in a corporate job to starting her own business, the challenges she faced, and how she found success through the MBA program.

Main Content:

- Leslie's background and journey to entrepreneurship

- The challenges Leslie faced with starting an online business and using Facebook advertising

- Leslie's experience with different agencies and learning from her mistakes

- Discovering the MBA program and the benefits it provided

- The community aspect of the MBA program and the value of learning from others

- The variety of formats used in the program and the helpful documentation provided

- Leslie's success in implementing what she learned from the program and unintentionally improving her old business

- Leslie's plans for her new business and how the MBA program has prepared her for success

Through Leslie's experiences, we can see the value in seeking out knowledge and education in entrepreneurship, as well as the importance of community and learning from others. The MBA program provided Leslie with the tools and resources she needed to succeed in her business ventures, and she now feels confident in launching her new brand.

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